Anthropomorphic portraits of Chinese provinces and cities

From Lengxiaohua:


Beijing: Once had world’s great prestige of the imperial style but because of narcissism and not working hard he became weak and went back to his infant stage… Now grew to be a very arrogant child, working hard planning on “how to go back to being an adult”. Likes barbeque duck, recently troubled by a pile of old stuff at home.


Heilongjiang: A youth who is icy old, does not like to reveal his feelings, although sometimes has a headache because of Jilin he displays tenderness towards two of his brothers. Had a tragic past, likes cloves and has high alcohol tolerance.


Jilin: Optimistic youth, bold personality but especially effective when dealing with women; likes to lend his helping hand when he sees injustice, but often gets into trouble; very loyal to his brothers, but slow to feel Heilongjiang’s tenderness.



Tianjin: Cute and confused little girl, originally already grew to be a maiden but because her brother Beijing was not happy about her height, she voluntarily shrank herself. Likes older brother very much; likes gentiana, and likes to give strange names to her home made buns. Sometimes her thoughts will automatically switch to high dimensional spaces.



Liaoning: General offensive of the Dongbie 3P party. Has firm and persistent personality like the steels. Loves erguotou (strong liquor), and has high alcohol tolerance. Sometimes thinks about the sad past. Takes care of two younger brothers; he is a tender and strong big uncle.



Shanxi: Loves money as much as she loves her life, often with a smiley face, but that is the weapon she lures the customers to buy her stuff. Carrying an abacus at all times, very business minded.



Shanghai: Very bright and capable young man, fast paced, typical impatient hothead and absolute perfectionist. Does not allow himself or others to make mistakes (often troubled because of this) Seems to be surprisingly weak when taking off his glasses. Annoyed when called a “sissy”, loves to be elite and modern.



Jiangsu: Looks like a gentle and quiet youth, with a weak health and often coughs, but in fact deep down he loves to make others suffer!! He loves to use tough problems to create difficulties for others.



Hunan: warm blooded young girl, likes to try new things, acts all on her own, impulsive and hot tempered. Sensitive about her reputation, has leadership skills. Often are laughed at because of her flat chest by her sisters.



Jiangxi: Girl who does not talk much, and not good at communicating with others. Therefore often does things she does not want to do, and in a state of self-blame. Loves to keep fishes, has many china at home.



Fujian: a Very strong queen, because she was often in war, she has an aggressive personality, but she is very loyal to her boss. Used to love to fish, now very modernized; still holds grudges about Taiwan’s leaving.



Hubei: She is Hunan’s older sister, short tempered and easily gets angry. Although she is older, she can easily get into fights with others. The word she likes is “revolution”.



Hainan: enthusiastic and honest young man, because of his special dark skin, he is often recognized therefore he feels a sense of pride. Loves his ocean and the coconut trees, very proud of his fishing skill and loves to invite others to his home.



Sichuan: Arrogant young man with a rich family, has very bitter tongue and very competitive, somewhat narcissistic. Surprisingly tender to small animals. Recently he is healing wounds at home. His interest is cooking. Often plays MJ with little brother Chongqing, Hunan and Hubei.



Zhejiang: a very weak girl, looks like an honor student, good at poetry and math (business), timid and cries a lot, loves to wear silk (chi-pao) mandarin gown and hold a small fan.



Chongqing: Sichuan’s younger brother, naturally keeps his words, very hospitable, loves to do house chores, loves to dress up and loves to eat hotpot. Often goes his brother’s house to eat and talk.



Guangdong: A girl that eats anything… often has strangers at home but she never cares. Likes make things herself and then paste on the brand name logo. Loves comics (2d stuff) and often shows off her collections.



Guangxi: Gentle and beautiful girl, but is surprisingly strong and brave. Likes to stay at home, and every year there are many people swarming into her home to travel.



Gansu: Warm young man, looks very normal therefore often is scared by Ningxia. Likes to nag, other than that has no other bad habits (but also has nothing else special) Likes to make noodles, because he stayed with Ningxia for long time started to like pigs for no reason.



