Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing

| September 1st, 2009

Participating in the competition reality show “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” (加油!东方天使) on Dragon TV, Lou Jing (娄婧) recently became popular on the Chinese internet because of the brutal comments and attacks online over her ethnic background and her skin color.


Lou Jing and her mother showed up on the “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” program and told the viewers their story. After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sex with a black man. The black man returned back to the United States, left Lou Jing’s mother pregnant with her. After Lou Jing was born, mother divorced the original husband, alone raising this special girl. Lou Jing also expressed that the person she loves the most in her whole life is her mother. Because of Lou Jing’s birth story, soon after she and her mother were viciously insulted by the netizens all over the country.


Ever since Lou Jing made it to the top five in Shanghai district of the competition, Netizens never stopped debating over her, as she further advanced in the competition, netizens’ voices were more and more extreme. As early as August 10th a netizen named “宅男爸爸” wrote a post with the title “Posting a boring post, is it possible Lou Jing’s father is Obama?” on KDS. In this post, he endlessly mocked, made fun of Lou Jing. Soon after, more and more netizens jumped on the bandwagon of “cursing Lou Jing”. (This post is now deleted)

On August 28th, netizens’ debate over Lou Jing’s controversy grew more intensely. A netizen named “朕爱天下” posted a post with the title “Lou Jing’s American Black Father and Shanghai Mother”, attracted over 100,000 views. Many netizens viciously insulted Lou Jing’s mother in the post comments, of course others were outraged by the racist and ignorant comments, fighting back to protect Lou Jing and her mother. Below is the translation of this post and selected comments.

After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sexual relation with a black man. The black man went back to the United States, leaving Lou Jing’s mother with the unborn child. After Lou Jing was born, her mother got a divorce. But Lou Jing’s story did not end with her performance; her black skin became everyone’s focus. Lou Jing and her mother for the first time publicly responded to this sensitive topic. Lou Jing’s mother is from Shanghai, father is a black American. Later his father left them and never returned. Lou Jing at a young age lived in a single parent family without a father. Lou Jing is a lovely and well-behaved mother’s girl. She is always optimistic and has a positive attitude towards other’s questionable looks. Lou Jing grew up with ups and downs missing her father’s love, but was never lack of family love. Even though Lou Jing was strong, when facing her mother on stage, she shed tears of both happiness and bitterness. “Whatever dad could have taught me, mom already taught me, and she taught me better.” Tears of both happiness and bitterness are the warmth between mother and daughter and the hardships of their lives. And only they can understand each other.

Host Dai Jun (戴军) was touched by Jing Lou’s optimism. When he learned Lou Jing has the wish of finding her father, he encouraged her to look for her father, to find the missing fatherly love in her life. The headmaster of the program Chen Rong (陈蓉) also at the scene called for everybody to help her to make her dream come true.

This show not only had excellent performance, but also told the unforgettable story. “Chocolate” girl Lou Jing’s skin color lets people mistaken her for a foreigner. In fact, she is an outright Shanghai girl, and she speaks fluent Shanghai dialect. On the stage, studying under “the Yue Prince” Zhao Zhigang (赵志刚), Jing Lou sang a classic Shanghai opera piece (a famous sense from the novel “Dream of the Red Chamber”).  Teacher Zhao carefully prepared her before the competition, also confidently vowed “ I must teach her well.” The strict master produced outstanding student, Lou Jing defeated Dang Tian (唐甜), the girl from Xian going to the finals. Lou Jing not only has great talent, but also has the looks of a model. Her fashion shoot by “Mina” magazine was appraised as “the best of in class of Shanghai”.

Selected Comments:

Shanghai people’s value plunges.
A bastard, brought her out to show off because of the foreigner descent.

The girl is ok, her mom is a whore, married and still mess around with black guy, maybe it’s the great “love”, it’s a pity the black guy was just playing her, Chinese girls please have some self-respect.

Her mother still has the face to go on stage, she is shameless, and this kind of thing is definitely scandals you should keep in the family. She still dares to go on stage, maybe she does not feel ashamed, instead feels proud.

