Advertisement in university exam!

| March 25th, 2010


China’s booming economy in the recent years has dramatically changed its image and its people’s mind set. Chinese people have commercialized their way of life. All kinds of advertisements and commercials can be found in every street corner in China. From the flyers on the telephone poles to the giant LCD screen on the tallest building in the city, everyone seems to have something to sell to this potentially the largest consumer market.

And who says Chinese people are not creative? Have you ever seen an advertisement in a school exams?


The above picture is the header of a university exam, translation:

Fujian Normal University (teacher training college) 07 –08  first semester

2006 class Management Science Examination ( Type C )

Exam type: closed book                                                      Exam duration: 120 minutes

Advertisement: Student special meals: Meat and Eggplant with Rice 5.0 yuan, Braised Duck Leg with Rice 6.0 yuan, Braised Pork Chop with Rice 6.0 yuan, Crispy Chicken Stake with rice 6.0 yuan, Spicy Garlic Shredded Pork with Rice 5.0 yuan, Spicy Chicken with Rice, Squid with Rice 6.00, Ordering Hotline: 159601****, Good luck on your exam!

1. Multiple Choices (this category has 30 questions, each question is 1 point, total 30 points)

Each question has 4 choices and only one of them is the correct answer, please write the letter of the correct choice in the parataxis.

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  1. Jay says:

    The answer is E! spicy garlic shredded pork!

  2. Richard says:

    I pity the students who don’t like eating rice. Certainly doesn’t sound very special~

  3. Craig says:

    The test later had questions on famed General Tso, student food services having sadly missed a major marketing tie-in

  4. GuoBao says:

    No shame and no stopping bribes.

  5. b-real says:

    I believe this is like the GAO KAO where they are taking the exam for 8 hours. Gotta have lunch. Each section get its own time limit in this case 2 hours. Might be just before lunch and how convenient for them to put a menu on the test to distract them. Go figure, that’s all I would be thinking about is what will I

  6. Carl says:

    more of these advertisement the better. these ad posters have no sense of marketing whatsoever, no benefit from an ad on exam, anyday any place. so the school earns cheap money from morons who’d waste money on these things. it’s a win-win-win for school, students, and society.

  7. KonW says:

    sorry but i have a little problem with RSS

    i subscribed chinahush in google reader
    but when i click on some article entry in the reader it would direct me to addresses like: cant be viewed in mainland, i assume it is blocked by the gfw)
    whereas other RSS subscription in the reader would (,if correctly) direct me to the exact url of that article

    • Key says:

      I just tried this address, it is correct, which gets redirected to this article but i am not in China… can someone in china try it? How about my other entries? can you go to it from your RSS?

      • KonW says:

        yeah all the entrirs for chinahush
        but now i guess it’s just the way google reader works(some of the article need to go through that thing to get the right url which i guess is unfortunately blocked and so sometimes causes this problem(tho so far i hadnt experienced it on other feeds)) and you can do nothing about it

  8. Crystal says:


    Now I don’t feel so bad about putting ads in my blog 🙂

  9. Luis Young says:

    Glaube es wird brauchbar Maikäferjahr – ein gutes Jahr.

  10. Roku Reviews says:

    lol…advertisement in xam papers too. that’s too funny

  11. b-real says:

    Im not old enough to vouch for this but kind of reminds me of the pesky door to door sales man or the people putting fliers in oyur wind shield or the fucking junk that we still get, and last but not least the fracking late night telemarketers.

    But none of their efforts go on fruitless. Price of being capitalist in this world.

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