, sister of Google?


A Shanzhai version of has just been created and launched in China, introducing It is not a joke, this website is to compete with the world’s number one search engine, it is also said to be a gesture to press Google to stay in China. The appearance of the website is almost identical to “Google” is turned into Goojje, and in Chinese, 谷歌 became 谷姐. (姐:jie means “Sister” in Chinese.) The slogan under the logo reads “Brother’s stay is for sister, brother is still obsessed with sister.”

Brother’s stay is for sister, brother is still obsessed with sister


Did you ever want to work for Google? How about Goojje? apparently they are hiring!

Overseas compatriots, do you want to join Goojje? 

Many people want to ask: What does Goojje do? Why does Goojje exist?
Maybe Goojje is a search engine, or maybe Goojje is SNS, or maybe Goojje is portal, and maybe…
What really is Goojje? And you deicide everything…
Actually the reason I created Goojje except for because brother is leaving, is also to complete a harmonious dream, I hope Goojje can bring happiness to everyone; hope Goojje can accompany you through each lonely seasons… and hope Goojje can help everyone to get to all hot information on the internet.
I also hope everyone is a part of the development of Goojje, let everyone to be involved with Goojje’s future and development. I hope everyone who is on Goojje becomes a member of the Goojje management.
Goojje is a platform of freedom, if you have plans for Goojje, we will try our hardest to complete them.
Now we are recruiting from all the goojje’s fans, As long as you have a sincere heart, a sense of responsibility, can finish tasks on time, willing to become Goojje’s network team, to give your precious time to the development of Goojje, you are all welcome.

Main Job Categories:

Web Editor: Enhance Goojje’s knowledge and spread knowlege to everyone
Website Art: Goojje’s overall image, make Goojje cuter and prettier
Web Programmer: Goojje’s maintenance, let Goojje improve its ability, grow to be healthier
Website Planning: Goojje’s future, should Goojje be an actress or go buy vegetables or…Publicity: Introduce Goojje, let Goojje has a pretty image in everyone’s heart.
Community Management: daily lives of Goojje, make Goojje organized
Animation Design: Sketch Goojje’s iamge, record every Goojje’s happy moment

Website to apply:

Goojje 2010 inspirational video (dedicated to those of you who are lost)


Translation on the parts without subtitles:

Everyone has his or her own dreams, but will always encounter many setbacks and difficulties, and even…

There are always times when people cry, but there is always someone who gives you a compass when you are lost.

If you priest, you can always walk a path that belongs to yourself.

Even the violin in my hands is broken I believe if I persist in my dream, I too can play the music that belongs to me. Everyone in the process of completing his or her dream will always encounter many difficulties and setbacks, but it’s ok, these are trials before completing the dream. Please smile and walk forward, step by step. Persist in my path, don’t abandon; don’t give up. The sun is still shining on the path in front of you. Even if I am the only one left in the world playing a solo, I can still madly perform the solo. If you persist, caterpillar will turn into butterfly, flying into the sky that belongs to your own. Stick to the end, whether succeed or fail, you will stil get the applause of approval. You are still the brightest star.

My path, I persist, don’t abandon, don’t give up.

Then in this article, “Google and Baidu, who loves Goojje more?” They wrote:

When Goojje said, Brother left, do not obsess sister, sister is obsessing brother, deeply attracted Google (brother). Because Goojje’s firing love which made brother gave up the thoughts of leaving, and stayed for sister, for this sister feels very happy. So we it changed to, Brother’s stay is for sister, brother is still obsessed with sister

Goojje claims to love Google and Baidu equally and is equally loved by both Google and Baidu. Their logo is really the combination of Google and Baidu.

When Google and Baidu noticed, they are both number one in Goojje’s heart, and curiously asked Goojje, why is he number one in your heart also? Goojje only said one sentence, everyone is equal, regardless of how who they are, sister love them all! Sister is born for peace, this world is harmonious because Goojje appeared, brothers are no longer lonely no there is Goojje.

Rumor has it, the entire team comes from all over the country, the reason of the website is inspired by the news of Google leaving the Chinese market. They started working when the news broke out and took 20 of them one day and one night to put up the site.  The main creator is a school girl with the surname Wen (温) from Guangdong province who is just 20 years old.  But she “is full of ideas and refused to show her face.

  1. 岂有此理!

    Google’s years of hard work, genius, blood and sweat is being bastardized by this stupid man, who thinks he’s doing this for the greater good. (to bring ‘harmony’ to society??)

