Drunk Mainland Chinese girl makes a scene in Hong Kong

Recently this video titled with “Mainland Chinese post 80s beauty makes a scene in Hong Kong” has already been viewed over 800,000 times and generated over tens of thousands of comments.

In the video:

This 28 year old mainland Chinese girl even had the look of a star.

“I am a reporter of China, can you stand a side?”

“I will not lose my temper ok? Thank you, boss.”

“Don’t block me, ok?”

“I spent 600,000 HK, Chanel, LV, Armani, all mine. That’s nothing.”

Suspected of drinking all night at Central Yepu district in Hong Kong, she called the police and asked for an ambulance in the morning of May 10 to send her to Yanghe hospital. When the medical staff arrived she suddenly went crazy and smashed the rear view mirror of the ambulance.

“When I went shopping, you Hong Kong people say, Dalu Mei (Mainland girl), buys are called Dalu Zai. (Mainland boy) Now I am suing your Hong Kong government.”

Even Sakyamuni gave her a Hermes scarf.

“Sakyamuni blessed me, letting me telling humans that in year 2012 the world is coming to an end.”

She yapped on and on for half an hour…

“Now, from now on, May 10… step aside” (telling one of the female cops) “5/12 earthquake I donated money.”

“I am demanding Hong Kong to pay me 10 million in compensation.”

A female cop tried to communicate with her but she shut her out. Then 6 other cops surrounded her and tried to control her, but this girl yelled at everyone “He said that I am mentally ill.”

Then she started kicking, so don’t blame everyone no longer being easy on her…

So what, her whole body was covered in brand name clothing? When she was tied up, even her shoes were taken off, how embarrassing.



Netizens already started human flesh search on her, but still yet to uncover the identity of this girl in red.

  1. I think 90 percent of the Chinese women or girls that I know can’t hold their drink either. On the other hand if there was something wrong with her head it’s really low to film her and put it online but it makes sense since mentally frail individuals are someone you keep hidden in the basement at home and stare bemused at in public. Long way to go,,,

  2. ‘那还不算最厉害’

    She’s really a reporter ? Seriously ?

  3. Being drunk is not an excuse for being a cunt/asshole. If you’re a cunt, when you’re drunk you’ll just become a bigger cunt.

    1. Girls like her get rich and famous for acting this way in the U.S. I am a Hollywood agent and I would like to offer her a contract. Let me know when you learn of her identity. She could be the next Paris Hilton!

  4. Why not take one of the frames where she’s on a stretcher, enlarge it, and paste it around her neighborhood (once it’s found)? Include the caption, “Armani and LV sincerely apologize for the irresponsible use of their brands by this person. All designer brands would like to remind the public to use them responsibly, and in moderation. If narcissism persists, please stop the use of designer brands and consult a mental health professional.”

  5. she will wake up feeling physically bad; she will find out about this video and maybe feel ashamed, maybe not. Homo sapiens sometimes doesn’t deal well with high levels of alcohol.

    1. rich spoiled brats like this never feel ashamed. her behaviour is probably the same when she’s sober. “my daddy (or my sugar daddy) has money, so don’t bother me, useless 老百姓!”

    2. With a high probability one can say that after such incident her carreer is going to be ruined. Especially that “flesh human search” has already begun…

  6. I see nothing wrong with this woman. What she said is true, Hong Kong people think they are hot shit. They are nothing but a pimple on China’s butt.

      1. Talking about monkey, don’t find some local southern chinese people including in HK have a distinct facial feature: the jaw sticking out!!!, passing up the nose if looking sideways.
        That is butt ugly looking like chimp:-). Please don’t take it as an offence is you don’t look like one.

    1. I found most Hong Kong people to be easy going, considerate, friendly, and polite.

      Unlike the majority of your “Chinabutt” people who spit, can’t wait in a queue, talk ridiculously loudly, litter, piss/shit/vomit everywhere and have no manners whatsoever.

      So perhaps this woman made it as clear as daylight that she was a mainlander through her poor behavior and someone in a shop or boutique or whatever branded her a mainland girl. Were they wrong? fuck no!

