Netizens select top 10 cities in China where men feel the most pressures

20091229-pressure-01From  Morning H:

Perhaps no men are under more pressure than the men in the cities. Even there are some men in the cities are always relaxed, most of the men are under pressure, slowly attempt to get even closer to the center of the city. The excitement of the city living and expanding buries many men’s sweat and tears.

1. Shanghai – difficult to find a wife

Whether if it is the strong anti-foreign sentiment or the growing pressure to buy a house, is enough to make the men in this country’s largest economic center to bend their backs even more.

2. Beijing – gap between the poor and the rich

Locals and a group of senior cadres and officials, high-tech talents are securely occupying the heart of the city. Artists, celebrities and entrepreneurs dominate the golden suburb areas, only a small region which is divided into many districts by the sky-high housing prices.

3. Guangzhou – feeling of a drifter (漂泊感, piaobo=drift)

60% of the men living in this city have one goal: make enough money and then go home.

4. Shenzhen – fragile love + crazy housing prices

Half of its population is foreigners, with more women than men, but to men, emptiness and pressure are their best friends because the housing prices of 40, 50 thousand per square meter can turn love into fragile things.

5. Chongqing – known for beauties, but mostly for exports

The men in this city, salary is not high, housing price is not low, and quite a few pretty girls, but not many will be interested in you.

6. Wuhan – too many talents

Too many men with science and engineering background gather here, and it created a serious imbalance of the ratio of men and women.

7. Tianjin – can’t afford houses + health

There is serious pollution in Tianjin old town. It is even difficult to protect your own health while enduring the torment.

8. Hong Kong – all kinds of pressures

9. Taiwan(Taipei) – face+ political pressure

Taiwanese men’s pressures are not coming from housing prices or money which is not earned, but are coming from fear of not admitted into a good university, not having a good job and afraid of being looked down on.

10. Changsha – stay home or go out = both difficult

In this place once were called the city of entertainment, the size of the house and the housing price are the most important issues except for entertainment. People are actually embarrassed, because wages in Changsha are not very high, they have to make a tough choice between staying home until they die of old age or be forced to leave their homes (in order to make more money).

  1. I’d go for a tier 3 city where the housing prices are still affordable. When real estate or rent is cheap some of the other problems will be easier to solve too. More spendable money for fun, entertainment, maybe a car and maybe a girlfriend. Living in Shanghai or Beijing is hugely overrated anyway. Transportation sucks, pollution, living costs, immense competition for jobs, snobby residents and golddigging women. Add to the fact that Beijing is way too cold in winter and Shanghai is way too hot in summer and you won’t be surprised why I’m not living there.

  2. Actually ,I really confused why most people vote Hangzhou as the top popular city for residency as their choice. Just for its beauty of landscape?

    1. My guess: (1) reputation as a very developed city. (2) Hangzhou as a rich city, with many high-tech jobs. (3) ‘Su hang’: an ancient reputation for its beauty; I was never sure if that just referred to the landscape, or if its women are included? These three things make it seem like a place for yuppies and wannabe yuppies to peacefully live. So far the only negative thing I’ve heard is that all those rich drivers are dangerous–so best look carefully when you want to cross the street!

  3. It’s a shame that such pressures exist to begin with, especially ones that are beyond one’s control. However, where do we draw the line between what is a necessary pressure and an unnecessary one?

  4. Taipei is not a Chinese City, it’s a TAIWANESE City. Chinese Imperial Dynasties, Japan, and Sun Yat Sen’s Nationalist party have all occupied Taiwan, but the People’s Republic of China never has. If you claim it’s a breakaway province you are a brainwashed retard who knows nothing about history.

    1. i know, those chink so stupi, taiwan is no on ground, how can taiwan part of China? stuped

  5. Please stop arguing about if Taiwan should be part of China. China today is PRC, while the British signed that lease of HK with The Chinese Empire, PRC didn’t exist. But the communist won the civil war so Hong Kong had to be returned to PRC and Taiwan, not admitting PRC as the real China stayed along as indepent distict/island/city/country as they wish to call. After all these years the possibility for Taiwan to take over China is going very dim.

    1. Dongguan is a huge shithole, not as bad as Guangzhou but both make Shenzhen look great in comparison.

      Th pressure that Chinese men feel is because they aren’t being honest with themselves or others. Tell a girl that if they get married they might buy a house eventually but it won’t happen right away, the market is too volatile or they don’t have the savings. In any case getting married doesn’t equal= free house.

  6. I think Dongguan is fine so far.

    Except for the constant gangfights, handphone snatching incidents, break-ins, social problems like prostitution, drugs, lousy bus services, inefficient+corrupted government and companies……..

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