Mystery woman in black behind Obama at the town hall meeting becomes popular and speaks out


[From NetEase and many others] During President Barack Obama’s town hall meeting at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, a beautiful Chinese girl dressed in black appeared in many photos and videos of the scene with the President. Quickly the photos along with the mystery girl became popular on the Chinese internet. The mysteries identity of the beauty let to her Human Flesh Search. She is Shanghai’s image ambassador, Fan Bingbing’s relative, Yang Lan’s niece and many other speculations roamed on the internet.


November 16, President Obama delivered his speech and dialogued with the Chinese youth. However compared to President Obama’s speech, one photographer at the scene seemed to be more interested in the woman in black. The entire process of this pretty girl taking off her red coat was captured on camera and made into an animated GIF. It was then uploaded onto the internet and became widely distributed on forums and QQ groups. Then other netizens uploaded screenshots of this woman from the video of Obama’s speech, quickly, beauty in black’s classy and beautiful looks are greatly admired by everyone.


Netizen Alex praised “this girl kind of looks like Tang Wei…” Netizen Honolulu focused more on president Obama: this MM (short for beautiful girl) knows how to release electricity, not sure if she shocked Obama? Netizen Jason was obsessingly interested in the girl “Anyone knows what brand her red coat was? And how much it costs?”

Other netizen’s description said “If you watch the video online, when Obama was shaking hands with fellow students one by one, suddenly a woman in black attracted my attention… this woman, elegantly stood there, had a special expression which was intolerably aggressive. Wearing a black OL business suite, black silk stockings, and her hair worn in a bun gave her an even more noble looks. What was even more unbelievable, this girl had all varieties of poses, but her manner and presence was neither overbearing nor self-effacing…”

Netizen human flesh search, who is pretty woman in black?

In many efforts of human flesh search, some netizens uploaded this girl’s “life photos on campus”, claimed “pretty woman in black is from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was once the Shanghai’s image ambassador”, she is “a MBA student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Management” and “people often see her”. (Form tianya, netizen claimed her name is Wang Zifei 王紫菲) However some netizens analyzed that, according to woman in black’s calm expression at the scene, not likely she is a college student.









Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Supposedly she was on “Go Oriental Angels” Nanjing district






More rumors referred “beauty in black and Fan Bingbing are relatives, some also said she is Yang Lan’s niece.” While everyone had their own answers, other speculated that she is a policewoman, “because her beauty is filled with chills of killing, she looks very much like one when people say she is.” After all, none of the above speculations had been fully confirmed.

The video playback is also described in the online community was very similar feedbacks. When she shook hands with Obama, the beauty in black was not shy or nervous like other students, her eyes looked directly at Obama. She looked courageously right at Obama.

Questioning: the beginning of another hype?

The identity of the woman was not yet revealed, but there were already people started writing reviews to condemn, saying it was a clever hype. The article said, why did she sit behind Obama so that she was exactly in line with the camera angle? Why was her manner so professional? Why was she so calm in front of the camera, and even felt like she was posing? Most importantly, during U. S. President’s speech, why was there a camera specifically taking a set of her photos and uploaded online?

Author states, looking these signs, he feels that this thing was not so simple, perhaps using Obama as an opportunity for exposure to start the beginning of another hype.

At last Wang Zifei (王紫菲) responded to this in her blog post titled “What did President Obama bring me?”

Responding to this incident:

Today Sina staff contacted me through my teacher, hope I can talk about my feelings though a blog.

Two days after I attended dialogues town hall meeting with President Obama, my classmate came to my dorm and said to me “You are popular on the internet!”  and searched for “woman in black behind Obama” on the internet for me.  Once I saw all the news on varies sites that’ when I found out about this incident.  There were also many talks on the forums, I was upset at some negative comments but I did not reply because I was really busy at the time.  But misleading news was spreading by the hours, I felt my power alone could not slow down the speed of rumors spreading on the internet, even if I explained, it would not have helped, so I took the ignoring approach.  Recently there were many text messages and phone calls regarding this, I always tell my friends to “not to reveal anything online, after awhile the rumors will die down.”  But my silence led to even more speculations.  After talking with Sina staff members, I think it is a good solution to sincerely speak with you through this platform.

1. self-hype?

