Shenzhen University Beauty Committed Suicide, but Why?


Yesterday morning. Shenzhen university third year female student leaped from the top of her home building ended her 19-year-old life. It was not yet four month since she wrote on her blog “Cherish and love life”. Police have determined Yang Jing Qian (杨倩) committed suicide by jumping off the building. Her family and friends said she have made mistakes during the welcoming of 2009 new students at school and was criticized by the teacher severely. However Yang’s teacher advisor denied having criticized her.

The incident happened at a seven story residential building in Futian district. Wittiness Mr. Chen told the reporter, at the moment the girl’s mother was downstairs of the building, when heard the noise she ran over and broke out crying holding her daughter’s body. Mr. Chen called the police immediately. Mr. Chen said this girl was covered in blood, lying on the floor, not moving.

Yesterday noon, police on duty told the reporter, the girl jumped from the top of the seven story building, was sent to Futian emergency room. Futian hospital head of medicine department Mr. Chen stated, after the rescue effort and tests, they have leaned victim had fractures all over her body, broke both legs and waist, fractured her face and head and lost all of her teeth. She was unconscious due to loss of blood. At 12 30 pm, Yang Qian passed away.

According to Yang Qian’s family, Yang Qian went to Shenzhen University to study international business since year 2007, was the leader of student government responsible for the welcoming of 2009 new students. Last week, Yang Qian made a mistake at one of her works, was criticized severely by her teacher. Yang Qian could not take it and ran back home last Thursday, refused to eat and sleep. Recent couple of days she was crying at home for no apparent reasons. Her mother especially called the school 2 days ago, requested school to intervene in Qian Yang’s psychological treatment. Teach wanted the mother to go to school the next day.

Yang Qian’s class advisor stated Yang Qian was excellent in every aspect. She also was already the member of communist party. She was indeed selected as the 2009 new students’ advisor, responsible for all new students. But the school only had one meeting with the 2009 new student advisors and did not criticize anyone during the meeting. Furthermore, school of business is a huge school, there are many new student advisors, so it was not possible that Yang Qian could have made a big mistake. Teach Zhang said, the day before yesterday when she received the phone call from Yang’s mother, Mrs. Zhang requested Yang’s parents to take their daughter to the hospital and see psychiatrist.

Yang’s mother told Mrs. Zhang, Yang has promised that she has never had a boyfriend before. So certainly she did not commit suicide because of “love”. Her grades were top-notch, so there was no way she killed herself over the burden of school. Mrs. Zhang followed her family to Yang’s dorm to collect her belongings. But they did not find a suicide note. Mrs. Zhang thought Yang Qian was always cheerful and did not understand why she jumped to her death.

Sociology Professor of Wuhan University Zhou Yunqing (周运清) thought that if post-90 students were faced with complex issues without guidance, they would become sensitive to loneliness. This kind of psychological state is prone to lead to a sense of failure and anxiety, or even completely denial their self-worth when dealing with setbacks. Especially in the fierce competitive city like Shenzhen, competition in learning and employment is even worse for post-90 university students. They easily lead to university students who are mentally fragile to have thoughts of suicide.

Professor Zhou Yunqing called for better education on dealing with frustrations for post-90 university students. It was recommended to have a psychological intervention system to give university students proper guidance and care, to help them overcome their psychological issues.

According to Yang Qian’s family, Yang Qian was born in February 1990. She started reading when she was five, and was always smarter than other kids of her age. Looking at her photos, Yang was beautiful—with elegant long hair, pretty eyebrows, cheery-like mouth and big eyes. Yang Qian’s classmate Li told the reporter Qian was superb at school. She was the famous “school beauty” (校花). There were many people pursuing her, but Yang Qian had high standards with boys, so she never had a boyfriend.

Yang Qian’s advisor Ms. Zhang also thought she was beautiful. She was the kind of beauty one can remember after just one look. However the deepest impression Yang Qian made on Ms. Zhang was not her appearance, but it was her talent. Ms. Zhang said, Yang Qian’s grades were always A or B. With her outstanding grades, even the secretary dean of economics was impressed by her. First and second year, Yang Qian was the leader of school entertainment department. “This girl received scholarships every year, year after year was named outstanding student leader.” Because of her excellent performance, she became the member of the communist party. “she was quick, cheerful and lively and always does a neat job. I have marked ‘exceptionally good’ in her files”. When spoke of Yang Qian, Ms. Zhang expressed her love for this student.

