Daughter Killed Both Parents and Cut them into Pieces



2009-09-16 Guangzhou Daily reported in “Parents getting a divorce, daughter kills both parents and cut them into pieces

Evening of September 11th in a rental apartment in Zhongshan City (中山市沙溪镇云汉村) a man and a woman were killed and cruelly cut into pieces, the remains were still in the room. Until September 15th 8 am, their corpses were discovered by the landlord. Police came to the scene after receiving the call. They took the daughter of the victims in for questioning. Police initial investigation stated that the daughter killed both parents and cut them into pieces because her parents were going through a divorce.

Reporter went to the crime scene, an eight story building. According to the residence this building was made into rental apartments, where most of the residents of the building were workers from outside of the town working in a nearby clothing factory. The incident happened in room 803.

“Today morning around 8 o’clock, a tenant from eighth floor came to find me, saying foul smell was coming from room 803, and he hasn’t seen the people living in there for couple days already. I felt something was wrong so followed him up to the eighth floor.” Sitting on the stair way, landlord told reporter what had happened this morning.

“He and I went to the front door of room 803, noticed the foul smell was coming from inside. I knocked for long time but no one answered, so I had to kick the door open. The head-on smell nearly made me faint. The room was a mess with a dazed-looking girl standing inside. The scene was very frightening. I called the police immediately!” Landlord said.

“Cut up body parts were transported out around 9:30 am.” A clothing store owner at the first floor of this building told the reporter “Police came in this morning, discovered cut up victims’ body parts, soon they carried them out with boxes.”

Reporter noticed the building has an elevator which goes to eighth floor, and two other stair ways. Reporter saw all the entrances have been blocked by the police. The reporter went through the fire escape stairs at the side of the building and saw each floor had about 35 different sized rooms. Outside of the room 803 filled with variety of tools used to investigate the crime scene, several policemen were busy going in and out and all looked very serious.

Another upstairs rental home tenant told the reporter that the male victim used to work for shipping jobs nearby. “In the past, he drove a Guangzhou licensed truck for shipping fabrics. Later he got into an car accident and caused him to be physically inconvenienced; he always stayed home after that. The woman maybe is his wife. I heard that their relation was not so good lately, they were going to get a divorce.”

Reporter then went to the police and learned that the suspect arrested Qi (last name: 齐) is indeed two deceased’s daughter. Investigators rushed to the scene and found bloodstains in front of the restroom, also found weapons, two large fruit knifes and a hammer, the daughter was just standing there in the room.

Suspect Qi was brought back to the Public Security Bureau. Her preliminary confession said on September 11th she was in the rental home and started arguing with her parents because they were going to get a divorce. Then she killed both parents Qi and Li and cut them into pieces.

Currently the case is under further investigation.


2009-09-17 Guangzhou Daily reported in “18-year-old girl stayed with parents’ corpses for 4 days

“I told my dad and mom to stop fighting, stop mentioning divorce, but mom still nagging nonstop. I picked up an old plastic bag and put it over her head, then tied up her hands behind her back so she could not move. After half an hour, I noticed she stopped breathing.” Yesterday Guangzhou Daily reported “Parents getting a divorce, daughter killed both parents and cut them into pieces” case, attracted considerable public concerns. Yesterday afternoon, reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Zhongshan city the latest progress of the investigation of the case daughter killing both parents. Due to the unbearable fighting of the parents getting a divorce, 18 year old girl Qi (齐) used plastic bags and killed both the mother and the father which was lying in bed due to severe cerebral thrombosis. Afterwards she bought 2 large fruit knifes and a hammer, cut the corpses into pieces, waiting for a chance to dump the cut up bodies.

Reporter learned yesterday from Zhongshan city Public Security Bureau that the deceased’s daughter, Qi was very corporative during the interrogation and basically confessed that her motives of the crime and the entire process. She was taken to home by the police where she confirmed the crime scene. Reporter learned that, during the process of identifying the crime scene, Qi dazed, walking fast, was extremely calm and finished quickly. She did not say a word, but the landlord told the reporter that he only heard Qi made one remark “I regret very much!” Currently the police have contacted institutions to diagnose Qi’s mental state. Case is in further investigation.

Reporter interviewed many residents around the building and learned, this household was very kind to people, had a good relation with neighbors, especially the father with an easygoing personality. “I have heard that the daughter had just graduated not long ago had just returned from a Beijing trip. The daughter was pretty. I often see them, mother and daughter out together shopping, never expected such thing will happen.” A neighbor said.

