AIDS Female Prostitute Blog was a Hoax


A blog supposedly written by a HIV-infected prostitute named Yan Deli (闫德利) exposing 279 of her “sex contacts” swept the internet and was heavily covered by the Chinese internet media. Later there were also reports on “the reason she did this was to find her fiancé”. However it turned out, all of it was just a hoax. The police have already been involved. They suspected Yan Deli’s ex-boyfriend was behind the incident.

Yan Deli in an interview said, she never have written anything on the internet, also was not previously interviewed by other media.

[Southern Net]

In order to prove her innocence, Yan Deli took three blood tests from three separate  institutes, Center for Disease Control Rongcheng county, Center for Disease Control of Baoding city and National Center for Disease Control in Beijing. All test results were negative for HIV infections.

Reporter learned at Yan Deli’s hometown, since the beginning of June, the villagers continued to find printed materials with the title “Rongcheng county, Hebei Province number 1 prostitute Yan Deli” Materials filled with nasty photos, said Yan Deli was a prostitute in Beijing and exposed Yan Deli family’s detail information and telephone number.  But Yan Deli said except for her family photo, all the other photos were computer generated.

Early Morning of August 26, Yan’s home was attacked by 2 beer bottles filled with gasoline and lit on fire.  The window on the front door was also broken.  Yan Deli and her family suspected that this series of events was carried out by her ex-boyfriend in Beijing. They hoped the hometown police could investigate these incidents.

[China Daily] ‘HIV prostitute’ blog is hoax cooked up by ex-lover: Police

By Bao Daozu (China Daily)

An illicit blog that has swept the Internet and claims to tell the story of an "HIV-infected prostitute" is a sick hoax by an angry ex-boyfriend, police said yesterday.

The post, which featured 300 indecent pictures of Yan Deli, along with 279 cell phone numbers of "former clients", emerged last week and rapidly spread across the nation’s Web portals.

The post claims the 30-year-old was raped by her stepfather at 15 and had become a waitress at karaoke bars in Beijing, and that the cell numbers were published in revenge against society.

However, police in Yan’s native Rongcheng county, Hebei province, told China Daily yesterday that the blog had been written by the woman’s ex-lover – a married man from Beijing.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, had demanded 5,000 yuan ($730) from Yan when they split up but she refused, said a local police officer who declined to be named.

The man later told police the woman’s brother had attacked him, the officer said.

The suspect then returned to the capital and, using the cell numbers he had received at the Rongcheng county police station, began to send indecent pictures of Yan to several officers via SMS.

"We have kept those text messages and we will sue him for smearing our reputation," said the officer, whose number was one of those listed on the blog.

China Daily was unable to contact the suspect yesterday.

Yan denied ever posting a blog online and said she plans to have an HIV test to prove her innocence, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Saturday.

The local center for disease control has also requested she undergo a medical check, local police said.

The newspaper reported Yan gave the illicit photographs to her ex-boyfriend, and that most of the published numbers were her colleagues or friends on an old cell phone.

The woman’s mother told Beijing Youth Daily the incident has embarrassed the whole family and was quoted as saying: "The whole country knows about this. How can we live?"

She also dismissed any suggestion her daughter is a prostitute, and explained that she earned 2,000 yuan a month working in a Beijing restaurant.

About the rape allegations contained in the blog, Yan’s stepfather added: "Whatever is said about me, it doesn’t matter because I am old. But how can my daughter live with such rumors?"

Wang Jing, a Beijing lawyer, said that if the blog is real the author has broken privacy regulations. However, if it is a hoax, they have violated laws to protect people’s reputations.

  1. I am sure glad that this turned out to be a hoax. Purposely infecting 200+ people with HIV is about the most horrible thing a person can do. I hope the girl can get over this hurdle in her life and continue on without too much stress.

  2. Hope this jackass gets to spend some time behind bars. There is too much of this intetnet slander, fabricated pictures and the likes these days and in a very high profile case like this it would be nice to see some punishment to deter others.

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