Is this the legend of the bastard? And an unwanted bastard, Her mother is a shameless woman, pregnant by a black guy, and then abandoned, was it good when he was pleasing you? Still obsessed with him after several decades? Not feel ashamed, even go on TV to look, looking for what? Looking for lost big XX? Looking for climax never had again? Shameless! Why are Shanghai women always the target of criticism? It’s because of shameless bitch like her!
Dragon TV please help this bastard find her family. Let the black father with a big XX hurry back, address this old woman’s needs!
Black Dad, come back soon! Someone cannot forget your big XX.

This woman has no sense of shame, married and you cheat, give birth to a black kid so there is no way to hide, if wasn’t for that her husband will have to raise their children. Cheap is the word, in order to run with a foreigner, even do with black people.

There are countless comments like above with only a few neutral comments, but mainly saying it’s not the girls fault…

Why all people in here are like this? What kind of world is this!!!!

Her mother, I don’t know. But everyone is discriminate against blacks? If her father is white, what will you say then?

People, please be kind, girl herself is not wrong. Why can’t she go on TV? F* that, I cannot help but to curse. I think even she is a little dark, but very cute~
You guys are a group of twisted people.

Lou Jing wrote a post “I am Lou Jing from ‘Oriental Angles’, I am making an announcement here” on KDS on August 30th

1. My father is an American, not African

2. I am a native Shanghainese

3. Parents’ fault I should not be responsible for, I am innocent!

4. Solemnly Protest against acts of racial discrimination by some of you, my skin color should not be the target of attacks! I will retain the right to take legal actions!


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  1. Georges says:

    Before insulting the mother or the daughter get a DNA test to make sure you are the son or
    daughter of your so called father.
    Colour does not mean we are the biological son or daughter.
    Ignorance, hatress that’s all about for those who disrespect this family.

  2. Georges says:

    Thanks to the people who bring this case in public. As we see more & more some settling around the world, this case can help us to understand how we could be treated if we were to live with them.

  3. halfchinesetoo says:

    see her finger holding that mike? it means fuck you to all you shit head! its you people who makes this world worst.. you racist! mga putang ina nyo puro naman kayo bobo! the world is not yours to keep if you can’t deal with that better kill your self, save us a whole lot of better place to live at..

  4. Onitram says:

    Lou Jing,

    You are very pretty and some are jealous of you,You are very special girl.
    Yes you will make your dreams come true.
    We all human and we sometimes do mistakes but you being born dark is beatiful.
    I love you Lou Jing.

  5. Danny Marcus says:

    I first saw this story on CNN, and my first reaction was, WOW, Lou Jing is such a beautiful girl. She would fit in perfectly here in America. She seems like a very nice person. I don’t understand the controversy over her ethnicity or skin color. Most African Americans have European blood too, so Lou Jing may also be part European – for what it’s worth. Racial purity is a myth. If you go back far enough, we’re all from the same place. Lou Jing is such a nice, beautiful girl. She doesn’t deserve these kinds of ignorant, rude comments. Shame on you people.

  6. Olly says:


  7. Olly says:


  8. Olly says:

    Similar to what georges said, but i will advice Chinese that, Before insulting the mother or the daughter, First approach your mother with a Sharp Long Cutlass to show you who is your real SHORT DOGGY Biological Father to make sure you are the Real son or daughter of your so called f*** father.. Cos most of you Chinese has skeleton in ur cupboard…

  9. ChildofGod says:

    Listen people!
    God loves this little girl and her Mama! Don’t be HATERS! Be LOVERS of God. Be LOVERS of yourselves and be LOVERS of others. Hatred will only eat YOU up inside. This little girl is beautiful because God made her. God made ALL of the colors of people on this planet and ALL of the colors came out of HIM. It was HIS idea to make all the people of the earth in the colors He wanted to make them and place them here on this planet. So the HATE people of different colors is to HATE God’s ideas–to HATE what He did–to slap HIM in the face! And I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that if I were you.
    (Lou Jing:)
    God loves you and your Mama! Even if your mom made a mistake several years ago in having an adulterous relationship outside of her marriage, God can forgive her of that. God forgives all those of sin that ask His forgiveness. There is nothing WRONG with having sex with a black person. There is nothing WRONG with being black. People are people! Lou Jing you are a beautiful Black and Chinese girl and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

  10. jokka says:

    This girl really has model-quality looks. Even though I’m Chinese, I still find her really attractive. What her mother did or didn’t do is her mother’s business, not the girl’s. It just shows how all countries are racist…not just the USA. However don’t let the rotten apples spoil this girl. Someone should seize the opportunity and represent her before a modeling agency finds this rare lady.