A driver pulling the cargo nearby told the reporter because the father’s poor health, the hopes were pinned on their daughter. “He told me before he saved up some money, that is, to give her daughter to find a good family to marry to. As long as there were people taking care of his daughter, he could be at peace.”

As for the girl’s mother, neighbors said they usually had less interactions with her. “Just knew she was doing insurance, but did not know specifically which company.” A neighbor said.

Zhongshan City mental health expert Gan Luchun (甘露春) said that this could be viewed as an extreme exception, but its occurrence was not accidental but was a result of continuous accumulation of family conflicts and its outbreak. She could not bear to hear her parents fighting and getting a divorce, so she killed her parents, such behavior was too intense, we did not rule out the possibility of mental illness. At the same time, she had such a fierce reaction meaning she cared about happiness and harmony of the her family and parents. She cared to an extreme degree. Such extreme case was alarming, we should absolutely not overlook the small conflicts in the family daily lives. People should resolve the conflicts they face in life and family as soon as possible. Communicate more as a family to resolve conflicts, and also could ask psychologists for help.

1. How old was the girl? Why did she kill the parents?

“I am 18 years old, the evening of September 11th, my parents were fighting nonstop because of really small things. Then mom proposed to divorce dad, I was very angry after hearing that. I shouted loudly to tell them to stop fighting, and stop mentioning divorce! After I shouted, dad was quite, but mom was still yelling at dad nonstop. I could not take it anymore so I picked up an old plastic bag and put it over my mother’s head then tied her hands together behind her back with a rope. After half an hour, she stopped breathing.”

“When I found out mother was dead, I was shocked and afraid, Sick father lying in bed, kept telling me to go to the police and turn myself in. My mind was a blank, thinking my mom was already dead everyone might as well all die. So I used the plastic bag and put it over my dad’s head and suffocated him to death.”

2. How can a girl simultaneously kill both parents, two adults?

“Killing my mom was taking advantage of when she was not looking, and then it was too late to resist; during the time, dad did not stop me, it was because he had a car accident and injured his back with limited mobility. Also my dad recently had severe cerebral thrombosis was unable to move, so later killing my dad also wasn’t very difficult.”

3. How can the girl stay with the corpses for 4 days? She did not go out in so many days?

“I was scared after killing my parents. I went to a supermarket to buy a few large fruit knifes and a hammer, taking them back to the room to cut the bodies into pieces. Then I put them into large black plastic bags and got ready to go outside to throw away the body. I went downstairs once, saw the landlord and also talked to him.”



2009-09-18 Guangzhou Daily reported in “Dismemberer Girl Known as a Good Girl 

Yesterday reporter visited the school Qi used to go to and her neighbors lived near the rental home to provide coverage of this shocking case. “Unthinkable, Unbelievable” were the most heard words during the interviews.

In the eyes of the vice-principal of the school and other neighbors, 18-year-old girl Qi was a good girl who looked gentle and with outgoing personality. “How could she use such a cruel way to kill her parents?”

The reporter learned yesterday from the police that the work of determining Qi’s mental health had already began, the results would be identified in a few days. The reporter also learned that after the completion of relevant investigation, Qi will be transferred to detention center, then we must wait for the court’s decision.

Principal: “She was a good student”

This junior high school in Shaxi town (沙溪镇) is a small school. Qi went there for two and half years. In 2006 she was on her last semester of her 3rd year at this junior high, because of her parents’ work reasons, Qi was transferred back to her hometown in Henan. Vice-principal Mr. Lai (赖) was Qi’s teacher before. He thought if Qi continued in his school, she could have been admitted to a good high school.

“She was a good student, her grades are above average.” Lai recalled and said. In his class this tall and slim girl, though not the most eye-catching, but her thoughts were always very active. Even after Qi left school for three years, principal Lai still remembered her.

Not only performed well in school, Qi’s performance in extra-curricular activities was also relatively positive. She was good at certain arts and sports. The impression Mr. Lai and others had was Qi had an outgoing personality. They could never imagine such outgoing, cheerful, loving little girl could have killed her parents.

During the two and half years in Junior high Qi did not show any signs of psychological disorder. There were no disciplinary school records. Teachers and students got along with her, Qi did not show any unusual behaviors. “She was a normal girl.” Principal Lai said.

Reporter attempted to look at Qi’s archived records but was refused by the school. School said Qi’s original class teacher had left school, and refused further interviews with the reporter.

