Birth Story of Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing


Lou Jing (娄婧) a mixed Shanghainese girl (half black and half Chinese) became popular overnight because her mother and she were viciously attacked by the Chinese netizens’ nasty and racist comments. However the western readers seem to be focusing more on the racism issue, but the reason of the attacks is not only because of the racism against black people. but also a large portion of the Chinese netizens were angry about Lou Jing’s mother’s extramarital affair which led to Lou Jing’s birth.

Then a week ago Lou Jing was interviewed by NetEase. She said her parents’ extramarital sex was a pure rumor. Although she did not give much detail, she claimed to be born in a single parent family. She also said the announcement on KDS responding to the racist comments was not posted by her. Many readers were disappointed after reading/hearing her interview with NetEase. “She seems to be not aware of the racism issue, or completely brushing it off.” “Lou Jing was more concerned about the ‘rumor’ of her mother’s affair rather than the racism in China.” “I didn’t really like her. I liked her KDS imposter a lot more.”

Netease: I remember you once said that your biggest dream is to become a host, but while you are pursuing your dream, the color of your skin might bring you some unnecessary trouble, why is that?

Lou Jing: Because some of the netizens think I do not meet the aesthetic needs of the Chinese public. And being a host is the most direct way to present images to the public. It is possible some people will like me and some people don’t, for those who do not like me, I need to spend more effort than other hosts to gain their recognition.

“Aesthetic needs of the Chinese public? How about racism? Some people would dislike you just because you are half black, spending more effort than other hosts is not going to change that.”

ChinaHush reader Jackie commented on the original post. The comment was the translation of a forum post by Chinese netizen exposing Lou Jing’s real birth story. The story was very detailed and pretty convincing. I thought it deserved a blog post of its own.

From translated by Jackie

Lou Jing said in the short video on TV station Dong Fang Wei Shi: She was born in a single parent family. For various reasons, her American father left China and her mom, without knowing her mom was pregnant at the time.

Lou Jing lied during her interview with Netease, when she claimed that her parents did not have an extramarital affair.

First, Lou Jing’s last name is given to her by her mom’s then husband. She could not have been born in a single parent family.

Second, Lou Jing is for sure the product of an extramarital affair.

Lou Jing’s mom was an employee at 上海氯碱化工股份有限公司(原上海氯碱总厂,地址是上海龙吴路4747号 Company name and address, too lazy to translate). She actively courted her husband Lou X, who was then the party secretary. The two married, and after a year and half, she gave birth to Lou Jing. At the time, the family lived near the factory, in Wu Jing Area.

It was half a year into their marriage, that Lou Jing’s mom attended the Shanghai Chemical Enginnering University (Now called 华东理工大学, too lazy to find the translation), had sexual relationship with a black man, and conceived Lou Jing. Note that Lou Jing’s last name is the same has the name of the man her mom married.

Given this was during the eighties of last century, whether that black exchange student came from Africa or US, any netizen can check and find out for himself.

According to co-workers who also attended that university at the same time, Lou Jing’s mother did not have too much contact with the black student, probably got “lucky” after only sleeping together once or twice.

Lou Jing’s mom, out of false hopes that nobody would notice and that she could get away with this, decided not to abort the baby.

Nobody knew what the husband thought. But he tried to defend his wife, telling everyone that his wife took too much Chinese medicine while she was pregnant (to ensure the fetus’s health), and this caused the baby to have black skin.

In the first three years of Lou Jing’s life, Lou X treated her well, and act responsibly as a father. When Lou Jing sometimes fell sick at midnight, Lou X would call a cab to take the sick child from Wu Jing area to downtown (those not familiar with Shanghai can check the maps and see for themselves that their apartment is far away from downtown). Even though now Lou Jing is living in a single family, how can she say those things during the interviews? What about those three years when her mom’s husband took care of her?

Three years after Lou Jing’s birth, Lou X could no longer stand the gossips and criticisms, and decided to divorce Lou Jing’s mother.

This marriage betrayal was a huge blow to Lou X. With his broken marriage, Lou X went to Japan, returning to China only after several years. He still works for the chemical companies, but for a long time, he refused to go back to Wu Jing area, where the family lived before. He was only able to remarry 10 to 20 years after the first one.