  11. Zen says:

    This is amazing. We are welcoming the chinese into my country (where we are predominantly black) and to discover that there are chinese who are prejudiced against black people. What I can’t figure out is when did this happen. Chinese have not really had any exposure to people of African decent.

  12. mitoayumichondria says:

    Dear Lou Jing
    When I first saw you in the Canadian Asian news, your voice is somewhat attractive me in a powerful way. It is such an unimaginable screen of a beautiful black-Chinese Shanghanese girl who capable of singing Mandarin songs. After the brief show, I looked for further detail of you through google as well as CNN website. I m so profoundly apologized of those countless comments of you… (it is really hurt me, when imagining myself in your shoes) the definition of you is not what it means on those negative comments. You’re an amazing angel that God has created and placed you in an incredible environment. To those people who are being so mean to you, here is my phase to share with you “if they are mad, they’re loser.” Keep up your dream! You’re an extreme and extreme special person. God love you and love most of us for no matter what. So BE YOURSELF, sing all the time and praise to the lord as well as cheer up your soul.

  13. 1st off, I am Chinese and shame on those ignorant Chinese!! Those Chinese who are hating on Lou Jing are the result of them having a mental complex and it’s called “white washed throughout the generations”. It’s all over the world! For example, they are taught that the fairer the skin then the more beautiful right? Y do U think so many Asian woman wear umbrellas in the sun? The opposite side of this effect is seeing the average European wanting to tan.. Ironic is it? My point is, darker skin is always discriminated against in most westernized parts of the world, or parts of the world that are no longer mainly indigenous.
    Research the Shang Dynasty, one of if not the first Dynasties in China and they were indigenously Black People. Buddha was a blackman. A matter of fact, just look on the paintings in the Shaolin temple. Chinese people wake up and travel, take a look around, cuz if U were in America back before the 60’s, U was considered a negro just like anyone else who’s not white. Even if U go to South Africa right now, U are considered black my friend. Black and Yellow are one in the same, we have more similarities then we have differences so let’s unite like China and African Nations are doin right now for the Oil and Agriculture and Make this world a better place so are youths can be free from all this negativity.

    The Truth hurts

    I am Asiatic from the West coast of Ghana to the Far East coast of China!!!


    From the Yellowman 100% Chinese with high concentrations of melanin

    get at me I’ll proove U wrong!!!

    • Kuwassi says:

      Hi All: It is good to look at self first ,so you well know the truth and the truth will set you free. Ignorance is the bases for some of those officials to discriminate against such beautiful black Chinese beauty queen; Ms. Lou Jing was in her glory and sorry for those people with power to stand on the wrong side of the fence.
      It has been a breath of fresh air, to see my brothers and sisters are waking up to the real world, to address the problems of racism amongst many Chinese in and out of China; It is good that you are knowing that Chinese are black, in the Chinese population you will find different shades of complexions and it is still there, well and alive. Have you look at the latest DNA from china trying to find out where the Chinese people came from, after the research they found all (160) one hundred and sixty ethnic groups are direct descendent from Africa, which means every Chinese is of African origin. Please type this: YouTube Chinese DNA, and you will fine some thing about who is china.

  14. mimi says:

    all i have to say is shame on the people dat posted such bad comments about this poor girl. people dat r posting about her mom wantn d big XXX r just jelouse cause da couldnt get some. nd lou jing is a really preety girl haters should stop hatn and appriciaTE….ok but all i’ve got to say to d people with the bad and really rude comments about dis family is shame on u and u know what da say wut goes around always comes around ur gonna get ur pay back haters……… i thnk people like the people who comented about dis girl should just die seriously just go kill ur self or somethn if u have nothn better to do dan to hate on someone cause da diffrent from u people like u do not deserve to live or call ur self humans u it will be a shame to catigories u as low because u r lower dan low idiots.

    by the way i am not sayn this to all chinese casue i know chinese who are not racist nd r married to blacks but i am sayn it to the people who give chinese people such bad names by pullin shit like dis

  15. kerrie says:

    Lou Jing you are the most beautiful and strong willed Chinese Shanghanesethe I have ever seen. Dont mind those who say bad things about you they dont know any better they are all FOOLS to not see the beauty and talent in you . I love you for who you are and if they dont feel the same way thats their lost. Love life, Live life and Love GOD from all of us in Barbados, the Caribbean.