    Because of China’s lack of Intellectual Property laws – and therefore discipline – some Chinese think they can just copy something and launch it as their own, and worse still that to do so would NOT BE WRONG. This is a slap in the face of hard work, creativity, intellect, organization, and moral rights.

    If he’s smart, he would remove it right away before he causes his entire country to look really, really bad in front of the rest of the world.

    1. Hmm, no, it just makes you look like a tool for not even understand what parody is. Unless you are severely retarded, any Chinese person could tell you that this is a joke site to mock the whole google/china situation. Every link you can click on goes to into some internet jokes. Your severe lack sense of humor means that you don’t have any friends who can properly translate the text for you.

    2. The current age is the competitive age. All the small companies and organizations wants to merge with other big organizations. But the big companies cannot merge all the small companies with them because of the competition. So to gain publicity and make a lot of profit small companies have chosen the way of copying logo of big companies. And make a logo of their own in the similar format which is cheating the common people. Big companies invest a lot of money in advertising and in that way they gain publicity. And the small companies steal the logo of big companies which fetch the small companies with publicity and a lot of profit. In the other hand the big companies will loose their grasp in the market. Also the public will get affected negatively.

      The brand name really matters in this modern age that is the only way one can trust the company. So as the Chinese search engine company goojje has been claimed to have the logo of google which has fetched the goojje with publicity and a lot of profit but this directly affects the people of china because while searching something from goojje they may not get the actual data they want. This way the reputed company google is also being affected. So, the goojje should change its company name.

  2. Yes, very funny parody. Lighten up guys. Someone had to do this.

    I think that Goojje would make a good TV series. Kind of a Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf for grown ups xD

    1. you guys did not learn the humor of Chinese, the site is just for fun, it dosen’t represent anything else.

  3. Relax guys, if your feeling got hurt by this, you should ask yourself why you are so sensitive and inclined to defend two companies (Google and Baidu) that you have no connection with. Read that website in Chinese and I’m pretty sure it’s a parody.

    At least the good news is, Goojje works! I would worship Sister Gu if she makes a Goojje Docs that kicks Gdocs’ ass. The current one is just barely usable.

    1. Heh. I was going to write something along these lines too. Being a person whose future career is tied to creative pursuits heavily dependent on adequate protections of IP, I can understand why people feel strongly about the subject, and its manifold abuse in China.


      I don’t think at this point we have any reason to suspect that Goojje is even a real competitor for Google. That’s not the impression I got, anyway. If all they’re copying is the site design, it’s a bit pathetic; search algorithms and a broad range of interconnected services are what the Google brand rests on. If it’s just a gesture on the part of a netizen feeling bereft at the impending departure of Google, then let him have his gesture. At worst, it’s just another Baidu (which also blatantly rips off Google’s site design); at best, this is a way for some Chinese fellow to express his feelings about the latest Google controversy.

      1. That worship thing in my second paragraph is a satire from me. But the pain in my ass from using google docs (especially the word processor) is real – it’s lack of so many crucial features that the “document writer” works merely slightly better than writing an email in HTML. Comparing to Google Docs, ZOHO is like a bless and Abicollab comes even better but there’s still plenty of room there to go. I’m not a fun to any company and I applaud for every effort from anyone to make a better online collaborative editor.

  4. Some great information up here, thanks man. The release of Cataclysm is driving me nuts, at 1 time it was supposed to be released in Feburary 2010, currently it is supposedly November 2010!

  5. 天涯呀海角,

    郎呀, 咱们俩是一条心

    天 呀 真 好 笑!!!

  6. If you really think Goojje is seriously intended by its creator as a competitor to Google, then you must be quite hallucinational and know nothing about the Chinese language.

    Yes the site says it’s for the Hexie (“harmony”) of the world, but anyone who’s not living under a rock and knows how the Chinese netizens feel for the word Hexie should know that the word Hexie is nothing but a joke and the subject of parody. To say Goojje is infringing IP is about as lame as saying Team America : World Police is some serious political movie.

    It’s just a parody, a joke to make fun of the China vs. Google fiasco, and to think it’s a serious search engine that infringes on IP just shows how weak (morally, spiritually, intellectually and ethically) and overly sensitive YOU really is.

    1. The excess of umbrage goes both ways, of course. We can’t assume that everyone who comments on this site is an expert in either/both Chinese netizen’s slang and/or Chinese language in general. So why not gently inform those people, rather than making character assaults (weak morals, intellect, etc.)?

