Snapshots of Shanghai

| March 2nd, 2010

Hello everyone, as the Lantern Festival also called Yuanxiao Festival on the 15th lunar day of the first month (2/28/2010) officially marks the last day of the 2010 Spring Festival in China, I am also back from my traveling in China. Just like millions of people in China reluctantly going back to work from their long Spring Festival vacation this Monday, I too made my way to the office feeling a bit jet lagged and resumed my work.

Special thanks to Randy – AlleyCat and Matt Sawtell for submitting guest posts during the month of February, rewards for your work will be sent out shortly as I promised. Also many thanks to ChinaHush contributors: CC, Annie and Nancy for writing blog posts during the Spring Festival Holiday season covering my absence.

Picture 614

The following are some snap shots I took in Shanghai during this trip I would like to share with you all!

Picture 159

Start with food: seafood lovers,you have to try the hairy crab (大闸蟹).

Picture 197

Ganghui, Shanghai

Picture 364

Chenghuangmiao, Shanghai: (A temple for the god who guards a city) on the first day of Spring Festival.

Picture 371

Year of the tiger

Picture 373

Chenghuangmiao, Shanghai: Wow Obama Mart!

Picture 390


Picture 394

Picture 408


Picture 416


Picture 445

The Bund, Shanghai: getting ready for the world expo.

Picture 489

In a cab

Picture 490


Picture 491


Picture 510

Bar. Constellation, Shanghai


Picture 540

Citic Square, Shanghai: Year of the tiger

Picture 607

Jingan temple, Shanghai

Picture 615

Nanjing Road at night

Picture 621


Picture 622


Picture 624

Picture 635

Top view of the Bund, from the VUE bar at Hyatt at the Bund

Picture 721

Taikang Road, Shanghai

Picture 724

Taikang Road, Shanghai

Picture 740


Picture 746


Picture 759

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  1. Elaine Bai says:

    nice pictures, i like the first In the cab, it seems just like Lomo.

  2. Shanghai is just so beautiul at nighttime, I especially love the neon signs and billboards.

    Shanghai and Hong Kong, in my opinion, have the best skylines at night.

  3. Chris says:

    good times =D

  4. Nice to see that you enjoyed the hairy crab – see any river crab on the trip?

  5. Helen says:

    I spent part of my childhood in Shanghai and I went back for a week in Feb as well (beofre the new year). Some may be pleased about the rapid development of this major city of China, but as I walked by the area I grow up and I hardly recognised it, it is a bit sad. I guess sacrifise ought to be made for development huh..

  6. from the rice field says:

    Yeah,good pictures!

    The hairy crabs are delicious.

  7. hairy crab says:

    hairy crabs are so good but considered expensive for most local
    when i was walking through nanjing road, there were many many many solitcitors wanting my business for a good time with young pretty chinese girls
    i guess in a city with 30 million population, people got to make money some how some way on the outside, the city is bustling, with a closer look, there are a lot of people unemployed, with no money, which results in actions of petty crimes
    there seemed to be a lot of taiwanese people, i guess because taiwan is so close. they seemed to be very affluent with LV, gucci, shopping bags
    that is what you call same people different world

  8. hairy crab says:


  9. buenas fotos, me encanta vida nocturna en Shanghai

  10. Wang Er says:

    Nice photos! Last time I went to Shanghai was more than four years ago. The city has some great places for dining and shopping (Xiangyang Lu market was open that time).

  11. Shanghai is an amazing city.!
    Regards Vivian Muncher Ricketts

  12. IwasThere says:

    I visited Shanghai two times and both times i got the feeling that it is “empty & souless”. Let me explain. Just like the pictures it’s vibrant and beautiful, but it is also without personality. By that I mean, what are the people there mainly preoccupied with in their daily discussions. In Los Angeles, it’s all about celebrity – New York, has ambition & entrepreneurship, or “making it” – Hong Kong, is business, celebrity, & tourism – Tokyo, is technology driven & polite – Shanghai has business & tourism but other than making money, working, and dining – nothing.

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