Elementary schools named after tobacco industry in China

From Xinhua:

“Genius comes from hard work
Tobacco helps you to be successful”


After the Wenchuan earthquake last year, Sichuan disaster area has established a “Sichuan Tobacco Hope Elementary School”, not only the “China Tobacco” name and logo was clearly printed on the top of the school building, the stone monument in the center of the school writes “Determine to contribute to society, Tobacco helps you to be successful”. According to statistics, there are at least 17 Hope elementary schools that are named after Tobacco industry. (Wuhan evening news, 12/14/2009)

Chinese folklore says “Smoke makes writing and wine makes poetry”, but the tobacco company directly shuts out “Tobacco helps you to be successful” in a school. They want to tell the students, come, tobacco can help you to be successful and hope the students to remember, it is tobacco that helped you grow, so please repay us later. The tobacco company which is already the public enemy on TV and newspapers, all of sudden turns into Santa Claus giving presents away, opening a mouthful of yellow teeth, I am ugly, but I am your savior.

Now days, laws are being made in everywhere in order to control tobacco, but the tobacco sets a new trend to hide in the elementary school buildings, their eyes are on the distant future. When the nearing World Expo can refuse all tobacco sponsorships, how come our schools don’t have the power to say “No”?

From Netease:


Sichuan Tobacco Hope Elementary School




“Genius comes from hard work
Tobacco helps you to be successful”

If your resume writes that the school you have graduated from is Sichuan Tobacco Hope Elementary School, how would you feel? Well-known tobacco control expert Professor Wu Yiqun said that we must strictly prohibit tobacco companies to name Hope Elementary schools and poverty grants.

In order to proceed the revising of the “advertising law” and “provisional tobacco advertising management law” On December 12, 2009, Tsinghua University Law school hosted a stimulation hearing on issuing laws to ban tobacco advertising and sponsorships, experts strongly called for a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising and sponsorship.

Tobacco industry representatives argued that tobacco is a legal product, should not be prohibited in advertising and marketing. On the issue of sponsorship, business representatives said that this only reflects the social responsibility of the tobacco corporations, and the contribution from the tobacco companies should not be restricted.

But anti-tobacco participants said tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship beautify the corporate image.

During the stimulation conference, Anti-smoking Organization Exploration Center for Health Research and Development, Deputy Director Professor Wu Yiqun presented the investigation and research data on tobacco companies setting up Hope elementary schools. And he pointed out that their fundamental purpose is to establish a positive image for the tobacco industry and ultimately to sell more tobacco products.

Experts also pointed out, currently China’s “advertising law” and “Provisional tobacco advertising management law” etc. do not have restrictions on tobacco advertisements; there is no defined rules on indirect advertisements, and there is no restrictions on tobacco promotional sponsorships.

The following are the elementary schools in China named after tobacco industry:



Sichuan Tobacco Hope Elementary School

Zhongnanhai Heart Elementary school

"Welcoming Pine" Hope Elementary School 20100120-tobacco-12

Hongyun Group Vegetable Garden Elementary School

Hongta Hope Elementary School

Liaoning Tobacco Trade Hope Elementary School

Sichuan Tobacco Elementary School

Qinghai tobacco Hope Elementary School

Sinan County, Gold Leaf Hope Elementary School

Zunyi Tobacco Hope Elementary School20100120-tobacco-09

Shuangboloushao Tobacco Hope Elementary School

Anhui China Tobacco Hope Elementary School

Guangxi Zhelong Hope Elementary School20100120-tobacco-10

Panhe Tobacco Elementary School

Tibetan District in Sichuan Tobacco Hope Elementary School

Lotus Students Learning Fund

Xiaoguandong Town, Xuanen County, Hubei Providence, Nuichang Tobacco Hope Elementary School

Shuixie Town, Yongping County, Yunnan Province, Tobacco Hope Elementary School

  1. The whole world is laughing at China being stupid!!!!

    What next Tsinghua Baijiu University???? Shannxi CoalBoss Hospital???? CocaCola Preschool??? KFC Police Academy???

    I have heard of ‘companies’ sponsoring activities and classes in schools in other places around the world but to be actively promoting death-sticks to children is pretty dire, even if it is in areas where the schools are needed.

  2. No wonder the LAUSD is in such a decrepit state, we need more Tobacco Company funding! To think that if I had started smoking at 11 years old… I would be in an Ivy League by now.

