Don’t let your Daughter Attend PhD Program in China. Internet Rumor?


Doctoress (women doctor), a group which is often the subject of talks in China, is also labeled with names like dinosaur, difficult to get married etc. Woman with PhD has been used as a symbol, standing on the cusp of the public opinions. This recent viral post “Beijing University Vice-principal advises a Good Friend, Don’t let your Daughter Attend PhD Program in China” again stirred up the discussion on possible hidden rules of doctoress. Despite there is no proof of validity of the content, the post has spread onto almost every Chinese website and forums. Most of the Chinese netizens believed the post is so ridiculous and it has to be a made up rumor. They also criticized Chinese media being irresponsible for publishing outrageous articles with no proof.

Here is the post:

Beijing University Vice-principal advises a Good Friend, Don’t let your Daughter Attend PhD Program in China

A formal Beijing University Vice-principal yesterday attended a press conference. While talking to his good friend, their conversation was accidentally recorded by a nearby media reporter, and it has been circulating among the Beijing media. Although this vice-president of Beijing University had an accent, the conversation was very clear.

The friend consulted the vice-principal about his daughter is planning on to go to Beijing University for her PhD degree. The vice-principal immediately and strongly opposed. After the discussing about the academic standards in Beijing, but still unable to persuade the friend’s wish to send his daughter there, the vice-principal suddenly got excited and raised his voice. “It is not that I don’t want to help you, if you don’t want your daughter to be played around by old men your age, then don’t let her attend PhD program in China, send her overseas.”

Former vice-principal said that he got the news from professors around him, currently China’s PhD advisors, except for their famous books, other books were all completed with the help of male research students. But at the appropriate time, they will get one or two female PhD students, However these women doctoral candidates In order to wear the cap and gown, they will certainly have to sacrifice their bodies to the advisors. He said, according to the statistics from the circle of professors at Beijing University, over 70% of the women with PhD in China were given “knowledge” by the advisors but at the same time were “fertilized” sexually.

The vice-principal said that corrupt officials can play with female civil servants and ordinary female citizens; intellectuals are not to be outdone. They utilize “local resources” playing with the knowledgeable women. He said that in general female college students are much more risky, afterwards might need to help them with masters degree, help them cleaning up the mess. But PhD students are much safer, the number of years to complete is determined by the advisor. In those years advisors can take their time and play around with the girls. He also said, during the doctoral studies, women cannot get married, which partly is the reason they are “monopolized” by the advisors.

This vice-principal said he did not want the daughters of his relatives and friends to attend PhD program. Even if he has a good relation the advisors, they still will not give up on the “fresh meat” right next to them. He said if financially condition allows, send your daughter overseas for PhD degree.

This post is certainly in tone with this story “Female Graduate Student Bribed 70 Year Old Professor with Sex for PhD admission” couple weeks ago. Some netizens believe there are sex scandals in China between PhD advisors and Female PhD students, but 70% is a number no one seems can accept.  Some doctoress actually responded to the post saying it was a total made up story.  They said they have never experienced or even heard about such thing in their PhD programs. Also the post was said to be come from a recording, but where is the recording? None of the Chinese websites had the recording. What is also shocking is how widely the story spread, it made to most of the major Chinese websites, here is a list of links.

Tianya | Sina | Sogou | Netease | Mitbbs | Daojishi | Tycool | 17ok | Popyard

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  2. Hilarious how money would be the main thing needed to enroll in a PhD program outside PRC.

  3. Is it any surprise people won’t admit to this? Yes those “educators” are abusing their power, but is someone really deserving of their PhD if they can be so throughly used, abused, and manipulated?

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