A QQ chat log about supervising Google-related contents


(Key: The following is submitted to me by ChinaHush reader, blogger Carlis:)


I found this piece of QQ chat log showing us how network supervision is delivered to each web portal.
(QQ, or Tencent QQ, is the most popular free instant messaging computer program in China)

Network Supervisor – Dong:
    Each of you online, please perform a self-examination to find out if there’s any relevant information in support of Google on your websites. If so, report it.
Docin.com – V:
    Are we supposed to delete all such information, if any?
Network Supervisor – Dong:
Docin.com – V:
Network Supervisor – Dong:
    Any one from Zhongguancun Online (ZOL)?
    [Relevant information is] not found on our website at the present.
Network Supervisor – Dong:
    Kaixin001, your site has a lot of groups relating to Google. Can you keep the group member’s conversations under surveillance?
Kaixin001 – Xing:
    Ah, OK.
Kaixin001 – Xing:
    Let us take a look [at these groups] first…
    [We have] specially-assigned persons for monitoring Google-related articles.
Network Supervisor – Zhu:
    Today we found some people overseas had organized a visit to Google. Please take a look at your sites to see whether there is similar organization or activities. If so, please report it to the network supervisors immediately.

Note: docin.com, kaixin001, ZOL, and any other website mentioned above are famous Chinese social networking and/or E2C websites.

For the complete version please visit his blog.

  1. ridiculous
    just like all the other photoshopped qq dialogues screenshots,
    it’s impossible that job is done this way

    many google lovers were just too butthurt to make something shameful

  2. Sick of rumors. A quick search of the QQ numbers on Baidu would tell you one of them (39513799) belongs to a game clan. Most of the posts are good here but this piece is just worthless. I had enough of google posts in the past weeks. What’s so excited about a company that won a PR victory but virtually did nothing to fulfill their initial promise.

    But as I have said under the “dating rules” post,

    Kinda true for a lot forums in China [that, quote from another commenter, “forums like mop, tianya, are like enormous hodgepodges”]. But they have entertainment value like TV and movies – you keep receiving bizarre and mind-blowing bits while not worrying about their authenticity – solar neutrino wouldn’t boil the earth core and rocks can’t defy gravity and float in the sky, but whatever.

  3. You know what pops up in my mind first? How come you know about this? How do you get this dialogue information? Isn’t that weird? Or maybe you’re also one of those “YOU ONLINE”.
    It seems that you are a supporter of GOOGLE, and as I know, the slogan of GOOGLE is “DON”T BE EVIL”, then what is this?
    FYI, I’m no sider of the GVMT, I’m just a follower of “DO WHAT YOU SAID”.

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  5. I wonder if this is really real too. I’m not a supporter of either parties but how did Google or someone on the side of Google got this? Well, does that mean they hacked the chinese sites as well?

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