Droughts soak up southwestern China

| March 24th, 2010

Data from Netease

Drought areas: Yunnan Province云南, Guangxi Province广西, Guizhou Provice贵州, Xichuan Province四川, Chongqing City重庆

Number of people suffering from water shortage: 22,120,000

Affected farming land: 74,000 km2

Duration: almost 5 months for some areas

Economic loss: 17 billion yuan for Yunnan Province 


The following 8 photos are from Netease.

Once a hydropower station in northern Luoping County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province. 

March 22nd in Yunna Kunming, 6 years old Yang Yunrun shouldered two bottles of water home, he is just a tiny figure among hundreds of thousands people who suffer from water shortage. (From Netease)



March 9th in Yunnan Yiliang County, villager "harvested" drought beaten vegetable.



March 22nd, Yunnan Qujing City, villager went over 10 meter down for water underground.



74 years old Zhang Caiguang didn’t forget to water his plantain in the dry field, he said he hadn’t seen such terrible drought in his life before.



In Donglan County,Guangxi Province,14 old villagers on their way for water kneeled down at the sight of reporter to plea for road construction from government. Due to poor road condition, the water delivery truck cannot get to their village, so they have to walk 12 – 24 km mountain rails to get water. They said they had collected and submitted the construction fees 5 years ago, yet still not getting any road done.


In Donglan County,Guangxi Province, farming lands lie idle.


March 7th in Guizhou Province, villagers are carrying water from the river at an elevation of 1000 m to their homes 800 m higher.


The Huang Guo Shu Fall in Guizhou Province onMarch 22nd, 2010  (left); on the right is the Fall in 2007.


The following 5 photos are from ifeng.


Ox-carts lined up for water in Yunshan County, Yunnan Province. The area only received 26.2 mm rainfall since last October, 1 tenth of the average level for the same period in past several years. 12 reservoirs, 128 ponds, 1632 wells and 9741 water cellars ran dry in the county, affecting 93,354 households with 136,000,000 yuan economic loss.


Without water, the girl hasn’t washed her hands for a long time.


A girl on her way to carry water.


Paddy fields become playground for kids.



Pu’er City of Yunnan Provice is famous for Pu’er Tea. Shown above is the irrigation system imported from Israel by the tea plantation, without water the system could not function. (From weather.com.cn)



A team of female armed police are delivering water for villagers in rural area of Yunnan Province, they’ve been doing everyday since February. (From Xinhuanet)



Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited Yunnan Province.

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  1. b-real says:

    wen jiabao is a playa. Look him in his tennis shoes playing down his position like he is on the same level as the people suffering. But he can fly on his jet back to Beijing and get unlimited water. Time those people leave that area and go where there is water. There is no immediate relief for them. It would take a stroke of luck that they can get heavy rain every other day and with that said still takes time for the crops to grow. Let the country reclaim the lad and use it for something more stable like highways or factories, or nothing at all.

    • Carl says:

      just so you know, beijing is one of the driest city in the world.

      and those provinces are some of the wettest in China. What is happening is that there is a change of climate, for the worse.

      And China, already with limited arable land is not just going to build factories all over the place thankyouverymuch.

      • b-real says:

        what I meant by unlimited, is the fact that Beijing is a modern city with shotty modern irrigation. Beijng whether urban or rural will not see a drout like this unless China really fucked up with the Gods. Thats what china does best build factories all over the place. Especially in rural beijing. Have you noticed urban beijing is converting into series of parks. By parks I mean large bodies of grass people are not allowed to tread in place of the old factories and or ping fangzi. Grass needs water Im sure of that. If you live in beijng then you know how they water grass here. Not with sprinklers but they dump it.
        So then I say again let the GOV reclaim that area and do what best for that area. infrastructure build up, something in the better interest of sustainable life.

        NO, thankyouvery much.

    • AQ says:

      yo man, dumb ass statement i have ever heard today.. i guess you are not real at all, b-real…

  2. HaiXing says:

    China’s water problem is not limited to the drought areas. Overdraw of underground water has caused land to sink (and potentially hazards to people living on top of it), and Beijing’s situation is not great either.

    The drought is just worsening a problem that has been there for a long time. It also doesn’t help when factories in China that pop up like weeds in spring are actively participating in water pollution — a lot of above ground (and more recently, underground) water sources are so contaminated people just can’t use it anymore.

    • Charlotte says:

      You did get the point! China was warned years ago that it would face big water problems — drought, pollution, etc. But no one listened.

      • Eason says:

        It’s still unfortunate that those who are least responsible are the most effected, and vice versa.

  3. b-real says:

    I dont know if you guys have ever or ever stayed in China long enough to figure out is that whenever there is a serious economic issue that could deal a devastating blow to china’s shaky stability this is something GOV can actually throw money and patch it. In a dicky way I was just pointing pointing out that China is not going to want this to happen again. Especially when you have some one as highly enfluential as Wen Jiabao. Keep your eyes open for some creative way of fixing this common problem.

    OR they are simply just going to force evict the inhabitance out of the area because its financially a waste land. Keep your eyes open. Nothing new in the life of planet earth.

  4. GuoBao says:

    The rain will come again and most things will go back to normal. I live in one of the provinces affected but in a big city so we haven’t felt the drought much apart from a couple of days here and there without running water. It’s odd to know that just 20 kilometres from my place and further away people have to walk half a day up and down mountains to get drinking water. The government has actually done a pretty good job helping to supply drinking water in high risk areas but needless to say there isn’t much they can do to help with people’s crops/livelihood. I am worried about all the dam building going on here. The rivers run dry and the further down river you get the less water there is. I think by 2030 about 400 dams should be up and running in these areas to alleviate China’s increasing need for power. Needless to say it has a huge effect on the provinces.

    On a second note. B-real: I tried my best to figure out what you were on about but you don’t make much sense tbh. And what’s with the factories argument? Do you realize how much water an average factory uses for production? You can’t just build factories down here either. The geography of Yunnan province alone with it’s many mountains and valleys makes the majority of locations a logistical as well as an economical nightmare.

  5. b-real says:

    Sorry my communications skills is very poor. I dropped out of college mid way thru, go figure. Yes I do realize how much water a factory uses I run one in rural beijing. when there is a will there is a way. I come from Los Angeles where we borrow water from up north. I might be wrong but California no longer have any natural rivers, just concrete aquaducts that end in the pacific. I was simply trying to say the GOV can fix everything if they wanted to.

    My factory argument is that China is good for building just to build shit. That is all I see is factories go up few months later its goes down then the GOV throws something else on it. That is one problem my company faces to this day. We just moved into this new building but the GOV has different plans for the area we are in so we are forced to move out. Mind you this is in beijing. If they wanted they can level those mountains if they wanted to. The way I look at it, China has plenty of money to waist on any project they wish to tackle. I mean look at the Shanghai damn expo, or Beijing and the olympics sites, the three gorges.

  6. georgeson says:

    nan wu a mi tuo fo

    Buddha bless


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