    Kerrie with LOVE

  16. CHARLES S says:



  17. CHARLES S says:


  18. white US citizen living in shanghai says:

    If you ask local shanghainese in Manadarin, their honest thoughts, they will tell you 2 things:
    1)Mixed race children are fine as long as their skin is white or high yellow – yes, this is racism, but also chinese reality of believing that white signifies cleanliness (instead of manual labor on farm) and upward mobility. Education, height, and family background also play a large role and all make up Chinese perception of Mr/Mrs. right.
    2) Children out of wedlock is frowned upon as lacking in Chinese traditional confucius values of being in harmony with family, community, and nature. “Loss of face” results as you try to explain your family background, etc.. (again part of confucius culture).
    You mix the above 2 together in a national spotlight and you will get your teaching opportunity for sure!

    Yes, I always argue that USA is more advanced (Fada Guojia) because we can feel confident and advanced enough to look beyond race alone, rather substance (words, actions, examples), but remember China is now just emerging and still has limited access to what happens in rest of world culture(you tube, facebook, etc.. all shutdown), so it will take time to both change overall perception and for this reasoning to make sense.

    Think about it, how long did it take the USA to change our views on race and are we now perfect?

    In the end, Luo Jing is an attractive, smart girl. Hopefully she will treat this as a learning experience. Yes, her mother made a mistake, but should be commended for raising her daughter in a positive and nurtuting environment!
    Luo Jing, Go forward with strength, not weakness, think international (beyond China) as you have potential to be an example in your Chinese homeland what it means to be a proud Chinese in the 21st century!

  19. David says:


    I am David a White American working in Shanghai from US company, as my experience living in Shanghai as a white guy its really like a king for the shanghai Chinese girls doesn’t matter what age it is, whenever I want I can sleep with the girls every other night. Now I would like to give some comments on Lou Jings situation:

    This comments from my five years experience in China:

    a) Chinese are not upto that stage to bring racism, as Chinese are still not as beautiful as international standard because of their long body short legs and flat face structure.
    b) Chinese Man specially the most ugliest man even in the world so they should not criticize others.
    c) This situation to Lou Jings tells that Chinese still very much uncivilized far behind from modernization in their characters, as we even see in our daily life that people doesn’t know yet what call decency even in street, or in shopping mall or even supper market, this people are still uncultured and illiterate, so how we expect they will behave like a good citizen to respect Lou Jings talent.
    d) Chinese are the most opportunist in the world when they were under white rule they clamed as yellow not black , when they are under black rule they clam as they are black not white in South Africa – what a shame of this people,
    e) Lou Jings is a nice girl even much beautiful then many flat face short legs girls around, and she is not easy to use every other night,
    f) Lou Jings father is a black American, remember he is an American not Chinese, even for Black American Chinese are crazy for every other night, so please stop criticizing,
    g) Please criticize some one when you see you are standing in strong position , don’t criticize when even you don’t have ball to criticize.
    h) Eventually try to learn from West good part of our culture rather giving yourself to us because of we are from west. Lou Jing is nice and beautiful girls she doesn’t deserve to stay in this dirty jangle where civilization is kind of dream.

    • KahnKee says:

      you claim to be a white American, but your English is full of grammatical errors. You advise Lou Jing not to feel being discriminated against because of the color of her skin, yet you set a bad example to discriminate the Chinese males, calling them all kinds of names including “Chinese man, specially the most ugliest man even in the world….”, “Chinese are still not as beautiful as international standards because of their long body short leg flat face structure”…etc…you did exactly the opposite of what you preached.. I think you are just a white guy wanna be or a black moron in disguise. If you are really a white guy as claimed, you would be a low level, bottom of the barrel, white trash with sixth grade education.

      • Carl says:

        for a country where most white citizens cant even find where they live on a map, grammatical errors like his should be the least surprising part of this comments.

        • KahnKee says:

          There is absolutely no correlation between where the whites live and making grammatical errors. I know lots of poor people, 10 people crammed in one room, through their efforts and hard work turn out to be the best educators, scientists, doctors etc…..

