Year 2015…

| March 26th, 2010

“Year 2015…” is the latest trend on the Internet among the Chinese Netizens.  It is a game of building a sequence (接龙) started by @Songshinan (宋石男), to imagine what will it be like in the year of 2015.  Short messages are written by netizens with the “year 2015” and to share their humors, sarcasms and visions with everyone.  On Twitter, just search for #2015 and you will see.   “2015” also became the top searched keyword these days.


The following are translated from Song Shinan’s blog, a collection of the tweet messages written by some well-known bloggers and writers.  All the names mentioned in these messages are popular figures in China on and off the Internet.  Follow the wiki links to see who they are. Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand some of the messages.  These messages are humorous and  sarcastic, they  cover a lot of China’s current affairs, social issues and memes.  It is amazing how much references can be written in 140 characters.  Well, Chinese language definitely have an advantage on twitter,  you just can write so much more with 140 Chinese characters than in English.

1. Year 2015, I went to He Caitou’s (和菜头) home and saw the network cable and the flashing router on his floor, I was extremely happy.  “Didn’t think in your home can still…!” at this moment Ms. Caitou said “This is a gift sent by Yimaobuba (一毛不拔), a new style lighting, totally imitating the days of Internet.” (Author: Wang Pei 王佩)

2. Year 2015, I went to Wang Pei’s home to visit and saw him opening up twitter, I was extremely happy. “Didn’t think in your home can still…” at this moment Ms. Wang said “This is the local area network at home, we follow each other, totally imitating the days of twitter.” (Author: Lian Yue 连岳)

3. Year 2015, I went to Lian Yue’s (连岳) home to visit and saw him writing a column, I was extremely happy.  “Didn’t think you are still writing…” At this moment Ms. Lian said “He never received one letter in three years,  I wrote these to him, I am his reader, he answers, totally imitating the days I felt in love with Lian Yue.” (Author: Shi Beichen 师北宸)

4. Year 2015, I went to Yimaobuba’s (一毛不拔) home and saw the NASDAQ and NY stock market conditions on his computer, I was extremely happy.  “Didn’t think in your home can still…!” At this moment Ms. Yimaobuba said “Since we couldn’t trade American stocks anymore, Yimao went crazy, this is the doctor’s order, totally imitating the days of Internet.” (Author: Mou Zhixu  莫之许)

5. Year 2015, I went to Song Shinan’s home to visit, saw Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) lays on his bed, I was extremely happy. “Didn’t think you really did…” At this moment Ms. Song said “This is a gift when Mou Zhixu (莫之许) bought the inflatable president’s jet, totally imitating the days of Lin Chi-ling. (Author: Yangyang 抑扬)

6. Year 2015 I went to Mou Zhixu’s home to visit and see bodyguards and president’s jet parks on the lawn, I was extremely happy.  “Didn’t think you really became…” At this moment Ms. Mou said “bodyguards were hired from famer’s market, an the jet is inflatable, totally imitating the days of Obama.”(Author: Song Shinan 宋石男)

7. Year 2015, I went to Fang Bingxin’s (方滨兴) home to visit and saw him searching for “Tiananmen” but was reset. I was totally surprised, “you… why are you still being blocked by?!” Ms. Fang said “Since GFW was overturned, he went crazy, this is built in our home, totally imitating the days when there was a wall.” (Author: photoxu)

8. Year 2015, I went to Robin Li’s (李彦宏) (Founder of Baidu) home to visit and see the colorful GOOGLE, I was extremely happy.  “Didn’t think your home still has…!” At this moment Ms. Li said “we don’t know who to copy from anymore when making new products now days,  So Ma Huateng (马化腾) (Founder of QQ) imitated GOOGLE’s homepage and made this desktop for us, hope to trigger some inspirations.” (Author: Laoka 老卡 )

9. Year 2015, I went to Lu Yonghao’s (罗永浩) home to visit, door opens, the person opens the door is is is is Zeng Yike (曾轶可) (Singer)… (Author: Ah Ding 阿丁)

10. I accompanied uncle Jiang (Jiang Zemin)  to Brother Hu’s (Hu Jintao) home to visit, door opened, the person opened the door was was was was Song Zuying (an ethnic Miao Chinese singer.)  (Author: 呆若木鸡333)

11. Year 2015, I went the Han Han’s (韩寒) home to visit, the door opened, the person opened the door was was was was Guo Jingming (郭敬明). (Author: Xiao Cuan 肖川)

12.  Year 2015, I went to my neighbor grandpa Li’s home to visit, he was not there.  At this moment Ms. Li says, “Because he was playing mahjong with three other retired elders, he was then taken away by Guobao.”(Author: Wen Tao 文涛)

13. 2015 Christmas, I was walking on the street, it was snowing and I saw hero Liu.  I am very emotional and went up to him, “Didn’t think you can get out (of prison) early…” but he mumbled at the same time “Even this kind (of person) is in…” (Author: 李笑来)

14. Year 2015, I went to the United Nation to visit and noticed they made GCD a “non-material world cultural heritage” to be preserved. (Author: 饱醉豚)

15.  Year 2015, I went to Edison Chen’s home to visit and saw his Apple computer did not have a password.  I was very surprised, “You are so brave…!” At this moment Ms. Edison Chen said, “Since the Optical cable under the pacific ocean was disconnected, the party installed Green Dam everywhere, including Hong Kong.  The sexy photos once uploaded, clothes were put on them, they were dressed like going to the CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference). (Author: dcai)

16. Year 2015, finally bought a house and it was also a double, wife said, “are we sleeping  under the kitchen or on top of the bathroom tonight?” (Author: blog图党)

17. Year 2015, I was standing at the Gulangyu Island and point to the desert and said, “this was ocean couple of years ago.” People around me started to protest angrily that I was fabricating rumors. (Author: 蒲飞)

Let us know  if you don’t get any of these, and share more cool 2015 tweet messages with us!

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  1. GuoBao says:

    Chinese humour certainly is unique.

  2. Carl says:

    i dont get it 🙁

    every piece of the humor was lost in translation

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