Chinese girl getting cosmetic surgery to look like Jessica Alba to win her boyfriend back

21 year-old-girl Xiaoqing just ended a 1 year relationship with her boyfriend not long ago. The reason was her boyfriend’s strange obsession over American movie star Jessica Alba. She could not take the fact he always dressed her up as Jessica Alba. After the break up, Xiaoqing was in so much pain that she decided to have cosmetic surgery to look like Jessica Alba to win her boyfriend back.


Because of her tight budget, Xiaoqing did not have enough money to have the make-over, so she posted a post online(on Tianya) “Cash reward offer, who can give me the make-over to have the most beautiful face in the world.” She also posted her picture, and hoped using the power of Internet to attract more attentions, and to attract cosmetic surgeons’ attentions. On the Internet, some people gave her advice, some people supported her, some people insulted her, some people questioned her, Xiaoqing’s life has changed.

Reporter found Xiaoqing in a coffee shop on Wujiang road (in Shanghai)…

Translation of what she said in the video:

The first time when he saw me he thought I looked like Jessica Alba. Because I use to have long hair except for the color the hair style looked very much like Jessica Alba’s. He said you would look a lot better if you put makeup on. During that time I put on makeup everyday. He told me to sleep with makeup on at night, so I did, and he treated me very well.

He is from Hunan, a designer, born in 1981, 7 years older than me. Maybe I have a little bit of Electra complex. I am from Wuhan Hubei, born in 1988, working as customer service at an Internet company. I got to know my ex-boyfriend in a classmate gathering. The first time when I saw him, he was very gentle. After we were together for two month, we lived together. After I met him, I had no more feelings for anybody else, and would not fall in love with anyone else anymore. Now I think about it, the only thing I can think of is how good he was to me; I don’t remember anything that he was not good to me. Actually he was steady, he took care of me very well, but the only thing was he had an obsession. Any places within his eye sight, if possible, to put up pictures of Jessica Alba, he would.

The reason we broke up is when we went out to see friends. He put on a wig for me and directly asked me to go out. People on the street saw me, all pointed at me and laughed, but he didn’t care. I could not take it anymore. There were many things I was not happy about that I suppressed inside for long time. I stood there and stopped walking. He turned around and looked at me. I was crying. After three and four minutes after, there were more and more people on the street watching. Then he asked me what I wanted to do. I took off the wig and the fake eye lashes and threw them on the ground. I said I don’t want to do anything, I just don’t want to wear a wig to go outside. He said it’s fine if you really don’t want to do it. Then he said you think about it and left. Then I went to his place and moved all my stuff out. He never contacted me. I contacted him. It was the second day after I posted my post. He said he was busy and would contact me later. I just wanted to tell him I posted this post on the Internet, and many people are concerned about me, I wanted to get cosmetic surgery.

After we broke up, I was closed off. I was just in bed and did not want to get off the bed and eat anything nor sleeping. I was just crying. Friends tried to advise me but it was no use. My friends said, if you really can’t deal with it, then go ahead and get the plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba. Then when you go back to him, he will treat you better. Or else it is no use even if you go back to him. Finally I posted a post on the Internet asking for help. I will have plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba. Then many people advised me and told me that I am stupid and foolish. But I know they really cared about me. I also thought about it for long time, and also thought about it for my mom. She brought me up by herself, anything I am doing I should ask her for opinions. I am not going to tell her. I will tell my mom, but I will not tell her that I am getting plastic surgery for my boyfriend. I think she is going to get hurt if I did.

My nose, eyes and my chin need to have surgery. This is the preliminarily suggestion by the doctor. Because I don’t have any physical defects, the doctor hoped I would really think it through. I think I am already an adult, should be able to take responsibilities for my actions. I am having the huge hope and making this huge decision. I am not going to think about the problems after the plastic surgery. My hope of love is all depending on this make-over. I am imagining this is going to be a beautiful thing. After the make-over my boyfriend and I can be together and my mom will be ok, everything will be ok.

After I become like Jessica Alba, we will be happy together. I don’t care if he treats me like another person because Jessica is a very far away, but I am right next to him. Maybe after my make-over, and he finds out that I did so much for him, I really love him, he would think I am the one that is worth him to love, not Jessica. Then I think it will all be worth it.

He likes Jessica so much, if I successfully have the cosmetic surgery, I think he will continue to be with me. If he decides to not be with me, I can only give up. I did so much, and did whatever I could and took so much effort, if he is still the same, I will choose to give up.