This is how Lou Jing’s mother destroyed a Party secretary with a bright future (the last sentence is obviously opinionated..)

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  2. It is a shame that she lives there. Good chance that her father does not even know that she exists.
    She is beautiful and would be treated as such in America (certain places). She really does look to be African american (from what I can tell in the pictures) but I am sure that if she lived in America, the only thing that would tip people off is that she (or so it says in this story) has a accent. Kudos to her mom for keeping her and rasing her in a land so obviously filled with bigots

  3. Shame on her mom.

    Well China, now you know just how Black guys roll. They knock up as many women as they can wherever they’re at and then force society to cuckold them. Ergo – ghettos and favelas – coming to a province near you now!

    1. Hey you made it seem that the black guy had come and rape the chinese mother.

      yes, shame on her mom you can MAYBE say, but shame on you as well for posting such sweeping statements on blacks. who knows, someday you might receive a helping hand from a black in the future.

      your chinese movie star gongli is now a singaporean for gods sake. do you want to criticise her future child for being a traitor for that?

    2. You sound as if you have a problem with anyone dating outside their race…

      Very disgusting mentality you have. Black guys are not the ‘Black Devils’ you are painting them to be.

    3. PENIS ENVY ?

      I have been married to my wife for 25 years and raised all my children. I still can’t get them to leave home!
      Generalization about people or cultures, appears ignorant and racist.

  4. As someone who has been to China a few times, I know how crazy the Chinese can be about skin color (Trust Me, I’m African – American and trying to convince Chinese citizens that I am American has always been an ignorant but funny experience). She is beautiful and I wish her the best of luck over there.

  5. suprise, surprise is it China newly got wealth that has openned dorrs to this level of racism or what, shame on you chinnese.

  6. After reading this article and those related to it, i think the Chinese who post negative comments of her should start to grow up.

    From what i know, this girl here has done absolutely nothing wrong. Her mother might have made a mistake, but she is not the REASON that it happen, she is the result and that she has no control over it at all.

    I’m sure that out of the billions of Chinese in China, a small portion but significant number of them are in the same category as her, or you think all Chinese are so faithful that they do not have sex with another man other than their husband?

    Please, it really shows the maturity level of the Chinese people in this issue, if the Americans can vote a black president, i think the Chinese should be able to accept a Chinese mix-blood girl as a finalist in a beaty contest who succeed because of her own ability rather than using underhand methods like sleeping with the judge for the honor.

    Grow up you people, give her due credit for her abilities, her skin colour is not something she can control, and it is definitely not something she should be ashamed of. But the attitudes of some of the online posters should be ashamed of their responses.

  7. Such double standards for men and women! While guys can get by with 2 or 3 mistresses (as long as they can afford), a woman’s affair gets the entire Shanghai going mad! I’m not sure what all those criticism kept calling her mother a violator of “the traditional Chinese virtues.” What exactly is the traditional Chinese virtues? I only know that the tradition is that a man should have as many wives as he can and a woman should treat her husband’s other wives as if they were her sisters. Now how is that practical virtues in modern Shanghai?

  8. Humanity in general is capable of great good as well as great evil. What we have witnessed here in the controversy revolving poor Lou Jing is the bigotry and racism that the entire world prides themselves upon. If only we, as a collective whole, could love one another for our differences rather than hate one another, then perhaps this world will actually become a beautiful place to live in. This girl’s plight is no different than the plight of dark-skinned people everywhere. All of China in general should not be blamed for the racist views of a few morons but this doesn’t mean that we excuse the harmful comments these ignorant fools have made.

    I do believe this entire event should be viewed as a reminder of how much harder we should try to rid ourselves of the bigotry that exist within our world rather than simply condemn the Chinese in a flippant and generalized fashion. Strive a little harder to love your fellow man and stop hiding behind anonymity to harm those who are different than you.

    Lou Jing is a beautiful girl and I hope that her and her mother have a beautiful and peaceful life after coming to face such ugliness.

  9. It is a shame the way some ignorant people are treating Lou Jing. Unfortunately for them, it has made her even more famous. We in England have heard about Lou and think she is a beautiful and talented girl and wish her success in her life.