      She doesnt know how to keep herself under control, she made a public spectacle, and she looked like a total dimwit while doing it all.

      Just goes to show, you can buy many things, but you can’t buy class.

      1. hong kong people r horribly obnoxious and rude. can be worse than mainlainders i reckon. chinabutts lol!

      2. Thanks for ruling by British of 100 years, most HK people have manners.
        I can’t imagine the other around:-). Sometimes if you go to the local tea place in HK, you can feel some local people are quite rude just as much as mainland chinese coming to HK for shopping. That is after 100 years of British ruling. What if not?!

    2. Are Hong Kongers not all originally from the mainland to begin with? I don’t understand all this nonsense about HKs being more sosphisticated than mainlanders, sure there are cultural differences, but people who travel around the world be it working etc, know they have to be respectful of other cultures and all try to get on. One day some hong kongers might have to go to other countries or regions and find that they are prejudiced against, but hey what do I know…

    3. look at the mainland Chinese themselves, they think they’re hot shit who can be accepted into any society with their rude and disgusting ways of life. Also, the people who can come over and travel/immigrate over to other countries are usually the corrupt generals’ children/businessmen.

    4. You’re a dickhead flea bite, HK folks are the dog’s bollocks whereas mainland cock suckers are arrogant, ill-bred and at war with the world because they think they are SOoooo superior, well, you’re not, most are brain dead molluscs I wouldn’t want dragging on my shoe, give me dog shit every time………….By the way, I am NOT HK Chinese

    1. I think the chinese should be kept away form entering HK.
      no food, no water, nothing coming from china.
      we can import everything from Japan.
      WTF HK don’t do this kind of shit!

  7. Never ceases to amaze people that when someone gets absolutely pissed drunk, they tell the truth. Its no excuse to act like a real hog in public but its true, discrimination is very common and Hong Kong people usually look down on the mainlanders.

    Its a good thing Hong Kong was return to the mainland, otherwise they will have a bigger face and become more arrogant. The same goes for Taiwan, they think they are better than Hong Kong or China for that matter.

    This public tantrum won’t help her cause and the HK Press is painting her as a wild party gal.

    1. This is exactly the reason why we look down upon you. Prancing into our town, thinking you are hot stuff b/c you can afford some brand clothes? Puh-lease.

    1. WRONG! Believe it or not they jail you in Australia for being drunk – over 100 every night in Darwin NT alone!

  8. The irony of HK people thinking that they’re “hot shit” is that most of the great things about HK come from British administration. A similar argument can be made for Taiwan, to a lesser degree.

    At least the mainland, for better or for worse, was developed under Chinese administration.

    1. Well somewhat true, but then again look at the difference between China and HK&Taiwan. I rather have a sound legal system and proper civil rights.

    2. Please learn history and influence of U.S, Britain, Soviet Union and Japan on Mainland Chinas modern development, especially Soviet system define many of government institutions in modern China.

    3. i dont know y they look down on mainlainders when they talk in that ugly sounding language all the time!
      if a westerner did not no much about china, they properly thought all of talk like a primitive animal lolz!

  9. I dont get it, when did Dai Lu mei and Dai lu jai became a racist term, how else do we address people from mainland? In highschool, my chinese teacher addresses china as Zong Guo Da Lu, is this racist as well?

  10. I’m from Hong Kong and I don’t find calling them Dai Lu mei and Dai lu jai to be anything worst than what we call everyone else.

    For Phillipinos, we have “Bun mei and Bun jai”, for white people we have “Qai (Ghost) lor and Qai por”, oversea Chinese as “Jok Sing (Bamboo shoot) jai/mei..etc we add a “mei” or “jai” to any nationality/culture/race. In fact we have a district call “Hong Kong Jai (香港仔)”. It’s only percieved as a derogatory if you are insecured.

    There’s not too much resentment towards mainlanders/putonghua aside from the trouble of learning it, because.. well, it’s useful and all the kids learn it from school now and mainlanders bring in alot of money for the local economy. However, peeing in public/disneyland, spitting everywhere, talking like you are screaming, or drunkenly abuse our police and.. well, a general lack of manners is still looked down upon. We’ll look down on our own citizens if they do the same.