Neighbors “She was a good girl”

Yesterday reporter once again came to the rental apartment, the blocking police tapes placed the day before had been removed, but the residents within the corridor were still nervous and went in and out of the house very quickly.

“I have heard the police were still further investigating the scene. We were not allowed to go to the 8th floor.” One resident told the reporter. The reporter attempted to go up to 8th floor but was stopped by the police on duty.

The resident who was shopping at the market told the reporter that she had seen Qi repeatedly. “One time Qi was with her mom shopping, she helped her mother carrying bags and was talking and laughing, looked like they had good relations. When I brought my kid shopping, she saw my child and smiled at him.”

“We felt she was a good girl, every time when I saw her she was always with her parents.” Truck drivers sitting downstairs told the reporter. One was close to Qi’s father Mr. Zhang said “We used to always go on jobs together. Her father never said anything bad about her daughter. He said she was good in school, and had high expectations on her. Her family often went out together, recently he told me her daughter began to buy food to cook and he was very happy.”


20090922-gilr-kills-parents-162009-09-19 Guangzhou Daily reports in “Family members recalled Qi Ping was Sane

Family: even though she was adopted but was closer than blood

Yesterday Qi Ping’s (齐某萍: newspaper started calling her Qi X ping, with middle character censored) cousin Li Xiaoyong (李小勇) said Qi was not her parents’ daughter. Because the wife was unable to bear children due to illness, they adopted Qi Ping. Li Xiaoyong said “most relatives knew this matter, Qi Ping should have found out long time ago as well.”

“Therefore the assumption of ‘Qi Ping found out she was adopted, then was angry and killed her parents’ is unreasonable.” According to Li Xiaoyong Qi had never shown any resentment about being adopted. “She and her mother had a good relationship.”

Yesterday reporter asked Qi’s family back home if she was mentally normal. According to Li Meixiang and Li Xiaoyong’s memories, Qi Ping has always been normal mentally and there wasno history of mental illness and she was always capable of her studies.

“But she was too introverted.” Cousin Li Xiaoyong told reporter that even he and Qi Ping were cousins, but he rarely saw her throughout the years. Now he thought about it, he had not much memory of her, they only exchanged a few words in these years.

Neighbor: Same floor tenants all moved out

“I know almost all tenants from 8th floor were moved out, some 7th floor tenants are also moving out. To be honest, I don’t want to be here anymore.” A male resident living on the 5th floor said, after this incident, he could not sleep at night.

First floor landlord complained to the reporter, his business was taking a huge hit.

Expert: “Homebody Girls” (宅女) have lack of ways to vent

Zhongshan city mental health expert Hu Xi (胡茜) said that the reason Qi Ping “killing her parents and cut them into pieces” might have to do with her having little friends and staying home all day.

“Her depression should have been very serious. The most important characteristic of “Homebody Boys” (宅男) and “Homebody Girls” (宅女) is that they lived in the world of their own mind. There are no desires and ways to communicate with the outside world.”

“These people have lack of ways to vent, are easily suppressing their emotions, but once they break out, not only other people have a difficult time to understand, but sometimes even they cannot accept themselves.”

Hu Xi reminded us, currently many adolescents, especially post 90 kids like the internet. It allowed them to live in a completely virtual world and they gradually have less interaction with the outsiders. Their personality become antisocial. She believes that parents should guarantee communication with their children, give children a way to vent their emotions.




2009-09-21 Guangzhou Daily reported in “After killing both parents, girl went online relaxing

Yesterday morning all five relatives came to the police station. After a few hours of interview by the police, they were told that they could not see Qi Ping due to the case was still under investigation.

However, at their request the police showed the video recording of Qi Ping’s confession after the arrest. According to Qi Ping’s relatives, during the integration process, Qi Ping frankly said that she had the idea of killing her parents long time ago when the family traveled to Beijing.

Yesterday the reporter went into the murder suspect Qi Ping’s QQ profile. At a first glance, her QQ space was very common, with simple style and bright colors, the feeling of a cute little girl. But after reporter inspected further, found that this space is a true reflection of her inner world.

She was often insomnia and constantly went behind her parents’ back borrowing money from her classmates to go to the hospital to buy sleeping pills. Her interest in internet chatting can be described as crazily obsessed. She used 3 QQ numbers at the same time, chatting with a dozen or more people at the same time.

She said that she liked a online “celebrity” named CK. But CK was a self-abusive young girl who loved to use a knife to cut herself. In the end, after doing drugs, CK cut her own arteries and ended her life.

