Beijing Hand Swinging Man

[QQ] Just for giggles, this is a recent rapidly spreading funny video on the Chinese Internet. On the subway line 13 in Beijing, a man was playing a “Bowling Game” (iBowl) on his iPhone. Looked like he was very into his game, and then…

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Netizens call him the “Beijing Hand Swinging Man” (“京城甩手男”).

The game he was playing

At first I just thought this was funny, readers have shown me the real story.
According to cnBeta, Recently a popular online video as follow: a man is playing a blowing game on a cell phone, the game is like Wii bowling, must be able to make the posture of throwing the ball.  Man not only is able to play the game like he was actually bowling, but also made different facial expressions during the the game.  Finally because the throw was too fierce, he inadvertently fell to the ground and his cell phone was also flying out to the platform.  What was worse is the subway shut the door… A lot of people mistakenly believe that man’s phone is an iPhone, but in fact this video is a marketing ad made by Sony Ericsson.
Well-known blogger 和菜头 also mentioned in his blog about this, he said “ Sony Ericsson made a viral marketing ad for iPhone for free.”  So what is the moral of the story? If there are competitors out there in the market, do not obscure your brand name, let the consumer to know it is you!

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  2. Come on apple…think of some new viral videos will you. Don’t just use the same shit over and over.

  3. It is a very old viral video. Actually, this is not Apple’s, it is Sony Ericsson’s!

    This is a classical bad case for viral marketing: unclear brand message which even help competitor generate a lot of buzz and views.

    1. The video was uploaded eight months ago on Youku:

    2. A news report on cnBeta on Jan 18th

    1. I just thought it was funny at first, I have updated the blog post with your information, thanks Jason!

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