Some media speculated that it is not possible that I am a student because of to my manners, however I am making an announcement here that I am a current student at Jiao Tong University.  I don’t have natural born self-esteem, but I am constantly developing my self-esteem.  I could not deny the fact my quality had to do with my family and my well-trained childhood.  I first played violent on stage when I was 6, after I acted in plays, hosted shows, was an image ambassador and was interviewed many times, therefore I am not a stranger to cameras and would not feel nervous in front of the cameras… Everyone knows the security was very strict during U.S. president’s visit.  Except for the reporters, no one could bring cameras in, even students could not bring cameras in, how could I self-hype?  Also I did not want to be popular because of this.  People who have a brain would know this, entertainment news is like drinking tea, first time is like washing tea leafs, no one really cares.  Maybe 2nd or 3rd time it will have the sweet taste, but in the end it gets weaker and weaker.  After a few washes, who would remember me? What can I leave behind  for people?  Before I shoot films just out of my personal interests, but at the same time I wanted to be rebellious, because generally people have misconceptions about highly educated women. I hope to change people’s view through my actions.  But I never wanted to go into entertainment circle, therefore I rejected many TV stations’ offers and contracts. I feel business management is a long term path for me, therefore I study hard, my gaokao (college entrance exam) was the normal exam, not the kind for entertainers.

2. Why did i sit there?

There were nine universities participated in the meeting, each school was assigned to fixed seats.  I was sitting at one of the seats for Jiao Tong University without any special arrangements.  There were some people had even better views than me, why were they accused of self-promoting? As for my posture being professional, I knew that this meeting would be broadcasted live worldwide via the internet, I not  only represented my own image, but the image of our school and our country, of course I could not relax!

3. Why did I take off my coat?

Because it was an important meeting, I wore a dress to show respect.  I chose to wear a black shirt so I don’t stick out, but you know how Shanghai’s weather is like.  I remember it was raining and a bit cold in the morning, so I wore a coat.  After I entered the meeting room I took off my coat, at that time Obama was not in the room yet.  In fact the temperature was not very high in the room, I really wanted to keep wearing my coat, but if I really wore the red coat, people are going to say I want to be famous like crazy?

4. My attitude of comments

Although some individual comments from netizens hurt me, but I can understand. Maybe they were criticisms to certain social phenomena through me, but I became an innocent victim.  And some of the influential people on the internet, made comments without any investigation, actually claimed that I was a female official conducting self-promotion.  How did Chinese Youth became female officials? Did you even read the title?  You should know that you are the leaders of public opinion, does such an irresponsible move in the end hurt other people or damage your own credibility?

To destroy a person only takes one sentence, but to develop a person takes more than thousands of words, please have mercy~

Mystery has been solved, we no longer have to bother guessing, my recent studies and life have been disturbed and hoping to quickly restore back to normal.  I like small animals because they are cute and simple.  Hope that after all this I can continue to be simple self.  Presenting you with a small kangaroo photo, I wish you happy, all the best~


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    1. Fugget about it, she is a BBC lover.

      You don’t have a chance or have the big thing she wants.

  2. Wow. She has a natural flair for elegance and sophistication that is easily translated no matter what side of the ocean.

  3. Unfortunately, few Chinese people cares about Obama’s visit. If you go to some popular Chinese forums such as or, you may find many people have been talking about a super hot TV show named Dwelling Narrowness. It’s not a simple TV show. It reflects something happening in China which essentially resembles the enclosure movement in Europe. Here is a brief introduction of the 1st episode.

    This show was recommended to me by a friend who said that it’s very popular right now and somewhat controversial. The English translation of the title is pretty horrible, but the show looks well produced and has some pretty solid acting.

    Summary: The first episode opens with Haiping Guo (郭海萍) and her finance Chun Su (苏淳) moving into a tiny apartment in Shanghai (which they call 江洲 in the show). The phone rings and there is a tense moment while Haiping and Chun try to guess whose parents are calling so they won’t get caught for living together. Haiping answers and, lucky guess, it’s her mom. Mom wants to know when Haiping and Chun are getting married and Haiping wants her sister, Haizao (海藻) to come to Shanghai for college. There is some drama around this, mom and dad are both worried about Haizao in the big city because they think she is less outgoing than Haiping. Cut to six months later and Haizao has passed the gaokao and is accepted to a college in Shanghai. Haiping and Chun are still living in the same very small apartment. When Haizao finds out they are living together she jokes she’s going to tell their mom. Chun says that they’re only living together so they can save money to buy a larger apartment with room for Haizao. Haizao finds a box of condoms and asks, ‘So, these are for chastity’s sake, right?'(守身如玉) Cut to four years later and Haizao has graduated from college. Meanwhile Haiping and Chun are married, but still living in the itsy bitsy apt. Haizao tells Haiping she is thinking about moving back home because she’s worried she won’t be able to find a job in Shanghai. Haiping encourages her to stay because she will have more opportunities in the big city. Finally, Haiping tells her she can live with them until she finds a job. Several months pass and Haizao still hasn’t found a job which creates tension with Chun and their landlord who lives downstairs with her family. Finally Haizao finds a job and moves out. A little bit later she meets Xiaobei. As the first episode ends, Haiping and Chun are looking at an apartment in the suburbs. Haiping asks Chun ‘Which is more important, a house of their own or job that is easy to get to?’ . Haiping answers that a house is more important. The camera then pans down to reveal that she is pregnant.