  3. This is a joke, right? I mean, seriously? China, get ready for the health care costs of all those future cancer victims. Geez. What a mistake this is.

    1. What healthcare costs? In China, you pay for your diagnosis and treatment at the hospital itself. Very few people can afford any form of insurance (if it even exists), and most people are too poor to manage any kind of healthcare payment, unless their extended family can help them out in times of trouble.

      I understand your point, but with China I would be more inclined to rephrase it, “Get ready to lose all that workforce when the future cancer victims can no longer produce”. That would, to me, be more accurate.

  4. Everybody smokes here so I am not really surprised. Untill this year we even had the “HongHe Running Bulls” play in the Chinese Basketball League. One thing is to donate to schools which is bad enough but to write slogans like that inside the playground well,, let’s just say that China still has a long way to go. That said let us also keep in mind the tobacco commercials in the “West” from the time when we weren’t banning everything related to smoking. “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette”. When I watch those commercials on Youtube I can’t help giggle in a sort of baffled disbelief.

  5. WOW, anyone watch the movie idiocracy? That movie was 500 years in the future but I think we are at warp speed, to absurdity and beyond. Good thing we don’t share the knowledge we have, but i guess being a good CONsumer, is consuming everything in sight. Good luck China, Philip Morris really does care about your health. Oh and don’t forget to start adding Fluoride to your water, it’s good for you.

  6. This is terrible. China needs to learn to take a lesson from the West’s mistakes. China has the opportunity to be better, not worse!

  7. Definitely a problem wherever the government gives up funding (therefore some control) of education to private corporations. In my own high school, back in the states, the problem was with fast food companies and soft drink companies making donations to our school in order to have privileged access (Pepsi machines around every corner; greasy food in the cafeteria) in order to impress bad consumption habits on eager young minds and stomachs.

    The dire lack of education funding combined with the good guanxi connections between state and private entities (the article highlights the situation in China, but elsewhere as well) can certainly wreak havoc if there aren’t guidelines as to what companies are allowed to sponsor schools, and how they are allowed to interact with the school/students in return for their sponsorship. I wouldn’t deny that private-public partnerships can be useful to schools, but there should be boundaries as to what comprises an acceptable partnership.

  8. Since the major Tobacco Groups in China are state owned, every public school is in fact a Tobacco school. China is behind the cancer sticks that it feeds to its people, not private enterprise.

    1. Good point. I knew that at least some were state owned, even going so far as to proclaim their ‘monopoly’ (or is that just the distributors?). Are they all state owned?

  9. maxiewawa, it’s NOT hilarious. it’s SAD and disgusting and it bodes very poorly for the future of China in terms of its health care and the general health of its population. The rest of the world is crushing the tobacco industry with lawsuits and bylaws that force smokers outdoors and away from public places, doorways, vents, etc. Cigarettes cause cancer, and cancer causes slow and painful DEATH. Cancer causes soaring health care costs, depression in the lives of smokers and their families. Second hand smoke is also dangerous and causes cancer. This is a shitty, terrible idea and it’s not funny. Children need an education, but NOT funded by cigarettes. May as well do a deal with the Devil, and have the kids worship him all day. Bad idea. Mark my words, this will end up badly.

  10. What I like of China is the frank and unashamed way they do these things. I mean, you need to have some serious guts to write at the entrance of the school: “Tobacco helps you to be successful”.

    I mean, sure other countries have been for decades sponsoring their police departments with the money of drugs… but at least they don’t announce it on a billboard!

    @John – chill out, Europe was the same 20 years ago. China will become tobacco-nazi soon enough, just give it a few years. Besides, the smoking policy is a good substitute for the one child policy… 🙂

  11. It’s hard to tell whether this is a good thing or not. The “tobacco” in the school’s name and the slogans will definitely influence kids in a bad way, however, without the schools tobacco companies donated, these poor kids might end up like their illiterate parents and become smokers in a much earlier age.

    Tobacco commercials are prohibited by law in China nowadays but charity from tobacco industry is still a gray area without proper regulation. Personally I see no problem if tobacco producers donate in education, however, health education in these schools must be enhanced to counterbalance the influence , and no soft commercials should be allowed around the campus.

  12. Ein Freund hat mir deinen Blog gerade empfohlen und dann hatte ich gedacht schaue ich doch einmal vorbei. Und ich muss sagen er gefaellt mir richtig gut, ich glaube er koennte zu meinen Stammblogs dazu kommen bei denen ich regelmae

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