    • Kace says:

      you are an idiot.
      jangle?suppermarket? and you’re an american living in shanghai with a decent job? I call BS. no one is giving herself to you because of your skin color. When you Anglos are wearing animal skins and drawing cattles in a cave to worship as idols we were wearing silk and have invented the printing press and paper. Africa has the longest civilization and the Chinese the longest continuous civilization int he world.what in god’s name do you mean “even for black americans” It doesnt mean jack if you’re white. Anyone who is that ethnocentric and believe in white supremacy is not civilized, and he is a creature. Before you call us uncivilized look into yourself

      • KahnKee says:

        Kace, David is not an anglo person. He is a black (African) disguising as a white person. Can you just tell by his poor English??? White person does not think or write so poorly like this person, full of spelling and grammatical errors. English is not even the first language of this person. I just want to point it out.

        • Sam says:

          In fact I wonder the kind of people who post comments
          here. What are you trying to tell the who world? Black Africans
          cannot write good English. Isn’t it? Huh? Look some of my white
          friends sometimes ask me to help them spell simple words like
          “commercial”….Most of you are getting it wrong. Do you
          expect all white people to be good at English, even if they are
          not native speakers and did’t learn English as a language?

    • Yalei says:

      I think you should have followed others examples on this website and not combat racism with racism. It sounds like you just used this as an excuse to attack Chinese people considering your comments. I’m sure you are very glad that Lou Jing did not inherit the flat face and short legs you assume all Chinese possess.

    • Hello there.. says:

      Wow, you complain about the way they treat her, yet you claim to sleep around with lots of CHinese girls. Like you are any better then those ” racist chinese”.
      If Chinese girls are so ugly as you say then you obviously have low standards for your women which is a poor reflection on you.
      Don’t forget that Lou Jing is bi racial so she is better looking then any “pure blood” women you may know including the one that gave birth to you.

    • CottonSlaveOwner says:

      Yeah that wasnt obvious at all, like how i fucked you nigger hoes like dogs in my cotten farm while the men had to slave all day for no pay? Honestly try harder to “properly pretend to be white,” your grammer level is that of a grade five and yet you claim to be from an US company. Hilarious, it must be “The Us Company” that you grade five grammer level kids can get into. Or from my cotten chain in your god forsaken ethiopia is more like it. Oh btw, its not obvious to trace your ip to an internet cafe either( if youre from a business company you should own a laptop at the very least). L.O.L

    • LaughinGor says:

      Hyprocrit white yank just like his government!

  20. noniggeroffmyback says:

    David, you pathetic troll, keep dreaming about shanghai girls since the closest you’ll ever get to one is in your wet fantasy. I can tell by your very veyr very poor standard of written english that you’re not a white american, english is clearly not even your first language.

    Anyway, as a chinese, I will say that if loujing does leave china which highly probable as he is studying a media presenting related subject, then good riddance to a n*gger. If her mother is completely immoral, then her daughter loujing is not going to have great morals either. So hopefully when loujing gets citizenship of the USA, she can take her disgusting mother with her. Two less trash citizens to worry about, the more these trash leave, the easier it will be for CCP to manage the country, I mean if more foreigners come to china, we can always execute them for drug trafficking.

  21. Rana says:

    Umm, noniggeroffmyback,

    While I agree that David [2009/12/27 at 10:12 pm] is a pathetic troll/deliberate inciter, you are showing your own insecurities and prejudices.

    Loujing can’t be blamed/persecuted for her mother’s lack of morality (or good taste, for that matter. Actually, IMO, I am less concerned by her morals/lack thereof, than by the fact that she comes across as a bit of an opportunist – 机会主义者 – and willing to exploit her daughter. Of course, I might be wrong, I don’t know the lady).

    Ask yourself:

    1) Why are the vast majority of the people insulting Loujing Chinese males?

    2) Let’s say Loujing’s father was a Chinese man (married to a Chinese woman during the time of his affair with another woman) and her mother a Black/African/African-American woman, who left the father and daughter soon after giving birth. The father’s Chinese wife subsequently divorces him, and the father raises Loujing as a single parent into the young lady she is today.

    Would you feel as much hatred for her as you do now? Would you feel as much hatred/revulsion for Loujing’s father and his being “completely immoral”?

