An Open Letter to President Obama from Li Tusheng

This letter is a harsh, scathing, sarcastic and incredibly blunt criticism of President Obama. On Blogchina, this post has 6,221 “顶” (people in support) and 2,531 “反对”(people against). It is the most read post in the past 48 hours, with over 40,000 hits.

Li Tusheng, the author of the letter, was born in Zhejiang, and graduated from the People’s Liberation Army, Nanjing Army Command College in 1991 and is now a senior advisor to the Association for Traditional Chinese Culture. He has lectured and written widely on traditional Chinese culture.

From Blogchina:

It is now the Spring Festival in China, the most important traditional festival for Chinese internationally, and the mood was originally peaceful and beautiful.  However, Your Excellency the President acts like a specter of evil, imposing trade sanctions, selling weapons to Taiwan, and meeting with the Dalai Lama – but what is his motive? The U.S. has been continuously aggravating China in order to keep a check on China. You can say that the successive presidents of the U.S. have been rather dismal, and you have acted even worse. These sinister intentions and power seeking ways cannot be understood by the peace-loving Chinese people. Mr. President, will you only feel satisfied when you have agitated China into complete unrest?

Let’s first talk about the Dalai Lama issue. His Excellency the President stressed that he was meeting with the Dalai Lama in a “private capacity.” In that case, what kind of “capacity” is “private capacity” ? When President Obama is conversing with the Dalai Lama in the White House, is he no longer the authoritative President of the United States? This seems unlikely, right? Naturally, one would expect that, when the controversy arose over Clinton and Lewinsky, it was purely a private matter of “You are willing, I am willing, as long as we are both willing,” it only came from his own desires, does not represent the will of the President, it’s even more “private” than President Obama meeting with the Dalai Lama, right? However, because it became a “public” issue and a “major” issue that affected the world, Clinton was forced to repeatedly apologize. Now, Mr. President, risking good U.S.-China relations, you have met with the Dalai Lama, who wants to split up China, with an iron heart, with the goal of creating trouble for China, containing China’s rise and recovery. Even if it was a meeting in a “private capacity,” it is hard to say that it is only a “private” matter between two people.

If saying something is in “private capacity” can cover up anything in the United States, isn’t that essentially a license to kill? Therefore, whether it’s in private or in public, Obama is the current U.S. president, even if he was stripped of his clothes in the street, who would say that he was just a regular person, and not the President of the United States? It was reported that when the President met with the Dalai Lama, there was an overall effort to keep it “low profile.” What does keeping it “low-profile” mean? Does that mean having the meeting take place in the White House? This is just a cheap trick, and it won’t fool the Chinese people. Personally, I really cannot respect this style of action. A head of state should just do things openly, and be clear about which things you should not do, only this way can you deal with your issues cleanly. Even if this was “low-profile” to an extreme degree, the President has directly spoken to the Dalai Lama – isn’t this challenging a core interest of the China? Oh Obama, this is a flagrant violation of your commitments! Even if you chose a pigsty or a dog kennel for the meeting place, the political impact will still be significant! The U.S. is always looking for China’s soft spot, without just cause, and everyone feels embarrassed for the U.S.’s crude behavior. How come Uncle Sam never blushes? What the Dalai Lama really is, Your Excellency the President should know the answer. He instigated the riots, and up to today exerting a lifetime of effort trying to split up China, and now looks old and withered. He orchestrated the 3-14 Lhasa riots, owes a blood debt to the Tibetan people, and in the past two years has been speaking everywhere, out of fear that China is not in complete chaos. All this time, the U.S. has called him a “spiritual leader,” a “religious figure.” Does that really fit? At best, he is a smiling terrorist, Mr. President, you have cheerfully met with him, and that shows you have only paid lip-service to your counter-terrorism efforts.

The Chinese people have historically loved peace and have been averse to war and bloodshed. In contrast, U.S. soldiers are just itching to kill, and would be bored if they did not rape Japanese women. When conducting diplomatic relations with China on the Taiwan issue, what the U.S. should have done was clear as night and day, but the result is that the U.S. strongly undermined the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and blocked the possibility for re-unification. Now, Your Excellency the President is pushing for arms sales to succeed, increasing the risk of war in China, allowing U.S. arms dealers to have ill-gotten gains; is this how the U.S. advocates freedom, democracy and equality? The U.S. exports war to the world around the clock.

The day before Lunar New Year’s Eve, U.S. troops in Afghanistan have fought a fierce battle with the Taliban in order to bring lasting peace and stability. I have never believed that the U.S. could bring peace to a country; heavily armed U.S. soldiers can only provoke more intense resistance and inspire more people to become suicide bombers. Wherever the U.S. militarily attacks will turn into a hell, wherever the U.S. stations troops will turn into an endless disaster. In Chonburi Province, Thailand, to engage in field survival training, soldiers have tried to eat scorpions, lizards and drink snake blood. Mr. President, take a look at your soldiers, what is the difference between them and beasts? The Taliban are willing to resolve the problem through negotiations and achieve national integrity and independence, just with the condition that foreign troops cannot be stationed in Afghanistan – is this condition wholly unreasonable? However, the U.S. always has to forcibly poke their nose into everything, and the result is that they have more failures than successes. It is said that after the U.S. destroys the Taliban, they will implement a new local government, provide job opportunities for the people, and supply utilities and other services to demoralize Taliban followers. Mr. President, open your eyes, before the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, even though the locals did not push for a new government, they had jobs, food, water and electricity. Now, after the U.S. has invaded, water and electricity have all become problems. Your army is really just boasting, for they have only cared about self-preservation on the battlefield and after they get off the battlefield, they fabricate results, relying solely on high-technology for any sort of advantage. With this kind of performance, wouldn’t it have been better to stay home? Mr. President, what do you say? Reality has already proven that, no matter how powerful the United States is, regardless of arms sales, threats, sanctions, these cannot really solve any problems, they will only make Uncle Sam more and more passive, more bruised and battered. In order to deal with Iran, you have supported Saddam Hussein, in order to achieve ulterior motives, you have supported Bin Laden, in order to pull strings from behind the scenes for China, you have sheltered East Turkistan elements, what good can come of this? This is just shooting yourself in the foot, even to this day you do not know the pain, you really have become quite numb.  Will you get it only when the illness is beyond cure?

