How Sister Feng became famous

| April 24th, 2010

We have talked about this Internet phenomenon in China before – any ordinary person can become famous or infamous over night on the Internet. In Chinese, these people are known as being “red”. We have introduced some of them, like Xili Bro, Candied Haw beauty…  but I decided to review and cover some of them we have missed. Especially Sister Feng (凤姐),  she has become so red hot on the Internet in China recently that truly deserves a post of her own.


Her name is Luo Yuefeng (罗玉凤), 1.46 meters tall, very AVERAGE looking with a AVERAGE college degree. But she started to become famous in November 2009 because she was passing out flyers on the streets of Shanghai seeking a boyfriend for marriage, and with outrageously high demands.


(left: picture of her flyer)

Summary of her requirements:

1. Must be Beijing (Peking) University or Qinghua (Tsinghua) graduate with a Master’s in Economics and above.
2. Must have an international outlook and perspective
3. 176 m – 183 m tall, more handsome the better
4. Eastern coastal cities resident
5. No prior marriages
6. No ex-girlfriend had an abortion
7. Age between 25 – 28

Soon Xinmin reporter contacted her and conducted an interview; this 20 minute long video interview was her first step to Internet-fame.

Then Sister Feng appeared on a Shanghai television show with a handsome new boyfriend, a student at a certain Zhejiang media school which pushed Sister Feng hype to its peak. Soon sister Feng’s ex-boyfriend came out of nowhere and claimed that Luo Yuefeng dumping him for the new boyfriend. Jiangsu television station even devoted an over 40 minute documentary on this love triangle.






Sister Feng’s story continues, Sister Feng is going to get plastic surgery!  Netizens were intruded again by this news, below is a compilation of the proposed the photo-shopped Sister Feng after the plastic surgery by the Netizens. (from baidu)

On March 30, 2010 sister Feng got her plastic surgery done in Guangdong Armed Police hospital plastic surgery center, and once again announced to the media that she is seeking for marriage.

Real picture:

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Pictures of Sister Feng after plastic surgery from







The latest on Sister Feng was that she was spotted in Nanjing On 4/18/2010 for a second plastic surgery. She spoke more shocking words “After 2, 3 years, I for sure will become Obama’s lover.” She also told the doctor “try to make me look like Fan Bingbing, oh yes, and my lips, I want them to become Shu Qi’s lips!” Check out this video when she was being chased and interviewed by the paparazzi at the plastic surrey center just like a true celebrity.

The reason Sister Feng received so much attention was because of her shocking actions and false sense of confidence and became the laughingstock of the whole nation. Some of her shocking quotes are “I start reading various literatures since 9 years old, and reached a peak at 20, no one can surpass me.”; “My IQ and my capability, no one can compare in 300 years before and after”, “Einstein is for sure not smarter than me, he invented light right?”; “Must have international outlook and perspective, and the desire to conquer the world. Obama qualifies my marriage requirements”; “In this world half the men see me and want to run away and the other half when I see them I want to run away”… Whenever Sister Feng appears people’s reactions are usually rolling on the floor and laughing, shocked, speechless or roundly cursing… “a person came out of mental hospital”, “has issues in the brain”, “the face of a pig and the figure of Wu Dalang”, “she looks like the descendent of the  Transformers and her face looks like a car accident scene”, “the real life version of the living dead” these words are just teasing, there are much more disgusting insults.

Kuso video of Sister Feng:

There are also speculations that the whole Sister Feng phenomenon was engineered by Internet marking company. And there are people came forward claiming that they were the masterminds behind the Xili Bro and Sister Feng. However there are always people coming forward to claim the prize of any Internet sensations in order to gain popularity for themselves. At this point there is really no proof and according to Sister Feng herself that she is definitely not engineered.

If she is not engineered, according to social psychologist that Sister Feng has a typical pathological narcissistic personality. People with self-identification issues may be grouped into the following two extremes: one is overly belittling oneself, and the other is overly exaggerating oneself, Sister Feng is the latter. She will continue to live in her self-constructed, self-pity environment, because people love the presence of novelty, she will continue to attract more attentions for some time. However after a while there will be two possible results: one is that while no one is paying attention anymore, she will continue to “build” then; the other is that one day her constructed narcissistic building might finally collapse, herself also collapses. So, she is a tragic figure.