  1. Take notice of the words on her cap: ‘Capricorn Dreaming’. This is what I found after a quick search:

    “Capricorn dreams may call up some deep information or visualize the beauty of the mineral world. Capricorn also rules the knees. As a result, Capricorn dreams may be humbling and remind us to serve others.”

  2. I’m really feel sorry about this story,and I just wonder what’s wrong with current Chinese young females,Is there any valuable thoughts or sort of things like that exist or even existed in their brain behind their their cute face?Just a rock of shit or something with similarity?

    The only conclusion I can draw from such an incident maybe that derive from her miserable childhood,that result in her such bizarre and wierd mind and behaviour.

    1. lol

      behold the strength of the American propaganda machine

      we brainwash your youth from 7000km away

      yet our youth would rather laugh than emulate your propaganda.

      thanks for ipods, but don’t even think of exporting your shitty cars over here.

      1. You wanna take it easy on this guy? I’m an american as well, and I feel sick when I read comments like that. Go back to your trailer park, you ignorant asswipe. Or go read a book, and try to catch up on what mommy and daddy didn’t give you. Until then you don’t belong here.

    2. You are a fucking idiot. Just because one person is crazy or stupid doesn’t mean the entire culture or ethnic group is. Assuming your “logic” is correct, I can only assume that your entire race and group are uneducated, quick to assume and absolute philistines ( and no, not the people, if you didn’t know).

  3. Really a tragidy,杯具!

    Does she really konw of half konwn what true affection is or love stands for?

    To show your love to your beloved,there are millions of apporaches,however,rules are be rational other word,such an absurd man worth of so called love?

      1. that’s what happens when you are well educated

        you develop a cutting, dark sense of humour, and the idiots call you weird for it, because they are too terrified to understand the CONSEQUENCES of it all.. the absurdity..

  4. This litter girl need to find psychiatrist rather than cosmetic surgeon.
      Obviously,for this girl,the problem is not about her appearance,but psychologically.  
      Then how about after successfully get cosmetic surgery to look like Jessica? How would you react if your boyfriend appeal to another prominent star face?Think about this,pathetic pretty before you move….!

    Be first to ask yourself how much you love and recongnise yourself before you try to acquire other’s affection. Do you really care and love youself? or your so called love merely based on other’s perspective towards you? if so,how many difference to that like a pet?
      All the process is nothing but a love tradedy!!

  5. The girl’s boyfriend really is pervert!!

    Think about your so-called love fist,my friend,you should understand a veritas that a man only concern about your countenance never really loves you! or in another words,it’s not love as it is,only a high cost gambel.

    All this prove your “love” is fragile.He untilize his personal foible to ingrigue you coming up with such a terrible delusion that if you doing so,he will be love you desperately and keep his love everlasting,but I can say your hope of grasping his love by this means will thoroughly shattered when you keep intercourse with him.

    How pity you are you konw?

    1. i love my “love fist”

      she’s an idiot for seeking validation through another human being

      he’s an asshole for telling his girlfriend he thinks Jessica Alba is hot

      idiot + asshole = $$$$ for a bad plastic surgeon

  6. Well,Here may another way to get things go smoothly and unfold with transparency:If you are so depend on your boyfriend’s love and care for him to the extent that even yourself beyond your control,find a skilled hypnotist to get your beloved hypnosized,and see if you owed him so much in your prelife,since he seems so cool or attractive to you that you fail to control your own behavior!!


  7. This girl looks good, she should not have any surgery. The man is crazy to make her into an image of someone he does not even know. I’m a man, and I have never wanted a woman to look like someone else. If he does, he has an unhealthy obsession with Jessica Alba. He is not a good person for a partner. Making too many changes to please an unreasonable partner will never work in the long run. Have fun with others and meet another nice man.