Perhaps, Mr. President, you have no interest in world peace, you’re just solidifying your enchanting smile, and putting on a long face looking for murder, following the tracks of Bush’s road of war? But this is obviously a dead end. Afghanistan and Iraq cannot be resolved, North Korea and Iran can’t be resolved either, the problem will just continue to get worse, and create even more trouble. Are the dirty sheets that Bush Jr. left behind not enough for you to clean? Why do you have to exacerbate the situation? Mr. President, when you visited China you said so many kind things, why don’t you show some sincerity and learn some traditional Chinese culture? Do not always think of dominating the world and pre-emptively striking, you must also learn to not impose on people! Afghanistan and Iraq have never offended the United States, why must you invade and occupy them? Now, Afghanistan and Iraq have become incredibly complex and difficult, and it’s impossible to pull-out, isn’t this all because of militarily intervening in the first place? A group led by the Dalai Lama engaged in terrorist activities, and yet the President still has met with him, what kind of counter-terrorism is that? Stop the nonsense immediately, don’t be embarrassed, just change when you know you’re wrong, this is always wiser than self-defeat. Also, instead of burning money in the war, why don’t you use some more on your people, or save some for re-election? When you were competing with Hillary and McCain, you expressed every possible hope, so why are you freely violating the American people’s trust now?

Mr. President, you also want to save the U.S. economy and regain the people’s support, and then continue to serve a second term? Of course, it is glorious to be re-elected, but, what is the meaning of continuing on in this fashion? The U.S. should commit to some humanitarian actions, not always bully weaker countries, not scare countries like North Korea and Iran all day, or give deadly weapons to Taiwan, and undermine cross-strait relations. If you give a thief enough rope he will hang himself. Mr. President, because you have received the Nobel Peace Prize, have you thought about how to contribute to world peace? You can’t always neglect your duties, pretend that this person is your enemy, or that person is your opponent, right? Also, saying one thing while you were in China, and doing another after you go back, isn’t that too hypocritical? There is an old Chinese saying: If a man cannot keep his word, what is he good for? Being the head of a large state, why don’t you live up to your promises, rather than going back on your own words? How the people of the United States chose this kind of President is really quite puzzling to me.

Actually, there is really no need for the hypocrisy. If you do not wish to contribute to world peace, you can close your door and live a happy life, why must you inspire aggression and subversion in the name of world peace? Also, what can the U.S. really achieve with their continued development of sophisticated weapons technology? Especially with a large budget deficit, and a staggering amount of foreign debt. How many people in the world today have no clothes or food and struggle with death, if this money was used to help victims and refugees, there would not be war and displacement, and the world would have achieved peace already. Mr. President, you should learn some Confucian lessons of moderation, whether for personal cultivation, or for performing the duties of the president, you need to learn these lessons. Confucian notions of peace, friendship and harmony can be learned for free, Mr. President, you can participate in the Confucian Institutes that China has established in the United States, and you don’t have to worry about spending taxpayer money.

Also, I advise you, Mr. President: Don’t always pretend that the lives of people in the Middle East don’t matter, they are also of flesh and bone, they also have parents, no one is born to be a suicide bomber. No person of any country is less worthy than a U.S. soldier. Even people of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, they are also of flesh and blood, they do not kill for the sake of killing, blow themselves up in order to hurt the innocent, the kind of tragedy is because of U.S. hegemony. If the U.S. can let go of expansion and aggression, these people will naturally stop their terrorist acts. As long as the United States is willing to take the lead in the elimination of nuclear weapons, other countries will follow, and contribute to world peace and stability. Now, the whole world is watching the United States, and Mr. President, you have a role to play, you can’t go against the trend of the times, and continue down the road of war. This way of doing things is too dangerous, step on the brakes, the U.S. looks prosperous on the surface, but it is in fact riddled with problems and has been exposed for what it is, it is more advisable to try for recuperation. Even if U.S. soldiers can’t live a day without killing, you still need to recharge your batteries, regain your spirits before you go overseas to waste lives. Just going by their current poor performance, it would be strange if you are not disgraced! Look at history, Mr. Obama, don’t continue to wash Bush’s dirty sheets, at the same time, don’t dirty yours too much, the next U.S. President does not have the obligation to help you wash them.

Your Excellency the President appear to be concerned with the livelihood of the people of the United States. In order to protect the economic interests of the United States, you have waged an anti-dumping case with China, resulting in losses for both sides, particularly the United States. The United States has always been opposed to protectionism, and has used gunboats to open trade, and today is more explicitly pursuing protectionism than any other country. Is the U.S. really this devastated? Otherwise, how come it has so little confidence? That being the case, why must it instigate aggression everywhere and stretch its hand out so far?

  1. Once again, is this what passes as political “writing” for Chinese people? “US solders are just itching to kill and need to rape Japanese women” Wow, good journalistic integrity there, name your source? Typical crap the average brainwashed nationalist says because it’s what he was taught, but doesn’t know why. They don’t know how to support an argument on the most basic level.

    You do have to admire the way he misses the irony of it all: If he wrote a similar article about Hu Jin Tao, he’d be disappeared, or worse.

    1. for ur information, yes, GIs are just willing and waiting to rape japanese women and their own enlisted female soldiers alike.

      1. But surely not all of them.

        I thought it was pretty well written and indeed scathing. There wasn’t a stitch of respect in it, and as far as that goes I understand, because it’s difficult to speak respectfully to/of people who you feel have grievously offended you.

        The part that bothers me comes from the tacit implication that the US must necessarily be utterly wrong in all of these cases. By extension, this also means that his perspective is necessarily and utterly right in all these cases. I think that for genuine understand, it’s important to get past the point where you think you’re right about everything. This may be a silly opinion of mine.

