Yet another kindergarten killing in China, now guarding children with submachine guns


“Dear dad and mom, I am going to school. Hope it is not parting forever, I want to go home alive. Dear teacher and principal, I am coming to school. You cannot let bad people touch me, I want to go home alive. Dear uncle and auntie, I am at school. If you have grievances please go petition to higher authorities, I want to go home alive!” Blogger Zheng Yuanjie (郑渊洁) wrote in his blog after the April 30 Taixing, Jiangsu kindergarten killing incident. After this incident and the following public outrage, China actually took measures supposedly beefed up school security, but…

On May 12, another kindergarten killing incident happened in Nanzheng county, Shaanxi province. May 12, 8 am in the morning, 48-year-old man named Wu Huanming holding a kitchen knife burst into a private kindergarten killing 7 children and 2 adults. 11 students were injured and 2 of which are in critical condition. The 7 deceased children are 5 boys and 2 girls, and the 2 adults are kindergarten teacher Wu Hongying and her mother. After the attack, suspect returned home and committed suicide.

From March 23 to May 12, there are total 6 school / kindergarten children killing incidents in China. All suspects are middle-aged men with an unsuccessful career.

April 30, in Shandong province Weifang villager Wang Yong used a hammer wounded five preschool students, and then committed suicide by self-immolation with gasoline.

April 29, a man burst into a kindergarten in Taixing, Jiangsu province and stabbed 25 children and three adults.

April 28, a teacher carrying a knife broke into a primary school in Guangdong province in southern China and stabbed 15 students and a teacher.

April 12, a mental patient stabbed many primary school children outside (400 meters out) of a primary school in Guangxi province.  2 children were killed and 5 injured.

March 23, in Nanping, Fujian Province a man Zheng appeared to be mentally ill brandished a knife at the entrance of Luantong Nanping experimental elementary and continuously stabled and cut 13 elementary students. 9 children were killed. On April 28, 9 am, Zheng was executed.

I guess beefing up school security with steel forks, pepper sprays and batons are just not going to cut it. Changsha patrol police really upgraded, now with submachine guns escorting students to school and guarding 4 times a day. What’s next? SWAT teams with assault rifles?

Other source: iZaobao

  1. love how they are holding those guns, in the event of a weapon error it will fire right into the head of whoever is standing next to them, brilliant.

  2. Machine pistols? pfft,, just for show. Calm the public down and all. “We’re doing our part”.

    A single policeman with a pistol should do the trick or what about tazers? Either way I don’t trust “Machinegun” Wang is able to hit some crazy guy alone while he is surrounded by children.

    1. tazers? lol, submachine guns are way cheaper. what r u smoking. of course it’s for show, you want public outrage or what?

    1. Actually US gun laws are crazy. As a US citizen, I’ll tell you why:

      Why do these crazy/upset guys currently making the news in China always wield kitchen knives? Because they don’t have easy access to guns. In the US, they could probably own their very own semi-automatic. So instead of having eleven injured kids (and one or two killed), the attacker would be able to mow down an entire classroom–teachers included–and then move on to the next one. You’d be mourning 40 kids instead of 9.

      The way to deal with this problem is through giving the common Chinese people the feeling that they live in a society of equal opportunity, equal justice before the law, and adequate chance to pursue redress through lawful channels.

      Local government graffiti: “Petitioners will be punished!”

      Local farmer: “Okay, I’ll just carve up some kindergartners or tourists, or set myself on fire to make my point!”

      1. China is a country in trouble. The best way I can catagorize this – is kind of like going through adolescense. Too many years of goverment mind control has created a distorted sense of right and wrong. I am sure that many Chinese people in China are caring human beings and have as much outrage over this stuff as people in other countries, but they have no media, no freedom of speech, no pressure that they can put on their government.

        Like the adolescent, there is a divergence between the goals and abilities to achieve the goal. I feel sorry for them because I believe they must be horribly frustrated. They know that the world is watching and they are powerless (at this point) to reign in this situation.

        There is no need to throw hateful responses at anyone. Not the Chinese, or the Americans, not anyone. This is going to be very painful for them.

    2. Americans are stupid with their guns. Guns, guns, guns, that’s the source of American power. The Americans think their guns are like penises. Always waving them around.
      They think Chinese like their penises. Chinese don’t

      Americans should take their guns and go home.

      1. I’m not agreeing with US gun policy with that statement, so yeah, my views on that are mixed. Oh and, if the guy had a gun, mebbe he woulda gone to the local bao-an and shot a bunch of grown mofos?

      2. Dood, you are obviously having a ‘little’ issue with your gun..

        If you come to my home and put my family in danger I will kill you where you stand or die trying.
        I AM AMERICAN. US’s gun laws have as much to do with these incidents as you gain a chance at resolving your ‘little’ issue.

        Being in China , if a sick individual comes to my school intending harm to my children, they or myself will be experiencing our last moments on earth.
        Now, ‘Not Kai Pan’ I’m pretty sure in that situation you would piss your panties and run out faster than the children.