    1. You say that “few Chinese people care about Obama’s visit”. I arrived in Shanghai the same day as the President and I can say from a firsthand perspective that it was a very big deal that he was there and many many Chinese people cared about his visit.

      1. Obama is your president, a political guy. Who cares a foreign politician? Can Obama make Chinese people richer? Can Obama lower the housing price in China? Can Obama figure out how to protect Chinese natural environment? Can Obama reduce the medicine fee in China? Can Obama reduce the education fee in China?

        Unfortunately, no.

        Obama can do nothing but borrow money from China.

        To common Chinese people, Obama acts somehow like a movie star.

        1. Actually, Obama himself probably hasn’t borrowed any money from China. Now, if you’re referring to Obama as a representative of the US, that is if you’re saying the “US can do nothing but borrow money from China.”, well then you are mistaken to the point where I question your intelligence.

          Look at what China’s trade surplus would be without their surplus to the US, then ask yourself if the US can “make Chinese people richer”

        2. USA “made” many Chinese people rich by buying their products, if you want a simplictic answer. Of course it’s a very complex issue and I don’t wanna go into all that. USA and China depend on each other whether they like it or not. So your statement is a bit narrow-minded, some could say arrogant. Both can learn from each other, however China is still behind in so many ways. ‘Making people rich’ is not everything. There’s much much more to life than that. It was that mentality that brought us the 2008/09 recession. I hope we could start thinking behind money and greed and do better. China has the chance not to repeat the mistakes of the west. Learn from our mistakes.

          1. Yes, I admit my words sound arrogant and narrow-minded. And my words did not deliver my idea very effectively. Let me express myself in another way. This website is called ChinaHush, designed to make western people know more about China. If this is the aim, we’d like to see more posts that really help reach the goal. But Obama and a girl behind Obama do not seem to be closely related to the aim. Yes, people went to see him and asked him questions. So what? Do these people represent the 1.3 billion Chinese? To common Chinese people, the name Obama only exists in the news report in TV or internet. But how many Chinese people will switch to the TV channel that is reporting Obama’s visit? Obama is just a name to common Chinese people. Yes, he is important for the US government and may be important for the Chinese government, and perhaps is indirectly important to Chinese people. But common Chinese people concern more to their own affairs, OK? Do common American people know the name of Chinese President? I guess the number is less than 1%. If President Jintao Hu goes to the US, how many US people will care about his visit?

            Go back to the main goal of the website, I’d like to introduce some good TV shows to some western friend who really want to know more about China. I bet many US people cannot understand the characters in the TV shows even if there are English subtitles. Here is a wonderful story about a Chinese soldier. Again, this is not simply a story about a PLA soldier. It’s a metaphor, and it gained so much respect from Chinese audiences in 2007. See the link below.


  4. i think she is cool, sophisticated and very pretty regardless of her name. An THAT is how a lady should be like. If she does not want to be a model, perhaps she could be A ROLE MODEL.

  5. Seems to be a characteristic of Chinese netizens to focus on things that have no relevance what-so-ever. Maybe that’s what happens when you have the US president over and there are heavy restrictions on what you can discuss online and in the media as a whole. Superficial and shallow.

  6. The young lady is blessed with what chinese phrenology terms a diamond face.

    For instance if the first stranger you see in the morning as you leave for work has a diamond face, look forward to a day of good luck.

    Female news readers on chinese television have diamond faces.

  7. This is kind of interesting from a sociological point of view. In a society that preaches conformity, someone wearing a red coat is being accused of being vainglorious and seeking fame. How oddly Chinese. I am from Canada and I find it to be ridiculous. The forces of conformity and mediocrity only seek to keep people down, due to the insecurities of others in the population. Live and let live. these other people are just jealous that they have not been noticed by the masses and are still living lives of anonymity. A problem that is only going to get worse in China as more and more unknowns seeks fleeting fame as their way out of a life of drudgery shared with hundreds of millions of others. Must elevate one’s self above the unwashed masses.