  10. The mother made a mistake, shit happens. Yes it was unfortunate for the husband and shame on her mother for having an affair, the fact it was with a black man should not be an issue. I think Lou Jing is very pretty and can rival many of the American fashion models (I’m from the US). Regardless of how she was conceived, I think this exposure can get her attention from the international community and may land her a modeling/entertainment career. If she becomes successful, I bet all the hateful netizens will be singing a totally different tune.

    Stay strong girl, you’re beautiful and should not be punished for your parents’ past.

  11. I would just like to say that I find this somewhat ironic since the current President of the United States is the son of a white woman from America and a Black man from Kenya who were divorced not long after he was borne. Over forty percent of white Americans had to have voted for Mr. Obama for him to be elected.

  12. Lou Jing said:…” Because some of the netizens think I do not meet the aesthetic needs of the Chinese public. And being a host is the most direct way to present images to the public. ”

    Lou Jing, you could only make better the aesthetic needs of the Chinese public.

  13. funny how chinese people think they are the top of the latter. almost like a white imperialist thought of veiw, wow.
    during the time of mao, people would switch children with their neigbors to eat them for food becuase they were starving. as low as anyone thinks of black, I’ve never heard of this being done in starving africa.

  14. She is beautiful and would do very well in the US as a model or entertainer. Funny, but Chinese models and entertainers dont do well in American…ummmm…I wonder why??

  15. We can’t wait for Lou Jing to visit New York. We plan to give her the keys to the city. She will see millions of people that look just like her.
    I have so many Asian in our family (Chinese, Japanese and Philippines), that we joke that they are trying to breed the black out of us! I do love them all, each member of our family. They bring so much warmth and love when we get together.

  16. I’m fed up of Blacks picking on East ASian condemning of racism based on skin color. In US, Blacks are judging east asians based on skin color all the time in East Coast (Philadephia, New York). Blacks committed most hate crimes on chinese and Vietnamese in NY, Philadelphia. There’s seldom cases of East Asian comitting hate crimes against Blacks even most asian have poor opinion of Blacks. The trend can be seen from skin tones. Darker skined Asians (Indians, Bangladeshi, Filipino, Khmer) are less likely to be targetted. I don’t hate Blacks because of their dark skin but because of their Bullying Thug Culture.

  17. I hope to God Almighty that this cancer called “racism” we have here in America is not spreading to Asia. Because racism of that kind, against blacks, is homegrown. Asia was nowhere near the slave trading, the abductions from Africa. Y’all didn’t get whipped with chains, sold to the highest bidder or watch your wife, daughters get raped or made to follow behind people who were no better than you. Y’all didn’t have to March on Washington as a nation to protest against racism against blacks. Y’all didn’t have to search the very depths of your souls to defy the white supremacists who were all for “separate but not equal” in this country of America. So… why does Asia feel they know anything about black people? If Martin Luther King was Chinese then maybe so. If the white supremacists were Chinese then maybe so, but truth is they don’t like ya’ll no more than they like blacks, Mexicans or anyone else who isn’t “white”. And no matter how light you make your skin, or marry a white person .. “You all” are still Asian and will be picked out and separated from whites for slaughter if the white supremest have their day. So emphathize and accept Lou Jing .. for those being racist. To those not .. well, to each his own.

    I am half black, half Asian too.

  18. This is not about race/skin color at all, but about the betrayal of marriage, the sex out of marriage…..

    Skin color is just some evidence of such betrayal, which can’t be hidden easily.

    Most of the Chinese would think in this way. I’m a Chinese from Shanghai.

  19. I really don’t like such saying, the whie people and the people of color.

    What the F—- is the people of color? Don’t u white people have color? What is the color of your hair? What’s the color of your eyes? What’s the color of your hair?

    What is white? The paper is white. Your skin is as white as the paper?

    These 3 words are far from being enough to descibe different races. There are so many different population among the white, the asia, the black….

    So, please, just forget the race! Why do you care so much about it?

    The only way to stop racism is to fuck each other. The blood is mixed, then no one is pure.

    Ant to tell you the truth, none of us has pure blood. Our ancestry had kept on fucking each other for thousands of years, no matter by marriage or raping.

    Take your peace, forget those shit things. Girls love boys, and boys love girls, that’s the only thing we should care. Love and sey, no racism any more.

  20. Its a sad shame when people can talk so much shit about a mix so uncommon and it digusts me! I’m also chinese and black and been hated on my whole life!

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