        Also, I think it goes without saying that the Dali Lama is not regarded as a terrorist in the US. From where I am–sitting on my couch, talking to a bunch of other nameless faces on the internet–I don’t feel like I’ve done enough painstaking research from enough perspectives to say whether he is or isn’t. I just know what I’ve heard. But far more important to me, is the fact that the author asserts it must only be viewed from his perspective.

        (Which I do consider reliable in showing how a Chinese person can react to the topic.)

        There isn’t any citation through the whole letter. Maybe the author is privy to political reports that are deeply thorough, cover all these issues from multiple perspectives and, more importantly, are genuinely infallible in the grandest and most far-reaching sense. And also maybe he thinks these are freely and widely distributed to anyone who cares to listen.

        Sadly, I’ve never seen information like this, so I have to base all my opinions on things other people say, or things I’ve observed myself (which I may incorrectly presume to understand correctly).

        So I don’t know how right he is. I have to assume that he’s wrong about at least a little of what he thinks, because I operate under the assumption that nobody’s perfect. (But I’ve never me this guy, maybe he is)

        It is impassioned. It is moving. It does raise issues that I’ll agree are important–if only because mutual respect with someone involves genuinely listening to them on matters they think are important.

        But it’s not compelling, because it sounds like political mumbo jumbo to me.

        But nobody asked me and it was written to Obama anyway, so I guess it’s not big deal.

        1. Dear Neco.
          I am sorry to have replied to your comment so late but I am glad you are willing not to dismiss the feelings of the Chinese people. The successive American administrations have repeatedly done things that hurt the Chinese people. Take the recent proposed TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) for example; Why should the US deliberately exclude China from it ? And the US is currently relying so much on China, both for its economic recovery and the enormous amount of money which China is providing for the dollar to remain steady. Why should the US harbour, fund and train people who have continued to terrorise our citizens in the regions of Xizang, Xijiang and Sichuan? Why does the US continue to supply arms to our renegade province, Taiwan ? Is the US really treating Taiwan as one of their fleet of aircraft carriers, the unsinkable USS Taiwan? Why does the US lift its ban on the sale of urarium to India, a country which still occupy a big swathe of Southern Xizang and has to date refuse to sign the NPT( Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty }? Why is the US giving support the countries in South-East Asia over disputed islands which China has tried hard to settle with the countries in the region there ? And finally, stop your subversive broadcasts/telecasts to China to incite unrest.


  2. Grab my popcorn and let the show of Redguards and Rednecks begin 🙂 Anyone writes a lengthy letter to President Hu? I will be glad to translate and post it in Chinese blogdom.

    BTW, the author’s name is Li Tusheng(土), not Li Shisheng(士). He’s better known for his research on Chinese linguistics(characters) than political thoughts, with several publications on traditional culture and languages, including the well known four-volumes 《土生说字》 on Chinese characters:

    This guy traveled a lot around the world and has been invited to Harvard to speak on Chinese traditional culture, so don’t miss your chance to grab the collar to ask him a few questions next time you see him in campus 🙂

    1. Thanks Wang Er- the font was just small on my computer and I think I just intuitively went with the alliteration.

      1. You are welcome. Some characters look very similar and misreading happens all the time. Yes, Shisheng actually sounds “better” and more “cultivated” than Tusheng, but the name may have something to do with Five Movements (五行).

  3. I also find his view of the Taliban somewhat disturbing, and not at all in harmony with the realities China faces in Xin Jiang and Africa. You would think he would be opposed to terrorists, since the government calls the Dalai Lama, the Uigher leader, and their followers terrorists. Chinese infrastructure and personnel have been attacked in Africa by terrorists, but he’ll make the same mistake the USA made back in the ’80’s: support them because they’re killing our enemies.

  4. I bet he wouldn’t write anything like that if it was China doing the exact same things. Very shallow understanding of geopolitics, I’d say. China needs to move out of the pubescent, insecure phase.

    1. To be honest, I don’t think he believes what he wrote. He’s likely just trying to rally public opinion.

    2. Your thoughts are correct, but the bottom line is. No person would write anything like this if it was their own nation. I mean no person as in no person of ANY country, not just China

    3. China doesn’t do those things.
      The US is following the wishes of the multinational corporations and using it’s military to capture and control energy resources rather than peacefully create a sustainable and fairly shared world.

    1. This is propaganda from the party, being posted on a bizzare conspiracy theorist website masquerading as a legitimate think-tank (if there is such a thing). Did you look at the other “articles”? America Invading Haiti with a smokescreen of humanitarian aid, the REAL truth about 9/11, and articles on Obama being a communist dictator.

      1. the “articles” poses legitimate questions… the autors have good credentials… it seems fair to me man

  5. HA, pursuing protectionism more than any other country!!! China has a 200% tariff on imported cars. And their manipulation of the Yuan has nothing to do with protecting jobs and exports!

    “Why hello there kettle, my you’re looking black these days,” says the pot.

    Sorry, but this drivel of his—FAIL

  6. after the 2nd sentence, i started to become wary, and after the 2nd paragraph, i could hardly read any more. “a specter of evil”…give me a break. this writer is just a hack, plain and simple. pathetic.

    1. u r rite , same thing for me. . . .couldn’t continue to read as i think he just wrote this pathetic article to public opinion….. if he got guits, then should have written the worst things that taking place in his own government.

  7. The Dali Lama is not trying to split up China. Check your facts. He believes in a unified China and Tibet is a part of China. All the Dali Lama wants is an co-operative government which will allow the Tibetan people retain all their culture and customs while still abiding to the laws of China. As of now there is a cultural genocide happening in Tibet on behalf of the Chinese government with no end in site. The Dali Lama is not a trying to tear apart China nor is he a terrorist.

