Growing trend of China’s Internet video landscape


China’s Internet Video landscape is growing in a fast pace as the major video sharing sites like Youku and Tudou becoming popular in Chinese people’s daily digital lives. These sites are not only served as user based video sharing networks, unlike Youtube, large number of the Chinese people actually watch their favorite TV show and movies on these sites. Issues of copyrights aside, the Hulu-like business model actually opened up a lucrative market for the Chinese companies. At the same time business opportunities were also created for individuals or small groups who are interested in internet media. The idea of “webisode” started in the western world, a new trend which provides opportunities for individuals or small groups to create media content that can potentially become popular. As we observe, user generated content / webisodes is the latest growing trend on the China’s Internet media market. Let’s see some examples.

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This appears to be a personal video diary of a college girl named Liu Xiaoxi, who on the video rambles about her plans and dreams, about nothing and about everything in her life. Looks very much like a typical user-generated video, but in my opinion has the potential to become a popular web reality show. The idea of “anyone can be a director / actor” encourages people to bring out their talents, with the exposure of hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users, webispodes as simple and low budget as “Liu Xiaoxi” could just be the next hit.

Now let’s check out this other show:

(Check Gang of Five for details)

Gang of Five offers a look into the lives of several bright college graduates who decide to bypass the corporate lifestyle and form their own advertising firm. Having just landed their first major brand, Burger King, the Gang using the camera and turn to the audience for help. Only 10 days after the video, Gang of Five has successfully attracted more than ten thousand views and the audience’s positive participation. What’s worth noting is that Gang of Five creatively involves the audience and their brainpower into the show. The idea of audiences driving the show gives this webpisode a fresh new dimension.


(Check Office Hip-Hop Quartet for detail)

Office Hip-Hop Quartet is currently one of the most successful online web dramas. With only eight episodes in the first season, the show has reached over 40 million total plays, with 5 million per episode, higher than some of the traditional television ratings.

The aforementioned three videos are a tiny fraction of China’s online video content. But they show the blossom of a new art form in China as well as the future of television anonymity of the Internet. We see new forms of audience involvement. Viewers are playing more roles in this market by being part of the participants deeply involved in the show to directly appearing in front of the camera creating a show about themselves.

Video webisodes + advertisement is a successful new media marketing trial. With video advertising enjoy huge popularity around the globe, the market in China for video advertising is likely to continue to grow in an even faster pace.

    1. use hotspot shield, it’s a proxy software


      1. I know , but the netting speed sucks in that way. I mean in china , ppl can’t just
        get on you2be without any proxy.

  1. “This appears to be a personal video diary of a college girl named Liu Xiaoxi, who on the video rambles about her plans and dreams, about nothing and about everything in her life. // but in my opinion has the potential to become a popular web reality show.”

    That’s just so sad on so many levels.

    1. Why do you think it is sad?
      Both on Chinasmack and Chinahush you can find a lot of unpleasant examples of girls going to low extremes in order to get their 15 minutes of fame.
      And here the girl is just recording her video diary. Maybe this will be the Chinese version of Bridget Jones 🙂

    2. I actually really enjoyed her vlogs. She’s funny, and takes on the vlogging styles of many Youtube celebrities. She kind of reminds me of Communitychannel on Youtube. Maybe one day Youku will give our partnerships like Youtube has, because right now that’s the main source of income for many Youtube celebrities. This girl definitely has potential.

  2. I’ll make one of me going to and from work, playing Civ 4, drinking coke zero, watching the World Cup, taking crap from my gf for not doing the dishes and otherwise wasting my time. I think it’s gonna be HUGE.

  3. they use other Chinese Video hosting site because Youtube is blocked.

    same thing with Google, now they will have to look for best search engine, Yahoo may be their chosen choice

  4. when you go to Tudou and Youku, all you see is tv shows, news clips, and other programs copied from television. There is little user generated videos. Which is one reason I seldom go to those sites. Its great if I’m looking for an episode of a drama I’m following, but not very useful otherwise.

    Youtube on the other hand is where you go for user generated content which is the main difference I feel between YouTube and Youku/Tudou.

    Lately, most of the articles of this blog are not have “HUSH” value. What is so surprising about users posting videos of themselves on Youku?

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