Ningxia: a quiet man, don’t know what he is thinking about most of the time, his action is also unpredictable. Has specially feeling for pigs. Often carries different kinds of kitchen knives. Used to hang white fabrics at home and scared off Gansu.



Yunnan: Natural young girl, very friendly to people, optimistic personality and has wide range of interests. Good at singing, dancing and art needlework, likes small animals. Her blood line is complicated and her pet phrase is “may become good friends”.



Guizhou: Good gentle young man, his actions are courteous, and slow. He is kind of lazy, likes to play jokes on people. He has multiple national origins.



Qinghai: Lazy young man looks lethargic and does not talk much all day long, therefore feels almost non- existence. Likes to stay home and likes to eat salty food, even the lake at home are salted. And another lake at home disappeared for no reason, everyone was puzzled.



Xinjiang: Young man with mood swings, very enthusiastic, but don’t know why recently likes to fight and separate the family… loves to dance and make wine and goes to everyone’s home to sell noodles and roasted lamb skewers.



Xizang (Tibet): Naturally gentle and lively girl, very tall and has an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness (mysophobia) therefore her home is always clean. Has a long dark history, so sometimes turns evil. Likes to sing and drink barley wine.



Macao: Girl with high vitality, very good at gambling. When loses she swears not to gamble again, but very easily set off fighting spirit, and forgets everything she said before.



Taiwan: flirty girl (has a sex appeal), couple years ago had a fight with older brother then swam to the other side of the shore and went to Laomei (USA) family. Recently Laomei’s finical situation is not good so she starts to want to go back to big brother’s room…

  1. What’s the untranslated bit in the bottom corner of the Taiwan portrait, something about how how she can only become a “肉便器”? Is that the equivalent of a “cum dumpster”? That’s pretty repulsive.

      1. To the original poster,

        I really don’t appreciate about the way you used your vocabulary. Yes, everyone has the rights to upload whatever they want to upload to the internet, yet this freedom requires a great esteem for people around you. Though it might be a funny little inside joke for the Chinese, and they might appreciate you, to simply call a person a cum dumpster ( or whatever it means I’m sure it’s not a praise) is definitely considered as a rude, brutal, and reprehensible action for most people, especially when the subject is a girl ( are you trying to become an enemy of the female population in the whole world?) or even a representation of a country ( or a province, whatever, if you really mind) I think you should consider to remove the picture and please stop replying hahaha you’re hilarious or something unrespectable, it will only let youself look bad and childish, believe me or not.

        from US

  2. Uncomfortable. Taiwan is far away from what you think she is.
    I know that there are a lot of mMisconceptions between the Chinese and the Taiwanese, but it’s impropriate to comment a place that YOU DON’T KNOW THAT WELL like that.
    Let me tell you the truth…
    First, Taiwan isn’t a province of China. Second, as far as I know, Few of the Taiwanese want to come back to China.
    And, I don’t really like the way you wrote the words in Chinese and translated them IM-COMPLETED in English.
    Hope you can correct it in fair that EVERYONE THINKS CHINA PEOPLE ARE RUDE AND STUPID.

  3. Unbelievably naive generalizations and caricatures, apparently scribbled out by someone fed on Japanese comics with nothing that can be called insight into the provincial characters….

  4. 請不要這樣污衊台灣好嗎?我們並不是像你講的這麼糟糕。

  5. Mmmm… I would agree that representation of Taiwan is not very friendly.
    And – as for my native Chongqing, I think it should be represented by girl’s personage.

  6. 請不要這樣污衊台灣好嗎?+1



    1. 誰想和台灣統一啊! 沒地位 沒尊嚴 一群美國的走狗 一幫日本鬼子的跟班

      最好不要搖著尾巴向中國求救?! 自己自生自滅去吧!


      1. You. Are. Rude. I strongly disagree with your attitude, both of you. People like you two who are apt to curse people to go die indiscriminately and without concern (or do you?) is the main reason the outsiders often consider Chinese as a rude and brutal race while many Chinese (I’ve known) are nice, peaceful, delightful, and innocent. The unkindness you’ve shown is beyond description.

