Taiwan Female Student Studying in France to Kiss 100 Men


[Netease] From Taiwan studying in France, 27 year old female student Yang yaqing (杨雅晴) started an act called “kissing hundred men in Paris” in this summer break. From blond to black, from model to cleaning worker, even man who is bald and fat, all are objects of a kiss. Yang already successfully kissed 53 men in Paris, her blog used to record her kissing progress also got popular over night.

According to Taiwan media, graduate student Yang Yaqing studying music in France wrote in her blog, three years ago she already had the idea of kissing 100 men and taking photos of them as proof. When she told her idea to her friends, some said she was crazy, “What is the difference between this and having sex with 100 different men? Are you that horny?” They believed that such action is no different from being a slut. Therefore Yang Yaqing suppressed her thoughts then.

After studying in Paris for 2 years, this summer Yang Yaqing once again was having the fantasy of kissing hundred men. She felt that although she could get her diploma in 2 years, but she was missing “an achievement that she can be proud of forever”. With the thinking of “Whatever I want, I have the courage and ability to achieve.” she started the action of “kissing 100 men in Paris”. She also hired photographer to take pictures, preparing to write a book with her experience.

Yang Yaqing began in July 14th 2009 in Paris asking stranger men for kisses. Her first kiss was with a worker who changes the sets in a gallery. She wrote in her blog:

I walked towards him, calmly told him the reason I wanted to kiss him.
He smiled, because was baffled.
He asked “kissing the lips?”
I answered “Yes kissing the lips.”
He asked “Wow, … how?”
I answered “Just a peck is enough.”
He said “hm… ok.”

 20090913-kiss-07 #1

She described in her blog “It’s like a falling leaf accidently floating into my pocket.” Her 3rd kiss was with a teacher from Africa, later invited her to go to Africa with him.

20090913-kiss-02 #3

Currently not accepting any interviews from the reporters, Yang Yaqing recorded in his blog, after the action began, she once had kissed 35 stranger men in 2 weeks. The kiss made her readers envy the most was with a handsome male model. The men she kissed were mostly handsome blond boys, but there are also cleaning workers and men who are bald and fat. During her #48th kiss, she wrote on her blog that he bit her lips. She said it was the first time someone bit her lips, “quite an interesting feeling”.

20090913-kiss-05 #48

Yang Yaqing’s blog was suddenly popular on the internet, attracted more than 1.1 million readers. But netizens’ feelings are mixed. Supporters believe that this is a bold plan, life is meant to be challenged; people who are opposed the idea worried about infectious diseases, and pointed out that “she was just use writing a book as an excuse to basically looking for cute guys to kiss.” Some people even said with sour tone “Why not ask for kisses in Taiwan? It is totally an act of worshipping foreign things. (崇洋媚外)”








20090913-kiss-19 Yang yaqing (杨雅晴)

Yang Yaqing’s blog where she records “kissing hundred men in Paris”

Fan blog created for her on Sina.

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  2. I’m sorry for her that she asks for a simple peck on the lips. Despite the funny shape of her nose, she could get kissed for free quite easily. More so, a simple peck is just not enough: she should have got her lip bitten much before the 48th! As to the accusation of “foreign worship” , get a clue: France is quite notoriously the first kissing nation in the world, it’s not surprising people would flock from all over for a chance to learn. When you can’t be Robert Doisneau, you can still be Yang Yaqing..

  3. Yeah, but unlike Paris Holton (who’s somewhat pretty), this TaiWanese ho is butt-f-ugly (cf., last picture). Would YOU (yeah, you, reading this) wanna kiss her ? Those 100 dudes who kissed her must’ve been dam horny and sh!t to want to kiss her.

    1. I think that this girl looks BETTER that paris hilton. Paris Hilton has probably screwed more men then this girl has kissed.
      I say kudos to her but I do hope that she has no plans on returning home….they will probably stone her to death for not doing in her own country.

      IF she pulled this stunt in America, she would not even get a spead in the classifeds.

      If she is planning on selling that book here, she better let some of those men kiss her someplace other than the lips or her book won’t make it into a publishers round file can.

  4. Fan Blog closed…
    Blog with original picture blocked from China by the Great Fire Wall of China.
    a simple kiss is enought to start censorship…. Poor china

  5. Some of the responses to this thread are more interesting than the story itself. Western guys say the girl looks good but a lot of Chinese guys think she looks like crap. That always happens; a Chinese (no matter what nationality) girl goes out with/marries a Western guy and she’s suddenly labeled ugly or a whore by her own people. That’s a problem with China, too many people there care more about face than their own people.

  6. 1 in 6 people have either HSV-1 or HSV-2


    good luck out there

    a safer way to learn to kiss (and copulate?) is to watch videos and practice with your monogamous partner – also, you cannot express your individuality through sex – try painting or dancing or writing, y’know, THINKING .. even monkeys and rats fuck, so stop believing you’re suddenly some dynamic person for doing this sort of thing – there are 100 million orgasms every day, and not many of those are happening for the average Chinese/Taiwanese woman.

    Someone above called it “shameless self promotion” and I agree. I did my share of slutting about when I was younger, and of course, looking back, I regret a few of them – some more than others, for obvious reasons – she’ll be no different. I’d rather not see anyone else go through it, but you can’t talk sense into someone hell bent on fulfilling the image of themselves they’ve developed from years of media saturation.

    Dangerously innocent people..naive would be the word..

    “He invited me to Africa with him..” (yeesh..)

  7. She got a huge nose and Her mouth is probably infected with HSV or HIV by now. What a dumb broad. Her panty probably is dripping wet from squirting…hehehehe…Just taking an educated guess..

  8. Her self promotion was a dumb move. It is such a shame that she is being identify as Chinese. She thought after all these blazzard incidents, she would make a name of herself and be popular everafter. Think again, I would lower her ranking to less than a prostitute. At least they got montery rewards, for her, she got lips and gum infections.

  9. At first I wondered why she had to go to france to kill 100 men, but after the last pic, the answer is quite obvious. No mentally stable boy in china would kiss that.

    shameless tw whore.

  10. She’s so ugly, no wonder no sane East Asian man would kiss her! Only desperate Caucasian men would kiss this ugly slut because every fugly Oriental hag is like a goddess to them! I feel sorry for her parents raising a daughter that’s lower than a hooker!

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