    3) Why do so many of the insulting comments directed at Loujing’s mother mention Black/African’s genital equipment (p**is)? Is there something special about it, something different/better from that of Chinese males? And if so, whose fault is that?

  22. YEAH WELL says:

    I have nothing against this girl. I like this girl. She is hot.

    But America is no archetype for racial harmony. I am an Asian American male, and I get so many shit stereotypes. it impedes the way I function, and the way I live. I despise the stereotypes, the gender divide, the Michelle Malkins and Glenn Becks. You promised me an egalitarian society, but you LIED!!!!!!

    China may have a more simplistic, racially stratified perception of the world. But it should not adopt the failed experiment we call America.

    Fuck the USA BITCHES!!!!! No wonder you got all these young Americans joining the Taliban!!

  23. YEAH WELL says:

    Look at me, I am a product of the USA. Born and raised. And I hate the racial shit I get with a passion. Now I just want to make this world a little colder.

  24. YEAH WELL says:

    FUCK THE WEST, WESTERN SOCIETY IS DEFUNCT AND FLAWED. Dont be like the FUcking piece of shit USA fucking evil empire.

    God I could go on all day and night about how much the USA sucks. id like to bring a flamethrower to the fucking White House!!!!!!!!!

    reading David’s post makes me so mad. Glad I got all these beheading movies handy to sate my bloodlust — my favorite is Jack hensely because he gurgles as his head is getting cut. Ha ha fucking ha.


    Everyone, go watch Avatar and see what the USA is REALLY LIKE!!!! A WONDERFUL ANALOGY.

  25. YEAH WELL says:

    Im glad you found enough acceptance in China to proudly proclaim you are Chinese. I was born and raised in America, and all I want to see is it be destroyed from within.

  26. ProudAmerican says:

    noniggeroffmyback, if the Chinese man that Lou Jing’s mother was married to was any good in bed, none of this would have ever happened. No wonder all you guys are so angry. Anyway, send Lou Jing’s mother over. She is fine, I will give her another Black baby anytime 🙂

  27. Anthony says:

    This is what makes The United States of America the best place on earth, if that same chinie woman had come to the US or any other western country, all of this (CRAP) you all entertain is just a big RACIST act, You are telling me because of her ethnic background she should be treated like this? it just go’s to show how fucked up this world is because if it’s one ethnic group that can go to any part of the world and more so fit in any culture is chinie people NO DOUBT about that, there’s a very strong saying in the bible (WHO WITH OUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE) most chinies people will not know this because of there believe in God but most will want to be like MICHAEL JACKSON yes but look at his ethnic background what a FUCKING SHAME

  28. Jacques says:

    How some people can be so racist here in China. What they don’t know is that their civilization was brought to them by Africans from the west. the xia and shang dynasties are full western Africans and the Chinese language is full of malinke words and the syntax grammar are the same.
    I will not say that all Chinese are racist. Many are very friendly. Those you have been posting and criticizing LouJing because of her skin color are just ignorant. I hope that this kind of view will not become general. Africa and China have got since the 1960’s friendly relationships. So we don’t have to spoil that. As said chairman Mao:” It is our African friends who help us to get to UN”. If that kind of racist views continues, we Africans will take it seriously because there are many Chinese in Africa nowadays.

    • KahnKee says:

      You sure the Chinese civilization was brought to them by the africans from the west???? China has one of the earliest civilization in the world. On top of that, India, Iran, Arabia and the other middle eastern countries were in between. I doubt it very much that African brought China the civilization. The Chinese were civilized people thousands of years ago when most Africans were still practising cannibalism.

      • Yettisa says:

        i’m sure you do doubt it, and moreover, you would tell the scientists and ethnologists who discovered these facts that they are liars too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a joke

        • Hello there.. says:

          Who says scientists have got it right? Do you just support whatever research suits your views?

    • ChuckNorris says:

      I bought your whore of a mom from the west and sold her in my whore mosque of tehran, persia UMAD?

  29. Jacques says:

    I want to add something for those chinese freaks. Chinese boys are doing the same in Africa. In 2006, a chinese married a Malian girl. a girl was born from them and the chinese has now disappeared living the girl and his wife. they were married legally.
    The difference between we Africans and you is that we are not racist. everybody is welcome in our land where everything started.

