Video: Hostage taking man shot dead in Chongqing



Police released the film details of the kidnapper that was killed by police in Chongqing.

[Video] On October 26th, Chongqing Shapingba district police station received a phone call reporting a crime. Police quickly rushed to the scene and found a middle-aged woman named Zhen lying in a pool of blood. She had been stabbed multiple times.

The police immediately started searching the area around the crime scene and quickly locked down on the suspect’s tracks. The police then found out that the suspect had also kidnapped another young woman and had also taken her hostage. The negotiator started to communicate with the suspect, but the suspect was hot-blooded and proceeded to not only step on top of the hostage but also using his knife to threaten her life. The police decided that they could shoot and kill the suspect if necessary. At 10:55 AM the suspect started waving his knife around, and threatened to cut victim’s throat. The police commander at the scene immediately ordered the police using the sniper to shoot. The suspect was killed on the spot and the hostage rescued. The investigation after the shooting determined that the police shot and killed the suspect in accordance with the law.

According to investigation, the suspect Zuo (左) was dating 20-year-old Jiang (蒋), but her mother strongly opposed their relationship. The suspect was furious, stabbed the mother seven times, and took Jiang hostage. The injured mother is currently in the hospital.




20091027-hostage-taking-05 Police dragged out suspect’s body

20091027-hostage-taking-06  Hostage rescued

Other source: Netease

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  2. Good. This kind of shit need to happen more often. The US needs to start doing this kind of shit to rid the world of useless people.

    1. wat a terrible thing to say.

      this is not a glorious moment but a tragic one. The kid obviously had issues and frustrations.

      He is an indicator of a troubled generation. These people need to be rehabilitated, not shot dead. The fact that these people exist in such large numbers is an indication of the level of development of our civilization.

      If you honestly believe in the termination of ‘useless eaters’ then you better work forever. Retirement is no longer availble to you.

      1. Not sure in what country you live, but here in the Netherlands we follow your soft doctrine of trying to help all people all the time. For one part I’m happy about this mentality, for the other part I don’t like it because we see a lot of foreigners/parasites who abuse this help: again and again and again they steal and terrorize people and they know they won’t be harsh punished when prosecuted by law.

  3. J, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. The government already has waaaay too much power over the population. When you start asking them to use their judgment to start blowing people away left right and center, you’re only asking for more totalitarianism, something the American people are currently fighting against tooth and nail, and for good reason. Police in the United States are corrupt, and getting more corrupt by the day. They shoot people, taser them to death, and beat them senseless, sometimes to death. You need to wake up, bro.

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t think this is about police brutality. This guy was shot because he already stabbed his girlfriend’s mother and was going to threaten his girlfriend’s life. This could very well ended up differently where he stab his girlfriend to death and then there will be a story about the police’s incompetence.

  4. “useless people”? “totalitarianism”? “corrupted police in US”? Are we still taking about this tragic incident? Please! You guys really have talents in making every comment area chinaSMACKy.

    1. ChinaHush’s content is very similar to chinaSMACK’s content so it’s naturally going to attract the same sort of commenters. Whether ChinaHush’s comment area degenerates into the same mess that plagues chinaSMACK will depend more on Key’s comment moderation. Personally, aside from much of the comments on the Pollution post, the comment quality on most of the other threads aren’t that bad, similar to chinaSMACK in the early days. As a website like this becomes more popular, there’s usually a downward trend though.

      1. My policy on commenting is: you have the rights to freely express your views and opinions. Even nazis have the right to state their arguements, whether you agree with the comment or not is upto you. So to me there is no such thing as downward trend, as long as there are no offensive vulgar language used or spams.

        1. Moderating vulgar language will definitely help. The downward trend I was referring to is mostly chinaSMACK being largely overrun by racists and trolls and, as you know, moderating vulgar language doesn’t necessarily stop those types.

          1. You think racists and trolls are only interested in ChinaSMACK and not chinaHush? You are dead wrong. They are everywhere. It all depends on how you control them. If you allow one group of racists to post, you need to allow the opposite group of racists to post. But ChinaSMACK is not doing that since the editor, Fauna has issues with her own people and side with the “lao wais” and certain people of her preference, which contributes to it’s downward trends.

