Sichuan TV Station openly Apologized for “Insulting deceased BEYOND band member Wong Ka Kui”

[Netease] Sichuan Satellite TV’s “World Friends of Laughter” (天下笑友会) in a program called “who is the next Xiao Shenyang” (谁是下一个小沈阳), program host Da Bing (大兵) and a man named “Lollipop”( 棒棒糖) in a comedy act ridiculed famous band BEYOND ceased member Wong Ka Kui (黄家驹) with insulting words.  Netizens and fans of BEYOND fiercely protested and demanded the TV station to openly apologize. On 30th of September Sichuan Satellite TV station posted the statement on their official website, apologized to the public.


In the program, as part of the comedy act, guest comedian “Lollipop” said he would sing one of the BEYOND band member Wong Ka Kui’s song “really love you” (“真的爱你”). But he referred Wong Kai Kui as Wong Kai ‘Go’ (黄家狗), replacing驹with 狗, (狗 means dog). Host Da Bing asked him again “What did you call him?” “Wong Kai ‘Go’ (黄家狗)”. “Wong Kai Kui is already dead, if not he would die with anger by you”. Da Bing once again correcting guest comedian’s pronunciation, but guest comedian still insisted his incorrect pronunciation and said “Pig (驹 has a similar sound as 猪) and dog are all animals.”

20091004-beyond-02 Wong Ka Kui (黄家驹)

All of these were part of the comedy act where comedian acted his ignorance in order to be funny. However many viewers did not think it was funny. After the program was aired, it set off strong responses, especially in the Mainland China. Fans of BEYOND band could not accept this kind of “vulgar funny” said it was a great disrespect to the dead musician. On the online forums for BEYOND band the number of posts demanding Sichuan Satellite TV station to apologize surged. Netizens and fans demanded Sichuan Satellite TV in the program openly apologize to Wong Ka Kui and fans all over the country. The time of apology must not be less than 20 minutes, attitude must be sincere, also must show rolling text of apology on the bottom of the screen. On many websites and BBS, netizens started the large-scaled “human flesh search” on the guest comedian “Lollipop”, strongly demanding him personally apologize.

For those who understand Chinese, here is the clip of the program from Youku. See for yourself if this was offensive to you.

Reporter learned from Sichuan TV station staff members, because of the growing voice on the web program group drafted an emergency statement the night before and on September 30th it has been issued on the Sichuan TV station’s website. The statement recognized the guest comedian’s impropriate comment and openly apologized for the incident.

1. Although the participant used inappropriate language in the program in order to make a joke, He had also repeatedly stated afterwards, he had great respect for Mr. Wong Kai Kui. Subjectively, he had not the slightest intention to hurt Mr. Wong Kai Kui.

2. After the program was aired, it triggered the discontent of Mr. Wong’s fans, everyone thought that this caused emotional harm to Mr. Wong Kai Kui, and fans who loved him. At this point, we extend our most sincere apology to Mr. Wong Kai Kui, his fans and netizens.

3. In the future programs we will learn from this incident to strengthen management and review our programs more rigorously to prevent similar incident from occurring and to strive for higher quality of programming for the general audience.

The reporter interviewed the host Da Bing, he said “I was just working for the Sichuan TV station and that was all, everything was handled by the station.” Reporter questioned him as the moderator if he had the responsibility to stop inappropriate behavior of the guests. Da Bing said “Should stop the endless investigating and discussion.”

Da Bing said that “everyone has the right to joke, it may sometimes be an inappropriate joke, the joker should not go too far and the people who are made fun of should not be overly sensitive. No one was deliberately harming other people. This was just a joke.” As to whether he should publicly apologize on the incident, Da Bing said, “There is no need.”

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