        1. I totally agree with comments mentioned by “Anonymous”.

          Here you fighting, you are not real CHINESE, both TW and Mainland we have the same history and like brothers in different locations.

          You guys fighting here, too stupid!!!

          What you show here is totally “无知,没素质,丢尽中国人的脸“。

    2. 额……台湾……我们只是把我们眼里的省份拟人玩一玩,萌一萌而已。你们没必要为了这么一点小事而大打出手。不喜欢,你们可以点右上角的小叉叉离开。

      很抱歉,这就是我们眼里的台湾。我承认这是有一点侮辱台湾的嫌疑,但是请你们在对大陆人大骂出手前看一看你们自己的态度——骂中国谁比你们骂的欢?大陆人,你们也不要计较,要展示中国的大度宽容啊 O——O

  7. uncomfortable.
    taiwan is never a part of china!
    taiwan us a nation called Republic of china,not People’s Republic of China!
    it’s totally different contry!
    and your picture insult all the people lived in taiwan!
    you should appologize!
    in your mind,maybe taiwan is a part of china,
    but the fact is
    it’s impossible that taiwan become a part of china!

    1. [帮忙翻译]

      1. 是你們自己意淫的吧!

        請問除了你們認為自己是中華民國以外, 還有誰這麼認為啊?


        別在自己被窩裏面做千秋大夢 還出來丟臉!!!!

  8. 好醜的圖…

  9. Barbeque duck? That’s a freak’n awkward translation. Kid…. BBQ is something you done on a grill. Surely, you didn’t mean “grill duck”, or did you?

    If I would you… I would just call it “Peking Duck”, or “roasted duck”… and you like, you can add “Peking Style” along with it.

  10. Friends from Taiwan, I knew some of you will have strong reactions to this when I saw the TW picture… I found this on a quite well-known Chinese website: 冷笑话 ( The reason for me posting it is not to insult Taiwan, but to show what is going on on the Chinese internet. The sterotypes these places in their eyes… So don’t be suprised that is how Chinese netizens think of Taiwan. I also agree with you all that the representaion of TW is offensive, and yes I didnt translate the last part of TW, because it is too repulsive…
    Though the original poster wrote this: 纯属娱乐,切勿严格对省入座 “purely for entertainment, please do not relate real provices to one of the characters”.

    1. Then what a disappointment for the way the Chinese looks and thinks about what they called “blood-related brother/sister”, isn’t it?

    1. Yeah, I was wondered that too. My guess is the artist is from Shandong, and figured that Shandong people were perfectly normal and didn’t warrant a stereotype.

    1. “Arrogant young man with a rich family, has very bitter tongue and very competitive, somewhat narcissistic.”

      in the early years of PRC, and CPC, a large group of leaders are from sichuan(like dengxiaoping himself,,maybe thats because it’s location is rather away from the war fire than other provinces)
      sichuan girls are considered the most beautiful in china but certainly not the most mild or soft, sichuan ppl are also genrally considered well self-cultivated,( for example many famous poets in china hitory had travelled there/or born there, made many poems(like Libai))
      for all the reasons above and many others, sichuan is often praised as 天府之国/Land of Abundance/nation of heaven, in chinese literature

      ” Surprisingly tender to small animals. ”
      all the panda in china are from sichuan

      “Recently he is healing wounds at home.”
      2009 the wenchuan earthquake was in sichuan

      ” His interest is cooking.”
      sichaun foods is one of the major system(川菜/川系) of chinese foods, well-known for being spicy(peppery hot) in china and japan

      ” Often plays MJ with little brother Chongqing, Hunan and Hubei.”
      sichuan ppl are well-known for their fondness of mahjong, Chongqing was originally part of sichuan but got separated out a single city,,,,hunan and hubei has close relation to sichuan, (for example they also have spicy foods)

  11. It is just for fun, it is impossible to represent every province just by these short sentences. Not only Taiwan, but also other Chinese provinces, obviouly these decriptions are not that accurate, while some might be true.
    Please don’t take it too seriously and politically!!!!

