“69 Jihad” incident, Chinese Internet users’ holy war against Korean pop fans

Recently, "69 Jihad" incident broke out in China. That is, hundreds of thousands of Chinese Internet users collectively scheduled attacks (spamming and condemning) on well-known forums and websites of Korean celebrity stars and their fans at 7 pm on June 9, 2010. The slogan of 69 Jihad was “NC don’t die, Jihad never ends”. (NC: 脑残 mentally ill, brain damaged) Now historically so-called “69 Jihad” is an significant incident of the Chinese Internet Culture conflict in 2010.


Trigger of the War:

From Baidu wiki: The “69 Jihad” was triggered by a “trampling accident” in the Shanghai World Expo Korean Pavilion on May 30, 2010.

On May 30, Korean pop singer group Super Junior preformed at the World Expo in Shanghai. According to some information, they promised to give away 5,000 tickets, but portion of the tickets were provided to Korean tourist groups, so supposedly there were actually only 2,500 tickets to be given away. Because in the beginning Korea promised 5,000 tickets, but SJ’s (Super Junior) manager and SM Company knew there were only a few hundred tickets but they purposely spread the rumor of 5,000 tickets to attract SJ fans to go to the concert. Then not enough tickets caused people to be blocked outside and created the scene of SJ being really popular and Chinese people are crazy about them. In the end only a few hundred tickets were given away leading to fans’ violent actions. They started yelling and beating the armed police and volunteers who tried to maintain order. Some spitted at the armed police, one person even took off her clothes and accused the armed police of sexual harassment.


This incident caused many injuries and even deaths. Even though the news was quickly blocked it still eventually leaked out and began to spread on the Internet. A forum post titled “Korean fans, don’t think no one cares about volunteers and armed police don’t have fans of their own, how dare you to spit, really want to spill the kimchi in your brain” appeared on Tianya and triggered public uproar. On the same night SJ official website was brought down by the Chinese Internet users. Then SJ’s fans went to the Korean Pavilion Website to apologize, and apologizing on behalf of Chinese people. This really set off the patriotic Chinese netizents to organize the “69 Jihad”.

According to the official "69 Jihad" website (translated by ESWN): "At 7pm on June 9, we will organize all patriotic Internet users at Baidu, MOP, Tianya, Sohu, Sina, Tencent, Renren, Hongke Alliance, Heike Alliance, the various hawkish military forums … to join our fight!!  We need all types of people to join in.  We look forward to seeing you.  This so-called war consists of making posts/comments to cause the targeted websites from being able to provide normal services.”

More speculations of “69 Jihad” translated by ESWN:

Because the "69 Crusade/Jihad" originated at the World of Warcraft website, an industry insider who does not want his/her name revealed said that the whole thing could be a publicity stunt organized by the World of Warcraft team.  June 9th was chosen because they were targeting the 9.57 million college entrance exam candidates.  Netease, which runs the World of Warcraft, declined to comment.

Another opinion was that this was a marketing ploy by the game websites 178.com to promote the AK platform.  The official website for "69 Crusade/Jihad" is "ak558.org" and it is also called Channel 558 at AK with appropriate instructions to download the software.

178.com has issued a denial about the aforementioned speculation.  178.com CEO Zhang Yunfan said that the recent campaign has put stress on their servers but they have not deleted the relevant channel.  Because 178.com has kept the channel while other competitors have deleted the relevant channels, people are congregating at 178.com.  Zhang said that 178.com has not done anything to make this event happen.

Last year, the Jia Junpeng affair also began at the World of Warcraft forum.  That affair was later show to be a planned Internet marketing campaign.

The battlefield report of “69 Jihad” translated by ESWN:

June 9th,2010

12:10  the AK 558 website was attacked by Korean hackers and is closed.  The command center for the Crusade/Jihad has been transferred to IS channel 558520.

16:50  Baidu has begun to "harmonize" the webmasters of the forums which support the Crusade/Jihad (including the Heike forum, the Hack forum, the Hongke forum, the Fujian forum).  These people have had their titles removed and their IDs banned.

17:10  The Heike Alliance announced that they are attacking Baidu because they want Baidu to continue accept registration at the Super Junior forum before war begins at 19:00.

17:30  The largest Korean shopping website was attacked by unknown hackers.  Its home page has been changed by someone said to be the "Chinese Hackers, Zhejiang division."

17:36  Someone who may be a technician at the 360 Security Company has accepted responsibility for the hacking incident.  He says that he wants to "compare notes" with the Baidu security team.

18:00  The Baidu forums are experiencing instability as a number of the forums have collapsed.  Baidu says that they are "undergoing emergency recover."

18:20  The Korean Super Junior forum is out.