  7. LOL @ China-bashers on the comments section. They remind me of the idi0ts who actually think the Onion is a real newsite and SNL is real news.

    What the bigots need to do is to find a sense of humor.

  8. In certain kinds of situational or historical irony, which occur outside works of fiction, a certain factual truth is highlighted by some person’s complete ignorance of it, or belief in the opposite of it– however, this contrast does not occur by human design. In some religious contexts, such situations have been seen as the deliberate work of divine providence to emphasize facts, and taunt or toy with humans for not being aware of them in situations where they could easily have been enlightened (this is similar to human use of irony). Such ironies are often more evident, or more striking, when viewed retrospectively in the light of later developments which make the truth of past situations obvious to all.



    作者:我是缅甸 提交日期:2010-1-31 9:15:00 访问:0 回复:0
    一位反间谍软件和隐私保护研究员表示,谷歌工具栏存在的一个漏洞导致谷歌持续接收用户网络浏 览相关信息,这违背了谷歌搜索引擎的隐私政策。哈佛大学商学院助理教授本·埃德尔曼 (Ben Edelman)将于当地时间周二发布一项报告。该报告指出,6.3以及之上版本的谷歌工具栏存在一个漏洞,报告指出,6.3以及之上版本的谷歌工具栏存 在一个漏洞,如果微软IE 8浏览器用户激活谷歌工具栏的“高级功能”,那么即便用户已经将该工具栏关闭或缷载,谷歌仍然可以追踪到这些用户的网络行为信息。
      埃德尔曼表示,激活谷歌 工具栏的Sidewiki和PageRank高级功能之后,IE 8用户就会遇到这一问题。谷歌对此予以确认。PageRank功能可以使用户查看谷歌对某些网页重要性排名的依据。Sidewiki则是一个评论聚合工 具,允许谷歌工具栏用户通过浏览器的侧边栏对网页发表评论。
      根据谷歌的隐私保护政 策,在用户关闭谷歌工具栏的情况下,谷歌不得继续传送用户的浏览信息。埃德尔曼表示,这个漏洞只影响IE 8浏览器用户,对IE 7、火狐、Chrome等浏览器用户没有影响。
      谷歌证实这一问题确实存在,并表示, 只有一小部分谷歌工具栏用户受到影响。谷歌一位发言人称,这个漏洞将于周二得到解决,谷歌工具栏也将自动更新。谷歌拒绝透露使用谷歌工具栏的IE 8用户数量,只是估计其工具栏总共有大约“数亿”用户。谷歌工具栏6.3版是于2009年9月份推出的。
      根据谷歌工具栏的隐私政策,如果同意使用Sidewiki和 PageRank功能,就意味着用户同 意将自己的浏览信息传输给谷歌。埃德尔曼举例说,如果使用PageRank功能,谷歌工具栏就会将用户浏览过的域名、目录、文件名、URL参量、搜索条目 发送给谷歌。对于这种行为,谷歌工具栏的隐私政策解释说,此类高级功能的作用就是在用户浏览网页时将网页的地址和其它信息传给谷歌。
      不过根据这一政策,如果用户关闭了Sidewiki和PageRank高级功能,那么谷歌工具栏就 “不会继续向谷歌发送URL等信息”。
      谷歌表示,将发布一个谷歌工具栏的下载更新以解决此问题。另外一个选 择就是在做出任何设置改变之后一定要重启IE 8浏览器,以确保设置改变生效。
      埃德 尔曼表示,谷歌应当从服务器中删除因谷歌工具栏漏洞而收集到的用户浏览信息。谷歌发言人拒绝就是否会删除这些信息发表评论。

  10. The world is changing and it is beautiful !
    Lets all , all the peoples of the world unit in friendship and Love !
    The computer is a powerful tool which will unit
    all the peoples of the world. peace !

  11. Bert, JoE, PhilosophyChild – Way to show your bigotry. It’s a joke, and even if it wasn’t, how can you possibly justify the racist comments that you’ve made? Clearly the Chinese – and other people of many cultures who got the joke – all have far superior intellect to you, the ones who are attempting to insult them. And that, dear children, is irony.

  12. what is the problem of google, i don’t like google’s sister! what is the web site of google’s sister?

  13. another Chinese company uses successful enterprise’s fame to market them-self
    how sad…

  14. Have you ever considered publishing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog centered on the same information you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would value your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

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