When reporter entered her profile, according to the time, September 13th 8:46 am, Qi Ping updated her QQ space with “These two days didn’t play, very relaxed therefore not going to play anymore.”

But at this time she had been with her parents’ corpses for 2 days already. According to the police, September 11th she killed her parents. From September 11th to 13th she was busy cutting her parents’ bodies into pieces, therefore maybe did not have time to play internet games.

While reporter was reading her articles, found that she had gone out with a boy friend before, but they broke up. Qi Ping’s feelings were deeply hurt. She admitted “Never will like anyone anymore.” There were no details of the relationship recorded, only expressing her emotions “I very much do not want to use bad language, but except using bad language to express his disgraceful behavior, I can not think of any other languages can be used to describe it.”



2009-09-21 Guangzhou Daily reported in “People I loved the most are dad and mom

In addition, in a message she was not hiding her feelings towards her parents. “People I loved the most are dad and mom.”

But why is this “loving mom and dad” girl brutally murdered her parents? Perhaps we can see the clues from her Q&A on her QQ.

Q: In terms of life, are you more happy or more troubled?

A: Happy

Q: Can you be independent?

A: Yes, but my parents always thought that I cannot.

Q: What do you remember on a rainy day…

A: I used to think of my father and mother

Q: If your loved one lost his/her memory, what would you do?

A: People I loved the most are my father and mother, if they lost their memories, I will do everything possible to help them find their memories back.

Q: The saddest day of the year.

A: The saddest day: Dad got sick, It was heartbreaking to see my father being sick.


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  4. This reminds me of the Guangdong “Cha Shao Bao” killer (or cha siu bau in Cantonese). I was looking it up on the ol’ internet to read up more on it, but can’t find anything except all those exploitation movies with Anthony Wong. Was that based on a true story? If Hong Hong still has CATIII still, you know next month you won’t just have to read about it on the internet.

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  6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Lizzie Andrew Borden[2] (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was a New England spinster who was the central figure in the hatchet murders of her father and stepmother on August 4, 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts in the United States. The murders, subsequent trial, and following trial by media became a cause célèbre. The fame of the incident has endured in American pop culture and criminology. Although Lizzie Borden was acquitted, no one else was ever arrested or tried, and she has remained notorious in American folklore. Dispute over the identity of the killer or killers continues to this day.

    The case was memorialized in a popular jump-rope rhyme:

    Lizzie Borden took an axe
    And gave her mother forty whacks.
    When she saw what she had done
    She gave her father forty-one.

  7. Crimes committed within the family in a state of mental hallucination drug, alcohol, or money. In Sorbas, Andalusia, Marina Gijsels hacks killed his mother. In Amatlan, Mexico, Fernando Sandoval Losano like her mother killed, and Licata, Chile, Danilo Soto did the same with his mother. In Peru they are known murders of Eva Bracamonte Fefer, Elizabeth Espino Vásquez, Giuliana Llamoja Hilares and Maria Teresa Cruzado Vera. What happens in the world today never to have seen … These facts raise questions whether it is worth bearing children who will be our executioners.

  8. I think we’re in the finals of the centuries. Never before has seen so many horrible things that cause insomnia.
    In all countries of the world shows that some mothers kill their daughters in cold blood. Here in Mexico there are very sad cases. But we are not just mexicans who suffer the depravity of the girls who come to such a degree of evil. For example I read on the internet than in the U.S. is terrible crimes like Elvira Marion Walton was killed by her daughter ¡¡12 years!! and Peru also committed shocking cases, such as Elizabeth Espino Vásquez, Giuliana Llamoja Hilares, and Eva Bracamonte Fefer sentenced for giving terrible death of their mother. And lastly, the case of a woman accused of murdering his own mother as Maria Teresa Cruzado Vera, it has acted in complicity with their brothers murderers Leticia Cruzado Carpio, Monica Cruzado Carpio and Alejandro Cruzado Carpio, who claim that the author is epileptic and drug addict.
    The wife Maria Teresa Vera Cruzado is not operated even though the crime has happened several years ago. Apparently has not done anything to investigate the crime, despite a 7 years has been the victim of these criminals.
    Respect for parents is gone, bad friends, drugs and alcohol conducive to mental disorders, we can not otherwise explain how it is that you can reach the point of eliminating the being who gave us life.
    If we suffer evil mothers of daughters, what awaits the other citizens? Ponder this terrible reality and ask God to free us from the unworthy sons who are already condemned in advance by the divine and human law. May our Lord preserve us from the worst betrayal that fills the soul with horror.

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