Huge painting of Brother Xili, is Brother Sharp still sharp?

Xili Bro, also known as Brother Sharp, a homeless man raved by Chinese netizens because of his fashion style and sexy looks and became a fashion icon and even made his presence on the international media.


After reunited with his long lost family, Brother Sharp recently signed with a fashion company and even walked his first fashion show on May 1.  Though it wasn’t very successful because Xili Bro was too nervous and had only walked the stage for a short time on the first day.  After viewing Brother Sharp’s awkward photos from the show some netizens said, “Xili is already the past, Brother Sharp is no longer sharp.” Netizens think it is a pity that Brother Sharp is already becoming a “cash cow” for some enterprises.




According to Netease, Cheng Guorong (程国荣 Brother Sharp’s real name) also registered a blog on Sina on May 5, after it went online only for one hour 10 articles were posted, it looked a like all of them came from his manager rather.  One of the post titled “You broke my quiet life, where do I go from here” wrote, “Fashion company’s invitation,  fashion shows, to tell the truth runway shows are not natural and free like I wanted… everything is changed, I am not sharp anymore, disappointed the fans of the once Brother Sharp.”

We don’t know where Brother Sharp will go from here, but one thing is for sure he has become an icon in China, at least his image in the past when he was still a bagger. This huge painting appeared on the street of Hangzhou, and it is still so very Xili!




  1. It would be really sad to see this poor man get dropped the moment the public finds him “boring” and “old news”.

    Ideally he would get the proper antipsychotic meds to treat his schizophrenia so that he can re-integrate back into society…

  2. Ideally, the internet would leave me alone and stop projecting information into my face.

  3. What a hack. Terrible painting and it seriously looks like camera obscura as well. Sickening choice of yellow tool. With this I end my short career as an art critic.

  4. A homeless as a fashion icon is an unexpected and heartwarming paradox in a country where any sense of “taste” is unimaginatively standardized and tends to place the worst-tasted luxury crap as the ultimate asset.

    Now as usual, untalented business agents took over the phenomenon and turned it into mere void. This one was actually so bad that Xili Bro looks now like Walter White in Breaking Bad.
    After proper care, Xili could certainly have been a decent actor in some historical drama, he has the look for it, but Mr Untalented Chinese Agent decided to place him in a cheat talk show he was unprepared for. Fail.

  5. I’m amazed you can’t buy cheap ass “Che Guevara” styled t-shirt of Brother Sharp already… damn I’ve given the idea away for free!

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