  12. I was wondering, doesn’t the Taiwan one seem out of place? Like it didn’t belong with the others or something– I mean, although sometimes a bit rude, the first group aren’t nearly as offensive as TW’s, plus the drawing and handwriting looks different..

  13. Me too. I don’t think it’s belong with the other at all! It must be someone else who saw the original and thought it would be funny to make fun of Taiwan.
    People from Taiwan, please please don’t take it too seriously, don’t think that every Chinese are like that… 🙁

    1. Well, as a Taiwanese, I won’t think that every single Chinese is as rude as “Mr. What?”( I have to admit that some of our people weren’t very polite too), but still this is very uncomfortable to see my ownland to be teased like this way. (cum dumpster? No way! That is just wrong.) What will the original artist think if he/she sees his/her country/owland/province/whatever to be consider, or make fun of, as a sex-toyed bi*ch? Though it might be funny for that person, to be honest, THIS IS AN INSULT. Thus, since I’ll take it seriously anyway, I’ll just turn to another direction and keep quite temporary.

      (P.S. These are just my personal opinion, and I do not represent anyone in the world except myself.)

      1. Hi, thanks for your reply. ^^
        You’re right it’s kind of insulting, and I bet that a lot of other chinese find it insulting for Taiwan too.
        But if you think that other country don’t make fun of China… it’s totaly the contrary. You will find 100x more insulting things in the world for China than for Taiwan. As a Chinese, I was hurt a lot by all the prejudice that people gave to China, like being inhuman, pore, cheap, dirty, rude, copycat and worst… you know. And when I defend my country they just say I’m brainwashed! Great!
        But now I just don’t take it seriously. Let them say whatever they want. If not I would have end up in hospital lol. Really, everybody are making fun of everybody, and there will always be some jerk especially on internet, where people feel like being free.
        Lot of Chinese think that Taiwan is a beautiful place, but since Taiwan build up a wall they don’t have the chance to know more about it. The ignorance lead to prejudice, and prejudice lead to conflict. I don’t like that.

        1. Glad that there are people who are contrastively respected. Really.
          Though I want to argue about “the build up wall”, but since I’m technically bias to most of you here, and it is almost impossible to not let the conversation leads to political issues, just forget it.
          And thank you for thinking Taiwan is a beautiful place! 😀
          The problem here is, at least at my point of view, most Taiwanese won’t despise China. Even most of them, included me myself, dislike thier goverment (I’m sorry!), their tough and intimidating attitude, and all those craps, we won’t scron them, and we consider China as our neighbor. Yes, somepeople do hate China so badly, but we’ll still respect them at the same time; disappointedly, it seems that they won’t respect us like we do to them equally while we still want to be a nice and mantain our neighborhood-relationships. I doubt us Taiwanese will protray “China” (not Chinese, since people in the world varied) as a despicable-low-snobbish-bi*ch-who-wants-to-have-sex-all-the-time. (That’s what written on that paper! That’s why those Taiwanese above were so pissed.) Why are they so mean to us, people they called “their brothers”? I’m confused.
          By the way, I like the way you said ignorance leads to prejudice and conflict. Though I don’t fully agree with you, I’m sure you’re a sensitive and clear-minded person. *supported*