19:10  Some members of the Hacker Alliance have successfully bypassed the registration identification system at Baidu.  But their posts have limited firepower.  Members of the Hongke Alliance have also bypassed identification and flushed the forum with posts without any opposition.

19:35  MOP has successfully used "human flesh search" to identify the real identity, mobile phone number, home telephone number and address of the Super Junior forum webmaster.

19:40  The membership registration system at the Super Junior forum has been compromised by the Hacker Alliance.  The Halo Team is leading the way to flood the forum.  Baidu is working to patch the flaw, but the Hongke Alliance is launching an attack to delay them.  Various other Korean websites are being attacked by Chinese hackers.

19:55  Status report
– 414 QQ "brain-damaged" groups related to Super Junior have been bombed out
– Hongke/Hacker have taken the official Super Junior website out
– Blood has taken the Super Junior Forum at Baidu out
– Music download statistics have been banned
– Renren’s Super Junior section is half-paralyzed.  A reporter refreshed the page at 21:30 and again at 21:31.  Within one minute, there were 42 more pages of new comments with almost identical comments about the Crusade/Jihad.







Read more about “69 Jihad” on Global Voice Online.

Doodles of “69 Jihad”





Survey says…

IFeng conducted an online survey on the root cause the “69 Jihad”, as for today:

1. Netizens’ patriotic act  72.5% (6985)

2. Netizens are “lonely” : loss of faith  18.2% (1754)

3. Network promoter’s publicity stunt  9.4% (902)


Korean media: “69 Jihad” is developing towards anti-Korean sentiment

Hahanzu (哈韩族) is a trend (type of people) formed in recent years in China, also called the “Korean Wave”. They have an alternative life style, appearance and fashion,  love Korean fashion, make-up, music etc.  As a result, “Korean goods” shop owners got rich, Korean language training courses of varying lengths have more students then ever; Korean restaurants are also blooming everywhere. Hahanzu is growing in China.

From DoNews June 11, according to Yonhap news agency, after China’s Internet users’ feeling of resentment towards (Hahanzu) “Korean Wave” have fermented, the situation are gradually developing towards anti-Korean sentiment.

June 9, afternoon,  aiming at Hahanzu, most of Chinese major websites appeared the slogan of “Brain-damaged do not die, Jihad never ends”, countless posts with this slogan  flooded all websites. Other than that, 10 websites including Korean government website and many Korean pop stars’ official websites were hacked on June 9th.

Korean Security Department said, Korean national Portal (http://korea.go.kr) was under 220 minutes of DDoS attack, and this attack came from 120 Chinese websites.

According to Global Times’ analysis, the attack may be related to a defamatory post “sweep all Hahanzu”.  One of the key person who launched the “holy war” Sister Mountain said in an interview that attacks on Korea’s websites was not Jihad’s original intention.

Sister Mountain said, the purpose of the jihad was to educate the Hahanzu because they were out of control at the World Expo Korean Pavilion on May 30 just because they wanted to watch a concert.

On May 30, tens of thousand of Korean pop fans stayed up all night and lined up for free tickets, but most of them did not get one.  The Anti-Hahanzu could not understand Korean pop fans’ behaviors.  On June 9th, countless anti-Hanhanzu articles were posted and Hahanzu also posted writings to fight back. June 9, just one day, baidu had 7,630 new posts with 200,000 clicks.

    1. yea because it’s only a domestic incident, they didn’t make enough popularity to go outside of China

      but too bad, now the news went out

  1. and that is how this whole nonsense happened

    what the fans and SM did was wrong, but what the chinese extremist did was also wrong, the extremist made this attack because they “love” their country and this is a revenge for the chinese race.


    if they were during this for the good of chinese race, then why are they attacking international sites and making China looking bad to the forginers, i bet no one will like China more than ever after this incident happened, especially the South Koreans, these extremist are a disgrace to us, me, as a true living and breathing chinese who loves his motherland, will not do anything that will hurt China’s popularity internationaly

    so that is why im planning a counter hacking to them, not in the name of fans, but as a true chinese citizen, right now im gathering hackers across the world to hack the “Holy War” offical site, im also thinking getting the “Iranian Cyber Army” involved. If any one of you interested in joining me and help me, email me at banban230@hotmaildotcom

    thank you, greatly appreciated

      1. nope, because i cant stand these “Holy War” dumbfucks, and i need a desperate hacker alliance to stop them

        they have their own Red Hacker + Dark Hacker alliance, and i shall create an international alliance to go up against them

        ironically, this will be interesting because the leader of both alliance is a chinese who loves his motherland, but we have two different views on how to love our motherland

        I believe that my motherland’s fame internationally will not be harmed any longer, i had saw numerous hatred comments on youtube about China, and now i am fed up with it. who is this to blame? chinese hackers. their attack on google a few months ago had left a big scar on China’s already damaged international fame.

