Korean singer Jang Nara: “I will go perform in China whenever I am short of money” angers Chinese netizens


Jang Nara is a very popular Korean singer and actress. She also sings in Chinese and is known there by her Chinese transliteration name (张娜拉 Zhang Nala).

[East Daily] Recently Jang Nara said in a television program “Every time when I am short of money I will always go to China to make more!” This remark was immediately bombarded by the netizens. They threatened to blacklist her. Today evening (12th), Jang Nara posted an announcement in her blog, apologizing for such remarks.

This blog post was written by Beijing Nara Culture communication Co. Ltd. for her. The article reads “Actually Jang Nara’s speech in the program that day was purely based on the nature of entertainment, as entertainment meant to express, and did not mean any disrespect to the Chinese people.” “We sincerely apologize to those fans and Chinese people who were hurt by this.” Then, the paper describes the whole story of this incident in detail, says “‘every time when short of production budget, will always go perform in China” was added during the translation of the program production process, and Jang Nara did not say that.” Also “solemnly declared” that “Jang Nara definitely does not only come to China for milking money.”


Recent years, Korean stars often performed in China, calling it developing Chinese market, but in fact making serious money is the main reason. Recently, Korean star Jang Nara revealed in a well-known Korean talk show that whenever her production budge is tight, she will go perform in China.

This remark caused an immediate uproar. Netizens think such remark was clearly discriminating against Chinese market. “An insult of Chinese people, she thinks people in China can only see her fake smile!? Gone too far, never seen any Korean performer say things like that.”

Yesterday evening Jang Nara found out that things became more serious and quickly said that she was joking, and was blown out of context by the media. She said she is going to mainland for exchanges, and public services while performing.

So how did netizens react to her apology blog? There are already over 1,700 comments.

Selected comments:

  • 新浪网友

2009-11-12 18:54:47

Really! I hope you can do some good soul-searching! Please watch your words and deeds! I used to like you. Go!

  • lily佳佳

2009-11-12 18:58:28

Lovely Nara, because she is young, because other people will misunderstand artists. But your cuteness really makes me like you.  Believe you, FIGHTER.


  • 新浪网友

2009-11-12 19:15:35

We don’t welcome you, hope you won’t come to China anymore!!!!



2009-11-12 19:22:52

Do you think Chinese are stupid? idiot


2009-11-12 19:39:18

I think this precisely reflects the real Jang Nara, star come into China who does not want to make money, why come to China if you don’t want to make money… This also precisely reflected the booming Chinese economy, the rapid development of cultural industries… Unlike other people come to China and Taiwan to make money, when go back they look down on …  Sometimes translation could be wrong, but harming the star, hope people who speaks Korean step up and explain.

  • 铁骨残书

2009-11-12 19:40:24

What Jang Nara said was true. Its the fans fault, they are stupid, and low. Spend their hard earned money feed people like these.

  • 一意代水

2009-11-12 19:45:52

I always believe her, she won’t talk like that, forever support Naraclip_image001


  • 新浪网友

2009-11-12 19:40:29

You can choose not to donate money, not to do charity, you can make money every where in China, but if you say things like this then it’s wrong.  Hurt Chinese people’s self-esteem.  Many Chinese people are very fond of you. So no matter if you were doing on purpose or not, you should use a sincerity to take care of this matter, restore your loss.  Don’t blame Chinese people being heartless, blame yourself don’t understand China, you are not a very good Korean ambassador.



2009-11-12 19:50:27

One word get lost! two words hurry get lost! Shameless person! including that Han Geng group! Damn shameless! Chinese people in China helping Koreans to make money, brothers and sister of the country are fools! wake up! all damn traitors!



    2009-11-12 19:57:59

    Thieves, Korean performers hates to come to China, are all fucking shameless, come with serious discrimination!  … Next time Koreans come to China to perform or develop, we should boycott! Le them make nothing so can’t even buy ticket to go home and kneeling in the street calling grandpa!