    • Anthony says:

      Jacques you are so wright you know your history well, and yes not all chiniese are racist but there are some of them just living in ignorant’s I do business there and it’s mainly the men who is like that, given the chance most women I deal with is open to change stay strong Jacques love it.

    • KahnKee says:

      “The difference between we africans and you is that we are not racist”. I am sure you are not. Being at the very bottom of the race game, who else are you going to discriminate against???

    • KahnKee says:

      Talk is cheap. Where are the proof, the pictures, news and documentations etc????

      • Sam says:

        Kahnkee, did I just hear you say that blacks are at the bottom
        of the race game? When did you have that dream? Why can’t you be
        bold to accept the fact that you envy us? Anyway, the Holy Bible says
        GOD created man in HIS own image. (Black, White, Yellow) we are all
        the images of GOD. May HE have mercy upon mankind.

        • KahnKee says:

          I know where you are coming from. I know the Bible and I know what the race game should have been. However, being still in our flesh, people are not perfect. Majority of the people of the world view it this way whether you accept it or not. White being the highest or the best. Then come yellow, brown and lastly black. Being a yellow person, I know and accept my place in the world. I do not envy nor bow down to any race. I treat them equally and I have no conflict with any one of them. I am very fortunate to have a family and extended family which are made up of white, yellow, brown and black people.

  30. fuckKahnKee says:

    KahnKee your every statement shows that you are racist beyond words and beyond belief. American Chinese? Must be a banana then. I bet you don’t even know how to speak Chinese. Banana.

    • KahnKee says:

      Never mind u pathetic faggoty bitch, banana or not. I speak and write better than you any minute of the day in English or Chinese, you imbecile inbreeder, moronic Idiotic retard (din lou, nie lou moo hai zhoo gai gek).

      • Anthony says:

        hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you are such an (ASSHOLE) were is your brain

        • KahnKee says:

          Mun nie zhoo gai lou moo luck? Go back kindergarten and start learning spelling all over again. “were” should be spelled “where”, bitch, and you need a question mark, (?) after your question.

          • Anthony says:

            you still need help (ASSHOLE) all it takes is a good shake like a 9.5 to make you understand, you still understand what I mean (ASSHOLE)

            • KahnKee says:

              You sound like an extremely low level, bottom of the barrel humanoid from Mars. All you know is “ASSHOLE”. Why? don’t you have one? or you lost it in your mama’s house….lol….

    • SellingNiggers says:

      anyone want to buy some niggers off my hands? 50 cents for 1, buy 4 for 2 dollars and get 1 for free, straight from congo and nigeria.

  31. kate says:

    I am ashamed that there is still such a degree of racism in my homeland. She is a beautiful girl. I can’t believe people insulted her mother like that. I don’t know anything else about the mom but she has done a darn good job raising that beautiful, intelligent and talented girl.

    • KahnKee says:

      You didn’t miss a point, you missed the whole story here. You need to reread the whole story slowly so you will comprehend. “I can’t believe people insulted her mom like that…..”. She was insulted not because she bore a black baby, but because she was promiscuous, married and having a baby with a black man, unfaithful to her husband and being an opportunist, she was blinded by the dollar sign and a chance to immigrate to another country at the expense of her daughter, an illigetimate child.

  32. Carl says:

    You’re missing the point here, she didn’t get criticized so much for being black, but for being an illegitimate child. If that rings a bell.

  33. Future Buddha says:

    Peace and kudo’s to Kace’s comment! That was right and exact. African and Asian must unite and crush the white supremacy that has been ruling our people’s minds for the past 600 yrs. Question, y do Asians hide from the sun when the sun activates your melanin and gives you energy? Y do europeans tan? & Y do Blacks and Asians feel the need to bleech their skin?

    • KahnKee says:

      I do not want to answer for Kace, but Kace made the mistake of assuming David was an Anglo person which he was not. Obviously David is a black person in disguise, but he couldn’t change his much inferior style of writing.
      What Kace said did not represent the majority of the Chinese, it was strictly his/her opinion.
      However, Asians do not hide in the sun, nor do they bleach their skins with the exception of some Asian girls who want to avoid tanning. I can’t speak for Africans, as Michael jackson was one who tanned his skin just to look like a white person. The bleaching made him look like a jacko and so he was occasionally nicknamed. He would have looked better and more natural without the bleaching I think. Now these words come from a Chinese American.

