Legless teacher, I am proud of you



From MOP:

Life is a process, a process from birth to death. Everyone has their own attitude towards life. While some people are enjoying their healthy bodies and taking them for granted, some other people are living a difficult life because of their physical disabilities. In Xiaoyangba community Yichang town, Hubei Province, there is a “teacher” with severe physical disabilities. A childhood medical malpractice injured his sciatic nerve, so he forever could not stand up.

For decades, he could only walk in a knee squat with his hands. His physical disability finically burdened his family. Xiang Xin (向新), who is 45 years old but has never been married. He lives in a house made of wooden planks near a factory. Because he had excellent mathematics grades in school and he studied hard on his own, he started an afterschool program – “continuation class for Children of migrant workers” aiming on improving mathematics skills. Currently there are over 100 children of migrant workers already are enrolled in this program.

This year’s winter is especially cold. Teacher Xiang Xin and his students are still studying in the old and shabby cabin…
















  1. Good man. We could use more stories of disabled people and what they can do in society coz to too many Chinese disabled people are either beggars or someone you hide away in the basement.

  2. Read this Christmas morning and made me cry with joy that there are still a few people worth respecting in this country laden with corrupt and selfish pricks.

    Wouldn’t it it b great if once, just once, this was a front page story in the China Daily, instead of some stupid leaders shaking hands with corrupt Burmese leaders or something.

    Wish China could be better and live up to its potential. Very few heroes left…

  3. disability not inability, He is doing what of some of us cannot do. am proud of you….

  4. i wanna mit him someday, i wanna hear his mind about “a teacher”. i hope i can.
    best regards, Livana

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