  11. People who wear those brands deserve better treatment and should be allowed to get away with causing a scene now and then.

    1. Yeah, that’s such a silly and immature comment – or maybe you were being sarcastic – anyone who gets into Loius Vouitton, or Ralph Lauren, or Nike or Reebok now are either idiots or snobs, most of that crap is made in China anyway, so it’s worthless.

  12. in hk once i saw a guy -possibly mainlander- spit on the train quite casually. no one gave a remote shit lol

    (it was the line going to lo wu)

    1. I am stating facts, I am not being racist – Aboriginal people in remote communties in Australia spit on the ground, even indoors, a lot of the time – I think they learnt it from watching American Westerns – it is a revolting habit – in Singapore one can be caned for spitting.

  13. Mainland girl go back to your village. And shave your armpits. She just goes to hk to buy cheap stuff. Public drunkeness is a shame.

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  15. I think 90 percent of the Chinese women or girls that I know can’t hold their drink either.She will wake up feeling physically bad; she will find out about this video and maybe feel ashamed, maybe not. Homo sapiens sometimes doesn’t deal well with high levels of alcohol.

  16. I’m sure if this women show this video well i guess she will feel something ashamed because of what she had done.

  17. It won’t matter. In another 35 years or so, Hong Kong will be reintegrated with the mainland and renamed Xianggang. Its pre-handover “British Chinese” population will dwindle to minority status, and sweet Putonghua will take its rightful place as the dominant language of the former colony. I say ban Cantonese outright, even, like they do in Singapore. Finally we can end this pathetic one country, two systems experiment. And good riddance!

    1. Just wanted to tell you, many people around the world are waiting for the day mainland China will crumble and fall. Then we can all rejoice and go back to the days where there isn’t fake soy sauce, fake eggs, fake Apple stores, fake medical supplies, etc.

  18. There was a chinese girl at the brand library in glendale that started shushing me because i and my friend were talking she kept it so loudly it sounded like a punctured truck tire. she started it after i had stopped talking and then she began screaming epthets i left the room amidst a barrage of vileness.I left and felt upset for a hour. But she was cracked or psycho…so that’s that

    1. Sorry but I’m with the girl on this one… library is a place for quiet study, everyone knows that. You want to talk to your friend? Step outside.

  19. I don’t think she’s drunk at all… I think she’s just a crazy narcissistic bitch try to make a fame for herself!

  20. Mainland Chinese people have no manner at all, spitting, pissing in public, cutting in line….who the fuck does that? Fucking barbarians.

  21. that last comment was a bit racist – can you see the good in your fellow humans? If they spit in Public then you should tell them off, for being anti-social. But don’t belittle and condemn them, as they say in the communist literature REHABILITATE!

    1. We don’t see them following their communist ideals within mainland China anyway. Just look at the difference in standards of living and the income inequality between the authorities and the normal workers in China.

  22. If the mainland Chinese can’t handle being insulted and critisized in Hong Kong and other countries, why don’t they just go back to China?
    They’re so bloody stupid.

    1. Tell them what it is.

      We tell the blacks the same thing and they still don’t want to leave this country.

  23. Yeah BUT HK shop owners like to smell these mainlanders’ Gucci wallet and bags. They will rolled out the red carpet for Da Lu Mei’s… LOL. One man’s trashy lady is another man’s madam.

  24. Disgusting women, they even break up families just to get citizenship, hope that their government will discipline them.

    1. Mainland girl, go back to your fishing village….

      Your fishing village girls look this good?

      Do they?

      I’ll send the blacks guys over there, soon.

      And get out of her armpits, drunk fool.

  25. Mainlander chinese are disgusting people.
    There should be a book called a Dummie traveller guide for mainlander chinese before they step on any foreign soils.

  26. I think the human, decent thing to do, for the people coming across this drunk and disturbed girl, who was clearly out of her mind at the time, is NOT to film her and mock her, but to HELP her!

    She was saying a lot of stupid things, but she was drunk and upset.

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