    1. Cultural genocide of the Tibetans did occur in the past, but it is not to the scale that the Westen world has claimed, nor is it ongoing today. Nowdays there is a real push to preserve the TIbetan culture instead. There are many TV shows in China where Tibetan customes are showcased and appreciated.

      The Western world is supporting the Dali Lama because they want him to gain power and use him a as a puppet. Thus, having control inside of China. Westen countries are only following their own agendas. Do not be fooled.

    2. Oh yeah, you know that the Dalai Lama has a twitter account? He got an award from the NED for promoting democracy and gives out speeches about how US should be promoting democracy. Of course, he doesn’t believe in promoting democracy in China.

      1. he writes cool books too – titles like “bussines and buddhism” … I wonder if he writes them by him self 🙂

    3. “Cultural Genocide of the Tibetans happeneing in Tibet” ? You are right on the ball. Cultural genocide is indeed happening there.

      I assume you know what culture is,and I bet you have not travelled to Tibet either. Never mind about that.. just tune in to all the Western MMS during the echo of violence/pogom.. and the cry and hue of “cultural genocide” just months before the Beijing Olympics. Any myopic and less intelligent being will notice that most Tibetans spots western clothings and burning buildings with western influence. Then, get this.. none of the Tibetans are wearing Han’s traditional costumes. The West, are and by large, the biggest cultural damper in the world.. ehh. That’s full scale “cultural Genocide” by definition.

      And about the Dalia Lama not wanting to split china is a joke. The conditions from the monk is to absorb 1/3 of china, free from any Chinese government involvement and not station any chinese soldiers in them. The exact conditions that he claims Tibet was independent between 1912 to 1959 ! Coincidently, those provinces, some which are not historical in Tibetan control, also happens to cut China neatly in two, and get this, totally cutting road access to XinKiang (which, by the way, US is also supporting another separatist terrorist movement there).. Just like the British’s McMahon line. The problem is, if the monk get what he wants, what’s stopping him from declaring another Kosova ? With US arms and advisor support, and finally , host ‘The world’s biggest American Base’.

      For a long time now, I developed an opinion that the Chinese government are no fools.

        1. Conspiracy ? Tell me which part of my posts are not factual ? It is thru my casual observation, and look at the map and history. Which part of my opinions stated is without merits ?

          In politics, there are no coincidence, if they comes in succession, you damn well suspect is planned that way.

          1. “I assume you know what culture is,”

            I don’t. I thought it was always changing, and that the more it changes the more it stays the same.

            “and I bet you have not travelled to Tibet either.”

            Nope, not once. I heard I couldn’t go without a tour group to watch me.

            “Any myopic and less intelligent being will notice that most Tibetans spots western clothings and burning buildings with western influence.”

            I thought basically everybody in the world wore T-shirts. Also, I thought that they’re mostly made in Asia. Is it Western influence because of the design, or Eastern influence because of where they’re actually from? Or is it Global?

            Also, we’ve already established I’ve never been to Tibet, how am I supposed to observe “most tibetans”? Are they all on TV? Actually, have you personally observed most tibetans? And how long does an “observation” take? How many tibetans are there? (Don’t google it, you know or you don’t)

            “Then, get this.. none of the Tibetans are wearing Han’s traditional costumes.”

            Is this about genocide? Is that like wearing mass-produced clothing? I’m so confused.

            “The West, are and by large, the biggest cultural damper in the world.. ehh. That’s full scale “cultural Genocide” by definition.”

            By ‘The West’ do you mean ‘The United States’? Give credit where credit’s due man. It’s not saying as much to take two continents and say it’s the biggest anything in the world. (Actually, three continents if you include S. America.)

            “And about the Dalia Lama not wanting to split china is a joke. The conditions from the monk is to absorb 1/3 of china, free from any Chinese government involvement and not station any chinese soldiers in them.”

            I hadn’t heard that. Where did you hear it? Was it from him? Have you met with the Dalia Lama?

            “The exact conditions that he claims Tibet was independent between 1912 to 1959 ! Coincidently, those provinces, some which are not historical in Tibetan control, also happens to cut China neatly in two, and get this, totally cutting road access to XinKiang (which, by the way, US is also supporting another separatist terrorist movement there).. Just like the British’s McMahon line. The problem is, if the monk get what he wants, what’s stopping him from declaring another Kosova ? ”

            I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I never read the news so that’s a foregone conclusion.

            “With US arms and advisor support, and finally , host ‘The world’s biggest American Base’.”

            Do you think the US would put ‘The world’s biggest American Base’ outside of the US?

            “[Long ago], I developed an opinion that the [leaders of the] Chinese government are no fools.”

            I don’t think they’re fools either. Really. But I think ‘not being a fool’ takes more than disliking the US. That’s easy, anybody can do that.

            1. So.. Overall, you admit you know nuts, and great one or two liner rants.

              You took out the “cultural’ word, and simply says it’s nothing to do with ‘genocide’ ? then says it’s Global.. and finally it’s Fashion. Then, in what way, has the Chinese ‘Cultural genocide’ the poor tibetan ? Because as you stated and I quote ” it was always changing, and that the more it changes the more it stays the same”. You have needle marks on you’re arms ?

              And get This…

              ‘I hadn’t heard that. Where did you hear it? Was it from him? Have you met with the Dalia Lama?’

              ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I never read the news so that’s a foregone conclusion.’

              Great replies from someone who is all over this thread, yet believes no research is needed. I think so, thus it is so ?

              (Hint : visit some Free Tibet sites).

  8. I hope it is a translation error where it says the US bullies weaker nations like Taiwan and Iran. I doubt the Chinese version of this will refer to Taiwan as a nation, but rather a region or area.

    1. Hey Joe – Yup, that’s my error, sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out. It’s supposed to be North Korea and Iran and then selling weapons to Taiwan….I will change it in the article soon.

      1. Too bad. I thought “bullying Taiwan” was real icing on the cake of a real tour de force of craptasticity.

  9. I think the USA should stay out of other nations politics. The constant interference the USA has on other nations on behalf of it’s own interests will only help to get citizens of said nations and the international community to be less and less sympathetic to the USA.