    1. To be laconic and lucid, I question your claim of being true Chinese. Do you have any idea of what you need to do be a true Chinese, and at least I don’t see that you are eligible for being a true Chinese. Admittedly, what those misanthropes did is a bit extreme. However, they did it for the country, albeit in a chauvinstic way. Don’t ever say you are representing Chinese, you are just feigning.
      Anyway, I am dammit sick of Korean asinine, bloated South Korean stars coming to China to fool Chinese people, and they don’t even apologize after creating a mess let alone clearing it up. Fcuk Korean dramas.
      Actually, I am not that insular or xenophobia, I just got pissed off, infuriated by what those people-the so-called Korean weave-left on the spot in World Expo. Koreans are everywhere in the world, just as Chinese, some of them are good while others are not. And I strongly belittle those Korean stars criticize China a lot while placing their hands on Chinese. Also Korean cultural invasion cannot be ignored; Korean government bans Chinese dramas and China should do the same.
      LOL, so you are quick to apologize and claim yourself as true Chinese. But before doing that, please see yourself in the mirror and do you really flow Chinese ancestral flood. Or all what you want to do is to disguise yourself as a cosmopolitan so as to make Koreans happy. If that is the case, you are contemptible!

      1. hmmmm let’s see, what was my first comment on here about??

        oh right, me gathering international hackers to stop these “Holy War” dumbfucks, a true chinese loves his or her motherland, and will not do anything that will harm it, which is completely the opposite of these guys did

        do you even understand the consequences China will face because of this? now China’s name will be even more hated internationally. and chinese people outside of China will become a target of humiliation. if you dont believe it, go on youtube and go to any video about China and see the comments, you will see a lot of hatred comments toward China


      2. Chinese in Japan, if you misuse complex words in an attempt to seem more educated it can detract from your message and make you seem pretentious.

        Masterfu, whilst your patriotism may be well intentioned, a strong unified China is better than a fragmented one full of internal conflicts. You are of course free to express your opinions against the Jihad69 movement, but creating a rival group to them would be undermining China’s solidarity which in my opinion is not very patriotic.

        1. my rival group will only attack everywhere that have something to do with chinese hackers

          the 69 jihad was organized by chinese WoW players and hackers, my intention is not to go up against just the 69 jihad, but also opposing all chinese hackers, they are defacing China’s international pride

          no one else is really gonna stop them unless someone created a rightful hacker group that only hack websites that is related to chinese hackers

      3. Chinese dramas and songs are not banned in Korea. Its just that no one in Korean watches them.

        No one watching = low popularity = Chinese shows canceled/not shown on Korean TV.

        Im not being rude or anything but Chinese dramas are really boring. The martial movies are over the top, ridiculous and unrealistic. Most Koreans would rather watch MMA rather then fake Chinese kung fu movies. And the music is awful. I really cant stand the Chinese language. It sounds really awful when two or more people are speaking it. Sorry but thats just the way it is.

        1. you mean, those hong kong garbage kung fu movies?

          yea no one in mainland China likes them too, most of them dont even watch TV

      4. hard to believe this is coming from Chinese claimed to be in Japan. Anyway, you just reveal your insecurity side. Korean govt doesn’t bans Chinese dramas, Korean state run TV station aired Chinese drama “San Guo zi” last year but received zero rating from Korean audiences and they drop the program.

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  2. So was it a few hundred tickets, or 2500? Big difference.

    Both the crazy K-pop fans and the Chinese internet “hawks” are fucking braindead. The hackers more so.

  3. these chinese who love koreans are just dumb teenage fangirls, many western foreigners have the same love for japan, the are called weeaboo’s. sure, these are hahanzu are dumb and probably deserve to be executed by the CCP as traitors, but they’ll grow out of it eventually when they start maturing into adults. they are still kids and kids are known for having poor taste for commercial culture. Its just a matter of time before china starts mass producing these crappy teenage boybands and crappy teenage drama’s of their own with cute mainland boys n girls just like korea or taiwan or japan. then there will be no need for hacking SJ sites.

    1. It will be a great milestone for China when they are able to produce pop culture products to rival the other big asian countries.

      1. China already has plenty of ‘pop figures’ that rival those not only in Asian countries but also western ones, in terms of number of supporters. No surprise about it since this is a big country. It’s just that most of them are not well internationalized so people who don’t pay attention to Chinese news or live outside the country don’t know. IMO, the population of K-pop fans is highly exaggerated. 5000 supporters in a country with hundreds of millions of teenagers? I agree with HahanzuLoveToTakeItUpTheAss here that the kids will eventually grow out of the poor taste for commercial culture.

