Chief Director’s sex diary exposed

From Qingdao News:


Guangxi province Tobacco Sales Bureau Director Han Feng (韩峰) likes to write diary. He writes freely, almost hides nothing in his diary. How the meeting went at work, how he got hotel rooms after work, how much money he collected, how many colleagues or subordinates he slept with, who he drank with and gave gifts to… all of these are concisely recorded with real names in his diary.

Then, this diary somehow was published online and became the internet hot topic. Yesterday when Southern Metropolis reporter interviewed Guangxi Tobacco Bureau, he confirmed the story was true. Han Feng was suspended on February 22, and is currently under criminal investigation. Reporter made phone calls to many officials mentioned in the dairy but no one accepted an interview.

“The content of the diary are not made up rumors” Guangxi Tobacco Board Director of the Office Liao Hongxiu said.

Director General Han Feng’s sex diary about his mistress Tan Shanfang (谭善芳):

Recently a sex diary was exposed. It was about a Director General Han Feng and his lover Tan Shanfang. Diary content was confusing; however the key points were descriptive and understood.  The following is the translation of the diary.

20100304-sex-diary-01 Han Feng’s mistress Tan Shanfang


September 14, Friday, 24-31 ℃, rainy, went with Sha (I think Sha is his wife) to the telecommunication center at Rosa Avenue in the morning. She wanted to return her PHS (cell phone), Telecommunication companies are so annoy! Places to open up an account are everywhere, but there is only one place to close an account. Only one worker, 5 people were waiting in line. Took us two hours to finish, I really do not blame the society to reproach them! Went home after eating.

September 15, Saturday, 25 – 30 ℃, sunny, walked around in Wuxiang Square with Sha in the morning, went home after eating.

September 16, Sunday 24 – 31 ℃, sunny, went with Sha to buy food in the morning. At noon, Wang Shucheng called me for dinner at Gui Jing Hotel. Just two of us, he gave me two bottles of Maotai (a famous Chinese liquor or baijiu) and 50,000 yuan, I deposit of 30,000, took back 20,000.

September 17, Monday, 23 – 33 ℃, sunny, Wu came, at noon Qing and his gang came over, we drank a lot of alcohol, they left in the afternoon.

September 18, Tuesday, 21 – 32 ℃, sunny, was in the dormitory in the morning. At noon, first got a room at Guoda (Hotel) then went to the office. Rong Reqian etc. came over, they are going to take the exam tomorrow to become exclusive sales. I drank a lot of wine with them at night. Went to Guoda around 11, Tan was already there, she was on her period, so she did it with me using her mouth.

September 19, Wednesday, 21 – 32 ℃ sunny, was in the dormitory in the morning. At noon, Honghe, Anhui and Li Yuefeng etc. came, had lunch with them and drank a lot of alcohol. Took a long nap in the afternoon and went to Guoda at night, Tan still did it with me using her mouth, I came.

September 20, Thursday, 19 – 32 ℃ sunny, Tan left early in the morning and I went home also, I was tired. Went to the office in the afternoon, Chen Zhang came to the office for a while and gave me 10,000, Li gave me 20,000 yuan.

September 21, Friday, 20 – 30 ℃ sunny, went to the office in the morning to process some documents. Next Tuesday is August 15, will not have any guests till Saturday. went back to Nanning with Wu in the afternoon. Liu Linlin bought a HTCS1 and asked me to install software for him, loaded software for him at night.

September 22, Saturday 23 – 32 ℃, cloudy, waited for Liu Linlin to pick up his cell phone in the morning then went with Sha to buy computer games, went home after eating.

September 23, Sunday, 23 – 31 ℃, cloudy, stayed at home all day. At noon, Tang Renjun took Sha to go out to eat.

September 24, Monday, 23 – 30 ℃, typhoon and rain, because of the rain and cold, I stayed at home all day again. Deng also brought a pile of seafood over. Tomorrow is August 15, and Wednesday we are going to have meeting and reports, will not have guests over.

September 25, Tuesday, 21 – 26 ℃, rainy, Shuang asked to send a Sony T20 Digital Camera (and Changde Tobacco) to him, Went with Sha to Wei Ying Office to get a 1G memory card then sent it over to him, postage was 60. Stayed at home in the afternoon.

September 26, Wednesday, 21 – 30 ℃, cloudy, bought a LGKW820 dual-mode dual-standby handsets cell phone, spent 3720 yuan then went back to the guests. Went back to the office in the afternoon, processed some documents and talked about sales. Tan wanted to have sex at night, she is going to get married on the 29th and still wants to play with me. This girl is really wild. Went to Guoda and opened up a room, she came at 10 pm, washed up and jumped into bed to do it, great action. Chatted for a while and had sex again in the middle of the night, she was bleeding again. Slept for a bit and did it again in the morning, this time she did not bleed.

September 27, Thursday, 24 – 32 ℃, light drizzle, at 9:30 am went back to the room, booked the room for another day for Tan. All day was in the dormitory.