    1. Hello are you 15 years old? In the 1940’s the US tried to stay out of other nations politics in spite of feeling that it should be involved. What happened was World World II.

      If other nations would stop killing the innocent, oppressing people based on ethnicity, and threatening their neighbors, I will be the first one to vote for the US to stay out.

  10. To the author of the article;

    I think there is some truth in what has been written here, but there is no evidence given to let you believe this. I think ALL governments could do with a good roasting now and again, don’t you think? America’s got plenty of people on this similar band wagon so feel FREE to let it out. It usually makes for a longer lasting and more harmonious society when people like you let us know how you feel about the government… of the United States. The citizens of USA are doing the same everyday and they’re loving it (sorry I don’t give any links as evidence but you can feel free to check any usa political blog/discussion post). Hell, look at what China and the rest of the world was saying about Bush, and look what the citizens did in turn – vote him out and get someone better. Sure there’s no perfect politicians (you know that!) but you can at least keep a good turnover to keep them on there toes.

    Although it also seems like a very smart move. American politicians employ it to certain degree aswell. It’s the ‘ “hey! Look over there!” then kick you in the happy sack’ move. One of my personal favourites. Unfortunately, Chinese people are on the receiving end.

    It’s one thing people forget, whatever they are saying about the current party in power, you can be sure as smeg that the opposition is saying something similar. That’s the beauty of democracy – checks and balances.

  11. BTW, we can organise everyone to sign it, then take it to Obama and it might make him sit up and notice. We can call it charter 80085!


  12. he won’t read it. if he read it he laughed at how narrow minded and self centered the letter seems to be. Obama is not pro china. No one has really paid any attention to when he campaigned. He maid it very clear than he is going shake shit up between US and Nations like China because America is losing jobs to cheap labor and and unfair trade practices. He is looking to patch that shit as much as he can.

    Im hope he can come thru on this. I would love to see come to a hold so I can go home.

  13. @Eason

    You wrote: “Once again, is this what passes as political “writing” for Chinese people? “US solders are just itching to kill and need to rape Japanese women” Wow, good journalistic integrity there, name your source? Typical crap the average brainwashed nationalist says because it’s what he was taught, but doesn’t know why. They don’t know how to support an argument on the most basic level.”


    umm….before submitting that comment, did you consider doing a little research to see if there is any basis for the sentence he wrote? It’s not so difficult.

    Search “US Soldiers rape Japanese women” and on the first page of results is this article:

    The descriptions of rape of Japanese women by the occupying soldiers are embarrassing and humbling for Americans to read:

    “John Dower writes in his Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II that while the U.S./Japanese-sponsored brothels were open “the number of rapes and assaults on Japanese women were around 40 a day,” but after they were closed, the number rose to 330 a day.(n19) Yuki Tanaka records two major incidents of mass rape around the same time.(n20) On April 4, fifty GIs broke into a hospital in Omori and raped 77 women, one a woman who had just given birth, killing the two-day-old baby by tossing it onto the floor. On April 11, forty U.S. soldiers cut off the phone lines of one of Nagoya’s city blocks and entered a number of houses simultaneously, “raping many girls and woman between the ages of 10 and 55 years.”

    Or this:
    “Rape victim fights for justice against U.S. military, Japan”

    Search a little more and you can find this:

    “…by one academic’s estimate, as many as 10,000 Okinawan women may have been raped and rape was so prevalent that most Okinawans over age 65 either know or have heard of a woman who was raped in the aftermath of the war.”

    Rape by U.S. soldiers of Japanese and Okinawan women was and remains a very serious problem.

    “While the vast majority of US military personnel do not commit criminal acts while in Japan, the continued presence after 60 years of such a large number of US military, and the horrific crimes committed by a small minority of US military, mean that America’s military presence in Japan and Okinawa is deeply resented and many Japanese call for the removal of US bases there. Sexual assault and rape of women in countries where US military forces are stationed must be stopped, as must the rape of one in three women in the US military by their fellow military service members.”

    Professor Chalmers Johnson has written extensively about the US military and an occupation mentality that has allowed soldiers to rape local women with impunity. See for example:

    and this:

    “The military itself has done next to nothing to protect its own female soldiers or to defend the rights of innocent bystanders forced to live next to our often racially biased and predatory troops. “The military’s record of prosecuting rapists is not just lousy, it’s atrocious,” writes Herbert. In territories occupied by American military forces, the high command and the State Department make strenuous efforts to enact so-called “Status of Forces Agreements” (SOFAs) that will prevent host governments from gaining jurisdiction over our troops who commit crimes overseas. The SOFAs also make it easier for our military to spirit culprits out of a country before they can be apprehended by local authorities.”

    There are numerous creditable sources and authors who have written about the problems caused by US soldiers’ rape of Japanese women. Li Shisheng’s statement may be exaggerated but rightly draws attention to this serious problem, which harms the affected women as well as the US’ reputation. Obama should do something about this.

    1. Yes, all soldiers do horrible things, and you can’t extrapolate it to all soldiers. It’s like saying “Chinese soldiers go crazy if they aren’t allowed to run over civilians in tanks.” Yes there’s facts about it in history, not it isn’t a blank cheque.

    2. In response to perspectivehere: No my friend, there really isn’t any basis for what this man says about US soldiers. I was in the US military and I was stationed in Japan for two years. Despite what may have happened 65 years ago, the situation in Japan is quit different now. We don’t go around rapping Japanese women. While there have been some unfortunate cases of rape, the vast majority of US servicemen respect Japan and the Japanese people. In fact, thousand of American military personnel have married Japanese people and raised families with their Japanese spouses. Contrast this with the way that Mainland Chinese constantly refer to Japanese as “riben guazi” (Japanese devil). As for SOFA, US forces will turn an American serviceman over to Japanese authorities if he commits a crime. Why would the US risk the alliance with Japan over a few bad apples? It just doesn’t happen. American troops are neither “predatory” nor “racially biased” as your links infer. This author should take some responsibility for his own country since he was a member of the PLA. Look how Chinese troops burned down villages in Vietnam and terrorized the citizens after they meet with defeat in their 1979 attack on that country. (Li Xiaobing, A History of the Modern Chinese Army)

      1. @ Xionmu says: “American troops are neither “predatory” nor “racially biased” as your links infer.”

