Mistress forces corrupted official to accept bribes with tears in his eyes


From Guangzhou Daily:

Another corrupted official fell off the horse because of his mistress. Zhen City former deputy secretary, deputy director of the People’s Congress party, Qiu Huosheng was charged with bribery of 1.05 million yuan and stood trial yesterday at Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court. During the trial, Qiu said the reason of him taking bribery was because his mistress Ms. Han was blackmailing him, 0.98 million yuan of the dirty money all went into the mistress’ pocket.

60-year-old Qiu Huosheng was the former deputy director of the city People’s Congress, deputy secretary of the Party, previously served as deputy secretary of Zengcheng Municipal Standing Committee, the organization department and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee. From 1999 to 2002, Qiu took advantage of his positions, demanded bribes from Zhong, Nie, Huang, Li and He etc. for total of 1.05 million yuan, and provided favors and benefits for the above mentioned staffs with job changes. Every time when he demanded for bribes, Qiu’s reason was family emergency or someone was blackmailing him. The amounts of the bribes are, 150,000 from Zhong, 200,000 from Nie, 350,000 from Huang, twice from Li for total of 250,000 and 100,000 from He. The prosecutor thinks Qiu Huosheng’s action constitutes bribery and should be punished severely. However he surrendered himself, so he may get lighter or mitigated punishment.

When Qiu appeared on court, with gray hair, wearing glasses, he looked deathly pale and swollen. He had no objections to all the alleged crimes. According to Qiu’s statement on court, he ended up this way all because of his mistress Ms. Han. “She got my phone number from a friend and called me none stop; she would hang up whenever I picked the phone.” Qiu said. After these “harassments”, Han finally met with Qiu in person, then two of them had “the inappropriate relationship between a man and a woman”, this continued for 5 months. These 5 months, Qiu Huosheng paid for with a heavy price. Ms. Han began to ask Qiu for money again and again, first time 300,000, Qiu gave her 230,000; second time 500,000, Qiu met her demand; third time another 500,000, after bargaining Qiu gave her 250,000.

According to the testimony of Ms. Han, the first time 230,000 yuan, Qiu gave her on his own will, the second time was because she got pregnant, and wanted to give birth overseas. Qiu argued that Ms. Han gave false testimony, and all of the money was demanded by Ms. Han.

Several bribers all mentioned in their testimony, Qiu Huosheng burst into tears when he demanded for bribes, saying that if he didn’t get the money his family would be “broken up, some would leave and some would die” or “the couple would jump off the building together”. The case has not reached to sentencing.


Netizens really appreciate this black humor; however few show sympathy towards the crying official who was troubled with “love”. Rather the situation was almost laughable and the consensus was Qiu got what he truly deserved.

Netizen’s comment highlights:

“Accepting Bribes with tears in his eyes "- no wonder in the photo his eyes were red and swollen. Aww such unjust treatment for our leader cadres, Leader has worked hard!

Why are you crying? There is not even torture. I remember when those martyrs facing the enemy’s guns could still keep their faces and with their hearts not skipping a beat. How is this leader so useless, And he is in charge of Political Science and Law? Anything blows up he just blame the woman. Despise!

Brother lived this long, first time heard of anyone accepting bribes with tears, this buddy is really a tragedy!

Paying my heartfelt 2010 tribute to the mistresses who stand in the front line of fighting corruption, my most sincere respect, it is your hard work letting me see the hope of life… this mistress drove the progression of the society, thank you…

Only heard of eyes light up when see money, never heard of accepting money with tears. He can’t even take care of this little woman, meaning he is defiantly incompetent at his job. How did we choose our leaders?

Mistress again, it’s because of mistress again. is this change of nature or self-depravation, why is falling officials all like to make excuses! If can’t resist the temptation of money and beauty the first place, why blame other people? Really sad!

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  3. Instead of looking at 20 years in a Chinese jail he should have just come clean to his wife and get proof of the blackmailing if the bitch went public. Cheating and having mistresses here is so common that people would forget it in a week.

    I am pretty sure that if he had proof she would have thought twice about exposing his affair if she was looking at a prison sentence for blackmailing a government official.

  4. Exactly. It’s the disloyalty of the mistress we should worry about in the first place. Let’s not forget he was forced to accept the bribes. Besides, accepting bribes being as common as adultery, who should we blame? The misstress of course. She has set him up. That naughty bitch. All else is fine. You can go back to sleep now…

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