  8. For those of you who are not familiar with the use of signs and metaphores, I suggest you go and read a few novels – in stead of watching porn all day, or checking out the technical instructions of your new cell phones. This is not about cool foxes that are worthy to save on your computer to fuel your infantile fantasies. Nor does it offer a platform to debate a random episode of the latest hot TV show. If you think it is, you are merely captivated in a state of utter ignorance. Your eyes may be open, but they might as well be closed. If you fail to see what is happening here, you are blind. I said it before, and I will say it again: it is time to wake up. On the outside, we are waiting. There are lots of us who want to help, but we cannot find our way in. You need to be aware that your own future depends on what is said and brought up on forums like these. You can either help yourself by taking matters into your own hands, and testify about a reform of certain institutions that fail to adress some of the very urgent issues that need to be changed on a relatively short notice, or you can let it slide and let the past hold you as a hostage until there will be no future left to care about. Then Obama might just as well have stayed home, in my opinion. Either way you are obviously on a road that leads to selfdestruction, eventually causing us all to end up in a big mess. It is time for ‘black cats’ (read: chinese people) to take care of some of their own affairs, in order to enable ‘white cats’ (read: outsiders) to help and offer their expertise. Make up your minds, if you still have them. Or you can just go on and pretend all is well; fool yourself that you cannot be bothered with any of these complex issues beyond your personal control. You may even continue to prefer not to think about it. It’s entirely up to you. But don’t expect to be saved when you finaly realize your house is on fire. Because by then, it might be too late…

  9. Makes me sick to think that back when I was that age, Mao kept all those sweet Chinese girls down on the collectives hidden behind those horrible uniforms where we never got to see them. Might have changed our lives.

  10. Yeah a real simple girl, who just happens to have appeared on a reality show, and have sexy pictures of herself available online in a flash, and who wore the brightest reddest coat she could find when she sat behind Obama knowing she’d be broadcast around the world. “Who, me? Pretty, you say?”

    Amazing if she’s really studying where it says, even Chinese brightest and best just want get on tv and be (in)famous. If she hasn’t had plastic surgery on her face I’ll eat my hat, those photos look unreal. ‘Fan Bingbing’s relative’ is a good call, they both look like they’re from Mars.

    My bet is she’ll be a big viral thing and will be doing something on TV or film within months. “What, me? A movie? Gosh!”

    Kids these days eh, they certainly know what they want. Even it is moronic.

  11. Pretty girl, to bad she lives in a country that routinely imprisons/ tortures/ executes dissenters as SOP.

  12. It’s Communist China, they are raise not to talk about about much more than superficial small talk, weather, favorite color and so on for risk of being “misunders­tood” and sent to a re-education camp for a decade.

    Btw, this whole thing was staged by the Communist party… to every detail.

  13. Without free speech, China’s Universities produce little more that human calculators that are used simply as disposable tools of the state.

  14. muito linda, com certeza ira fazer muito sucesso, esperem pra ver o tempo dira, parabens wang, cinema ou top model, beijos.

  15. “tomar no cu sua putinha” Means: “Fuck off, you bitch”

    “O Brasil invadiu essa porra!” Means: “Brazil took over this cum”

    “Ronal brilha muito no corinthians.” Means: “Ronal (sic) shines in Corinthians”

    “eu como essa chinesinha toda hora.” Means: “I fuck this chinese girl any time”
    “colocar ela pra chupar a minha vara” Means: “Put her to make me a blowjob”

    And they say brazilian are so cool! Bunch of savages!

    1. I am going to join you, I am really afraid of those savages as well…er…Not really! hahaha
      They are not savages they are just…hummm…how can say this politly…errr…I can not!

  16. Woo-hoo!!!
    É nóis!!!
    O Brasil tá dominando o mundo!!!

    AntoÔÔÔÔnio Núúúnes!!! Pá!!!

  17. Nossa quanto alarme!!!!
    Só porque a moça saiu nas fotos, não quer dizer que ela queira aparecer.
    Ela se destacou porque é bonita entre as demais e ponto!

  18. The comments in spanish/portuguese (whichever) are very offensive and has no value in it! What a shame!

  19. Ah fala sério… Nem quis aparecer ne? De jaqueta vermelho hemorragia???????????

    Dá licença que o papai noel parou aqui na rua agora junto com a cinderela e a cuca….