September 28, Friday, 25 – 34 ℃, cloudy, was in the dormitory in the morning, went to the office in the afternoon to look at files. Duan came at night and I drank a lot of alcohol with him.

September 29, Saturday, 23 – 32 ℃, cloudy, was in the dormitory in the morning, went to the office in the afternoon. At night went with a group of middle management to eat with Political Commissar of the Traffic Police, drank a lot.

September 30, Sunday, 24 – 33 ℃, clear, went back to Nanning with Wu at 9 am.

October 1, Monday, 24 – 32 ℃, cloudy, stayed home all day.

October 2, Tuesday, 23 – 28 ℃, shower, stayed home all day, it was a bit cold because of the typhoon.

October 3, Wednesday, 23 – 27 ℃, shower, went to Dianke Square to get a TF1G card, I gave the old one to Tan. Then ate with Meng, was playing with my cell phone at home these days.

October 4, Thursday, 24 – 30 ℃, rainy, played with my cell phone at home in the morning. Went shopping with Sha in the afternoon. First bought some books at Wuhua market, then walked around at Wanda square and bought some fast food home.

October 5, Friday, 24 – 31 ℃, overcast, stayed at home playing with cell phone.

October 6, Saturday, 24 – 34 ℃, cloudy, stayed at home playing with cell phone.

October 7, Sunday, 22 – 33 ℃, overcast, stayed home reading books and F1.

October 8, Monday, 21 – 32 ℃, cloudy, Guests came with Wu in the morning. Went to the office to process documents in the afternoon. It was Feng Taisheng and Ma’s birthday, we went to dinner together and drank a lot of alcohol. Gang and Man were so drunk.

October 9, Tuesday, 23 – 31 ℃, cloudy, went to the office and talked with integration department personnel about information integration works. Party group meeting in the afternoon.

October 10, Wednesday, 20 – 30 ℃, sunny, was in the dormitory in the morning. Went to the office to process documents in the afternoon, went to Guoda to open a room. In the evening, Honghe Ouyang came, I did not eat with them so I wouldn’t scare them. At 11 pm went to Guoda to XXX with Tan, we did it three times, I came, tired.

October 11, Thursday 20 – 30 ℃, sunny, Honghe Ouyang came over in the morning, I chatted with him about next year. Honghe Ouyang promised to meet our 6,000 boxes of supply. Liao came at night for dinner, Huang Ting also joined us.

October 12, Friday, 21 – 30 ℃, overcast, went to the office in the morning, went back to Nanning with Wu at 3 pm.

October 13, Saturday, 21 – 30 ℃, cloudy, went to Wei-Ying Department with Sha in the morning. Shuang’s computer was broken, so I was looking for a laptop computer for him. Lenovo C460A was quite good, only 6,500 yuan, but it was out of stock. So I had to go with HP DV2621, 7,500 yuan. He just passed the graduate school interview, can be released in three days. More than 600 graduating students only 16 people have passed, and there are A, B and C, three grades, he was grade A. (I think Shuang is his son)

October 14, Sunday, 21 – 28 ℃, cloudy, got a hair cut in the morning, stayed at home in the afternoon, tomorrow flying to Shenzhen with Sha and Lu Jiantao etc.

October 15, Monday, 23 – 29 ℃, Sunny, at 12:30 we went to the airport together, Teng Shana has been sent to the airport already. We arrived to Shenzhen at 3 pm and settled in. Secretary He, Factory director Song and sale leaders all came, we drank a lot of foreign alcohol, too much.

October 16, Tuesday, 23 – 30 ℃, sunny, after breakfast, Manager Li accompanied us to see the aircraft carrier Minsk. I spent 950 on a 1:30 ratio metal model, then went back to the hotel to wait for her friends. We then went to buy (black marketed) imported phones, they were really cheap, the price difference on the high-end product is over 1,000 yuan. I bought a Samsung U608 for Sha. Drank some more at night.

  1. Wonder how dumb you are allowed to be in China. I also wonder why no one stopped this guy before. He takes bribes, fucks around, gets drunk all the time and never spends any time at work. And to top it off the moron keeps a diary of all his escapades. He’ll probably get fired but since he’s got good guanxi he’ll be back in a similar position in 6 months. Maybe China does have a point when it comes to executing people for corruption after all and maybe they should use it more often.

  2. As Panda has pointed out, the girl in the picture is not working in the tobacco company. Ironically, she’s college student who has been participating in a anti-smoking campaign. See her photos of holding a ‘Have you quitted smoking?’ billboard in hot pants:

    And the comics website, where the first picture (does anyone notice the shape of the left redical in the Feng character?) is from, has some hilarious posts, such as this one:

  3. His diary sound like my life in College. Unfortunately without the bribe taking of course.

    Fun Fun Fun!!!!

  4. Whoever the real lover was, she sounds like a skanky whore. Hope she gets publically shamed

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