Other source: baidu wiki

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  1. Eason says:

    It’s rather sad that instead of receiving the psychiatric care she needs, she’s just become a public figure of mocking.

  2. The Beast says:

    Goddam, one ugly bitch. This case quite similar with William Hung case couple years ago. The difference only internet vs TV show.

  3. Neirda says:

    We got the same kind of overly advertised retard a while ago here (France). I’m pretty confident US and UK and anywhere else have their own examples to share as well.

    Of course since it’s China, it’s getting much larger proportions, but she’ll soon be forgotten, whenever people will get bored.
    That is only one side effect of the internet, giving some spectacularly mentally-ill persons a large audience. I’m confident both sides are satisfied anyway, one got its entertainment and the other got his/her one month fame.

  4. John says:

    It’s all a show. A publicity stunt (and it worked).

    These are tricks to get attention and stand out in the crowd. Nothing new here. Americans are masters of this sort of tripe. Expect more of this sort of garbage in future.

    Sometimes the smartest thing to do is just shut off your TV and computer and read a good book.

  5. malagebi says:

    Those teeth could do some damage…God damn…

  6. jambo says:

    She is very, very unattractive b4, and even after surgery.

    What she needs is surgery on her brain. Perhaps a lobotomy. She is psychologically unfit. The joke is on her, but she doesn’t get it.

    She will get her 15 minutes of fame but soon, people will lose interest. She will once again be hunting for fame while everyone mocks her behind her back, and in front of her face.

  7. KahnKee says:

    Raised by a dog with a face only her mama can love, she managed to negatively promote herself to a few weeks of fame. She is a genius in this respect but sure has got nothing in the looks department. What bothers me the most is her extremely thick lips and crooked bucked teeths in an unproportionally big mouth. God, she needs an orthodontist and a plastic surgeon bad. She looks a little better than a drooling rabies dog in that she doesn’t seem to be drooling, which is a good trait.

  8. kiki says:

    Did she really have plastic surgery or just a makeover? I don’t see any difference except for the unflattering makeup colors!

  9. arwin kim says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………………… I can not stop laughing.. help mee!!

    The God must be crazy 😀 From this weird story I learn that there is nothing impossible… That is what people call “LUCKY” 🙂

  10. theglass says:

    Well narcissism isn’t a mental disability, its technically a personality disorder. These kinds of people tend to be uber deluded and are just generally total assholes. There was a narcissistic guy over here who recently murdered his girlfriend because she dumped him, you should have seen him in court! All he’d talk about was how awesome he was and how much she deserved it.

    Anyway, I guess if there’s one lesson to be learned from this its; “You can never aim too high”?

  11. Jakinda says:

    i m chinese feng sister called”凤姐”“i dont want to say anything about her because she made me feel sick!

  12. Bea says:

    Is that her boyfriend? WHAAAT!?!

  13. Will Pseudonym says:

    She’s not making anyone else’s life bad is she? Why so many hateful comments towards her? If she wants to be famous and isn’t naturally very pretty, what’s the problem in that? She is joking all the time of course, perhaps making fun of our own petty minds, I think she could be interesting if interviewed in the right way, perhaps one could know more about who she really is. Her teeth are indeed crooked, but otherwise I don’t think she is ugly, just not pretty either. Though after the surgery she looks better, nice smile.

  14. Will Pseudonym says:

    I just saw the original Xinmin Net video from November 2009, interviewer asks her what kind of flyer, she says “A4 … A4 is a very standard kind of flyer”, grinning from ear to ear. I think she is what we call in the UK a performance artist, and quite a good one, from the number of people insulting her..

  15. tquila says:

    oh yeah.. i found no interest from her face, especially her teeth.
    OH GOD! what happened to this world?

  16. fagoha says:

    frm twitter
    SisterFeng Sister Feng
    I hope Chinese can learn English from me and Englinese can learn Chinese from me .


  17. sisterfenguglyassbitch says:

    christ she’s ugly. white dudes would love that shit.

  18. voiceofhomer says:

    She spoke more shocking words “After 2, 3 years, I for sure will become Obama’s lover.”

    WTF is this shit, China bitches and white sluts wanting to make babies with black men?

  19. MARY SUE says:


  20. white dude says:

    man… that’s one fugly bitch
    who the hell is she anyway?
    why are Mainlanders promoting her?

    • PRETTY MAMA says:


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