Han Han:Han Feng is a good cadre in China, and 97% surveyed agree

Over the overwhelming scolds and contempt upon Han Feng, Tobacco Sales Bureau Director of Guangxi province, some critics choose to look at his notorious sex diary at a comparative perspective, and do get different conclusions about him. Han Han, renowned writer, professional car racer and sina.com.cn’s No.1 blogger, wrote on his blog “Han Feng is a good cadre” 10:58 a.m. March 4th.

The post generated 461,526 clicks and 6,144 comments by 12 p.m March 5th. He soon attached an 24-hour online survey to the post collecting netizens’ views, which turned out 97% (116,821 people) agreed with him and wished Han Feng keep his job, with only 3%(4,136 people) insisted otherwise.

Here is translation of Han Han’s post, take a look at how he came to the unique conclusion.

These days, Guangxi Province Tobacco Sales Bureau Director Han Feng’s diary is popular (read it here). I think in this hot photos and videos congested web era, this sort of real life pure literature description came all by a sudden is quite refreshing. It could be the most valuable work of 2010 in terms of literature value and societal value. After I read Mr. Director’s diary, I don’t think we should condemn him. On the premise that Mr. Director is being honest with his diary, I dare say he is a good cadre.

1. As cadre he only took 60,000 yuan bribe in total. This is the first time I ever saw 5-digit number coming after the word “bribery” in recent years, where can you find such uncorrupted director nowadays?

2. Among his ex-mistresses, present mistresses steady-played-with mistresses and mistresses-to-be, not of them serve as kept lover to him.

3. This director doesn’t gamble, doesn’t go to prostitutes, doesn’t bribe up. In public places, he stands in queue for two hours to render mobile card things.

4. From his diary, we see a national cadre that pays minimize cost in womanizing, compared with other cadres delivering cars, houses to their lovers, Mr. Director’s most expensive gifts for his women is no more than a mobile phone or a MP4. At this point, it not only proves that this director is not bad, so are his mistresses. With more guys and women frugal as such, our country can save for god-knows-how-many aircraft carriers.

5. He only have 89 drinking engagements, while to my best knowledge lots of village cadres engage in drinking banquets for more than 365 times a year. But he gets drunk a few times, just so-so in drinking, which fails the requirement for national cadre, this is his heaviest sin, badly damage civil servants’ image.

6. Although he played around, he still go shopping with wife for 25 times; he buy mobile for his father; and according to his diary he never uses influence to offer relatives back-door dealing.

7. He can install software on his own, he like digital, photography, sport, and write his diary in micro-blog style, all of which present a relatively in leader.

8. In the diary, there is absolutely no sign of legitimate thirst of national cadre for limo, real estate luxuries, painting and calligraphy antiques, not even a thought, he is just playing with his mobile and computer quietly. He even wrote in his diary “got a headphone for 160 yuan, happy”, how content a cadre he is.

9. As for work, no signs of any kind of work from this cadre so far. But so called Gan Bu (干部,cadre), as long as you fix your subordinates, you literarily fulfill the meaning bestowed by the title.

In conclusion, he is absolutely an above average good cadre, which belongs to the self-entertain and easily-satisfied category, no harm nor disturbance to the people, and create minimize cost for the country and his people. From the diary, we see a national cadre who is joyful already over couples of thousand yuan; when he bought a new phone, he kept writing about it for 3 consecutive days, forgetting his mistresses.

There are a lot more wretches at his level, far more dirtier than he is. I strongly suggest netizens letting this cadre go, and his mistresses too, they are no more than minor shrimps in this vicious game, swims or eats couples of plankton at worst. We can let laws to render their penalty, but they are far away from being typical in reflecting the wickedness of our bureaucratic jungle, where corruption is a must, he is of green and harmless. Let this director go on enjoying his digital products on the post, if he comes down, more often than not, his successor will be more harmful to the society, and doesn’t keep diary.

As I search on Lao Han’s (Han Feng) being good cadre, I found several good points came up by others, many of which I didn’t realize, you can try and search, see what’s new. For example, they said that Lao Han goes for simple living; he compare prices before buying digital products; he helps with chores at home; he writes his own working summary and reports etc. If all cadres expose, in today’s China it’s surely difficult to find any less dirty workers than Han Feng.

  1. Basically what he is saying is, that because there is worse cadres out there that makes him a good cadre.. That’s some twisted logic imo. Maybe we should start judging gangsters by those standards..

  2. Hard to believe that 97 percent out of 110.000 voters didn’t read between the lines or in case Han Han was serious ( which I doubt) were so easily satisfied and pursuaded by a post like this. 60 years of other people telling them what to do and think obviously is hard to leave behind.

  3. Han Han is fantastic in presenting the picture ironically, like he always do. Keep up the good work.
    i think by this post, he is not reallysaying how good Han Feng is, rather, the spearhead points to a whole big picture about how corrupted and luxurious the overwhelming majority of chinese officers behave.

  4. I freaking love Han Han and his tongue-in-cheek style. Ah, that more men could be as clever & insightful as this one!

  5. Annie Lee, you should have explain that Han Han’s blog and the survey are 100% ironic!

    Han Han explains that Han Feng is corrupt and lazy official, unfaithfull husband, alcoholic, but because the other officials are much more terrible than him, if he was to loose his job someone a lot worse would replace him.
    It’s a way to say that all officials are corrupt in China, and 97% of the netizens here agree.

  6. Isn’t environmental protection a bit more important than aircraft-carriers. Is Han Han for real?

    Just because this guy isn’t as debauched as some doesn’t make him a Saint. In saying that at least he was honest about what he was doing…

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