        But American foreign and military policy is. It couldn’t function without racist dehumanization of occupied and invaded peoples, delivered from the highest levels of command on down the chain to the grunts in the field.

        In terms of violent intervention in other countries’ affairs, the US has no rival. China doesn’t even come close.'we_were_told_we_were_fighting_terrorists%3B_the_real_terrorist_was_me'/

        1. Here again, you’re wrong. The US military does not include racism in its current policy. Where were you when orders and policy are being announced? I doubt you’ve spent even a day in any military so what makes you presume to be the expert on this matter? The US military now goes to great lengths to avoid racism and ethnocentrism towards local people. The US military of today is very different than what it was in Vietnam. Do you really think the US military would have such a strong relationship with European countries and Japan if it officially adopted racist, dehumanizing policies? Do you think it would be invited into places like Singapore and Thailand if it had such policies? Go do a study on US military cooperation with China during World War II (Flying Tigers) and you will see an ideal example of cooperation and friendship.

          The US military has defended the freedom and sovereignty of foreign allies time and time again, no country even comes close in terms of defending others from hostile aggresion.

  14. It’s like watching a retard calling another retard “retard.” Patriotic and nationalistic rhetorics like this always provoke a lot of emotional arguments on the web. Ignorance knows no borders. Yawn…2 girls 1 cup is more entertaining than this.

  15. Dunno if it’s the Chinese or if it’s just me but every time I see posts like this I go “Hmm, interesting,, I wanna read that” but usually 5 lines in my position change to “Ah,, haven’t I read this kinda yada yada before?”.

    Maybe the “,,and graduated from the People’s Liberation Army, Nanjing Army Command College in 1991 and is now a senior advisor to the Association for Traditional Chinese Culture” should have set little bells off in my head. At least people like Han Han is BBQing both sides when they deserve it while trying to be objective.

    Ok,, I’ll go back to line 5 and read on. I bet there’ll be a long tirade about Dalai Lama, Taiwan and the peaceful nature of HarmoniousGuo vs the evil interfering West (yawn).

    1. Exactly. Same shite again and again and again and again. This one is just longer than average.

  16. Funny how his defense of terrorists (second last paragraph) stops at the Dalai Lama. If he were consistent, he would have written:

    “Don’t always pretend that the lives of people in Tibet matter, they are also of flesh and bone, they also have parents… No person of any country is less worthy than a Chinese soldier. Even the Dalai Lama is also of flesh and blood, he does not kill for the sake of killing”

  17. All done although I completely lost interest after half of it but I forced myself to finish it. Not many surprises there. For the record I am not American and I am definately prone to taking a swing at the many weird things going on in the States.

    “The Taliban are willing to resolve the problem through negotiations and achieve national integrity and independence”. Yes,, the Taliban is well known and respected for their reasoning and negotiation skills. And why is it exactly that Obama should speak to, respect and negotiate with religious nutcase terrorists like the Taliban but not to Dalai Lame who is a terrorist of the worst kind according to you?

    “I have never believed that the U.S. could bring peace to a country”. Really? Maybe you should study something called “history”. The US saved China’s ass in WW2. And American intervention in Europe in WW2 freed numerous countries from German occupation AND Europe from being overrun by communist Soviet Union. The Marshall Plan helped to rebuild Europe in a way no one who had experienced the devastation could ever imagine. The US invasion of your arch enemy Japan stopped the war, created enormous economic progress and made Japan a no-threat to it’s neighbours.

    “The Chinese people have historically loved peace and have been averse to war and bloodshed.” Oh REALLY?? So you are saying that Chinese people prefer peace to war? Wow,, you guys gotta be the only people on Earth who feel that way. Kinda odd though coz on Chinese fora I regularly see people demanding Japan to be nuked. You are saying that China isn’t interfering in other countries business? You guys made Pol Pot and his insane regime come to power and supported him, you’ve always supported the nut case Kim Jong Il, You invaded Vietnam in 1979 naming the war “Counterattack against Vietnam in Selfdefense” in the process (shameful), you have been interfering in Mongolia ever since it’s reestablishment. The list is long buddy so don’t go all holier-than-you on us.

    ” but the result is that the U.S. strongly undermined the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait”. Sure it was. Now Taiwan is a real mofo threat to China. I suspect them to be invading Fujian tomorrow and be in Beijing on Sunday. For a self-proclaimed scholar you sure seems misinformed. The US due to decades old treaties sells a few weapons systems to Taiwan every other year and Beijing makes it into a public spectacle. It has been going on for half a century and it doesn’t make the slightest difference to anything. If China was going to invade not much to do about that and a handful of new AA batteries isn’t going to change the outcome of that war. The fact is that both sides are content with this little stunt coz it gives the US the chance to show that they care for an ally and is objecting to totalitarism and at the same time it gives Beijing the opportunity to re-state their claim to Taiwan and flex it’s muscles a bit.

    ” imposing trade sanctions,” Don’t even think about going there mate. China is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to open as well as disguised trade restrictions. At least you had some arguments for your other cases but this one is hands down a pot/kettle thing.

    I could go on and on but I’ve probably already lost 99 percent of the people who started to read my post hehe. Anyway,, happy new year.

    1. ~~~
      @ GuoBao says – ” Kinda odd though coz on Chinese fora I regularly see people demanding Japan to be nuked.”

      Big difference between talking smack on a forum and your government ACTUALLY NUKING JAPAN!

      1. So what Mirdad is saying is that Chinese love peace. Even though they want Japan to be nuked in the forums, if they didn’t really want to say that. They really wanted to say “We should drop flowers on Japan, because we love peace.”

