Underground Factory Making Fake Brand Name Condoms

| September 16th, 2009

Unpackaged, bare condoms were directly placed in the fiber bags. Lubricants were stored in large oil drums. In this 20 square meters of workshop, condoms full of dust scattered all over the floor. Workers were working topless. On the “production line” the “sophisticated” fake “Durex” package bags were continuously being made. This is an amazing scene of a residential house in Xinhui community, Shaoyang (city) Shaodong district, Hunan province



Recently, Shaoyang City Drug Administration and public security law enforcement officers carried out a joint operation, raiding an underground factory for making and selling fake brand condoms. Police arrested four suspects and seized 40,000 boxes of condoms labeled with “Jissbon”, “Durex”, “Sixsex”, “Love Card”, “NOX” and “Rough Nider” 6 brands, and over 1,620,000 of unpackaged condoms, total value of 536,000 yuan.

This is by far is the largest case of manufacture and sale of fake medical devices in Hunan province.

This underground factory is located in three residential buildings. Production and processing is in the first building on the first floor; packaging areas is in the second building on the second floor; raw materials and storage area (warehouse) is in the third building second floor. The criminal organization hired 8 migrant workers to run the factory. Work hour is every day from 8 am to 6 pm, and group lunch at 12 pm.

After the investigation, suspect Li Anping (李安平), a farmer in a Shaoyang village, since March of this year started to rent houses and recruit workers. Without medical device manufacturing license, he illegally operated production of fake brand name condoms. Food and Drug Administration inspector in Shaoyang city told the reporter, according to Li Anping’s confession, his group has already sold over 40,000 boxes of various fake brands of condoms. (Up to 480,000 condoms)

As medical equipments, condoms are required to be produced in sterile environment. However the underground factory produced condoms with poor quality and were already sold to outside of the province. “They were mostly sold to most parts of Hunan, as well as Guangdong, Hubei and other places.” Inspector told the reporter that sales price is ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 yuan per box, averaging 2 yuan per box. Total illegal profit is about 80,000 yuan.

Shaoyang police department is further investigating the case.

 20090915-condom-01 Naked worker

20090915-condom-02 Durex packing









20090915-condom-10 Lubricants were stored in large oil drums.





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  1. jay's dad says:

    i think there are heap of the matters show up in every nation

  2. Discostu says:

    For a country that can manufacture fake eggs cheaper than real eggs.

    This is not suprising.

  3. Its really dangerous because this fake condoms are not good as a product and quality is also poor and it will harmfull to use.

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  8. Crispin says:

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  9. Doggone says:

    >>it’s not fake condoms, it’s faked brand but real condoms. read.

    hehe real condoms with plenty of holes in the rubber.

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  18. Rina says:

    How is fake condoms so fantastic. What kind of country is china?? If they can make fake condoms. Why can’t they make real condoms?

  19. Carl says:

    it’s not fake condoms, it’s faked brand but real condoms. read.

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