Shanghai implements “Kitchen Knife Control” during the World Expo

| March 30th, 2010

From IFeng:


In recent years, cases of criminal suspects and people who are mental ill armed with knives, engaging in extreme behaviors occur frequently. It has become a major problem affecting the social stability and the security of the people. It is reported that during the Shanghai World Expo, the city will take measures to strengthen the safety management of knives, in order to minimize and avoid the occurrence of similar cases, to safeguard public security and to ensure residents and foreign tourists’ safety. The reporter interviewed the relevant department on this issue.

Q: What kinds of knives are controlled?

A: The Shanghai World Expo will focus on strengthening the safety management of knives in the following two categories, one category includes the knives controlled by the state, such as dagger, triangular sword, spring lancet that has self-locking devices etc; the other category is kitchen knife, large fruit knife, craft knife, ceramic knife and other dangerous tools.

Q: What measures are taking on the selling of the knives?

A: During the World Expo period, selling controlled knives and ceramic knives is prohibited and other dangerous cutting tools will be sold at fixed locations only. The companies that sell knives must obtain the “World Expo Designated Knife Seller” certificate issued by district and county business unit . Companies without this certificate must take down all knives from their shelves and keep them in a safe place. During the World Expo, the designated knife seller companies will be announced by the municipal commerce department to the public. Any breach of the above regulation will be banned and punished by the relevant governmental departments.

Q: Does selling knives require setting up counters?

A: 1. Implement special shops or counters and allocate staff members specifically responsible for security; 2. the seller must equip with necessary security technology for preventive measures; 3. strictly prohibit the selling of knives by people with abnormal behavior, people with mental disorders and minors. 4. When notice people who are abnormal or mentally ill purchasing knives, timely report them to the public security organs.

Q: Are there any restrictions on purchasing knives?

A: A registration system is going to be implemented for buying and selling dangerous knives. Knife Seller Company must check ID cards when people make a purchase, register them with their identity information, type of knife purchased and quantity etc. The sales registration location must file a weekly report to the local police station. One that fails to fulfill the obligations of registration will be punished and ordered to make corrections within a time limit; the serious cases will result the “World Expo Designated Knife Seller” certificate being revoked.

Q: Is carrying knives on the bus allowed?

A: Prohibit carrying controlled knives, ceramic knives to access any public places or public transportations, violator will be punished. When carrying other dangerous knives at a public place or in public transportation, must take the necessary protective measures to ensure public safety. One that does not take the necessary protective measures will be punished and ordered make corrections by the public security department.

Organization and individuals must take proper care of the knives already owned, to prevent them being stolen or robbed. The city encourages the public to report any illegal sales of knives and behaviors of carrying knives.

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  1. b-real says:

    Well we can’t forget the opening week of the Olympics. If this is real this is the most retarded thing ever. Limiting knife sales is not going to change shit. You can take all knives off the shelves but if a crazy gets the urge to start slashing people he not going to go out and buy a brand new stinking knife. He or She might have a trunk full or simply just 1 trusty knife. Once again if real I think this has something to do with foreigners fascination with Asian knives. The GOV could be cracking down on shoddy companies that don’t make quality knives to save face.

    Then again what are the other safe guards to only foreigners again? I mean there are more things that could put us at risk right. Why are we more important? Once again chinese have proven that they are not really worth a damn.

  2. Eason says:

    This is most definitely real. In Beijing, due to the Liang Hui earlier this month, I couldn’t buy a new knife (cutting vegetables de knife, not killing politicians de knife) for almost all of March. Unluckily I needed to buy one because I accidentally threw out my old knife, so I couldn’t cook and had to eat out for the whole goddamn month.

    Nothing is below these idiots.

  3. Eason says:

    I probably don’t need to point it out but the knife control laws make zero fucking sense. The law has no affect on crazy people who take their knife from their home, say go to a school and start stabbing some kids. However, if somebody threatens you and you try and carry a knife for your own protection or in case of mugging, you will likely have it confiscated and face legal consequences.

  4. GuoBao says:

    If they want to make China safer (and I agree that too many people carry knives here) then make some real legislation not just some ad hoc mumbo jumbo which anyone who wants to can get around. I know a couple of people who carry mace for protection and it seems like a much better idea than a knife anyway. Does anyone know if mace is legal btw?

  5. b-real says:

    its ok to carry a stick or cane. Club a guy to death.

  6. dongshizhang says:

    so why are crazy people using knives again?

    i think a registration system of any kind in china is enough to drive anyone crazy….

    more common sense, less knife panic.

  7. tang says:

    With the hammer attacks, I suppose there will be hammer registrations, regulations, and bans. No regulation will stop a crazy person. Before knives the violent folks would use their hands, stones or sticks. Since we are regressing then please immediately ban or regulate hands, feet, stones, sticks…Regulations only affect the law abiding. Law breakers or mentally ill will still have weapons while the regulation will only leave good, stable people defensless, waiting for big government to protect them. It is impossible to protect everybody so allow the people weapons to protect themselves. Teach safety and prevention to folks, Then severely punish attackers. Just a thought.

  8. Christine says:

    Is it a surprise that a country that won’t allow guns goes down to the next level and has a law against knives. It just gets worse and worse. Watch out, America (no, I am not Glen Beck). Christine

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