        1. White Monkey you rock. My sentiments exactly. Was thinking the same thing recently. Cowards who just want to be infamous through henious acts of killing innocent children. They show up to my school I’ll take them myself barehanded. Knife, meat cleaver whatever if you approach my sudents, friends or family you’re gonna die. See I’m not going to stand by while some nutjob with an ax to grind with the government hurts babies. With all the problems I do not think this would ever occur. Yes, there are some evil individuals preying on children yet not doing it for the world to see. This helplessness is not an excuse for this reprehensible behavior. I was rather pleased to see how effecient the Chinese government dealt with the one murderer, executed in 5 days. The thing that amazes me is how these lunatics got to so many children while adults were in the room. Part of the reason I feel the body count is high is partially due to Chinese culture being somewhat passive when it comes to standing up for oneself. There is a time and a place to be passive yet if someone walked into my class I would be in their face asking can I help you. They would have to go through me first. Maybe I would fare the same fate as some of the teachers yet I would have attempted to try to stop the insanity. If there is a hell I hope these lunatics are roasting as we speak.

            1. All it would take is 1 person to have a gun and end a Nut-Job’s rampage. This is not just an american thing. Look at Israel, A state that is constantly under threat from terrorist attacks from all sides. They arm the teachers themselves from kindergarden on up. Carry the handguns strapped to their thighs exposed.

              When ever you are in a situation of exposure (ie. locked in a classroom with 1 door), You should have a way to get out safely, and many cases a gun is your only guarantee. I’m not saying that they should arm all the teachers, and with an untrained person with a gun is useless. There are other ways of guaranteeing safety, but you can not just dismiss Guns as an obvious solution.

    3. US gun laws are not that crazy. They are there to give you the opportunity to “Protect Yourself, Your property, and Others.”

      I’m sorry, Even if you don’t “believe” in guns I promise you they are very real. And bad people are going to get there hands on them. We just have to be as prepared for it as possible.

  3. SWAT – Special Weapons and Tactics
    Not Swap
    (Guess I should have double checked before I tried to correct you)

  4. Oh adding submachine guns doesn’t seem like a very efficient way in reducing these incidents. Too many things can go wrong with having a submachine gun.

    1. It’s just a token way to show that the police are ready to use force if another copycat freak child murderer decides to give this a try. Nothing will go wrong when the guns are used by professionals. The cops are well trained in how to use them. I, for one, would be happy if the cops got the chance to shoot the next scumbag who tries to kill little children. There is no lower life form than these maggots who do violence to little children. GO cops!

  5. To have the police provide protection for children is an excellent decision.

    The little children are so precious. I cried when I read about the terrible things.

  6. Shouldn’t they really look into all the cases and find the real problem? Why would someone lose their mind and kill little kids? I don’t think armed guards (or cops) would stop any mentally ill person. I’m just worried these guys who are supposed to be there for security would lose control of their guns when they see crazy man running into them. God bless!!!

    1. Unfortunately, there is just no time to “look into the cases and find the problem”. I believe that even mentally ill would think twice before going into the area secured by armed police officers.

      1. mentally ill people just don’t think…what if the next to go nuts is one of the cops? “bowling for chongqing”?

      2. The problem I see for this is all these protective measures and harsher punishments for the crimes, I don’t think is going to work or solve the problems. These crazy people obviously are not afraid of dying. A lot of them just commit suicide right after the attack. You don’t even need to kill them, or give them death penalty. Unless you kill them onsite before they can even touch any kids. But China is a big place, we just can’t have cops holding machine guns and waiting constantly at every school…

  7. Its becoming all too common. Where is the social services such as doctors, psychologists and social workers? They should help prevent these sort of attacks by identifying people who have socials problems before they reach breaking point.

  8. Nine injured in latest mainland knife attack
    Associated Press in Beijing
    4:42pm, May 19, 2010

    “A state news agency says nine vocational students have been wounded, one seriously, in the latest knife attack at a school in China.”

  9. These child killings are just a variation of the rampage killings that have been so prevalent in America schools in the last 20 years. Oh, my life is terrible now I’m make everyone pay. Part of the problem is that Chinese culture as a whole do not really accept or acknowledge mental illness as a social problem. After these horrendous incidents I think everyone will be rethinking if Chinese are just as capable of being insane as Americans or any other culture. The government is being proactive {guns, heavy security}. Before I was really aware of these events I noticed they were checking all Chinese workers as they came through the front gate of my school. Whatever it takes to stop these maniacs is fine with me.

  10. Those guys, and I mean no disrespect, and I certainly don’t wish to downplay the tragedy of these killings; but those guys in Uniforms dont exactly fill me with confidence.

    I have seen the guys who come and collect the money from Bank of China, or ICBC bank. Now those guys look badass.
    Albiet they carry rubber-bullet shotguns and not semi-automatic machineguns.
    However, they look badass. You know why? because they are guarding CASH. And “CASH rules everything around me” (right?)

    Now these guys in the photos look like the empty uniforms I see EVERYWHERE here in Shanghai, policing nothing. protecting noone. Upholding no laws. Maintaining no structure. Serving none of us. And doing nothing constructive.
    I see them standing around with their thermos of tea and their cigarettes doing jack shit. And getting paid well to do it. They know the system works well in their favor.
    Because in order for Joe Public to get the police to do something it means: (A) – getting them to give a shit, (B) – settling it without the need for paperwork, usually by exchanging money as a compromise to either party, (C) – Petitioning so hard that after months of exhaustive repetition the police have no choice but to actually do their job.

    A great example is the killing spree in Shanghai at a Police department office building. The killer was able to quite easily move around inside a bovernment building, a police office-building; slaying person after person. How is that even POSSIBLE if these people are in a police office building?

    These guys dont fill me with much confidence at all. And like many of the other posters have pointed out: firing a semi-auto at some lunatic who is slashing up kids would ultimately end in a greater bloodbath. but of course the authorities are too fucking stupid to think about that.

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