Talk about Fenqing, start with Michael Wong’s Renren page

While we are still on the subject of Yushu earthquake, I found an interesting post about Michael Wong’s (a Malaysian Chinese singer and composer) Renren page was under Chinese fenqing’s attack because of one of his Renren status update on China’s national mourning day for Yushu earthquake (yesterday).


This kind of Chinese fenqing attack incidents are not uncommon on the internet.  They are usually very random and so are the victims, they can be from an ordinary citizen to A-list celebrities: Chinese National Flag Bikini Fashion Show was said to be disrespectful of the national flag; Zhang Ziyi was accused of disgracing China in her sexual role in an American film;  Jackie Chan was hated for his comments about “Chinese people need to be controlled”…  Compare to above this incident is even pettier, but I still feel that it is important to talk about it here especially I have seen many similar situations through comments on my blog as well.

From wikipedia:

Fenqing (愤青) which is itself an abbreviation for Fennu Qingnian (愤怒青年), means literally “angry youth”. It mainly refers to youth who display a high level of Chinese nationalism. This term first appeared in Hong Kong in the 1970s, referring to those young people who were not satisfied with Chinese society and sought reform. It has now evolved into a term used predominantly in Internet slang. Whether fenqing is derogatory or not usually depends on the person. Critics describe them with negative terms including “粪青” (“shit-youth” or “idiotic youth”, same pronunciation), which can be changed further to “fenfen” (粪粪) as a derogatory nickname.


From Renren:

First I will educate people who are unaware:

Today is 4/21, China’s day of national mourning for victims in Yushu earthquake (first a moment of silence)

Today afternoon Michael Wong’s (光良) Renren page was under attack.

Why? Because Michael Wong’s status update said that he was going to shower his pet dog. So here comes the fenqing, standing tall on high moral ground, pointing Michael Wong’s nose and said “How dare you showering your dog! You don’t love the country!”

Michael Wong’s status:

Michael Wong: Finally there is sunshine in Taipei, I can shower Xiao High!


This kind of communication probably scared him, Michael Wong immediately explained, please look at my status on 4/14!

04-14 17:07
Michael Wong: : Huge earthquake in Qinghai province today, I heard there are buildings collapsing, very worried about the friends there.


Hmm, now the people who are unaware of the truth should reconcile with Michael Wong? It was a misunderstanding after all.

But no, little soldiers jumped out again, still standing tall, but this time their weapon is sincerity. They pointed at Michael’s nose and yelled: you are fucking fake! Your page is made by Renren’s staff! Your status is not posted by yourself!!

Come on, we are all adults, can we speak some logic?

He cares for the earthquake disaster area is fake… and his status about showering his pet dog is not loving the country…

One sentence, if you just open your mouth will be yelled at!

Under powerful attacks, Michael Wong can only choose to not speak, so the following status:

Michael Wong:

What happened? Before I cared about earthquake, everyone said I am fake, now I say other things and people still yell at me.

So don’t ask me why I haven’t reply here for long time, because whatever I say is wrong!!


Ok the incident review is completed; the following is what I want to say.

Michael Wong is an artist, has no relation with me, at most I feel his singing back the days was good. If he is forced to leave, what would I lose? At most less news and status updates to care about. However, Michael Wong’s leaving doesn’t matter, but who knows if the next person would be Luo Yonghao (罗永浩) (famous on Chinese Internet, the founder of And then who is next? Celebrities are gone, we might also say it’s ok, we still can play on. But one day if people around you who have some kind of quality all left one by one, and what’s left are all fenqing, would you choose to stay or leave?

I am not afraid of 2012, it is a natural disaster. But I am afraid of the day when fenqing rules Renren, that is man-made disaster!

I believe there are many people like me, willing to resist this kind of people and this kind of things.

I believe one day, there will be no attacks and war, even if only on the Internet.

I believe one day, China will be stronger, Chinese people can be more dignified.

That day, all Chinese people are tightened together like a rope!

Finally, I am going to whisper, Michael Wong is Malaysian.


Luo Yonghao also wrote in his Renren page:

I just heard the incident about Michael Wong teacher’s Renren page and feel ridiculous, how come this country has so many stupid people like to kidnap others? Damn, why can’t he take a shower for his pet dog on national mourning day? People say the entertainment circle is tough business; had to apologize to a group of idiots for doing nothing wrong, Michael Wong teacher you have worked hard.