            1. If you pay close attention, you would notice that everything posted in ChinaSMACK is all about how bad China is, nothing else. It is a one tract minded expression of opinion orchestrated and masterminded by Fauna, the owner of chinaSMACK.

              1. You may want to ask why does she feel this way? Usually a woman dumped by his lover for whatever reason would feel rejected, defensive and angry, would do anything to destroy, break and conspire against that person or things related to that person just to avenge a grave insult. That is the mindset of this woman.

            2. Uh…let’s see:

              You think racists and trolls are only interested in ChinaSMACK and not chinaHush?


              ChinaHush’s content is very similar to chinaSMACK’s content so it’s naturally going to attract the same sort of commenters.


              Anyway, ChinaHush’s content has since diverged significantly from chinaSMACK’s, and that’s a good thing.

              Next, it is clear you haven’t been paying close enough attention if you’d even venture the notion that everything posted on chinaSMACK is about how bad China is and “nothing else”. Selective reading much? The premise of the site is obviously lost upon you.

              That you then suggest Fauna has been dumped by a lover or something and chinaSMACK is the result is just completely nonsensical. I can’t even begin to imagine from which part of your ass you pulled that one out of. It’s time for me to unsubscribe to this thread given the twilight zone music I’m hearing out of you.

              1. With the help of a few lieutenants/lovers of which you probably are one, ChinaSMACK has deteriorated to what it is today. Way before me, a few intelligent commenters have aready posted the same comments as me about the posts in ChinaSMACK. ” It is all about how bad China is and its people are.” Don’t believe us, let the readers be the judge. Example of such posts are 1. “Death by a Thousand Cuts”- Old news, this was a capital punishment happened hundreds of years ago, but it appeared again in ChinaSMACK as recent as last week to make China look bad. Perhaps, Fauna ran out of valuable news to post, had to pull some shit out like this out of her butt. 2. “China does not have any men suitable for me” – It compares Western and European countries with China to reveal the inferiority of China in terms of air pollution, impoliteness ,poverty and outward appearance of the Chinese people. 3. ” Shanghai ‘Black Girl’ Lou Jing Abused by Racist netizens – Reveals the ugliness and the racist tendency of the Chinese people. 4. “Sex Diary Exposes Government Official’s Dbauchery.” – Exposes the corruption and sex slavery/predator of Chinese Government Official. 5. “Shenzhen Man Continues to Hold & Chat With Dead Father”- Reveals the stupidity of the common Chinese people. 6. “Beautiful Girls or Amazing Asian Pretty Boys” – Implying lots of Chinese boys are faggots. Need I say more????

          2. Using vulgar language is a kind of emphasis and a way to show the mood of the writer as being extremely mad or happy or pleasurable. They do not have to be a racist or trolls or pornography writers. It is not a matter of good or bad. If you cut them all out, what you get are some unrealistic flat comments made by controlled, restricted unnatural commenters.

  5. Consider the specific situation here. I couldn’t watch the video (removed?) but if there is a hostage situation and he has already stabbed the victim then for him to be shot and killed is not as tragic as waiting for the victim to die before apprehending him. We can’t say everyone is crazy just because they do this type of thing. Some people just do bad things and are bad people.
    I notice, especially in China, that everytime a person is involved in a nasty crime (usually murder) the media (government) says they had some mental disorder. This is an excuse so as to not disrupt the idea of a harmonious society, “There are no bad people just people with mental disorders”. Ridiculous! There are evil people and they live everywhere. Sometimes the only way to deal with them is this way.

    Joe, I wouldn’t say the police in the US are becoming more corrupt. They are just being given a longer leash in the name of protection from terrorists and public peace, so they are becoming more forceful. About the same way the government in China acts except they use the word Harmony. But I do agree that the police in the US are becoming more thugish and violent due to the idea that they believe they are using nonlethal force, tasers, pepper spray, ultra-sonic devices and weapons like that, they also seem to be overreacting due to their idea of disobedience. All they have to say is you were resisting arrest and they can beat the hell out of you. I fear the US will become more like China and China will become more like the US and in the end there won’t be any difference. Let’s thank Bush and now Obama for that.

  6. the footage clearly shows the guy waving his knife around like a maniac so he was a threat and taken down accordingly

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