Fake ATM in Beijing steals from bank customers

| June 23rd, 2010

From Sina:

Recently, a shanzhai (fake) ATM appeared on the street of Xuanwu district, Beijing. Customers who used this “ATM” soon found that all their money in the bank account disappeared without a trace. Sina Reporter was told by the Beijing Police that the suspect Huang who set up the fake ATM was already arrested on the charge of credit card fraud. This is the first fake ATM case ever cracked in Beijing.

The fake ATM was set up in front of a cigarette shop at Xi Street, Xuanwu district in Beijing. Similar to the real ones, this machine was placed inside of a glass fronted room with a glass door at the corner of a building. According to the person who reported the crime, when user inserted his bank card into the machine the monitor screen displayed the message that ATM was out of service. And soon after, money in his bank account was all gone.

The fake ATM was already dismounted by the police and sent to the Beijing police department for technical investigations. Similar to the real ATM, the shanzhai ATM was decorated with words like “24 hours self-service” and logos of “VISA”, “MasterCard”, “UnionPay” etc. However if you pay closer attention, it is not difficult to spot many flaws.

Police Investigator said, “First of all it looks crudely made, as you can see here is some left-over glue. The slot where receipts supposed to come out is actually solid inside. It is just a metal plate glued onto the machine. And the slot where cash supposed to come out is also sealed shut, it is impossible to have cash come out of there. The overhead security camera is just a piece of plastic. And also there is no logo or name of any specific bank on the machine. Therefore citizens who keep on guard can easily notice that this is a fake ATM.”

Yesterday at 6pm, police arrested suspect Huang. 30-year-old, from Jilin, Huang admitted that he placed the fake ATM in front of a cigarette shop at Xi Street in Xuanwu district in order to commit credit card fraud. The fake ATM can automatically record user’s bank account and password etc. information. Based on the information, Huang then was able to withdraw money from these bank customers’ accounts. Currently the police are conducting further investigation on the origin of Huang’s fake ATM and his methods of committing the crime.

pictures from MOP:




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  1. Tim Collins says:

    Now I have seen it all in China. They will can fake anything.

  2. neil says:

    Sounds like this ATM saves you the trouble of shopping. Look forward to seeing more! 😉

  3. Devin says:

    The quality of these fake ATM’s bad. Now I see, many chinese people are trying every method it get money , regardless of their conscience

  4. nicodemus says:

    This doesn’t mean all Chinese people are bad. Only some Chinese people are bad. There are some bad people wherever you go.

    Do you think stuff like this comes from being a bad guy, being a d-bag, or simply from not having a legal avenue to earn enough money to support yourself and your family and not knowing what else you can do?

  5. Eason says:

    Chinese people are so smart and innovative, if only they used their powers for good instead of evil haha.

  6. albino says:

    this is actually pretty funny. i LOLed when i saw the card slot….why would ANYONE put their card around that glue-infested P.O.S??

  7. King Tubby says:

    Wake up people. They are simply copying the Romanians who made a killing in Australia with card reading programs at ATMs not to mention fake ATMs.

    Smart and innovative. Very no think so.

  8. Crystal says:

    One day the situation will change and the rest of the world will copy China 🙂

  9. johnny says:

    Hope these don’t become standard. ATM’s like this are bad news.

    BTW how can I contact chinahush with a news story about a guy from china deported because he stalked chinese people.

    • Key says:


      You can write to me via chinahush[at]gmail.com on “news story about a guy from china deported because he stalked Chinese people.” Or any other news that you think its worth writing about. Actually you are more than welcome to contribute to ChinaHush, by writing a guest blog if you are interested in doing so, just send them to me and I will post it after reviewing it. Otherwise send me all the info, links pictures etc.

  10. xino says:

    damn man!

    I really wanna tap that news woman in the red dress ass! 🙁

    WTF!? Are Chinese people that retarded!?
    you see an ATM machine with glue at the button area, yet you never took notice of suspicious!?
    They got hacked because of their lazyness!

    People do it all the time, “I don’t wanna walk all the way to the centre to take out money, I’ll just walk to this ATM machine right next to me”

  11. Andy says:

    This machines looks completely fake. The poor workmanship is obvious…. but there was someone stupid enough to use.

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