        1. Please don’t confuse what Hippocrates is saying with what Mirdad is saying.

          GuoBao brought up what some bigots (certainly there are many) posted on the internet about “nuking Japan”. You used this point to imply that all Chinese think this way. Would it be fair to judge American attitudes by bigoted comments posted on web “fora”?

          I brought up that there is a big difference between what some bigots post on the internet and the US government actually using nuclear weapons against a civilian population in Japan, annihilating hundreds of thousands of Japanese, and making the US the only nation to ever actually use such weapons.

          That is history. People try to ignore or deny history but you can’t run away from it. It’s best to know the truth of it, so we can deal with the truth that is unfolding in front of us. I thought GuoBao’s comments provided an excellent example of this.

          I’m sure most Chinese and most Americans think of themselves as people who love Peace. But most are not willing to give up their small-minded bigotry in order to take a step towards Peace.

          Both US and Chinese nationalism make extensive use of the idea that they are great powers that only use their greatness to spread peace and only expand their borders and influence to defend others from tyranny. And in both cases it’s total crap.

          But in terms of historical record, there is no comparison. GuoBao brought up cases of Chinese violently intervening in the affairs of neighboring countries. The list of such cases for the US is far more extensive and spreads across the globe.

          The article by Li Tusheng may seem like so much ham-handed, hyperbolic, hypocritical propaganda to many Americans, Chinese and others.

          But the ease with which Americans and others casually dismiss even valid criticism of America’s policies and role in the world is, to me, striking and unfortunate. Especially since shifting power dynamics mean that America will be dealing with a lot mose such criticism as time goes on.

          I think Americans and Chinese have a lot more in common in this regard than we are usually willing to acknowledge, and I think we can learn a lot from each other.


          1. You’re implying I don’t know about the nuking of Japan or that I am trying to cover it up? Why don’t you address some of the other issues in my post if you want to defend China instead of making half-baked assumptions based on 3 lines in it? Maybe you need to read up on why the US dropped the 2 nukes as well since virtually everyone agrees than the loss of lives would have been far far greater if the Allies had had to invade the Japanese homeland instead to end the war.

            1. It wasn’t an assumption but a simple observation. I don’t think you were trying to cover anything up, you were just ignoring it in a very telling way.

              Like mentioning China’s invasion of Vietnam in 1979, which lasted about a month, without mentioning the US invasion of Vietnam 15 years earlier, 8,000 miles from the US border, that lasted about 10 years and resulted in the deaths of 3 – 4 million Vietnamese, and involved the use of chemical weapons by the US government that are still impacting Vietnamese and Americans today.

              To address some of your other points, such as Chinese support of Pol Pot, I have two responses. China’s government has made it clear that they have no problem supporting brutal and repressive regimes, but again, the list of dictators actively supported by the US, often in conjuction with US backed military overthrow of democratically elected governments, is far longer.

              Often it has been justified by far more spurious claims of outside influence and security threats than those China makes about Taiwan. US military aid and support to Taiwan, combined with US military presence in Asia, is far more significant that any Soviet influence in Mossadegh’s Iran, Arbenz’ Guatemala, Allende’s Chile, or Nicaragua under the Sandinistas.

              Second, the US also supported the Khmer Rouge, in strategic alliance with China, against the Vietnamese allied Cambodian government.


              As far as “virtually everyone” agreeing that nuking Japan saved lives, well, I suppose you could also say that, virtually everyone agrees that Columbus discovered America. It just ignores a good 75% of the story, and of the people who should be included in “virtually everyone”.

              The use of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was as much about the beginning of the US/Soviet cold war as it was about the end of WWII.


              I’m not defending China, only pointing out that, given the historical evidence, criticism of US foreign and military policy, even coming from China, should not be so casually dismissed.

              Many Americans and Chinese share a defensive attitude, fueled by relentless propaganda and ignorance or denial of much of their own history, that their countries can do no wrong and should be above criticism, or are justified in all of their actions, no matter how destructive and despicable.

              But there are always individuals and groups of individuals who care more about understanding the truth of themselves and their history than about defending their nation’s infallible greatness. And occasionally those people can counter the bull-headed ignorance of the others before it leads to yet another war.


              1. “the US also supported the Khmer Rouge”

                Having recently been to the Killing Fields outside of Phnom Pehn, that makes me sad and a little sick. There are still teeth on the ground.

                I don’t care what anyone else says about you Mirdad. I think you’re all right.

  18. li tusheng is very upset since he hasnt been laid in half a decade
    li tusheng is heated that he still hasnt been approved for a permanent visa in the united states

    li tusheng needs to know his place in society, writing an open letter to obama? that is for U.S. citizens, he needs to write to his city/small town major first, and perhaps hu jin funny tao

    Li tusheng knows nothing about nothing except having the guts to write articles that are out of the ordinary compared to most communist chinese people that are surpressed.

    li tusheng wants to blame u.s. for the avengeful acts of suicide bombers, we are at war idiot! if they never acted crazily on sept 11, maybe we wouldnt be there , would we????

    li tusheng is mad that obama sold weapons to taiwan???
    obama does not oversee every agenda that goes on, the u.s. government such as congress, military depts could easily have as much pull as the leader

    obama is the guy to take credit for take blame for

    china is still the same china as 1976, what do you have to say about blocking youtube, google searches in china huh/// ??? what is there to hide china???

    why are chinese citizens only allowed to go to hong kong for a week and damm near impossible to go to taiwan japan, korea???

    got you suckers chained like a dog, no wonder li tusheng is barking so loud, woof woof

    1. OI, you think everyone is so keen to go that bankrupt country. Not everybody is like you !.

  19. So according to Li Tusheng, Obama is a bad president and a charlatan because he doesn’t act in the interests of China? That’s basically what I got from this.