          1. Thank you for clearing up. Being able to heard a Taiwanese point of view is really helpful. Even if we speak the same language, there is not so much opportunity to talk to each other properly. Even on the net Chinese can’t access to Taiwanese forum, Taiwanese never go to Chinese forum, and when they go it often end up talking about politics.
            For the “build up wall”, that is how I feel it. Like how only recently Chinese are allowed to visit Taiwan while Taiwanese are totally free, or Chinese artist weren’t allowed to enter Taiwanese market, but in the other hand, Taiwanese artist are making money everywhere in China. It’s like China open the door to Taiwan and Taiwan takes all the benefit but give nothing in return. It’s frustrating.
            Ok, now I must be bias. I know Taiwan want to protect itself from China like most of other country, no even more. And of course I don’t forget those uhm… “missile” things.
            You say you don’t like Chinese government, don’t feel sorry cause you’re not the only one. Chinese gov is far from perfect. But what really matter at least to me is that it’s improving. The fact that China is now one of the lead of the green revolution, make me think that they are getting a conscience. I don’t know about the Taiwan Issue, but I wish they keep going in that direction. Maybe someday we will be able to talk to each other without politics.
            And Chinese don’t hate Taiwan. They have prejudice about it but they don’t hate it. And you must remember that Chinese have also prejudice about themselves, China is a huge country. I am from Shanghai, and I heard a lot of other Chinese making fun of Shanghai too. Shanghai people are not that loved in China… ^^’
            Now I understand. Because like you said, we call Taiwan “brother” but don’t act like being “brother”. Right? That’s why you’re mad…. I must say that me too I was shocked when I saw the picture, because as far as I remember when a Taiwanese come to talk with us everybody were quite happy and welcoming. “欢迎台湾同胞加入!” And when Taiwan get into the Typhon last years, a lot of TV change their schedule to make a donation program, and it was quite successful, even if Taiwan refused the help in the end “台湾同胞加油!”
            So I don’t think that the “despicable-low-snobbish-bi*ch-who-wants-to-have-sex-all-the-time” have to do anything with most of Chinese opinion of Taiwan. That’s why I said please don’t take it seriously. And when I go to the original post I find those comment: “作者不了解台湾瞎来” or “幼稚,特别是对台湾的看法”. Nobody take it seriously. So I hope you don’t get the wrong idea.
            Sometime people are too sensitive and rush in conclusion without taking the time to understand everything. I’m sorry if we offend you. And I want to say that I respect Taiwan like many Chinese that you may haven’t heard, because usually people who speak louder are those jerk. Hope everything can improve in the future.

            1. Thank YOU for clearing up too. Now I’m feeling better for there are people who are willing to talk. This is a very delightful conversation, though (I think) both of us are very bias toward our countries (or provinces, if you really mind). I appreciate your kindness.

    1. As a proud Hebei Ren (and few percent Shandong Haohan), I have the same question. Hebei must be a considerate and benevolent big brother to Beijing in the series, considering we supplied 80% electrical power and drink water to the capital, and a significant portion of eunuchs royal servants to the Forbidden City in Empire China.

      1. Henan is missing too. That’s surprising, I think that would have been the most fun.

        A low-down dirty scoundrel who makes his money by counterfeiting. Knows Kung-fu.

  14. NO one has mentioned that all the male characters look like girls except Liaoning, Shanghai, and Qinghai. Is there supposed to be a statement made?

  15. A better one for Taiwan could be:
    A young Polynesian kid who used to associate with Chinese pirates until he was kidnapped by Dutch spice traders, was later taken by Portugese, and then was adopted by Fujian, until Japanese came and kidnapped him. After that he worked as a servant to the wealthy exiles of an unnamed country. Apparently all the above people have been using his internet, and his hobby is making chips for everyone’s cell phones.

  16. One word sums this up – Axis Hetalia. But better this guys interpretation than something else less pleasant cooked up by some with less than friendly intent. He got here first !

  17. 嗯。畢竟三地(三地這裡我是指中國、台灣、香港+澳門)的華人有著不同的發展史,何以見得以這麼簡單的方式就能概括從隋朝到現代的複雜政局?
    這個帖的作者沒把香港加進去,原因應該只有一個,我在這也只能瞎猜。我只能說,各國各地的人民都會支持他們的祖國/家鄉,但這真的不須要把別人踩下去才能讓自己的國家地位提升呀~ 中國人以前的美德就是刻勞、忍耐、謙遜,我在香港唸書的日子不多,所以中文都忘得七七八八的,但是我祖父母也是中國人,是當年被日本侵略的時期逃到香港去的。我太爺是將軍,唯他去了台灣而不是香港,太爺是老死在香港的。我現在人在美國唸書,看到很多新聞關於三地的我也會去聽,去看。看到這個帖我不留言我覺得我沒盡一分身為華人的力。

    1. I am similar to you in that I was born in HK around the same time you were with grandparents in China, and am now in the United States. Maybe it is our common background but I absolutely agree with everything that you have just said. Thank you for speaking up.