    1. That’s the picture of her after plastic surgery. There’s a picture of her original self on a different site.

    2. I agree. He may not be stable. This is sad. I hope the guy changes-she has done so much for him.

  8. Coming soon after the surgery, suicide when he confirms she’s crazier than him and dumps her again.

  9. C’mon. I only need half of brain to tell it’s a fiction by yet another Tianya writer. Read the style of the original Chinese article and I’m pretty sure it’s a fabricated story. The profile of the writer 缠梦散人 tells he is a male novelist:

    作者:陆林,号缠梦散人,1987年生于上海。一个桀骜不驯但又多愁善感的男孩子。以酒为知己,以字为女友。18岁开始自费办文学杂志《杨柳岸》。著有:词集《残影词》、诗集《下塘诗稿》、剧本《孔雀东南飞》、短篇小说集《城市,踩着尸体前进》、长篇校园讽刺小说《一叶飘飘人已残》等作品。立志做21世纪广大民工与妓女同胞的代言人。 QQ:102120271

    PS: 在家等高考录取通知书!郁闷ing!!!所以把以前写的东西贴上来。

    1. The post on Tianya could just be a repost, I am not sure where her orginal post was, and there is a video of the girl talking about it… unless she is in on it too, lying about it on camera.. but she sounded pretty real to me.

      1. I doubt it’s a repost because:

        1) The author released the story piece by piece in multiply threads under the post. He also answered people’s questions about some details and “her” feelings, with first person “I”. And there’s nowhere in the article that says it’s a repost.

        3) The description of the video tells “she” post an article online with the same title as the one on tianya. I did a search of the title and find the tianya post is the earliest one and many other posts refer to it.

        The end of the video mentions its a report by 新闻晚报’s journalist 李一能 and I indeed found the original report here

        However, the newspaper is little known and the journalist’s professional ethic was questioned:李一能

        I don’t doubt that some girls do silly things to attract their partners, but this one sounds a little extreme to me. It’s quite possible that this video is a fake interview to someone who wants to be famous online or a mock to the journalist in scandal.

        Anyway, I always draw a question mark when I hear an Internet hype, especially when it originates from a forum or similar. My ‘default state’ is disbelieving unless there are plenty of evidences to prove it.

        1. I see, wow, if this guy 李一能 like you said really went through all that: first prtending to be a girl posting on tianya, and actually get the girl in the picture to go along with him and then to be on camera telling the fake story and then wirting an article to pulish it on Shanghai Evening Post, then damn he is really low. I guess it’s possible. anything is possible, we just don’t know…

          1. I didn’t say the tianya post’s author is the reporter. Actually the writer put his name 陆林 in his profile. The one who made the video could be different from the one who wrote the post.

            Check out her blog post:


            All the pictures look pretty staged and the post sounds like an advertisement of the plastic surgery hospital.

            It could be a successful Internet campaign nicely done by a PR company. Anyway, Xiaoqing got what she wanted – to become famous. And after a few weeks probably nobody, including herself, will care about the existence of the imaginary boyfriend.

            1. thanks for the additional info, sounds very fishy, I am still not sure though, let’s see how this develops into.

  10. She’s making a terrible mistake. A guy who wants her to look like someone else ain’t worth a damn.

    She needs to learn that a worthwhile guy is a guy who will love her for what she looks like.

    That guy is trash.

    1. the ALL IMPORTANT ANSWER TO YOUR ANSWER, IS NO, she wouldnt let you hit it,
      however , i get behind you and hit it, not with my 8 inch 8=====D~ but with a baseball bat, hit youtill your mind is right making this comment, you goofy boy, you got no game, you will never hit that wannabe jessica or your neighbors vegetable selling daughter that looks like ugly betty

  11. what the hell, this guy is a total jerk. i’m a Chinese guy, so hear me out. he is so materialistic it’s despicable. Chinese culture is suppose to be about virtues and traditions and all. looks is valued, but it’s far from “all”, this guy is a far cry from a gentleman in the Chinese sense, and the girl is making a huge mistake staying with him.

    imagine if they get married and she aged a little, will the guy change his “taste” as she ages?

    OMG, this is so umbelievable.

  12. Any of you guys can tell me name of the song in the end of the video? The Chinese version of “mad world” by gary jules? Thanks in advance!

  13. Is it me? Or has there been a flurry of articles of late in P.R. Chinese newspapers that remind people of the anti moga/mobo movements in Japan in the 1920s – right down to “real life stories” like this?

    For those that curious about the moga/mobo reference:See this link

        1. Lol. Instead of the Gang of Four I was actually thinking of The Fabulous Four, as they played their role in the USSR before glasnost. Different ideology, same strategy. As long as it’s four (-;

  14. Wow, just wow, this story does seem a bit extreme and fabricated. However, I do know that there are crazy people out there who would go through such a procedure because apparently they can’t live without that person in their lives.

    If this story is true, then the guy definitely has an unhealthy obsession, and if he knows that his ex-girlfriend is going to go through with this procedure and not stop her, then he’s a douchebag.

