Singer Chen Lin Jumped off a Building to her Death at age 39


October 31 2009, mainland singer Chen Lin (陈琳) jumped to her death from Dongba Olympic Garden building 701 9th floor (in Beijing). She was 39. Her current husband Zhang Chaofeng (张超峰) when contacted by the reporter said “I feel terrible, even have difficulty breathing”.

Chen Lin’s body was found in a garden under the residential building at around 6 in the morning. She was “wearing a surgical mask, a gray jacket, jeans, a hat and a pair of red leather shoes. Her chin was covered with a piece of white gauze.”

While the reason of her suicide was still unknown, many people speculated Chen Lin was always deeply troubled and depressed by her love life and relationships which could be the reason of her death. The day of her death was exactly her formal husband Shen Yongge’s (沈永革) birthday. People could not help but to wonder whether it was just a coincident. After Chen Lin divorced her former husband – the boss of “Bamboo Culture” in 2007, ending an over 10 year marriage, she has always been depressed. She deliberately shied away from the public and the media, and even once attempted to committee suicide but was saved by her friends. The reason of her divorce was because Chen Lin’s formal husband Shen cheated on her with another singer in the entertainment circle. There are also talks exposing the “home wrecker” Deng Rong (邓蓉) being the reason of Chen Lin’s death. According to this article Shen and Deng already had a kid that was over one year old.

Supposedly Chen Lin was over her first marriage and met musician Zhang Chaofeng (张超峰) to start her new life. They got married only three month ago in July 2009 at the same time she released her latest EP. Everything seemed to be looking up for Chen Lin, however Chen Lin did not feel happy after her second marriage, still always was thinking about her ex-husband Shen Yongge. Rumor has it, Zhang Chaofeng beat her up at home several times because of the fact Chen Lin was not over her formal husband. Insiders have revealed that although Chen Lin and Shen Yongge was divorced, because of over a decade long relationship and the fact he helped her career, Chen Lin still could not forget her ex-love. Her marriage with Zhang Chaofeng was just a way for her to get back at Shen Yongge. They didn’t really have much deep feelings.

Recently Chen Lin and her husband Zhang Chaofeng had serious fights, led to Chen Lin’s depression again. On the night of October 30th Chen visited her friend Zhang Qiang (张强) and stayed over at her place. At Zhang Qiang’s home, Chen Lin vented her troubles and worries to her friend. Then two of them went to their own room to sleep, but Zhang Qiang could not find Chen in the morning, until she heard the news of Chen’s death from other residents.

The building Chen jumped off

Many questions still remained.

1. October 31 event, after investigation Beijing Police confirmed it was a suicide, however, media witnesses said the deceased had bruises on her neck.

2. According to reports, the deceased was found lying on her back in the garden, wearing a gray coat, jeans and red shoes. Her chin was covered with a piece of white gauze. The garden had two large dents on the ground, but there were no blood.

This made netizens to question, “Few people would wear shoes to jump off a building, and after the fall shoes were still intact. Strangely it was a pair of red high-heels. More surprisingly, jumping off from the ninth floor and making dents in the garden, but there were no blood, very strange.”

3. That day Chen Lin was visiting her friend and their homes were not far from each other. A typical Chinese person, (their thinking) probably will want to die at his/her own home. Suicide in a friend’s home is a bit taboo. But, Chen Lin happened to choose her good friend’s home.

4. She didn’t commit suicide before the new marriage, but jumped off a building after her new marriage?

Chen Lin and Zhang Chaofeng only got married in July of this year. This should be the happiest time for the newlyweds. Why did Chen Lin choose to leap to her death? This day was also precisely her ex-husband’s birthday. (also Halloween)



Chen Lin’s famous song “Love to Love”

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If any of you know more information on this mystery, please let us know about it!

Sources: Sohu | Netease | Sina

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  2. Dear Chen Lin.
    A BIG thank you for all your beautiful music that gave me so much happiness.
    Since I first heard Ai Jiu Ai Le, I have loved your voice. I always will. It has a special, very significant place in my life. Your CD’s are always near by, in my house, on my laptop and in my car.
    RIP. Now you are at peace. You are also in my prayers.
    God Bless you (I mean it), and I’ll see you sometime.
    Your number 1 “Lao Wai” fan.

  3. From the 9th floor and a garden with bushes and grass it isn’t strange there was little blood on the ground. Falls most often cause instant death and when the heart stops beating the blood stops pouring out of wounds of which there probably were few if any caused by the relatively low velocity and the soft grounds she hit. Poor woman,, she seems to have been very troubled indeed but it is hard to blame her current husband or the named “home wrecker”.

  4. such a sad loss of a talented singer.
    no one will ever know what was on her mind or the weeks leading up to her death.
    in England there are places where people who feel suicidal can go for professional help.
    they say ,to take your own life is the easy way out, I sometimes wonder if this is true.
    Rest in peace lovely lady of song !!!

    1. Maybe suicide is not the easy way. It’s just one of the alternatives between being stuck (no action just enduring) or fighting (proactive but not easy) against reality. Because I think humans fear death/unknown the most, it’s not the easiest of the 3 options, being passive would be it. Once you don’t care about having to cut yourself, of heights or whatever fears leading to death, then perhaps that is the easy way out (giving up on everything). The one thing that is certain after death is that at least you don’t have to face the present reality of this world.

  5. any witnesses saw her jumped off the bulding? who first come up with this statement? no one even saw her jumped, why it said she jumped off??

  6. I love you so much Chen Lin, I weep everyday, I dream that one day we can be together and help each other overcome our past problems and be strong for our future happiness, please help me to join you I need the strength in order to come and join you and together we can have eternal happiness – no more sorrow. I think of you all the time, my life is meaningless without you. Yours always, r

  7. Am I the only one in the US who has heard this woman’s incredible music? Since I stumbled upon her {God only knows how that happened} I have been listening to almost no one else. my iPod is slowly becoming filled with her music. I love her.

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