Yang Qian’s classmates said, Yang Qian was popular as well, had a lot of friends at school. When she encountered difficulties, there were a lot of people volunteering to help her. “she was a cheerful person, I don’t believe she committed suicide!” Last night, after hearing the news many of her classmates could not accept and even broke out crying in the dormitory.

“She was very obedient, I watched her grow up!” Yang Qian’s uncle said she used to sing and dance not only on stage at school, but also entertained at gatherings. She was a sweet talker, often greeted her uncle and aunts. She also had younger brother currently in high school. Yang Qian loved her little brother, always brought back little presents for her brother when she came back home from school.










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  2. I used to live in Shenzhen and knew quite a bit about the university. When I was there, anyway, there were no mental health services for students. It would be nice if that were no longer true, but given this girl’s story, it makes me think that maybe the situation hasn’t changed. I have a hard time believing a girl who was really happy and wasn’t having any problems would suddenly commit suicide. I wonder if there were any signs something was wrong, and if there were, was there any help available for her?

    The only other suicide at the university I ever heard of had something to do with a girl who had an affair with an architecture professor, and jumped to her death in the library when he broke up with her. That was a long time ago (10+ years?) and I hope the people teaching there today have the decency not to fool around with young people and mess them up emotionally.

    1. not at all, suicides in Shenda happen more regularly, last one last semester.
      At that time, the girl hang herself with a rope.
      I have a friend who was her roommate, needed to find new ones ha!-8

      1. Since the suicide pheonmenon soaring nowdays,Is their anyone or organization there sense the essense behind these pathetic stories?people all ran for quick money which they believe prior to anything else in common life.Whom willing to take care of these?

  3. The school “beauty” ?
    She’s not ugly but she’s certainly nothing special either.

    I wonder if the same is true of her academic ability ?

    Perhaps this same unrealistically over-exaggerated praise she is now recieving from her students, classmates following her suicide is related in some way to her suicide. Being mytholigised by the local Party into some kind of academic “Lei Feng” must be hard to bear if she knew deep down that she would never be able to live up to such high standards.

    I would also suggest that anyone who could allow themselves to fall under the wing of the Communist Party at such a young age and allow their identity to be used as a propaganda tool… well, they’re likely suffering from some underlying self-esteem issues…

    I’ve taught in several universities, and in every class there’s the “Young Communist”, who tends to be acutely bookish, socially inept, lacking in conversational skills, but who carries some kind of status by virtue of being periodically allowed to stand up and rant some Party directive or another… Meanwhile the other 90 % of healthy, happy, well-adjusted (lazy) students text message their boyfriends/girlfriends and think of fashion/basketball…

    1. Well said 高飞, interesting observation and insight of Chinese universities.
      There are just so much stories behind the scene we just won’t be able to know. I am afraid the reason of her death will forever be a mystery.

    2. Well analysis,I do agree with your insight of similar pheonmenon that may on th e stage everyday in our life.I’m still living here in Shenzhen not far from Shenzhen University,but just know this news by reading Key’s report.As you know,China is a nation full of conspiracy & secrets,even for an ordinary decesed,nobody would willing to stand out to unveil the truth.That’s the reality.

    1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What one considers beautiful does not necessarily mean beautiful to another person. However, the point of this post is not about the beauty of this student but her commiting suicide on campus.

  4. I was searching for a friend of mine in Shenzhen with the same name and when I ran across this, I was shocked that a friend of mine did this to herself but it is not her. I wish and pray that all people have someone to vent to, to talk to, when they have issues. Yet, this world makes us feel alone, that we cannot trust another thus we keep our demons inside of our heads and when it gets bad… my prayers go out to Yang Qian and her family and friends…

  5. what a fucking LOSER! – why kill yourself because a teacher critized you?? typical spoilt dirty mainlander. IF you cannot handle criticism then kill yourself.

    1. Mainlander critized another mainlander and you urged her to kill herself. You called her a dirty whore when you know she was a honor roll student,. Apprently you are sicker than Shenzhen to pick on the dead. You are wicked, full of meaness and suffered from psychoses, for which you need to see a psychiatrist ASAP.


  7. People like Mainlander need to be locked away in a mental hospital for sadistic psychopath’s 😛

    Criticizing a girl that committed suicide?
    Mainlander sounds like a fucking loser to me :3

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