The same “Money Counting Show”

From IFeng:

First let’s take a look these three front page headlines of the “Qingdao Morning Newspaper” around the same time this year, last year and the year before last year. Three photos, their content, characters and even the background are extremely similar. That’s right, other than the different looks of the four migrant workers, the rest of the pictures are the same! These are not photo-shopped pictures, they are better than the photo-shopped pictures – newspaper like this one is so easy to make! There are no mistakes!




The content which the pictures reflect are so good, the motion of counting stacks of money makes people feel exciting and even jealous. However always the same motion and same scene perhaps lack fresh updates over time. At the least this makes people think: behind the “positive” propaganda of the “never changing salary system”; behind a few happy old-fashioned “character props” counting money, are there not also countless migrant workers’ miserable and difficult experiences of demanding for unpaid wages?

Migrant workers demanding for unpaid wages is an old topic, an old topic that seems to be getting worse and worse each year, this means the social issue was never solved. The migrant workers who worked hard for the entire year repeat incidents of demanding unpaid wages, there were “jump off building show”, “jump off bridge show” and “jump off tower show”. Isn’t it (Chinese old saying) “Year after year, the followers are similar, but the only thing is the people are different this year”. And this year something new again, there are unique news about getting beat up by a group for demanding unpaid wages; being stabbed to death for demanding unpaid wages…  At this point, when we look at these “positive” pictures, are we just self-promoting or are we just letting people laugh and ponder?

I am not going to say no more! Because I am already sick of saying it years ago and everyone thinks it is useless. So I decided to shut up and just show these three pictures.

  1. What!!! you want us to see bad news during CNY?? that’s bad Fengshui! 大家好才是真正的好(every one good is the REAL goodness), the happy beginning and happy ending Chinese newspaper. 🙂

  2. Propaganda, look it up. All countries do this, the U.S.A., Britain, China, Russia, ALL of them.

    Never trust your a government. They’re all liars, cheats and whores.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year!

    Happy Spring Festival!

    Good lucks on everyone in the Tiger year.

    I think only this post is related to the seasons greeting, so I left a reply here

  4. Great Find! This is the sad truth of Chinese newspaper. I think this is mainly due to the lack of creativity of the editors rather than propaganda. Made me want to look up old newspapers though. This just made me laughed out loud in the office like an idiot.

  5. Apparently Bill Gates invited 50 Chinese billionaires for a philanthropical dinner in China. Rumour goes they are not very pleased by his invitation.

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