    2. Hi. Just a note: There are important differences between the American Civil War and the Chinese Civil War. The Union was never trying to take new land or people. The CSA and all of its land and all of its people had once belonged to the Union. The same is NOT true in the case of Taiwan and China.

      臺灣(Taiwan) or the 中華民國 (Republic of China), whatever you want to call it, has never been a part of 中华人民共和国 (People’s Republic of China). At the end of WWII 蔣中正 (Chiang Kai-shek) accepted the Japanese surrender, including the islands of Taiwan, on behalf of the US government. As 毛暴君 (Mao) won more and more of the mainland, 蔣中正 and the structure of 中華民國 eventually had only the islands of Taiwan. Many of the people on those islands had Chinese ancestry, some did not.

      I’m sure you already knew that, but here’s the part that everybody seems to forget: RACE IS NOT THE SAME AS NATIONALITY! CULTURE IS NOT THE SAME AS NATIONALITY! Even if they were all the same, there are significant differences between Taiwan and China. In a perfect world, the relationship would be like England and America, but that can’t happen as long as the leaders of 中华人民共和国 want to “take back” something they never had.

  18. Chinese people are fuckin cunt ass faggot shits 🙂 i hope all chinese people can learn to be civilized but ive recently realized tht its not possible. I take the subway everyday and i love how the announcer always tells chinese bitches to be civilized and to stand on the right and let people walk on the left…NO ONE DOES IT yay!!! china is a fuckin shit hole, and so are its people.

    1. Well, actually, fuck you. Go home. Love it or leave it and all that. Chinese people don’t need to learn to be civilized.

  19. and i used to live in taiwan…wow they dont need people to remind them to be civilized they are civilized already. Stand on the right walk on the left…respect the rules. FUCK CHINESE POEPLE

  20. Taiwan is thinking of getting back to China???… maybe in the poster’s fantasy. Nice drawings though

  21. Taiwan (and HK) and 1000x better places to live than anywhere in main-land China. The OP is just jealous of their freedom.

    On a related note, Taiwan will never, ever, join China. Why do you think they just bought all those sophisticated weapons from the U.S.?

    1. My wiener is a province of China. As long as they are fefending themslves from each other Taiwan Seperate until further notice.

  22. I can believe people are getting so upset over some drawings done by some kid who’s probably 13-years-old. “Why is Taiwan being portrayed in such a poor light?! Why is the author being so rude and undiplomatic and ignorant?!” Uh, because the author’s an actual child? Because kids and even teenagers are not experts on international relations? Can’t you guys fight over what actual politicians say instead?

  23. oddly enough TW doesn’t even look like the other pictures– is it even by the same artist– why is the picture so different. it probably wasn’t even part of the original set..

  24. Why the hell Taiwan is even in those cartoons?? Taiwan is a complete different country, people in Taiwan is so nice and civilized, so polite. China….Well.

  25. Wow…both Foreigners,Chinese Mainlander and Taiwanese are fighting here?
    The matter that is taiwan a country will be proofed by time and let’s see
    and “肉便器” is truely a offensive saying, i don’t appreciate it
    i thought some of the translation are not so in picture of Sichuan “傲娇” don’t means arrogant,it means tsundere(Japanese),also cold outside but warmhearted inside
    and in picture of Chongqing “天然呆” was not translated
    it mean borned with a simple heart
    Hmm..Maybe Writer of this article is not so clear about those word used in chinese net
    (Ah i’m from china so my english is not so good that please forgive my grammar mistake if there is any)

  26. A wonderful Hetalia interpretation for the Chinese provinces, and (disputed) territories. It would be interesting to see how these characters would interact with each other in a comic.

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