North Korea Football Team spotted in Beijing, eating BBQ

Netease Sports, June 28:


Today a group of Korean-speaking men came out of a Korean style barbecue restaurant near the East Bridge in Beijing.  Several of them were wearing the red Korea DPR football team jerseys, and one of tem was the world-famous “People’s Rooney” Jong Tae-Se who burst into tears during the match against Brazil.  It turned out that the North Korea team did not return home directly after the World Cup loss in South Africa, (nor were they sent to work at the coal mines, or not yet at least) rather arrived in Beijing for a short stay due to a flight transit.

The decoration and design of this restaurant are similar to any other Korean barbecue restaurants in Beijing, but all the waiters are Koreans and speak very little Chinese.  Even ordering food requires hand gestures and picture menu.  The prices are slightly higher also, generally 2o yuan bibimbap cost 30 yuan here; 10 yuan cold noodles are sold for 20 yuan and the Yanjing Beer is as high as 18 yuan per bottle.  According to the rumors on the internet, Korea DPR football players only earn annual salary of 144 yuan, which means they will never be able to afford eating at this restaurant. But the truth is all North Korean players’ expenses in North Korea are covered by the government, in addition the monthly wage is 80 yuan.  because of the low living standards in North Korea, 80 yuan is actually a significant figure inside of North Korea.  Korea DRP team participated in the World Cup this year, FIFA gave them over 9 million dollars of bonuses and compensations, some of this money were given directly to the players.  In addition, each player was given permanent residency in Pyongyang, a home in Pyongyang, a car and cash bonuses as rewards.  Although these rewards are not given to the players yet, it should not be a problem for the players to eat this meal.  It is also worth mentioning that players like Anxue Ying, Hong Yong-Jo and Jong Tae-Se who play for foreign leagues already have annual salary of more than one million yuan.

After the meal, Anxue Ying, Jong Tae-Se, Hong Yong-Jo and Ji Yun-Nam got into a Buick station wagon while other team members walked towards the embassy district.  This restaurant was recently taken over by North Koreans, and the majority of the customers are North Koreans, the prices also have increased a lot.










  1. Oh boy…

    “No big deal, we’re just hanging out in Beijing for one last vacation before we’re sent to the coal mines.”

  2. I saw Rain sitting at an outdoor table with many empty bottles of beer at a bbq place in gu lou. He was very inconspicuous hiding out in the open like that.

  3. In this digital camera day-and-age yes we do take plenty of pics of the same motif hoping that at least one of them turns out good. We don’t post all of them though.

  4. Their last previous WC teams and coaches went to hard labor camp, but this time NK is trying to show up. Btw, Jung is S.Korean national too, besides NK regime knows world media is watching them over so they won’t do anything stupid.

  5. A bunch of North Koreans going to eat at a North Korean restaurant in China is like a bunch of Americans going to Australia to eat McDonald’s…

  6. At first I thought ‘cool’ the game punishes teams for overspending’ but when I tried selling players to bring the debt down the figure stayed the same. Of course, one quick trip to the EA forums confirmed it was yet another major bug. Fifa 09 froze completely at a certain stage in Manager Mode as ‘there were too many trannsfers for the game to deal with’ according to an EA man. That makes no sense. Theres a billion teams in the game, EA is a big enough and rich enough bunch of developers to get rid of shit like that before release. What’s even more shocking is the lack of support post release. Fifa 10 to date has released ONE patch and even that was just to rectify team kits and other irregularities. Fans are constantly screaming on the Fifa forums for answers yet no-one from EA bothers answering.

  7. we are the best in the world
    and DPR KOREA .KP


    the worldwide nation best

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