12 years of reading of another woman’s love letter wakes her husband up from coma


From Sina:

Liu Hong, a 40-year-old woman in Minquan, Shangqiu City, woke up her husband from a 12-year coma by repeatedly reading her husband’s love letter from his period of puppy love for the entirety of the 12 long years when he was in a coma.

Some 13 years ago, a car accident turned Huang Jianjun, Liu Hong’s husband into vegetable patient. Liu stumbled upon Huang’s well-kept secret of a love letter as she turned their house upside down trying to find anything valuable to pay for Huang’s expensive treatment. Though heartbroken, and knowing that Huang had kept his true love buried, Liu chose to keep reading him the letter after she found out Huang’s always had a subtle reaction to the letter. Throughout the 12 years, Liu has read the letter thousands of times as her husband’s consciousness is restored bit by bit.

The 40 year old still bore gentle love in her eyes as she talked about their marriage. Liu met Huang in 1990 through friends, and they got married in the same year, their two sons joined the family before long. In 1996, Huang brought a truck and started a long distance delivery job to make a living. Though not rich, the family was able to live with sufficient means and it was going well until the accident that took away Huang’s consciousness. It happened on Sept 7th 1996, at four in the morning when Huang is driving into Nanle County, Puyang City. Severely injured, he was sent to Puyang People’s Hospital by police. The only signs he was alive was his feeble breathing and heartbeats.

Liu took him home to take care of him thereafter. Besides daily intimate care, Liu tried every thing she could to stimulate her husband, including recreating the scenes when they are young and in love and singing his favorite songs. Nothing was effective until the letter she found a year later.

“You naughty devil, in fact I want to ask you out too, but you know my parents…”

Said the love letter, with a date at the bottom indicating that it was written before their marriage.

“I was so shocked, I started reading the words without knowing” recalled Liu, “then I found he moved the corner of his mouth. After all that I’ve done, he only reacted to this love letter.” Liu said that reading the letter, she felt like her heart was ripped open, and started crying devastatingly, which caused Huang’s mother’s to be concerned.

But she resumed and went on reading:

“I got your letter long time ago, I hope you understand and forgive me for not writing you back soon…”

At this point, Huang smiled. Huang’s mother thought it was the love letter between the couple and praised Liu for trying this method. But she took the letter and almost tore it apart as she learned that its writer was another woman. Liu stopped her and said to her: “this is not a love letter, this is the cure for him.” Liu’s words made Huang’s mother dissolve in tears.

Liu started reading her rival’s letter every night, from that night on, swallowing the hurt in mind.

“I don’t care how people perceive me, all I care is how you feel about me…”

Liu said she always had mixed feelings as her husband gave more and more reaction to the letter, “I am happy for my husband’s gradual recovery, but it hurts that he cares so much about the other woman.”

April 2004, Liu took her husband to Shangqiu NO.1 People’s Hospital to check. Doctors were shocked to find Huang had partly regained his memory, and sense of texture and feeling – he was no longer a vegetable patient.

“Now, I don’t read that letter that often, because Huang is basically conscious now. He still cannot talk, but he will shake his head to show his embarrassment when I read the letter, sometimes he will touch my hands with silent tears.” Liu said her husband was still far from fully recovering, but looking back on the years of reading a rival’s love letter to her own husband, she felt much better and comfortable now due to his noticeable improvements.

Previously, Liu had taken Huang’s medical record and latest CT pictures to Beijing Armed Police General Hospital, from which she was acknowledged that Huang could stand again after two surgeries. But the two surgeries will cost her 120 thousand yuan. To pay for Huang’s treatment all these years, Liu is already in mountains of debt. However, according to Liu, people kindly offered the couple financial assistance as soon as they learned about their situation, including the companies that they originally worked for.

“We have raised 40 thousand by far, we will be in Beijing soon to complete the surgeries,” said Liu, with absolute confidence.

  1. Christ,, yet another superstition vs medical science post. I mean fair enough if the guy wakes up and all but to give credit to a loveletter is a bit moronic. My friend’s father back when I was a kid won a couple of millions in Lotto and he was convinced that it was because he that week had bought a a new dog who brought him luck. Big story everywhere from the hungry newspapers based on stupid superstition. Wonder how many people in my country bought a new pet AND a lotto coupon that week without winning shaite.

    1. i think the credit is to the wife, not the letter. medical science is essential without a doubt, so is imtimate care from his wife, who gave proper stimulation to encourage the man’s reaction.

    2. if she had sat down and read the letter once, and he had suddenly woken up or reacted for the first time, that would be one thing, but it sounds like he just had a 12 year recovery that would have occurred whether she had read him anything or not

      1. im not saying it didnt help, but i like the story about Mr. T waking a kid out of a coma better ;p

  2. “Self-sacrifice is the real miracle out of which all the reported miracles grow”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

  3. Dear Annie,

    Hello, my name is Sayako Suetsugu, I am with a Japanese television network, Fuji-TV. We are currently preparing to do a special program on our network based on touching letters from all over the world, and the story of Mrs. Liu Hong and Mr. Huang Jianjun came to our attention. We are very interested in retelling their story in our program, and we would like to use the photograph that is used in this post. In going foward with this story, we were wondering what the user rights were, and if it would be possible for you to email us this same picture, and a picture of the couple prior to their accident (if there are any available).

    Thank you very much in advance, and hope to hear from you soon.

    Sayako Suetsugu

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