        As to this incident alone, it has been sensationalized by media. There were rumors reported as facts by Hong Kong and Taiwan media first, such as “trampled to death” and “video of armed police rushed to the site frantically”. Their initial intention is to put some negative lights to Shanghai Expo but when the rumors spread to mainland, it combined with a strong anti-Korean sentiment and became what you have seen in this ChinaHush article. How strong the sentiment is? The anti-Japan one looks like a honeymoon compared to it.

          1. Yes, nobody actually likes Zhi Shang Li He. China hasn’t had a popular singer since Wang Fei.

            1. Again, ‘being good’ is relative and defined differently among countries. This is especially true for songs due to language barrier, while less a problem for dancing, an area Kpop is especially good at.

              Btw, what’s zhi Shang li he?

              1. Name one mainland star that earns more money/more popular than a HK star or Taiwan star.
                Don’t get into some one country bullshit.
                The differentiation is simply in terms of industry maturity and their ability to market themselves. The mainland music industry is a mess.

                1. Both Hong Kong and Taiwan belong to the Cpop domain and most of their stars’ activities/income are in/from mainland China, so it’s justified to call them Cpop artists. There’s no need to bring politics here.

                  1. Did you even read my post?
                    Part 1 asked you to name one mainland star that is popular than HK/TW.
                    Part 2 told you not to classify them into one country therefore equals one music industry (because you know just as well as I do there aren’t)

                    You are the one who brought in politics when I clearly told you to avoid it (and then use it as an excuse to classify them under an umbrella)

                    So I don’t have to repeat myself again, I will clarify what I mean by music industry :
                    Both Hk and Tw have their own official and semi-official music charts, whereas China has none.
                    HK’s industry is more reflective of a western type pop – more solo artists, greater hip hop/electro/synth.
                    TW’s industry, apart from their mega stars like Jay Chou/Jolin/SHE, operate more like the Korean/Japan industry – they have boy bands/girl groups and solos that cater to the ‘otaku’. (eg yaoyao)

                    Pop music is more about flair, artistry, and marketing than it is talent. In that respect, a star’s popularity lies more on their agency and managers. As I have laid out above, TW,HK and mainland all operate independently regardless of where their income is from.

                    1. Why should he listen to your ridiculous demands?

                      Greater China includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. There is no reason to separate them unless YOU who wants to be political.

    2. Ah, for your information, a good portion of those Kfans are not teenage girls. As in, older than 20. So there really was no excuse as to why they acted the way they did. But yeah.. I pity them, years later they will look back and spit at themselves the way they spit at the cops and volunteers on that day.




  4. I could care less about the SJ fans, but the Hackers Alliance intrigues me. It is a powerful form of internet mobilization and I am surprised that they were able to get so many sites to participate. If a broad, connected community is developing between China’s 300 million internet users, that can be a good thing, even if it doesn’t seem so right now.

    1. do you want know why they were able to get many sites to participate? because the news had spread so quickly, and chinese people loves to go on the internet for many many hours. so that is why this is how this allience started

      but never mind that, you saw my comment, im starting my own international hacker allience so i can put a stop to this nonsense, because this is what a true chinese do, do everything to protect my country’s “face”

  5. They don’t really mean “jihad” or “crusade” as the rest of the world understand those sensitive terms. Instead, the term is liberally translated as “sacred war” and is part of the vocabulary in the very popular game World of Warcraft. In WoW, one calls for a “sacred war” where in thousands of players gathered at a certain location and give up their “lives” for a “noble cause.” A famous example was when players committed mass suicide to protest against a guild administrator for his affair with a married woman in real life. Of course, players are resurrected but they have to spend time to re-achieve their previous statuses. Such are the sacrifices involved. In these reports, the terms “jihad” or “crusade” are being used because the English-readers has no context for “sacred war” without using footnotes to explain WoW vocabulary.

    1. and yes, you know what, this whole incident was started by chinese WoW players

      as you read in the article, Baidu tieba is a forum community where people can create forums without the knowledge of PHP, but its not like one of those free forum server websites, there is no sections and moderators, only “webmasters”.

  6. Sounds like someone need to get laid. Sadly when you live under totalitarian conditions you tend to find other outlets for your anger than your government. You can see it everywhere. In Africa demonstrations with racial and nationalistic slurs against your neighbors, in the Middle East with rants against the West and in China basically anything the netizens can use as an excuse to get up in arms. The governments tend to support these actions more or less openly relieved that for now the people is bothered with something else AND it creates a misguided concept of unity that all those governments benefit from. The “Us vs Them” concept is the oldest basis of social relations.

    That said I think the Chinese government is doing fairly well in trying to put a lid on these anti-foreign movements and as for Hu and his friends? I’d much prefer them to Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Il, Ahmedinejad or Lukashenko.