    On the other hand, the chick is pretty screwed up in the head as well. It’s probably due to inexperience and being too naive thinking that this crazy stunt will work. After all, people want what they can’t get. He’ll still be crazily obsessed with Jessica Alba regardless if she gets surgery or not.

  15. In my view it is a spoof created to mock, or poke fun at the globalisation of a lifestyle that is based on popular image and consumerism. Some define parody as “any cultural practice which provides a relatively polemical allusive imitation of another cultural production or practice.” Often, the most satisfying element of a good parody is seeing others mistake it for the genuine article.

  16. Pingback:
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  19. Doesn’t look real to me. Keep in mind people on China’s internet make up stories all the time for whatever reason.

    1. This is true and that Chinese girl did get plastic surgery and it was on the news too. She doesn’t look real and she looks weird with the plastic surgery. Chinese people are sick and they need help.

  20. 你是独一无二的个体,上帝把这个仅有的你放在世上,要你活出精彩来。不是谁都有权利为了他们自以为的爱情随意地去破坏独特的自己的。三思吧,朋友。你就是最好的自己!很多时候爱情虚无得甚至不如一片廉价的止痛药。

    1. dave pretty, i send a couple cholos and strip your whitie tighties down wax your fruity asss with some listerine and hit you with my souvenir baseball bat from the dodgers game, whats wrong with you people making comments about hiting this hitting that, you also got no game, only thing you hit is your dog with a brown bag

      1. I’d also hit it! I bet bananas at large will only get to hit the cholo during their private sword fight sessions…comon man, we’ll just joking around…just chillax and enjoy the fun and there’s no need to listerin some fruity asss with your dodger’s bat

  21. Hi dear…
    I am so sorry for what happen to you. I would like to tell you to think twice before you do this. You already very pretty, infact when I saw your pic, I thought you’ve done the surgery already. You look very much like Jessica Albia.
    I don’t think you need this, you are very pretty girl. Be confident. I don’t think this boy deserves you.

    Be strong
    Best wishes

  22. This is madness, what the hell will make you go to such an extent to please a man with a plastic surgery, dat dude is an ass. If he really want u to have a plastic surgery then he should bear the cost… Why re u killing yourself pretty girl, you look more prettier than anytin I could even tink of right now. . re you sure that guy is not just remoting you to his own satisfaction then later he shred u away. stay calm and think about your family, your mum who gave birth to you and appreciates you the way you’re …your family loves you, why relenting on a dumb ass guy who dosen”t even think abt the risk involve, all he wants is for you to look like Alba. Fuck dat shit…. Think and dnt do something u get to regret…. dat guy is an asshole…. just an advice. cheers

  23. “She could not take the fact he always dressed her up as Jessica Alba”
    How the hell do you dress someone up to look like someone else?

    I quess I could understand if the dude was fixated on Steven Hawkings and he made her sit in a wheel chair or something, well .. you know what I mean, but anyway… how do you “dress someone up” to look like Jessica Alba?

    “You are going to look like Jessica Alba for me ok!” “Now put on these girls clothes on these girls shoes and this makeup”

    *sobbing* “But this is not who I am. I wont wear these girls clothes and girls shoes and makeup anymore” ”

    “You will do it! If you love me you will do it”

    “I’m not Jessica Alba, I’m not! I dont want to wear these girls clothes and girls shoes and makeup, I want to wear …. other… more cheap, less tasteful… perhaps fake… probably illfitting girls clothes and girls shoes and.. inappropriate makeup.. thats who I am! I am Chinese!”

  24. ami me parese ques vonita y el novio de ella tiene suerte de teneruna novia asi pero cada uno es comes y no podemo ser quien nosomos nohay nada como ser tu mismo y si tu madre te iso asi poda le grasias por vivir esta vienarmirar al gien pero que swer convertie se en no por que no es lo mismo y no seriala misma esta vienhoperase sientas acon plejada sino tienes tetas hote falta el culo ho golda y queeres tar mejor osi tienesla cara defigurada oso silo veo vien pero caviar algo queiso tu caraterica que te parese atu madre o tufamila eso loveo mal

  25. As an American studying abroad in China, I agree with many of the statements above. Like everyone else, I agree that she needs psychological support and needs to reevaluate her love and devotion to her ex-boyfriend.

    I’d also like to point out that her attitude and behavior is not as unbelievable as many may think. Growing up in a well-to-do American neighborhood, I saw the same mentality in many of my classmates. Plastic surgery is not common per se, but no unheard of. Girls start wearing makeup before they are ten. Boys obsess over female celebrities and girls regularly idolize them to an unhealthy extent.

