Truth behind eliminating cross dressing “Super Boy” contestant Liu Zhu

by Chengdu Business News reporter:


1. May 19, under my plan, Liu Zhu went back to her hometown.

That night, I received reliable information, The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) secretly instructed Hunan Satellite TV station: Do not air any information on Liu Zhu and also do not allow any interviews with other media. Obviously Liu Zhu had been banned, almost exactly the same situation as Tang Wei previously. SARFT is only the director of Television and Radio so paper media and web media continued the coverage of Liu Zhu. For this reason, Chengdu singing district’s report of “bring back ‘Show Model’ Liu Zhu” was forced to be released early. On May 20, the newspaper,  Liu Zhu’s face was full of sunshine; he is still a young kid. Only 3 days away from the Chengdu Singing district finals.

2. The public opinion at the time focused on Liu Zhu’s staying or leaving. Everyone hoped for a miracle, especially the netizens, including me hoped for miracle to happen.

I still continued presenting the best of Liu Zhu.

On the paper on the 21st, Zhu’s mother said she hopes him to marry someone, bring back a wife and have children, just like every other mother. The more one-sided positive media about Liu Zhu the more anxiety they build up. I told reporters to ask Liu Zhu in person, “What are you going to do, if the ‘banning’ is real.”

3. On 22nd, everything is clear, I know that people are like knives and Zhu is like beef on the cutting board. Hunan satellite TV will never shake my bottom-line of survival. So the report on the newspaper on the 21st wrote with the voice of truth, maybe this was the last chance to express public sentiment in depth. I gave it a very tongue-twisting title “Liu Zhu has no problems, whether if we can keep Liu Zhu is the real problem.” Same day, Liu Zhu responded on “the ban” on his blog. At this time, he is still a child that knows nothing.

4. 22nd evening, I received the exact message: Liu is to be eliminated tonight, otherwise, expect no end of trouble in the future. One hour later Chengdu Singing District final competition started. When Liu Zhu was up on stage I basically did not listen to him singing, just looking to see how he would be eliminated. When the completion was over, the reporter at the scene sent a text message: Liu Zhu was successfully eliminated. In front of survival, the best effort of Hunan Satellite TV was to figure out how to eliminate Liu Zhu.

5. In the heartless Internet era, people who are called “Brother” of “Sister” all never end well. Sister Zhu – Liu Zhu was no exception. What I want to say is, Liu Zhu is different from all the other “Brothers” and “Sisters”. But, no one recognized this. They are just so used to the way they are being entertained. That night, I wrote a review essay, but it was deleted by our great leader on duty. Truly speechless.

6. One person wakes up, you never existed. Liu Zhu finally could not stay. This was an outcome of being controlled, and also an outcome that can not be controlled. This outcome was neither gentle nor shocking.

But Liu Zhu will never be controlled, he grew out of this land.

7. The appearance of Liu Zhu took everyone by surprise. Liu was calm and quiet, but it was us that could not sit still. Like people sitting on needles, hurried and rashly chose to love and hate. After the hype spreading in the online world, Liu was also hugely magnified, and became countless viewers’ target. Every interview, my officemates always enthusiastically came up with weird and difficult questions, and also guessed Liu’s answers. However what reporter brought back were never the answers we have thought of. Obviously Liu Zhu’s answer were truly his own.

Of course, we also tried to put a label on Liu Zhu, like a habit of reaction when we see something different than us. This action was unless, even sociologist Li Yinhe could not give him an appropriate label. Liu’s life tells us, he is not to be categorized, he is one of a kind. He was not different, it is us that are apathetic and cure, and think we are all there is.

These embarrassments are because the distance between us and Liu Zhu. How far part is our thinking is how far away we are from Liu Zhu.

Liu Zhu came prepared, but we were not ready – this was the reason why Liu Zhu was eliminated. People who do not understand, please do not try to find the hand behind the scene, it is not SARFT, not Hunan TV station, it is us, unprepared and desperate.

Liu Zhu’s leaving was “Super Boy’s” correct choice; otherwise, “the consequences are disastrous”. After Liu left, the stage of “Super Boy” is finally healthy, sunny and calm again.

The moment Liu left “Super Boy”, Liu Zhu was still himself, still simple and natural. At this moment, many hands are waiting for him, no one can stop that. I am most concerned about Liu’s future. But not all questions have an answer, I can only said, Liu Zhu, your future is in your own hands. This might be too obvious, but it is not easy to do. Most of us have not done that.

Like Liu’s original song “Piao”, “One person wakes up, you never existed.” Only if he can still shout these words to the common and noisy world he still can live freely, and do his own things happily. Otherwise, his future will be controlled, hence losing control and endless trouble.


  1. I love how people who “received reliable information” about some absurd conspiracy usually never fail to omit where they got it from.

  2. let her sing. tomorrow i am calling the tv station to protest. what’s the number, let her sing.

  3. so we ain’t getting a chinese dame edna, rupaul, or even Verka Serduchka any time soon:P

    1. I have seen a cross dressing presenter on Chinese TV before on a program that airs fairly frequently or maybe it was a Taiwanese show.

  4. Little story for ya’ll,
    I went to a little town in Dong Bei around christmas, in the only bar in the entire town had a very elegantly dressed, thin cross dresser with man hands and an adam’s apple the size of my fist singing and preforming on stage to a crowd of whooping and hollering patrons. To my surprise, I seemed to be the only person in the establishment to notice. My friends ( local residents of the town ) had no idea. They were totally unconvinced until he came and introduced himself to me at the train station and kissed my ear. Point being , sometimes the best place to hide something is right in front of your eyes. Not to imply in the least that I think they should hide who they are, but rather, we as people sometimes only see what we want to see. I think that Liu Zhu was very brave. A little premature in the minds and hearts of your fellow countrymen. But still brave. Zhu certainly paved the way for the next..

  5. as a cross-dresser, he ( or she ?) should not enter a contest intended to find best male singer. note : male!!!

    i don’t care whether or lot he likes living like a woman, but please do not make the stupid show even more disgusting.

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