    So some lame Korean group reserved half of the tickets to Korean tourists and expats. Big f….. deal. They still handed over 2500 to the Chinese for FREE.

    1. I know more good people than bad. You’d get a bad impression of the US if all you read about it was Youtube posts.

  7. So China has its own “Anonymous” called C.I.A.? Out of misunderstood “patriotism”, that’s almost as stupid as /b/… but also good for some lulz…

  8. Im one of jehad’s armies~! We hate hahanzu.The fans in china even called sj as my big brother , my man … IT SUCKs ~!!! Who do they think sj are ? Their brother ,they man? My ass

  9. Nanjing battue , which caused 300 thousands people died ~! SJ, how many guys they have ? Alive or dead ? Why they choosed SJ over the countless sacrifices??

    1. pffff, as a representive of a true chinese citizen, i laugh at your little “Holy War”.

      remember, this is an american website, anything you say about your “holy war” on here is useless, because one people on here dont care and two they will 寂寞+围观 you, got it? dumbfuck?

        1. 哟~~~ 一个成天只知道玩WoW的SB居然开始自己嘴硬了,啊哈哈哈




          1. 这种大事政府必定会处理?你是政府?
            且不谈谁的责任,Trigger of the War 告诉了我们谁引起的这件事。

            事后思考下做的确实有点过于偏激了。 我也和我的朋友感到抱歉。

            好了,对6.9的反思也到此为止了,希望下次双方都冷静吧。对于之前对你说的一些话,希望你不要介意。 这只是些不同的政治见解的碰撞,没必要因此结仇。
            还有,masterfu 和你是一个号,我没说错吧。

            1. 你才知道我是masterfu啊,took you long enough。。。



      1. 呵呵,我来告诉你真人翻译吧

        I am just an audience who does not know what is going on

        1. 我这样字面翻译是为了突出英文很难学
          I translated it in that way aiming at sticking out that English is so hard..

          1. 现在我回想起当初我妈妈在2003年把我带到美国来还是有点用的,我可以教你们英语苦手们一些英语,毕竟我在美国已经呆了7年了



        2. I’ve translated this in google “呵呵,我来告诉你真人翻译吧”
          You mean :lol I’ll tell you translate it real ?
          You are a fYOUcking nut k ? Seems that you are saying : hey , I know english~! I can spell it~!


          1. oh wow you actually used google translator???

            i live in the US now k? i had been here for 7 years already so i know a lot more english then all other chinese people

            my english skill will blow your mind, my english skill is godly compared to other chinese people’s english skills, but still need more training compared to native speakers

            1. oh no!
              you were saying interesting things and then you suddenly become arrogant and the best english-speaking chinese…
              why… why master fu…
              we had such hope in you…

              1. lol i actually are the best english speaking chinese among my chinese fellows

                look at how i typed in english and look at how other chinese type in english, you will see an instant difference

  10. This is so silly, its just music and tv shows.
    What the ppl did at the expo was wrong, but what the idiots did who hacked the websites was stupid.
    People are just people, who cares what country they are from??

    1. we got the same thinking

      and as a chinese myself, i feel ashamed by these WoWers who are sitting in front of computers everyday and talking about WoW, and they say that the koreans fans dont know how to manage themselves, i guess these wowers can’t do that too

      im learning all about hacking right now, and my target is the WoW forum in baidu tieba, that is where the hackers started their “holy war”

      i hate WoW too, a stupid game that ruined Blizzard, Blizz should focus on Starcraft 2 instead of making a game called WoW that no one really plays for more then a month

  11. In fact , I should call it Interior Business~! It just likes : A bad guy teached our own children in a wrong way outside , and children’ve some bad changed in that way , then we just gave them a lesson. Is that our fault ?

    All I have to say is : Korea deserve that ~!!!

  12. Sorry , my team had taken down a site of korea . So , I think jihad is right in china. Chinese K-fans are so fucking crazy , I have to use that word to describe them sorry.

  13. All you guys , just think about it as this happened in your country . Don’t judge from a piece of news. You need to know why . We are not going insane. Chinese love peace , we will never set out kind of Jihad for no reason ~!

  14. So wait a minute. According to this story-

    Chinese girls riot and attack Chinese police officers because the Shanghai expo run by Chinese workers did not plan the entire event efficiently. Then, virgin Chinese WOW addicts retaliate by attacking Korean websites and blaming Koreans for the entire incident.

    Dont you just love those Chinese people? Whether it being creating fake stories about Koreans stealing Confucius or blaming all of China’s problems on Korea. Its now hip to blame Koreans for everything, including China’s bad behavior and manners. Thats right folks, whenever a Chinese person throws a tantrum and starts attacking people for no reason, its Korea’s fault.