  • 新浪网友

2009-11-12 20:03:23

Think we are all stupid?? two faced, appeal to Chinese media to blacklist this woman!!!


  • 超想说

2009-11-12 20:05:29

Nara, you are incompetent as the cultural ambassador of South Korea in China.  Do you not know the Chinese people are a group that are easily hurt? One careless remark will seriously damage Chinese people’s national self-esteem! No choice, even though you donated 10 million yuan, helped 100 leukemia children, still no use, because you said “come to China to mike money”! Sigh, I feel sorry for you, I will not dare like you anymore,  not dare to speak for you, because I will drown in those Fenqing’s saliva.  Take care!

  • 新浪网友:

2009-11-12 20:14:07

You a Chinese apologize for a Stick (Korean) woman, do you have any national dignity?
Maybe Stick woman is still counting money at home, Chinese who has no money is apologizing  for her.


2009-11-12 20:17:31

Get out of China~
Video was already out~
You still say you  are innocent~
Garbage Country’s product~


2009-11-12 20:53:27

Nara! Recently, a lot of trouble things happened. Although it is full of anger and we have no choice, all of us are calm and unite to support you. It is because we know the fact: we know that you are always very hard-working! Although we haven’t seen The Sky and The Ocean in China, all of us are looking forward to watching this movie in China because we all know that it is worth watching and there are lots of you efforts inside!
You have worked very hard since you became an artist, your kindness and smiles always bring us a lot of happiness, and we have also received it from the bottom of our hearts, receiving everything that you gave out. So we hope that you can be strong and keep your smiles, Angeljjangnara cannot exist without your warm smiles!
Now, you may face some difficulties, when we hear the unreal news of you, we are sad and angry but we know that we need to be hard, we should tell everyone that you always behave very well. We are always worried about you but at the same time, we believe that you will keep going bravely and strongly because you are always the perfect one in our hearts forever, everyone can see your efforts. We are always looking forward to watching you to stand in front of us and say “hello! I am Jang Nara!” We are also looking forward to seeing you come to China with “The Sky and The Ocean”, we are waiting patiently!
Now, Jang Nara, we tell you loudly” no matter what kind of difficulties you face, we are always here, being with you every day! No matter what happens, we still support you like what we were doing in the past! We love you forever! Hope you can face every difficulties happening now bravely and strongly! We will love you!
The following is pictures of original manuscript in Chinese, wish you open and have a look!
All members of the angeljjangnara



2009-11-12 21:07:10

get the fuck out of China ! 
u bitch ,
u pice of shit !
get lost ,
go to hell,,,,,,,,

    Much more negative comments like above…

    Later Sina released a video of Jang Nara apologizing both in Chinese and Korean:

    [pro-player width=’400′ height=’300′ type=’video’ image=’http://www.chinahush.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/20091112-jang-nara-02.jpg’]http://www.chinahush.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/nara.flv[/pro-player]

    In Chinese: Hi everyone I am Jang Nara. Thank you for everyone’s caring for me. About recently what I said in Korea, many negative reports appeared afterwards . I feel very sorry, I am really sorry to very one.

    In Korean: Hi everyone I am Jang Nara, about the things that happened recently, I want to explain. That TV program called “Strong Heart” is an entertainment centric talk show. Before I went on the show I was talking to the producer of the show, he said they could not directly promote my new film. He asked me during the shooting of the film, was there anything interesting. I said there were some… He thought they were interesting after hearing them so he decided to call the show “please help my family!” In order to increase the entertainment value of the show he asked me to be more exaggerated. At the set it was indeed entertaining. But maybe later the translation caption was written too direct, made everyone think my father used me to go to china to make money. Therefore I feel really sorry! I wanted to promote my new movie. But I made a fool of myself trying to be clever and caused everyone’s misunderstanding. For this I feel very sorry! During these years developing in China I had many help and support form the Chinese people’s. I always see China as my second home. Right now I like to thank all of my Chinese friends. I also want to say sorry to those Chinese friends who are disappointed at me. I will work harder in the future to make better songs and movies for everyone.

