Hunan school trampling incident, 8 dead, 26 injured


[Netease] On the evening of December 7, 2009, a tragic trampling incident happened at Yucai private middle school in Xiangxiang city, Hunan Province, causing 8 dead, 26 injured and 8 others under medical observation in the hospital.

Publicity department of Xiangtan City said, this tragedy occurred at 9 pm when the after school study class was let out, the students swarmed downstairs, one student fell down and caused many others to trip and fall.

The head of Xiangxiang City Board of Education and Deputy Party Secretary, Chu Qinghua was held responsible for the middle school trampling incident. He was removed from his positions at the City Board of Education. The city is investigating the accident and will hold others accountable.


Blood at the corner of the stairs after the accident.

# 2009年12月7日9点30分,湖南省湘乡市育才中学发生一起踩踏事故。


# 2009年12月7日9点30分,湖南省湘乡市育才中学发生一起踩踏事故。




The stairway where the accident happened



Injured students are under treatment in three hospitals.  They are currently all in stable conditions.



The police conducts investigation.



The students at the school had the moment of silence for the death of their fellow schoolmates.



One student prays of the dead classmates in class.



In front of Yucai private middle school in Xiangxiang city, Hunan Province

  1. 8 dead and 26 injured?? My god, crazy how many kids stayed until 9pm? such a small narrow stairway, Im having a hard time picturing these events in my head….

    One kid falls, the others on top of him, but I guess the surge keeps coming b/c there are other kids in the back who dont see whats going on, and continue to push. Once they get to the pileup, they cant go back and get pushed on to add to the pile up?

    So intotal thats like at least a 30 kid pileup in the stairwell before someone realized what was going on and stopped the surge. How many kids are coming out? I guess 100 isnt a far stretch, 50 from each class room on each side…..all pushing and showing… In this case, maybe they werent even walking, just being pushed thru.

    I wish there were pictures to see what the normal rush hour looks like to see how densely packed it is.

  2. These things seem to happen whenever an unforeseen combination of circumstances occurs. All it takes basically is an anxious crowd (a) caught up in a narrow spot (+b) that fails to meet standard safety regulations.

    Therefore; catastrophe (=c)

    1. Hi,Cat ,You may not have stayed for a while here in China,Such a pheonmenon is quite common.Although we are all human beings,however,you American friends and we ordinary Chinese live in a tremendously different environment.Havn’t you heard that the cheapest human life in the world in chinese?Take care…

      1. All human life cheap. It only comes to value when the politicians want to score points.

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