    1. <>

      This is the most salient point right here – and something that I am always going over with Chinese friends again and again. The US government exists for the benefit of US citizens, not for the benefit of China. It is not always going to do what China wants, or what is in China’s interests.

      As far as the moral high ground goes, neither China nor America can claim it, as far as I am concerned.

      I think that China was more heavily impacted by the economic downturn than the superficial numbers tell, and part of the bombast we are seeing is people’s way of looking for some kind of public catharsis.

      1. Ah, and that’s why a world government is absolutely required very soon.

        This.. whole addiction of “state” is complete crap. We’ve seen how corporations thrived and fatten themselves in these fundamental weakness of the fundamental structure of the international system, the same reasons why NGO fails in design.

        It’s really late 3:30am and I can’t really think with a clear mind, but here’s the just of it: we live in a ever more connected world yet no one is actually regulating any of these increasingly more complex relationship. What is really going on is a global anarchy, but no individual and no government is able to see beyond their everyday needs of this truth.

        No one is in control and the cartels reap the profit from all of this.

        Back to your point Al Jensen, US only care for Americans and China only cares for Chinese, duh. But the more fundamental question to answer is, when conflicts of interest occurs, is the current international system able to cope with it for the benefit of the mass majority? Why should the US be allowed to out power everybody, why should the Americans consume the world’s resources while the rest suffers?

        And your answer is… “Why? what else should the US govn’t do?”

        Hey lisent, I’ve got no answer myself, but so long as their government is not responsible for all of humanity, they shouldn’t act they as if they were. Police the world, home of democracy.

        And here’s something that’s actually not all that racist: does no white people see a moral problem with U.S.’s actions? On the moral grounds that all Man are equal?

  20. Chinese nationalists and other spouters of such propaganda need to stop this crap. When I first started learning about China in college I was very enthusiastic about the country and the culture. Now, I feel pretty ambivalent towards some Chinese people (nationalists, netizens etc). I wish I could feel positively about the country but it’s getting hard to like China after seeing how average citizens feel about my country and my people. Their criticism is much more crude and personal than what one finds in US media. China’s international image is going to suffer more as people in other countries learn more about these ugly Chinese attitudes. For its own good, China should tone down the nationalist rhetoric and move on.

  21. Well, clearly this letter wasn’t really aimed to be read by either Obama or Americans in general. It’s just another rabble-rousing tirade aimed at causing the blood of fenqing everywhere to steam and bubble with the purity of their patriotic cause. Or, like all such rants, it *could* be a tongue in cheek jab at how silly the fenqing make themselves appear before the rest of the world… but I doubt it.

    I mean, we’re sitting here poking holes in his hyperbolic assertions, noting evidence of hypocrisy, and just plain turned off by the seeming ungainliness of his writing. But this hits all the right notes for the average fenqing, and clearly that would be the intended audience.

    But here’s my question: Don’t we see this kind of rant all the time, where concerns the US? What makes this one special? The only difference is that this one is posing as “an open letter to Obama” whether or not it actually intends to reach him, and more to the point, this one is directed at Obama whom many Chinese had previously taken a liking to, as opposed to the ever-demonized (by myself as well) Bush.

    From this we can guess that the Chinese chauvinists may have once given Obama a bit of a breather from the normal state of their bile towards the US, but now we’re back to the norm. They’ve finally realized that the Democratic agenda (I’m one as well) is not aimed at assuaging the feelings of the CCP regime. Obama and those who supported him to become president (again full disclosure, I am one such) are more likely to take a hard stand on issues such as (1) job losses, (2) environment, (3) human rights, (4) the Tibet issue. These are near and dear to our hearts, and the Chinese government has been (or has been seen to be) obstructive on all of these.

  22. What you write has of course some truth but you are also being dishonest in wishing to force people who do not want to be PRC citizens to be so by the artificial construct of a “country”.

    How can you tell when a politician is lying?

    His lips are moving.

    Valid for Obama and for Hu

  23. I regret I did not put some Chinese medicine with secret prescription of my family into Obama’s dinner when he was in Shanghai. Then the health of Obama would be fully controlled by me. And I wouldn’t tell the antidote until Obama claimed the independence of California, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, Alabama, and so forth, and returned the governance to the survival American native–Indians.

  24. I’m Chinese enough to know that there’s nothing the Chinese would relish more than to be doing the exact same things that the Americans are doing.

    Take a long look at that letter. If we tried hard enough, we could write a mirror letter about China by replacing different names, places, events, etc, and it would also seem correct.

    The amount of hypocrisy is so amazing. Chinese have always loved peace? Yes they have. They also love oppression, corruption, making fake products, cheating their own people, etc. I love China, but people need to wake up. There is no clear Good or Evil country.

    At least one country is brave enough to admit that it will make mistakes. “Face” will be the end of us Chinese.

  25. If an American wins the Nobel Peace Prize, the Chinese claims that it’s just a biased show for the world and that the international committee was trying to win favors with the USA.

    If a Chinese wins the Nobel Peace Prize, all of the sudden the Chinese will claim it’s the greatest honor on Earth and that the selection committee are the wisest men in history.

    Beijing will then build a Nobel Peace Prize monument in Beijing, and also have a national parade to honor China for producing such an amazing individual.

  26. Clearly not a balanced review of Obama’s work and ideologies, I would personally prefer Obama to any one of the millions of republicans dwelling in america to be the president.

    That being said, Obama clearly fell short of his promise of change which america and the world was waiting for. though I don’t think it was his fault that he failed to do so, the american system is ripe for collapse anyways, Obama is clearly no god to reverse it.

    While the article is targeted at Obama, he’s really pointing at the American political climate as a whole and not the president, Obama in the article is no more than a figure head set up for blames. 指桑骂槐is the real show here.

  27. Li Tusheng, the author of the letter, was born in Zhejiang, and graduated from the People’s Liberation Army, Nanjing Army Command College in 1991 and is now a senior advisor to the Association for Traditional Chinese Culture. He has lectured and written widely on traditional Chinese culture.

    Translation, He is a Puppet.

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