Baby Girl put up for Auction on Taobao

| October 18th, 2009


[Netease] On the afternoon of October 14th MOP BBS appeared a new post, quickly attracted netizens’ attention. Titled with “Putting up their own child for auction, what kind of parents are they?” the post attached with 2 Taobao website screenshots. (Taobao: is a online shopping marketplace for consumers in China. The EBay like auction website.)



According to the screenshots, the seller was from Zhangshu, Jiangxi province putting his baby up for auction on his online store, starting bid was 1 yuan, seller will pay for the shipping cost. In the description it wrote, baby is the daughter of his sister, was born on April 14 2008, “because we want a boy, therefore decided to give (baby girl) away to family of fate” According to the information, baby’s father has good health, graduated from junior college for professional training. Baby’s mother has “O” blood type, fair skinned, big eyes, “kid’s also got the big eyes, very cute, hope everyone will think for the child”.

In the end, seller also said, sincere buyer could meet her in personal. He provided 2 pictures of the baby girl, taken when she was just born and when she was at 1 year old, fair-skinned and chubby, very cute.

The post rapidly spread and shocked many netizens. Netizen “An” from Douban (豆瓣网) said this was the most “stupefied” (囧) online store. MOP netizen cried out “Human traffickers have opened online store?” More people criticized parents being irresponsible, “Why give birth to the baby if they didn’t even want to keep her? How could they easily sell her online? What kind of people are they?” There were also netizens thought this might be a hoax.

On the 15th, this store was shut down by Taobao.

Taobao’s public relations department said in the afternoon they had received reports saying that someone was selling baby on Taobao. After they found the online store, they directly took the “product” off the shelf, and shut down the account. “This was a violation of the law and regulations.” But as far as the specific information about the closed store and the date which it started the baby auction, Taobao said they were not clear.

October 14, media contacted this online store seller according to the information on the posted screenshots. A 25 year old man with last name Yu, from Zhangshu Jiangxi Province said, baby girl was his sister’s daughter, and did not know that the shop was already shut down for investigation.

Yu said their family was not well-off. His bother in-law was the only son and their family always wanted a boy. For this reason, he put his niece’s pictures on the online store. Before this, his online store only sold things from his home that he did not need anymore, such as DVD, alarm clock and so on. However he repeatedly stressed that “I am not a human trafficker, it is adoption, and we do not require any money or material things in return.

After the information went online, there was a man from Anhui province contacted him before. He was a doctor, the couple did not have any child and also always wanted a girl, so they showed interest to adopt the baby girl. Then because his sister was reluctant, he did not respond to the potential “buyer”. Subsequently his mother also yelled at him, “no matter how hard it would be, must raise the child yourself”.

“Mainly it is up to my sister, if she continues to consider, we can go to an official adoption website, find the appropriate kind-hearted people.” What is appropriate? Yu said, “A family in normal conditions, both man and woman should have legitimate jobs and really treat the baby girl well.”

As for what Yu said “this is adoption, not violating the laws and regulations”, Sichuan Lushi Law Firm attorney Pu Kui (蒲葵) said that it is not accurate. According to the Adoption Act, there are strict rules for the adopter, the donor for adoption, the person to be adopted and related conditions. For example, “person to be adopted must be less than 14 years of age and must be an orphan who lost both birth parents.”, and “Donors for the adoption must be the guardian of orphans, or social welfare agencies, or birth parents who have special difficulties, inability to raise their children.” Otherwise, violators may be constituted the crime of human trafficking babies, and subject to criminal charges. And this man’s condition did not appear to meet those rules.

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  1. Cryptozoologist says:

    At least it won’t go to a westerner looking for a designer baby.

  2. rotto says:

    in many places in the world there are people poor and ignorant! but they still have dignity!
    Only in China you can see every day people without any dignity!

    • Monkeyboy says:

      what the F*** ever happened to United States and Japan?

      • rotto says:

        ???? why? in USA Japan (Japan!! are you kiddin me?) and the rest of the word you can see people like in China? please! It’s a big differences between lost the dignity (for money, for stupidity, avidity etc.) or born without know how it is the dignity!

  3. I have to say I agree with the majority of what is being stated here. I’m gonna have to have to grab the feed so I can keep tabs. on what

  4. Eunos says:

    This is so terribly sad…why would any parent give up their child like this? This guy is even willing to SELL her away for money, 1 yuan, as the starting bid. How heartless can these humans be???

  5. I love to attend and buy some stuffs during Auctions, you can really get some nice stuffs in there..’;

  6. Kian Gray says:

    i like online auctions, they give that sort of adrenaline rush when buying;`,

  7. you can find lots of bargain stuffs from both online and offline auctions*`*

  8. DVD Cleaner says:

    i love auctions, i think joining an auction and bidding is also an addictive habit ,”;

  9. Derek says:

    Stupid parents how about they go adopt a boy and leave the girl with a relative or friend who wants a daughter why are they making this hard for just a baby!!!!YOU Stupid Chinese parents

  10. Dena Angeron says:

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  11. Liking your site very much. Some really helpful info. Influencing you baby’s gender seems like a pretty simple and straightforward task – if you know some insider tricks. Thanks!

  12. Regina says:

    I saw some pictures of people in some areas in China are cannabis.
    They would like to eat women meat… So they can sell baby girls for meat.

  13. Minnie says:

    i think the parents must be convicted.They don’t deserve to do the child’s parents.only want to a boy ,to sell their girl is can buy anything from taobao,but can’t buy baby.

    ok,i have a little emotional.after take easy, i think it may be a Commercial hype.maybe they want to improve their store views.

    i always bought from taobao with some items i would like,it is very cheap .good quality even though i don’t understand chinese. but i always buy from taobao,do you know why? because taobao saved more money for you. and there is a agent help me

    it called taobaobuying agent. they are a experienced, professional and efficient group.
    They help people in overseas to buy goods from China shopping website.Low service fee,cheap international shipping cost with high quality service.Don’t hesitate any more!To be your taobao agent,enjoy your taobao shopping!
    but remember,don’t support Illegal behavior

  14. Really terribly! If poverty be the reason, it is sad. There are still many poor people and not have anything in other parts of the world, but they were not to sell his own son.

  15. says:

    A brutal Tiger will not eat his own. However, man who had common sense turns out sometimes more cruel than animals. So very sad

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