    You use to be able to find people in Korea who defended China. Nowadays everyone hates them. I wonder why? LOL.

    1. I didn’t say it’s korea’s fault . We think they should not attack police officers. They ignited the fire at first , we just wanted them to know. This is what they will get to be crazy.
      As a warning. I don’t support jihad all,but there must have someone stood up to punish them for what they did. So if this gives you a bad impression , Sorry we have to .

      1. Your reasoning astounds me. Chinese women attack Chinese police officers because a Chinese event didn’t offer enough tickets to those Chinese women. Then, we have a bunch of angry Chinese virgin males attacking Korean sites even though it was the misbehaving of those Chinese women who caused this stir.

        Its obvious that you fenqing are blaming Koreans for this. Seriously, grow the hell up. If you want to blame someone, blame those girls. And while you’re at it, blame those WoW losers for making China look stupid. Pretty much everyone in Korea hates China now and for good reason. Not only that, but the people who follow Korean culture all across China hates China even more to. China just made it self look really ugly all across the world. As if the hacking of google wasn’t enough. China continues to make itself one of the most hated countries in the world.

        Oh but thats right, its entirely Korea’s fault that China is hated, right?

  15. We also have fault too , but we were angry for that . I have to say sorry , I mean it~! But those fans were crazy for SJ . So we looked for SJ . Those fans’ve done too much , then we had . I don’t wanna see this okay ? I wanna see chinese and korean get together as friends . Crazy makes anything worse. Now I guess korean think we are crazy , and we think korean are ridiculous . Sorry , those fans pissed off us.

    Everyone hates them ?No , not everyone gets into deep . Some guys still think we were wrong for setting up jihad . But we have to be wrong, we just can’t sit in sofa and do nothing .

    But now I’ve thought of it many times , we were wrong , but it’s not all wrong ? We’ve defended in a wrong way.

    There’s still one thing I can’t stand , those fans call SJ as 哥哥、我的男人 such things. “哥哥” means Blood brother , “我的男人” means my man. It seems these SJ members have some relationship with them ..Such a idiot

    1. 她们是以韩国的敬语方式说的,因为在韩国里,所有比男孩子们小的女孩子都要叫“哥哥”,陌生人中间如果不认识的话也用敬语。




      1. 你这个操蛋的杂种SB人,不要说自己是中国人 幻你妈的想 , 你这个SJ FANS , FUCK YOU ALL~! 你怎么不把你卖韩国去啊~?

        1. 第一,我不是一个SJ粉丝,我也不哈韩



  16. But what could we do ? Find everyone who was crazy for SJ and did these things ,then kick their ass ? We were forced to do this , although it’s wrong someway.
    I feel bored to discuss this , right or wrong , you will be the judge. I gotta say : I would love to be one’s friend without any politics.

  17. But asians are known to be psycho fanatics all around…sooo you have no one to blame but ur own people…whether it be Chinese or Korean.

  18. I guess you think we need to keep cursing them uh, but , will that work? They love SJ over their own country sometime. What should you call these guys who love something over his/her own country ? (btw,loving party and loving country is different)

  19. Davin, i say you are an idiot

    China is not the only country that have SJ crazy fans, US have them too, so it everywhere else

    you guys need to understand that this world is an open society, all cultures are welcome in other countries, and i also understand that the fans had waited many hours to get in, but they didn’t, so of course they are angry

    but you guys were wrong to organize such a thing, such a thing will only complicates and worsens China’s international impression in foreign countries, and im pretty sure if this incident happened in other countries, citizens there will not organize a hackers attack because they knows being a hacker and attacking websites is wrong. Instead, they’ll wait for the government to take care of it

    also, i say this to your fellow jihad soldiers, if you guys “love” the motherland, why don’t you guys try your best to make China look good instead of going around attacking websites. if you don’t know already, China right now is known as a country filled with communist ideas and full of hackers to foreigners, why do chinese hackers hack google many monthes ago? and why did google moved out of China? i think you hackers know why

    1. It’s clear this masterfu idiot is one of SJ’s crazy fans.
      Most of these crazy fans got a pretty damn ass-reamed by SJ. And also for that , they’ve broken their brain in that way . why ? Their brain’s hidden in their ass.

      I feel so sorry for these freaking K-fan like masterfu. Have you got a doctor to look after your pretty-damn pathetic brain? Im worried about you~!

      1. I cannot understand the reasoning behind you brain dead 69 jihadists. Chinese women misbehave in China by attacking Chinese police officers because the Shanghai expo run by Chinese organizers did not offer enough tickets. Chinese hackers get angry at those Chinese women so they decide to attack…………….KOREAN SITES?