    In Chinese: Maybe, for that I caused harm to the Chinese audiences. I deeply apologize.

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  2. I’ll forgive her if she let me bone her.

    I’m so angry, please help me forgive you 😉

  3. You stupid crybabies! What the fuck did she say to offend you?!?! Of course she sings to make money. What did you morons think?? You dumb jackasses…

      1. typhoon has a point. why does the entire Chinese nation explode in anger everytime someone says something bad about China. STOP CARING!!!!!

  4. I’ve never heard of popular bands or singers who perform only because they like the fans. Of course it’s about money when somebody goes on tour. Considering the extent of pirated music in China (and everywhere else) many artist actually rely on their live performances to make a living these days. I wonder how many of those poor, enraged netizens who claim they are devoted fans haven’t gotten some of her music illegally. Stones and glasshouses my friends.

  5. The most significant thing quoted above is this: ‘Do you not know the Chinese people are a group that are easily hurt?’ That’s for sure!. This ridiculously petty, small-minded response proves it. What would bother no one else in the world provokes a violent response from the ignorant, self-centred netizens of China. There are some exceptioons of course but what is wrong with your national character if you do this kind of stuff. Thank God the people I knew in China were not like this. I would not have stayed long if they were. Leave the girl alone to do her job, singing for money, and put your skin back on so you don’t feel everything as if you were going to die of it. In other words, grow up and stop being oversensitive.

  6. If the Chinese want to be capitalists, then they need to learn that this kind of thing is CAPITALISM. If she can go make money in China, GOOD FOR HER. She is being honest. That’s the whole point of Capitalism. I don’t work unless I get paid (or I’m doing something for a volunteer purposes). Everyone has to pay their bills. Good for her. China, grow up!

  7. jang nara is being honest, she’s makin money in China cuz many ppl there love her!
    badway,, wa is netizen always the first and the only person who over react to evritin?!! lyk in jaebom’s 2pm case too, they tracked and diggin the 5 year old trash,bring in to surface and ruin pple’s life! seriously, netizen sud get a life!!

  8. I really don’t understand why the Chinese are mad. Well . . . she’s Korean. What were you expecting from a place like Korea?

  9. This stems from the fact that South Korea still looks down on China for being “under developed” relative to their western standards. S. Koreans need to stop coming to China then. I believe that korea will suffer a much greater loss relative to China if relations are cancelled.

    1. Right. As if the Chinese didn’t look down on the Koreans… 😎

      Please. Everytime you say ANYTHING about China, it’s the end of the world. These people need to get off the internets, and go get laid. It’s cheap here, too.

    2. Well, considering how large China is compared to South Korea, it is easier to manage a smaller country. Why should they look down on people, not just China, just because they are not Korean? Every country has its pros and cons, and I don’t think they should look down on others especially if they developed cultural beliefs from their China neighbor with Confucianism.

  10. I think a quote from Dr.Dre sums this up well.

    “Bitches ain’t nothing but whores and tricks”

  11. all this is getting more and more racist based and full of hate. You think the girl had tried to kill someone, and not make an off the cuff remark on a comedy show.
    Yes so her remarks may or may not have been made worse be the bad translation of the show into Chinese, but even so she realised that she had hurt people so made an apology, twice!
    I mean just what has she done that she has to get death threats for?
    Say she works for money? Or is it that she is a south Korean working for money in china?
    She lived in china more that Korea for the last six years, she has a family house and studio there. She has her Jang Foundation charity based in china. And even used the very Endorsements she’s get getting attacked for doing, for charity, in taking payment in goods to give to charity rather than straight money.

  12. Every time when she’s out of money she goes to China to make more. I wonder why Jang Nara can’t make money in S. Korea?

