Toshiba Advertisement Billboard shown in CCTV Live Broadcast of the National Day Military Parade

This forum post on Tianya pointed out a Toshiba advertisement billboard was shown on the CCTV live broadcast of the National Day military parade, along with what a horrible broadcasting job CCTV has done. Netizens speculated if the Toshiba advertisement was done on purpose.



“Because of the live broadcasting of the National day, even the top of the houses around Tiananmen square were covered with green blankets. There were two 40 meter tall cranes carrying CCTV’s “flying cat” cameras scanning the pictures. How could they miss this huge advertisement billboard? Also it was during the important moment of president Hu’s reviewing of the military troops, 10 seconds long, if Toshiba paid for the ad at this moment, how much did CCTV charge!”



Netizen criticized CCTV’s inappropriate camera angles facing the sunlight which made everyone’s face black. He also pointed out the weird flashing gray shadow during the aerial pictures on the top right of the screen. Poster then showed many unprofessional scenes where the camera men were actually in the pictures.












Netizens generally were not happy with the quality of the broadcasting by CCTV. The fact Toshiba is a Japanese brand which made the situation worse. 

The entire parade I only saw one advertisement, I am angry! how much dirty money did CCAV director get from little Japanese? You have to work yourself to the bone?  Dog shit!

CCTV with the nick name “CCAV” (China Central Adult Video) seemed couldn’t get anything right these days in the eyes of the Chinese people.   The long time coming  hatred and disgust towards this government media company seemed to be generally acknowledged by every Chinese citizen.

You can watch part of the CCTV live broadcast of National Day military parade here.

The link is down, here is the one on Youtube

If you ever were wondering what president Hu was yelling during the parade. He was greeting the troops with “同志们好!同志们辛苦了!” “Hello Comrades! Comrades worked hard!”

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  2. When you can’t complain openly about certain things people tend to complain a lot over the things they are allowed to. This is a no-story though. Quite boring and I doubt many Chinese people actually foamed in front of their tvs if they even noticed the Toshiba sign. I know there are many nationalistic morons in this country but I doubt there are as many as the sites and blogs make us think.

  3. Hi Xiao Wang, this holiday and the parade was a huge deal in China and there were MANY people watching this on TV all throughout the world. If you do not know what you are talking about, I suggest to just keep quiet. I for one watched it live on TV and noticed the Toshiba sign.

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