    The story is not far-fetched. If I were told that this was happening with high school classmates, I would not be surprised in the least. Whether or not the story is real, it is an effective commentary on our (developed nations’) society.

    1. Plastic surgery is very common in Korea but not very common in China. Korean teens get plastic surgery for their birthday !! Korea is number one in the world for plastic surgery.

      1. When was the last time you took a look at yourself? Inside? Are you missing anything? Like … the brain? Or did you throw out the one that’s not racist?

  26. I think her shin and her lip look same Jessica …..but don’t do this for just only a suck man

    think for yourself fist

  27. She still doesn’t look anything like Jessica Alba and Jessica is way more beautiful than that Chinese girl. She is such an idiot. Its not just Chinese people that get plastic surgery on them, Korean people also get it and many Korean celebrities get plastic surgeries to look pretty. Koreans are fake.

    1. Totally agree with you.

      I just cannot figure out why these eastern Asians want to share simliar faces and even their bodies look alike. Don’t they think that’s super disgusting?
      BTW, I heard most of them madly adore the White, especially babies. I guess their aesthetical standard is just so twisty.

  28. How if her BF suddenly change his obsession to Christina Aguilera?
    Will She do the surgery again…
    Think further…100x surgery can cause a face like Cat Woman…
    Be grateful for who u are…cause u have eyes, nose, mouth…there are a few who doesn’t had it at all…Btw, does the Ex-Bf look like Justin Timberlake enough to have a GF like Jessica Alba? wtf…..

  29. Okay, so did she really have plastic surgery? or did Alba find out and told her not to? When I heard about the story I thought she was stuuupid for doing the surgery for that kind of guy, and I thought that the ex-boyfriend was a freakazoid. After reading what she said I actually got to see how she felt. It is sad that she loves him, but it is understandable, except the Alba obsession. If someone really loved someone that person would accept everything about them, even if it annoys them. Is this story even real?

  30. who say beauty is only skin deep. The grass is all greener on the other side. To people in the Caribbean Chinese are beautiful. To the other person one alway look better that the other. i have a big nose. i am not going to change it. Love you self because when you get old you have to face yourself when you get old.

  31. Her desperation and subservience reminds me of my current girlfriend in china. Unlike the guy in the article, I’ll treat my girlfriend well….

  32. This is so sad and so wrong it makes me wanna cry. She and her boyfriend both have issues and need help soon. Maybe the bf is just being an over obsessive fanboy and telling his gf she has to change but she has major self-confidence and self-worth issues as well. She’s seeing everything as ideal and perfect, but you can see she clearly has doubts about this. She even knows it will hurt her mom if she found out the real reason she’s getting ps. Why would she bother crying if she didn’t feel like she was betraying her true self? If she were fine with it, she wouldn’t need the guy to approve of her. I find this all very sad and I think though it may take time, it’d be best to have a psychologist help her regain her sense of independent self-worth before she dates anyone again. This whole thing is just so messed up.

  33. really it is possible I also love my gf so much but my parents not allowing to marry with her . So I want to change her face her look so please tell me…..

  34. This must be how it is for alot of women over there they don’t get much respect and they will bend over backwards to keep a guy it should be the other way around. If a person is in love with anpther person that seems great but has some well issues (as her ex boyfriend does) than do you really think they will live happily ever after that? No matter if you are in love with him now let me tell you it won’t be like that forever!

  35. Omg… she’s not normal. If he would loved her, he would accept her look/face. I don’t think that it’s okay to change your look just because the boyfriend has an obsession to Jessica Alba… then he should go and find her. :))) Personally, I underwent a tummy tuck by Dr. Jerome Edelstein, but not to look like someone else 😐

  36. listen your boyfriend needs to stop and look himself in the mirror because if you were my girlfriend I think you look more beautiful than jessica alba and trust me that guy you call your boyfriend needs to take a good look at himself and think how lucky he is to have a girlfriend who does so much for him and loves him and if he doesnt appreciate you then you need to confront him and tell him that the obsession with jessica alba needs to stop…. good luck cameron

  37. I think the boyfriend is being obsessive. He should realize that Jessica alba is a film star and some of them can be very pretty. I don’t find Jessica alba all that pretty-She’s a human. He should realize he must be in a relationship out of love, not admiration over a celebrity. You can have a crush with them but know that its not important.

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