The anti-homeless bus stop benches


From Sichuan Online:

Yesterday Netizen “Jujuber” complained on the forum post, the newly constructed bus stop benches at Renmin Road in Chengdu are too narrow and too slippery, “can’t even fit my butt”. Reporter visited five bus stations and found that the new benches were indeed not popular among people. The relevant department responsible for the design said such unique shape has its reason – to prevent homeless from sleeping on them.

“Is this still a bench? Can’t even sit on it!!! Do I need to lose weight on my butt?” Forum poster wrote, “Even the children’s slide we ride on can hold my butt.” He said, a girl wearing high heels and sits on the bench is like “being tortured”. Over 100 netizens replied, “It does not fit people with big butt, and it hurts people with small butt.” Some netizens have never seen this yet are determined “to pay a visit just to try it out.” Some also said “the creative idea of the bench is good, but it is too cruel to the homeless who are looking for a bench to sleep on.”

Even though there are many people waiting for the buses, only 20% of the people waiting at these 5 stations actually sat on the benches. The 10-meter-long stainless steel bench only had 2 people sitting on it. A slightly large person would have half of his butt hanging out.

Chengdu Construction Commission Major Office responsible person said, the bus stop benches are part of the city reform for South Renmin Road, the shape of the benches is also specially designed. “You will sit very steady if the feet are on the ground, when the feet leave the ground you will slide down.” This is specifically designed characters of these benches.

He said, taking careful consideration according to the past experience, flat comfortable chairs in public places can easily be used as beds for the homeless, occupied by the small number of people, not only affect the city’s image, the general public also cannot use them. Flat comfortable chairs cannot improve their effectiveness of being utilized; bus stop benches should only be used for short term resting, and for more people.

  1. I saw them during my last trip to Chengdu during the Spring Festival. Some of the bus benches in Shanghai are very similar to these as well. Since you cannot relax while sitting, you’d better stand and fight to enter the bus first and get a proper seat ! 🙂
    — Woods

  2. Yeah, the those bloody homeless people. Why don’t they just disappear and save the Chinese dictatorial authorities the trouble???

  3. how innovative like McDonalds and the hard plastic seats in America. Get ya in and get ya out.

  4. well that’s just silly, My Chinese friends always tell me I shouldn’t give money to them because they are actually all rich and just liars, so if they are rich liars why are they sleeping on benches?!? I’m so confused…

    1. My girlfriend says the same when I ask her why I can’t slip 5 kuai to the 90 year old, bone-skinny woman dressed in plastic bags and 5 kilos of dirt. That said there are people taking advantage of the beggar thingy so I’d love to know who I should give to. No easy way to figure it out I think.

      1. some of the beggers are “professional beggers in group”, beg is simply the way they make money, they usualy pretend to be disabled and make use of ppl’s sympathy, they beg during their “work time” and take on shinny clothes and eat at expensive restarant after “work”

        but there are true beggers who cant even find a home to sleep

  5. I still gave all my change to a messy-looking 6 year-old girl when I went back home to visit my family and friends 2 years old despite my friends’ warnings. They told me that some adults just take whatever those kids collect and leave them with barely enough food. Whatever, I wasn’t going to let a kid wander around the train station like that. We need to attack the origin of the problem while the government does his best at creating and keeping jobs in China. Ultimately, soial welfare is the only way to solve the problem. Those benches are definitely a no-go.

    1. Get the fuck out of here. I think really the benches are used to keep people from standing on them. Has you ever noticed bus stops with flat benches for the older people to sit are filled with younger squatters. With their shit and piss infected shoes on a place where you ass is supposed to go. Not only that but then there are the women who wear skirts and squat and that elevated level the whole world could see or imagine her what her muff look like. The bench solves allot of problem, small but scratching the surface problems. Singapore had a huge campaign to stop squatting in public. It was embarrassing the Gov. The president jokes about to this day and he takes heat over it, lol.

  6. Leave it up to China to market something without even testing it out first! Yeah it works to keep ALL people of of it!

  7. not like this is new – here in the UK most bus stop benches can’t be slept on – they are angled and have pretend arm rests along the length

  8. Homeless shelters help keep the homeless from sleeping on bus stop benches too. Just a thought.

  9. Rule #1: Never give money to anyone in China including donations after disasters. China has enough money and we know where it all goes when there is excess to be spent. Hesitation should even be made when purchasing stuff.

    Rule#2: Never sit on anything outside cuz its most likely been spat on or stood on by someone who stepped in spit!

    Rule#3: Don’t forget rule #1&2 (they will save your life)

  10. The bus-stop benches are a symptom that the wealthy of China are waging war on the poor and the middle class

    This i always wgat happens when some people get too rich and uppity. The idea of these kinds of benches come from the US, many years ago.

    They have had no-lie-down benches in the airports for at least 25 years now.

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