Today is the day of mourning Yushu earthquake, Chinese Malaysian Michael Wong who is in Taipei right now, because did not watch CCTV he “ignorantly” updated his Renren status (see picture), soon all the monsters on Renren were set off. Later Michael Wong teacher deleted his status and expressed regret, but now many monsters still cannot “forgive” him. Of course there is another kind of monsters “Michael Wong, no matter what you do, I will always support you!”

Although I take this country’s international image lightly, I still hope Michael Wong teacher to know that at least there is a small group of young people in China are not monsters, they will not “always support you no matter what you did”, also will not say “today is national mourning day, you still have time to take a shower for your dog, fuck!”

If you happen to be such person, you can go to Michael Wong’s page and leave your statement, maybe it will let him feel slightly better about his father’s homeland.


  1. This is crazy. As I was walking to my apartment inside of the apartment complex, all I heard were people watching entertainment DVDs on their TVs in their apartments in Shenzhen, China.

    It is very sad about the earthquake, yet people will still watch entertainment. People here try to pretend that they are very caring and dignified, yet are so two-faced.

  2. This is bad. I shall start to listen to Guang Liang’s songs and show some support to all celebrities who have been victimized by fenqing, just to become a heqing (和谐青年, a word made by me).

  3. Yeah, and I’m so sure these fenqing would stay at home self-flagellating and burning incense if, God forbid, Malaysia had a disaster. Hypocrites.

    1. More likely they would be celebrating since Chinese have been killed in race riots in Malaysia in the past; as for the ethnic Chinese there, well, “who told you to leave the motherland?!” Fenqing have celebrated in foreign countries for far less… A significant majority of comments I read on Huanqiu Shibao were absolutely gleeful about the death of the Polish president and 90-some others because he met with the Dalai Lama, boycotted the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and is generally an “American dog.” Everyone must be very, very careful not to step on the little fenfens’ toes, but they don’t need to show even basic compassion or decency to anyone else.

  4. All neo-conservatives seem to be very strict and patriotic by nature. Fenqing doesn’t seem to be much different. Yet in China their numbers are quite amazing: apparently they are estimated roughly equal to 30 % of China’s total population; most of them born between 1980 and 1989. I wonder what caused an entire generation to sustain such a narrow view of the world, collectively acting like a bunch of retards. Quite sure it wasn’t MTV in this case.

      1. I’m aware the term is rather ambiguous. In a Chinese context however neoconservatism refers to a movement which first arose in the early 1990s, In general it may refer to a tendency to see the world in binary terms such as good and evil, resulting in an ‘us versus them’ mentality.

        1. What’s ‘wrong’ about your ‘figures’ is that you use estimates of China’s total population of youth (i.e., roughly 375 million) as a basis for your estimation of fenqing, which you define as ‘sustaining a narrow view of the world.. acting like a bunch of retards.

          You DO know the difference between China’s youth and those categorized as fenqing, don’t you? Try starting with the definition offered in this very article.

          1. Thanks for the clarification; it was not my intention to deliver an accurate description or alternative definition for fenqing. Statistics do tend to confuse me, hence my reservation about the numbers. I was merely trying to figure out how many of them would fit the denition. Still guessing.

  5. Fuck up environments creates fucked up people. Most of these retards probably have issues in real life. Parents don’t give them attention, no friends, no money, etc.. whatever. The internet is their only refuge to get some attention and the quickest way is by being a complete asshole.

    And this mandatory no entertainment thing is so stupid. Yes the earthquake is a tragedy, but honestly… but deep down most people just don’t care if it doesn’t affect them directly.

    1. Panda, wtf. They’re radicals. Funny how they can be individuals and thoughtful when they’re by themselves, but collectively.. sheesh.. scary….

      Anyways, I do feel for the earthquake victims, though I must admit I am kind of numb about it now. I lead a fundraising event for the sichuan earthquake, and the reaction from my dearest Canadian public is … “disappointing” to say the very very least, and the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming.