        In other words, Chinese women cause trouble in China. Chinese netizens retaliate against those women by committing crimes in Korea. Talk about stupidity. The only person I can think of who is truly brain dead would be you 69 jihadists. Quit blaming foreign countries for your poor manners and behavior. Its not Korea’s fault that you 69ers are losers.

        Had those same tickets run out in Korea, America, Japan, France, Britain, Australia or anywhere else in the world. The fans would simply leave. And if for some reason the girls of those countries misbehaved, the people in those countries would not have committed crimes in foreign countries.

      2. courtney are you even chinese or asian at all? if not, get out of here, this is an asian thing.

  20. i feel proud to be chinese, a population that took most part of the world

    but i also feel ashamed to be a chinese, because apparently there is computer hackers in China that hacks foreign websites and destroy China’s international impression, then the foreigner’s misunderstood the hackers and connect them to the CCP, creating a hated feeling toward China


    1. Don’t call yourself as a chinese , you don’t deserve that ~! 你感到可耻之前我们已经因为你们的行为感到无地自容了

        1. Am I the only person here who finds it funny that a bunch of spoiled over-patriotic internet addicted fenqing hacker idiots believe they have the right to accuse a bunch of teenagers who listen to Korean music of being stupid?

          I wonder what goes on in their head. Probably nothing at all.

        2. Davin

          there is plenty more way to teach the fans a lesson without using the jihad, like force yourself to go to South Korea and force the Koreans to apologize


      1. 我发现你们老是把我与那些粉丝们联系在一起。看来你们真的是没救了,以为中国现在要么就是你们圣战的人,要么就是一堆脑残的“粉丝”


  21. 三星的老板要求员工只捐10元的事你应该知道吧。


  22. 其实呢,SJ里的成员们也可能是韩国的“脑残”



    1. One of sj member said : I am very happy when I arrived there.
      I can’t find the link of that video now. But it’s real. I still remember the host was trying to explain the “happy”. But all the cameras had recorded that scene.
      Sj , samsung , and some guys who wanna say : Oh , we created Hanzi , oh, we created the world,and some crazy followers.
      These are I abhor. I was staying with the korean guy in my school and chatted with these mess. See , this 6.9 Jihad doesn’t trouble me with a korean guy.
      (别再谈谁对谁错了现在)wow吧里确实有许多SB,人云亦云 ,盲目跟风。或者真的被那个叫AK之类的语音软件的策划人员利用甚至被政府利用了都不知道。 就按目前形式来说,还有很大部分中国人因为讨厌SJ,讨厌韩国人,再讨厌韩国,再讨厌喜欢韩国种种东西的人。这叫多米诺骨牌效应,已经在一些地方泛滥了。

      Don’t try to use google or other softwares to translate my chinese , you might get complex or mistake.

      1. 一群SJ的疯狂粉丝,再加上wow吧里的那群SB = 闹出了一件无聊的大事

  23. “These are I abhor” I guess it should be “These are what I abhor” .. Sorry for my baddddd english , Im still working on it

  24. 嘿嘿嘿,我保证你们,过了几个月后,中国里就再也没有人感惹起关于政治的事情了




  25. acording to these news,what did SM do was wrong and the hackers did the most stupidest thing..i know they love superjunior as much as we do,but hacking the official websites,well,doesnt that made a start for korean to hate them?i know one thing,the suju wont even going to perform another show in china..but i know how will the suju react..they will apologize to the china fans..they only know how to take care the heart of their fans..i blame on the hackers the most,arent they enough to give the suju a pressure?they work hard and this what the fans gave them?a revenge??its also hard to sell tickets you know.f you want more then why dont you do it your self,make it 5000 tickets??its just a good thing that they are artist..if they werent they would break ur bones right now..artist arent allow to attack back to their fans instead they apologize them..i understand how it feels that they didnt get enough tickets but i know that they will perform another show for the chinese f they werent hacking the official websites..snap out of it!!DO YOU LOVE SUPER JUNIOR OR NOT?!IF YOU DO THEN WHY DID YOU HACK THE WEBSITES?

  26. @zee

    it’s no use now, chinese fenqings is too naive to understand how to do things the right way

    the condition in China right now is this:

    if you dont support the “69 jihad”, that you are a SuJu “brain damaged” fan, no second questions asked, even if they dont know if you like SuJu or not

  27. Holy flipping fucks you guys need to chill.

    masterfu: It’s nice worrying about Mother China but don’t get upset over this bullshit. Don’t worry too much about international reputation from hackers. Seriously this shit happens all over the world. Fuck, American sites like 4chan got an even worse reputation internationally from raids lol. But I guess for /b/worst is good.

