Viral Video: a Good Dog Couple

| September 19th, 2009


This viral video “a good dog couple” (好一对狗男女) recently appeared on every Chinese video sharing site, forums and blogs and touched millions of people.

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Translation of the text in the video:

Time: 7:30 am
Location: Chengdu 2.5 line

In the middle of the street… one was already dead… but the other was still waiting stubbornly, not taking one step away…

In the traffic, he already tried hard to move his lover’s barely warm body closer to the sidewalk…

Looking at the fast moving cars, but still desperately protecting his lover’s body… maybe he wanted to wake up and bring back the life he was enjoying and playing with only couple minutes ago?

Different from human, animals express their love and affection more directly, he hugged, licked his wife, her body was still soft at that time… maybe he thought he could have saved her…

In this distant angle of the video: I gave him a sausage, he took a bite and tried to stuff it into her mouth… I gave him some water, he quickly drank a mouth full and fed it to his wife… his lover did not move, he disappointedly laid down resting his head on her… his eyes were full of sadness… in this era of rapid development, how many animals died of road kills… How many animals became the victims of human modern civilization…

When people captured a man carrying his wife during the earthquake, people praised him being faithful… but what about this little dog in the fast moving cars, using his soft body to protect his lover? There are no distinction of “rich” and “poor”, “high-level” and “low-level” when it comes to emotions. We have the same feelings, only we do not understand them… or don’t care to understand them… We chose a farm home, in the backyard under a tree, dug down a foot deep, he waited aside, watched us buried his lover….


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  1. m-dawg says:

    hate to spoil the moment but anyone familiar with canine behavior will notice that the surviving dog was not trying to carry his lover’s corpse to the side of the road, he was trying to hump it.

  2. Albert says:

    We can learn a lot from our little friends.

  3. Nick Tao says:

    Good post.

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