      Ok….back to topic. I do feel for Micheal Wang, I am a big fan of him, and since I can understand his feeling from my own experiences – This is ridiculous, those people there are nuts. Maybe they think this is a webpage of a celebrity and swearing at them will make you “cool”??? or something of a thrill? (I just swore at guang liang!! yeah!!) I dunno, it’s just weird and brain dead. They seemed to forget celebrities are people too.

  6. It’s fairly dumb to shut down all kinds of entertainment. It’s like saying “You guys don’t know how to mourn properly so we are going to show you! And you better damn well follow suit!”. Usually when you treat people like children they will continue to behave like ones. I for one was kinda pissed off that CCTV5 didn’t transmit the Champions League semifinal Inter-Barcelona since apparently I was supposed to sit and weep and burn fake money.

    I feel bad for the earthquake victims sure but damn it if I’ll have somebody tell me how to feel, behave and do things just because of it. That’ll be the government or narrow minded netizens alike.

  7. China shut themselves out from the world 45 years ago now it is our time to do the same to them. Let them wallow in their own crap.

    1. We here welcome your participation, bert (and others), but bland rants with next to no logic is not. Please be considerate and thoughtful with your comments. Thank you.

  8. Every country is full of idiots, Michael Wong made the mistake of paying attention to them.

  9. Has nobody realised what is essentially wrong here?

    The dude’s not even Chinese!! He’s a citizen of another country which happened to have a large population of ethnic Chinese!

    His family, like many ethnic Chinese in South East Asia probably left China before it became the PRC, before it was the ROC, and heck some left before the Ming Dynasty was a dynasty. The dude’s got NOTHING to do with China apart from the fact he looks Chinese and sells albums in the Chinese language.

  10. Here’s something for the concerned Chinese citizen or even Fenqing to ponder deeply. The above site describes villainously unprincipled and unethical to the point of destruction of social order via NEPOTISM. Very dangerous trend that must be addressed by the Politburo if they wish to not be looked down upon by what remains of the ‘civilised world’ or for the nation to fall apart.

    Li Xiaopeng, currently vice governor of the coal-producing northern province of Shanxi. A governor holds a rank equivalent to a minister in China, whose father former Chinese premier Li Peng is reviled by many as the “Butcher of Beijing” for his role in the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown (picture), will be promoted to a ministerial position, two sources said.

    His move will cement the family’s position as one of the ruling Communist Party’s most powerful dynasties, and is another sign that jockeying has begun ahead of the 2012 Party Congress, where President Hu Jintao’s successor will be named.

    He will be promoted to governor of the southern province of Hunan, two sources with ties to the leadership told Reuters. He will replace Zhou Qiang, who will be Hunan party chief after his predecessor’s move to restless Xinjiang.

    Now-retired Li Peng, as the adopted son of former Premier Zhou Enlai, is a “princeling”, a term used in China to describe the children of incumbent, retired or late leaders.

    One of the sources said Li Xiaopeng’s move into politics from the business field, where he had been active until 2008, would ensure Li Peng’s legacy would be protected and any reversal of the Tiananmen verdict would be unlikely.

    The Communist Party regards the events around June 4, 1989, as a subversive plot against its power.

    “This is a family dynasty,” said the source, who requested anonymity because he is not authorised to talk to foreign media.

    “Both father and son are princelings.”

    Neither source knew when a formal announcement would be made.

    More than two decades after issuing the martial law order on national television to crack down on weeks of pro-democracy protests in Beijing in 1989, Li Peng is still seen in the West and among many in China’s capital as the “Butcher of Beijing”.

    But laid-off workers from state-owned companies, millions of whom lost their jobs in the late 1990s in the wake of economic reforms, still have fond memories of him because he opposed such radical moves.

    “The conservative elements within the party support Li Peng because he is against radical market reforms,” said Wang Jiansu, a Hong Kong-based, China-watching political analyst.

    Li Xiaopeng worked in the power industry until 2008, where he was chairman of Huaneng Power, the country’s largest power producer and one of its most lucrative.

    In his 2004 memoirs, Li Peng blamed then-leader Deng Xiaoping for the Tiananmen crackdown, said another source with knowledge of writings which the government banned from publication.

    The Li dynasty does not stop with Xiaopeng.

    His flamboyant sister, Li Xiaolin, who has a penchant for fine clothing and jewellery, is chairwoman of China Power International Development, and is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a largely ceremonial advisory body to parliament.

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