    Devin: Your intentions are admirable, but hacking korean sites isn’t really the best way to go about things. If everyone just said “oh well fuck it” and let it slide everyone wouldn’t spend so much time arguing over this bullshit. Those SJ Fans going batshit and causing a mess isn’t a national disaster, it’s just kids being stupid thats all.

    korean_guy: Look you seem to be a rational guy and its commendable that you try and set a neutral tone. I just think its sort of naive to say “oh i don’t like China since Chinese people seem to think asia belongs to them/cocky/blah blah”. Yeah you’ll find assholes like that in China, but I guarantee you can find the same assholes in Korea. In fact, I guarantee you can find assholes like that anywhere in the world from Japan to the USA to fucking Timbaktu. These people will always think their country is the best and is solely responsible for the advent of awesomeness. But they don’t represent the majority and they don’t represent the nation. I get that the negative aspects of China influence your views. But in my opinion, one should also balance them with the positive things to see the whole picture. Things become more enjoyable when you are less focused on bullshit.

    The entire article at most should just cause amusement. Anything past that then one should seriously contemplate calming down and going on with the rest of their day. That’s just my opinion though. I sure as fuck am not the internet five oh. You can keep arguing about this bullshit if that’s what you really want lol.

  28. @Sin

    i already had a better understanding of this incident, the jihad warriors want to get revenge on those SJ fans for the armed police, so the jihadist is on the armed police side

    which also give me some ways that i can get my hands on and resolve this,(no it’s not over yet, there is still aftermath) it involves some emailing, and some recruiting internationally. yes you guys can still tell that i didn’t give up on getting foreign hackers, but now im recruiting one more type of people internationally, if you are smart enough, then you should know. hint: SJ is not just popular in China

  29. What I see happening is whenever some people do undesirable things, douchebags like you equate it to being a national characteristic. People who aren’t complete tools know this is complete bullshit, and that nobody in their right minds condones this sort of behaviour. Whenever some people in Korea fuck up and make fools of themselves, I could act like you, a raging faggot, and say “oh this is typical of Koreans. They’re like high school kids in an adult world and can’t think and act mature let alone responsible”. Or, I could NOT be a complete asswhipe and realize that these things don’t represent one entire country, they are problems are prevalent in EVERY nation. Nobody condones these undesirable behaviours, and they are not unique to one peoples. Maybe if you stopped touching yourself to your own pathetic-as-fuck LALA fantasy of being Saint. holier-than-thou-Korean douchbag, you could rejoin real life.

    Do you also seriously believe some Koreans have never dissed other Koreans for disagreeing with their point of view? It’s mind boggling the bullshit you believe in lol.

  30. ok you two you can stop now, this incident already are developing into a more complex thing, and if you are not ASIAN, dont get into an argument about this, okay?

    but South Korea do have a lot of misinformation in their education, like teaching kids that Korea used to be the dominator of Asia, that is wrong, before the Korean War, Korea is one country, and there is also chaoxianzu (Korean tribe in China), so the South Koreans think: “ohh yeah, if there is our own people in China, then that place in China must used be belonged to us” that is wrong, because Korea and Japan was a slave country to China during the imperial times, and everyone in China can prove that because ancient writings about this are already been found. it was later that the Korean emperor branched out of China and made their own country

    so yeah, if you guys think that we chinese people thinks that China is Asia, we are about 70% right, the other 30% are India, Laos, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, and all those not well known small asian countries, chinese people knows that those countries never belonged to China, and they will still believe that.

    the unknown chinese history is the eight-nation alliance, they attacked the then Qing China during the 1900s, the countries of alliance are: Japan, Italy,Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, Russia, England, and US, they further divided China’s land into what we see today, Mongolia had an inner and outer, which all used to belonged to China

  31. Chinese are expecting respects well then start acting like real respectful people, this kind of childish over reaction will make Chinese look bad from Korean POV. According to my sisters and Korean girlfriends, Chinese men are bunch of losers that’s why they spend their minds over online chats. After one night sleep all this become nothing tangible to gain from. I actually had a good laugh at this article and will have second thought of Chinese males. I wonder why so many Chinese boys can’t get laid for free. IMO, Chinese keyboard warriors should start dating with real girls.

  32. Many thanks for such a wonderful post. This can be useful to me and also everyone who visits this site. I’m looking forward for for some other articles from you.

  33. “Alternative lifestyle” = Queereans

    I support this movement and please adopt my term. 69 is a lucky number as well.

  34. WEB SEARCH: 1911 / 1949:

    GOOGLE SEARCH: famines in the 1950s 1960….. truth in the public domain.. PD.

    great leap forward.. public doman PD facts

    cultural revolution: public domain PD facts….

    china from 1949–1978-1979…

    INTERNET SEARCH: mao zedong killed upwards to 45-million people… twice the peoples of Australia….




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