  20. Pelo amor de Deus… Que vergonha a maioria dos comentários brasileiros… não percebem que prejudicam a si mesmos e ao nosso país

  21. caráca!!!
    Ela é uma espiã implantada pelo governo chinês!!!
    A sua missão é seduzir o Obama!!!

  22. Zina,

    I don’t care, it seems more like a guetto/slum dialect! It has NO VALUE so it is rubish like yourself and your people.

    1. Like your comment now ?!”NO VALUE”?! Be careful about what you say, if you do not want be like them do not answer as one.

      And brazilians stop acting like jerk! If you wanna get respect in the world start respecting others people ! No one deserves to read comments about football or how you are horny !

      It means” Brasileiros parem de agir feito idiotas! Se quiserem respeito no mundo iniciem respeitando os outros! Ninguém merece ler comentários sobre futebol ou como vocês estão excitados ou em outras palavars com “tesão”.

      1. Eu malemá sei escrive em portuges,daí vem a mina esculaxando em ingles. Só li o testo mesmo =D E a japinha jenerica eu perdia uns 10 minutos com ela sim!

      2. Oh yeah, Zina2,

        I am sorry, theirs comments are very valuable maybe we should all start use it everywhere! That is all they need, a little be of sympathy!

  23. e esses arretardas q fala tanto do Brasil ,,, q q eles estão fazendo aqui pq naum vão morar
    em outro lugar ,, talvez no planeta dos ets deve caber muitos cabeças “ocas” q nem pensam antes de falar alguma coisa.. a moça é linda .. delicada … pelo jeito estraordinaria…
    ta mais famosa do q o Obama tanto em pouco tempo… E quanto aos q naum tem o que fazer fazendo comentarios idiotas vÊ se aprende a lidar com a realidade … se “enxergam” !!!!
    pelo jeito a moça vai fazer sucesso…

    1. “arretardas” ???

      q q eles estão fazendo aqui pq naum(sic) vão morar em outro lugar”

      Who are they? What are you talking about?
      Lady, this is a .com website not a! This is not your country!

  24. Not all brazillians are savages, some of us can be pretty stupid and rude, but, surely, not all.
    Please forget about the gross and non-educated persons that wrote their comments in portuguese, most of them didn’t ever bother reading the news. The ones that actually did have written their comments in english.

  25. Dude, I agree that lots of Brazilians are showing some kind of bad behavior on some of the comments above, but we just can’t say that all Brazilians are like that, right? Most of ’em are just trying to show off you know? There are people like that everywhere, but if you go to Brazil, you’ll see that Brazilians are very friendly and funny.

    About the chinese girl… she’s way cute!

    1. I see your point!

      But this website is worldwide and I only see brazilian making those horrible comments. I will just assume is the same person!

  26. Como diz o ditado… [Casamento é que nem piscina de agua gelada, o primeiro idiota que entra diz que ta bom..]

  27. Fellows, sorry about all this shameful behavior.
    Brazil is going down the hill…
    This people that wrote all this rude comments are, in some way, representative of the gang that took power, with our president, mr Lula…
    Sindicates, “social movements” and hooligans of all sorts are ruling the country, sort of…
    Brazilian people is gentle, kind and friendly, believe me.

  28. Unfortunately here in Brazil was launched a digital inclusion program that provides these types of users without basic education. Sorry to all on behalf of the Brazilian people.

  29. Tonight I encountered an unknown man whilst taking photographs of red objects. He appeared to be Chinese, and showed intrest in my dog. “Nice dog”, he said in english, with a friendly smile on his face. I live near Chintown, so I meet a lot of Chinese people on the street on a daily basis. Not once has a Chinese man shown much intrest in my dog.
    “What kind of breed?” he wanted to know. “Not an official breed”, I responded. “It is sort of a mix. But mainly Tibetan…”

  30. She looks like a STAR. Certainly she was aiming to become famous and now she got it.
    She is marvelous and seems to be the girl I’d like to meet and ask her to be my alltime friend.
    I’m an oldman (62 years), socialist, GREENPEACE addict, and I plan to end my future 15 years at Vietnam, and may be I’ll go to China to make a dream come true. But, that wonderful girl should e-mail me before.

  31. Que vergonha povinho brasileiro!!!

    Bando de marginais, sem educação, fazem comentários maldosos, queimam o “filme” do próprio país
    ……………. E ainda pensão que são legais, ou engraçados.


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