Migrant workers surround boss’s BMW for unpaid wages

From Sina:
Zhengzhou Evening News:

8 migrant workers “kidnap” the boss’s car220100129-bmw-01

Not paying salaries? Then don’t think about leaving. On January 25, construction migrant workers in Zhengzhou surrounded the project leader’s BMW, not letting him to leave. However the project leader called for another car and forcibly left the scene. For this matter, the director of debt settlement office of the City Construction Commission Zhang Shunhai said, the City Construction Commission starting from today suspended this construction company and labor company’s rights to undertake any project in Zhengzhou, until the matter is investigated then precede further actions.

On January 25, at 2:20 PM, the reporter learned that a group of migrant workers due to long term delays of their unpaid salaries and after once again being denied, surrounded the labor contractor’s BMW on the street in front of the City Construction Commission east gate.

The reporter went on the scene and saw the BMW X5 with the license plate No. 浙A8771B parked there, the car window was half open. 8 migrant workers all over their 50s were sitting around and surrounding the car. According to the migrant workers, the project leader already called for another car and “forcibly left”.


“Project Department has been delaying to pay our salaries”

A woman wearing a green jacket approached the reporter, “My name is Ling Duanping, on June 15, 2009, my husband Song and I organized more than 50 workers and undertook the roofing steel frame project offered by Haitian Group Limited Company Henan Branch.” Ling Duanping said, at the time they had an agreement with the project manager Fang Rushen on the construction cost of 1.6 million yuan, after paying 200,000 yuan as deposit, they started working.

Ling told the reporter, October of last year when the roofing steel frame project was completed, Fang Rushen owed them 700,000 yuan, including the steel material cost of 300,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan deposit which was not returned, and the 204,000 yuan of extra material cost which was agreed upon during the construction. Fang Rushen refused to pay for all of them.

“When the construction was about to finish, the morning of October 20, Fang Rushen drove the construction team out of the site. It has been two month since we have been driven out… the workers who worked at the construction site for over two month but did not even get one cent.” The reporter saw such records when Ling provided the “Labor of construction notes”.

No money, could only live in temporary sheds in construction site.

“Whenever we meet our boss, he is always driving a BMW, and now it is the end of the year, we still have not received our wages. We are not letting him go today!” A migrant worker named Wang from Zhouko said. “We cannot even get one cent, how do we go home? We can only wait here in Zhengzhou, where ever there are any odd jobs I would do them, no jobs means no food to eat, nowhere to live.” Wang, who is already 60 years old said helplessly.

Wang had been a migrant worker for over 6 month now, there were 7 of them came at the same time as him. Over six months have passed, they still have not received their full salaries, now they have nowhere to stay, just carrying a quilt and staying in the temporary sheds in the construction site.

Wan who is in the same situation as Wang came from Yian City, Jiangsu province. Before, Wang and his wife both were living in the shed in the construction site, because he was still not paid for long time, on January 5, Wan took his wife back home to Yuan City, then came back with his fellow villager to Zhengzhou and continued to wait.

“We can’t go home if we don’t get the money!” Now Wan and them in order to save money and  lower the cost of living, rented a small hotel in Nanyang Village, eating instant noodles every day.

Company’s rights to undertake any project in Zhengzhou was suspended

At 3 pm on January 25, the City Construction Commission debt settlement office director Zhang Shunhai told the reporter that they have already communicated with three parties in the morning, however because each side was not willing to compromise, no resolutions have been made. Zhang said, from today on City Construction Committee suspended the construction company and the labor company’s rights to undertake any project until the matter is investigated and then precede further actions. Construction contract company and lobar company will conduct negotiations, or through legal channels to resolve the dispute, then according to the settlement results to pay the payment for the construction project and to pay the salaries for the migrant workers.

At 4 pm, after mediating, migrant workers stopped surrounding the BMW.

At 6 pm, reporter was able to contact Fang Rushen on the phone. He told the reporter, Song’s steel frame project was done but it was a complete “mess”, he is now in Hangzhou, will come back to Zhengzhou the same day, and he invited the reporter to go to the site to take a look at the quality of the steel frames. “I am ready to sue them and don’t want to say anything anymore.” Fang Rushen said.

  1. Why not? The car cost probably at least $80k because all the duties and import taxes.

    1. not as much as your mother and father hated you the second you were born you revolting piece of shit.

  2. you hate migrant workers spicy cat,
    they hate seedy bastards like you and that chinaman boss flaunting a bmw with no money in his checking account to disperse payroll
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    most chinese bosses wants to utilize the max out of a human being with no regards to how hard they work to earn a little money
    bottom line is there are a lot of low life pieces of shit that wear dress shirts

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  3. Whenever I see my boss drive his Bloody Migrant Worker, I believe those Bloody Migrant Workers should be surrounded, hijacked and silenced once and for all. Think, before you speak my friends…

  4. Liking migrant workers or not is not the issue. The point is that they have put in a “honest day’s work and are cheated out of their money. Who in this world would like to work and not be paid – why do anybody want to work ?

    Such situations happen in many parts of the world. In Singapore, Chinese migrant workers in the construction have been known to have their work permit cancelled and deported back to China without their salaries, some as long as 3-6 months salaries. The same goes for Dubai.

    In most cases, the main culprits are the “human traffficking” agents – both forwarding and receiving agents, and sometimes the employers.

    Governments should be more active in monitoring and clamping down on such situations.

    My sympathy goes with these unpaid workers. Their bosses should be locked up for this coming Lunar New year.

  5. Good. But I’d prefer if they had the power to take that owner to court.

    I’m a chinese and i’m all for China. But fuck corruption. fuck it.

    if that BMW had a good reason why he’s not paying, say… if he himself was scammed or something, fine. But he probably just wasted the money away in splendid luxury. so fuck him, and fuck all his kind. go the hell.

  6. Migrant workers are terrible. They start that hammering and construction at 8am-9am in the morning. I shout at them and they just giggle like a bunch of uneducated pieces of unbathed shit. I also don’t like migrant workers but JeffGoh is 100% right. They are still human and they also put in the work and are now being cheated. Its not fair to do that to anyone. I hope they get their money, the boss goes to jail, and the migrant workers are sent back to the countryside so we all can get alittle bit or peace and quiet around here.

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