Communication University professor’s casting couch affair

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Beijing Times March 10 reports, recently a post titled “Communication University female student, victim of casting couch, exposes professor’s sex photos” stirred up netizens heated discussions. A woman claimed to be graduated from Communication University of China published blog posts, said that she was victimized by Film and Television Art teacher Song Nannan’s (宋南男) “casting couch”. Yesterday afternoon, school has been informed of the matter, but whether if there will be investigation or not shall be decided by the leaders of the school.

This female’s name on the internet is “Siwuxie” (思无邪), claimed to be a graduate of Communication University of China, majored in show hosting, posted blog post to expose the “casting couch” because of her affair with Song Nannan has ended. She also posted a number of records of the extra-marital affairs with Song Nannan. In her blog, she also claimed when applied for the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (the predecessor of Communication University of China), in order to pass the exam which only admit 17 people out of 6,000, she had no choice but to sacrifice her body to Song Nannan willingly. Then she was admitted to the university. After she graduated and in order to enter the media work force, she once again found Song Nannan and gave her body away for the second time, therefore she got her job in the media smoothly. Siwuxie exposed the lover letters between Song Nannan and her, “affair dairy” and their photos in bed. Recently this blog was reposted everywhere by the netizens, some netizens even suggested to human flesh search Siwuxie.

Yesterday afternoon, Communication University of China, School of Film and Television Art Education Office confirmed that Song Nannan indeed is a teacher at the school, but his other information was not revealed. Reporter went to the school and the director of the office told the reporter that they could not meet up with Song Nannan and his contact information was also not provided, for any inquiries must contact the Propaganda Department of the University.

When Song Nannan was interviewed yesterday, he said that the matter was purely fabricated. The photos were Photo-shopped, and the blog post had so many holes. In addition Song said he might have offended some people in the past, and now being framed. He said in his 10 years of being the chief examiner, he has never heard of any “casting couch” incidents.






Song Nannan



You can find the reposted content of the blog at KDnet and Sohu,

The blog posts are very long and jumbled, here is the beginning.

That year, they met…

She was 18

He was 40,

She was just fresh out of high school

He was the chief examiner of the Broadcasting University

The first time they met was at the first round examination room

They did not know each other

She only remembered a deep baritone

He only remembered a little girl that spoke like she was from Hong Kong or Taiwan

A young teacher became a bridge between their acquaintances

Just because she and this teach was from the same home town

So, him, Song Nanan, this old man she could not forget for the rest of her life became her tutor

The goal was to helper her to win in the competition that chooses 17 out of 6000

She accidentally became his student

Then it changed her life goal of applying for broadcasting school

One day

During the tutoring session she cried

Because the pressure was too much

Because when facing this special teacher

He said: is it really difficult? Actually it is very easy to be my student…

Then, a man’s hands, placed on her shoulder, only wearing a tank top

Her being 18

Understood his eyes

What this man was talking about

For her dreams and career

She closed her eyes bravely

Undertook the reality which was too corrupted for her young blooming age

Re-examination began

She was not good

But he did not break a promise

And did a lot for her

For example in the exam room he asked her how she prepared in front of other students

For example he stood behind her when she took the test

Even more outrageous is that he graded her paper in front of her…

Then, one night in a hotel

With him

This stranger man was sweating hard

But the girl’s heart was crying time after time again

Wish granted

She was admitted


Once an innocent girl

Even in her dreams

Was never innocent anymore…

  1. Immediate termination. I don’t care what the circumstances were but there ought to be a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of things. Yes the photos were shopped but only by the girl to hide her own face. That this scumbag Song is trying to claim that it’s not him is preposterous. People in power here lose their integrity within months of getting an important position. Jeebus.

    1. Perhaps the circumstances where like these:

      student falls desperately in love with deep baritone voice of her professor (it has happened before) Professor did not reciprocate. Student feels rejected. Student is contemplating revenche. Student decides to set him up. One night after professor did some heavy drinking, she and sister seize the opportunity. They break into his hotel room. He has tucked himself in tightly, but she manages to gently lay beside him, lying her head neatly on his pillow. She does not forget to uncover her shoulders, just like his. Like it was in her dreams. Like it should have been. Sister takes pictures. Afterwards, facial expression needs to be hidden, as false accusations are set to be made. Wish granted. Now she will always remain daddy’s naughty little girl. Now she will always be. With him…

      1. Reading the original Chinese blog posts it didn’t seem like that because the guy has been caught a couple times sleeping around with others. There are other students he seemed to have taken advantage of too.

        Of course the girl’s intentions weren’t exactly pure…

  2. Feel really sorry about the girl and her misery experience if all thing is true,Hi,Key,long time for absense,I’m just back…

    1. fred, dont feel sorry for her, she knew what she was doing
      it was as consentual to her as to him
      actually she crossed the line by takng pictures of him and exposing him
      he has more to lose then her because of his position
      however, he could of bribe her to the point where she couldnt handle it and rather the truth come out even if it affects her student status at that school
      this happens everyday

  3. Big deal, people kiss *ss to get favors. In my workplace, one of my inexperienced co-workers got promoted to Manager and he is the butt of everybody’s joke. It happens whether or not it is in China.

    1. true to that, it’s only human. hollywood actress sleep with their directors all the time, not the really famous ones ofcourse, they have too much to lose. I mean like the wannabe actors and actress. There are reasons why many now famous female actress’ first movies show their naked bodies.

    2. True. At least China’s open about it. Not like Hollywood in total denial of raping thousands of little kids.

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