    1. She never said that that is the heart of the trouble, its all about the show she was on sensationalising sub titles to make the show more funny. Seems it was a bad joke but despite her telling her side of things she not having much luck, though I can never understand why and how anyone takes notice of a small group of netziens comments on the web.
      As for money earned in Korea, well it is the simple truth that she can earn more money in china, hardly a crime, as its common sense 40 million korean 1.3 billion Chinese you do the maths. She still has a certain status in Korea almost iconic after all she been around for over ten years. [she made her first CV at the age of 16een went on to be a model in high school then singing and acting at 20].
      Her father has a huge thing for Chinese culture and took her there often, and finally convinced her to move there around 2004/2005.

  13. These so called “sentimental chinese people” are fucking stupid to blow this out of proportion…
    Leave the girl alone !!!


  15. No one gives a crap about Korea. Samsucks, Daeboo, all the crappy Koreans brands…. the list just goes on….. take your garbage home! Roll back to your stupid peninsula and eat your stinky kimchi.

  16. People need to realize that thoughs people (over reacting) about her comment don’t

    represent all of China. You’ll find people on the internet like that from all over the world,

    not just China. Just like ‘michelle’ i’m chinese and i was VERY angered and hurt ( that i as

    a proud chinese, was being stereotyped as a small-minded person based on only a few

    chinese) by the comments. Of course China’s got issues, but all countrys do ! If you

    wanna have your say, try having a little class about it because some of these comments

    are just as bad and even some more ignorant then the ones quoted in the article. News

    is entertainment and not the whole picture. I know you are all aware that alot of chinese people come here… it’s a

    chinese news site. If your really worried about the problems affecting China, do

    something productive about it = http://www.unicef.org/china/ AND

    http://www.halfthesky.org/ …support Russell Peters even, because being dis-tasteful

    does nothing but makes it obvious that it’s people like you guys who bring

    misunderstandings and missed oppertunitys to your socity. I doubt your country

    would want to be represented by you or rudely gossiped about by others.

  17. I am of the opinion that it’s the Media Industry, managers and artist’s agents who are the most offensive. They twist her words to create controversy and debate pitting those of one opinion against those on the opposing side, just to sell hits on their pages. They sure everyone on both sides totally misunderstand the intent of everyone’s words and actions to fill their own pockets!


  19. Oh Dear Jang Nara,
    You are very wonderful women who treat and say things for appropriate reasons with the right mind and the fun loving heart that you have just made me smile with a great joy. Smart and talented woman like you should not apologize for the rightful things that you just said. I know how Chinese people only treat people for money especially in business and economic sector. Most of Chinese like to take advantage of other people’s money and pretend to like them for their heart.
    Their insults to you are as worthless as their heart. They love and worship money. They need to taste their own treat people for money medicine sometimes. They need to feel their own venom of treating people for money. This is what they get for doing the not very nice things to people called treat and taking advantage of other people’s money. If they want to be loved by the heart then treat people respectfully and sincerely from the heart.
    Don’t worry if you can’t go to China anymore. Come to Malaysia. K-pop artists, Korean singers and musicians are very welcome here. Almost everyone in Malaysia loves Korean entertainment. Even the illiterate and poor people from poor villages in my country sing Korean songs. They even watch Korean dramas. The poor and illiterate people in my country cry and laugh watching and listening Korean entertainment even though Korea doesn’t share the same culture with Malaysia. Korean entertainment is amazing. Japanese are also amazing in their own creative way without copycatting and plagiarizing from other people’s work. All I can say is thank you very much for your creative entertainment.
    I sincerely say this to you Jang Nara; you are a hero to people who are victim of Chinese exploitative Sinocentrism imperialistic money culture. I am not saying only Chinese people that did this. I am saying people who have been taken advantage financially by Chinese gold diggers and deceitful Chinese businessman seen you as their hero.
    Jang Nara is the better than those idiots who insulted her!
    To Korea I say Saranghae!
    To China I say Go away!
    To Jang Nara I say Saranghae!!!!To those Chinese who insult her I say please go away and just be gay!!!!

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