Enthusiast kayaks 55 km home after night shift


(From Wuhan Evening Paper) Sick of public transportation? Try kayaking all the way home like him. 34 years old Wang Bing live in Wuhan City but works in Hanchuan City, Hubei Province. He took up outdoor sports since 1999. Last year, Wang exchanged 3800 RMB for an American-made kayak AE1012 that weighs only 12 kg when deflated into a back pack. In the morning on June 4th , Wang finished his night shift in Hanchuan District, and prepared to head home on kayak for the 3rd time.


(1:5000m; this map is for reference only)

He carried his packed kayak to the Hanchuan section of the Hanjiang River, and spent 15 minutes to unpack, inflate the kayak as well as to assemble paddles. At about 9:30, Wang in life vest pushed the kayak into water and glided down the river.

“The water’s wide and slow along the Hanchuan section, you have to paddle hard to keep it going.” said Wang.

About noon, Wang got ashore at Dongxi Lake to eat briefly. At 14:30 he shored again at Gutianyi Road to meet 5 other kayaking enthusiasts who put up 2 double kayak and 1 single kayak to join in Wang’s journey. Since some of them were new to Hanjiang River, Wang gave them a little heads-up: "first, don’t get on main channels; second, the waves made by big ships are ok to the kayak so don’t panic before them, just maintain your speed and course; and third, it will save a lot to paddle with an angle.”

About 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the 4 kayaks were seen, from Yuehu Bridge, lined up with Wang at the head. An hour later, they passed Qingchuan Bridge and found the water rushing rapidly. Wang observed and declared: "we are about to meet the intersection of Hanjiang River and Yangtze River, be careful as the waves will grow stronger, let big ships go first should we meet any.”

Then he rowed to Gangshuiyu where waves ran over his kayak, then he changed course and paddled hard across Yangtze River with the team. At 19:30 the 4 kayaks reached their destination Wucang riverside area.

The idea of kayak home first occurred to Wang Bing this May. To do this, he went consult his friend in maritime sector who told him to keep away from main channels.

Early this May he began to carried his packed kayak to work, and tried his debut cruise home one morning after work at 8 am. The journey covers 55 km as estimated by GPS. The first two trips took him 8 or 9 hours. This time he spent 10 hours because he had to look out for his companions.

Wang Bind said that he enjoyed kayaking all the way home plus the beautiful views along the journey.

  1. 10 hours for leisure! 3800 RMB for sport?? What kind of Chinese man is this?! Fat chance keeping up double-digit growth with slackers of his ilk, zh.

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