      • KahnKee says:

        “Michael Jackson was one who tanned his skin…..” should have been “Michael Jackson was one who bleached his skin…….”.

        • Berg Wasser says:

          I don’t know where you stand on the issue and I’m not trying to persuade you to change how you feel or think about blacks after all you can’t change people right? But trying to used Micheal Jackson to justify that if anyone wants to be the other is blacks is false. MJ had vitiligo which I doubt you’ve ever heard of. Check it out, It might change your perception about the world, blacks and what you think you know.

  34. Future Buddha says:

    ps David is the reason Y white people should get the hell outta China and stay away from the women.. He probably is infected with HIV. What a damn devil for making such comments. Go to hell if what U are thinking is not right.

  35. Sam says:

    Lou Jing, Point of Correction……..

    1. My father is an American, not African…….I advice you to stop saying that. What would you do if you found out that your biological father is or was not a black American as claimed, rather an African? You know what? I’m 100% african, but if I met your mum at that time, I might have likewise claimed to be an American because I have been living in China for sometime now; and I know what most Chinese people think when you tell them you are from America. Once they hear “Mei guo”, they are ready to die for you…but if you say you are from an african country, hmmmmm! “Sorry” is what goes on in their minds.
    I also want you to understand that “there is no fire without smoke”. This means that your dad might have not left your mum as some people think. Maybe an unfortunate incident led to all these…but as we all know, life still goes on. I pray that some of our Chinese friends will someday enjoy the kind of freedom we africans are enjoying.

  36. Future Buddha says:

    @kahnkee, first off, U are an idiot! You better start respecting African people, for you may be Chinese but you are so foolish because your ass is in the same category and that’s non-white. & Asian people do bleach their skin because they are ashamed at being yellow or getting brown from the sun. It’s called “bleach cream” you idiot, do some research. & for being a “chinese american” your grammer sucks crap!!! I am Chinese Canadian and I know the truth and that is that African and Asian are one and the devil tried and succeeded to seperate us along time ago. Look into the “cast system” and you will see why you hate black and beg friends with your anglo saxin counter parts, you my friend are an uncle tom and you like to keep your lips at the same level as the white mans ass. Wipe your mouth, and learn how to speak proper English before you ridicule someone else sucker!
    You are a mental slave in the wilderness of north america.

    ps. Chinese people are Black people according to the colonialist slave traders so wake up!!!!!!!!! Research your genetic link and see the connection all ye fools who kiss the white mans ass!
    Black is Buddhaful

    • Shitu says:

      Your a liar.

      • Future Buddha says:

        Actually U are a fag acting like you’re straight u idiot.. I am 100% full blooded asian sucka! My family is from the same village as Sun Yat Zen, father of the revolution in Canton province ass hole. The Asians and Africans are the same, do your research and stop being a homo.

  37. KahnKee says:

    Hey, Buddha, wake up, get your head out of your ass and smell the Olong Cha now. You are not a Chinese Canadian, You are a stupid, idiotic dim witted dickhead and a hater, full of hatred to the White people. Bet you can’t even understand a word of Chinese. I am a Chinese American, I treat everyone with respect, black or white and I walk the middle way. I do not kiss the white man’s ass nor look down on the blacks. I speak the truths as they are. I call you an idiot because you criticize my English yet you made so many embarassing spelling and grammar mistakes in your posts it is pathetic. As follows: 1. “chinese american” should be capitalized as “Chinese American”, 2. “bleech” should spell “bleach”, 3. “grammer” should spell “grammar”, 4. ” white mans ass” should be “white man’s ass”, 5. “first off” should be “first of all”, 6. “ashamed at being yellow….” should be “ashamed of being yellow….”.7. “beg friend” should be “make friend” just to name a few. This is your English Lesson #1. I call you a dickhead because you make no sense calling the Chinese or the asians black. Asians belong to the YELLOW race, never black, no matter what anyone said. You can see the feature of a Chinese person in a pitch dark moonless night, but you can’t see a black person in a similar environment, since they bland in so well with the dark background. Well, that fact partially proves Chinese are not black people. Just because Chinese people are non whites do not make them black. There are other non whites like the red and brown races. Do you call them black also? “bleach cream” is used for the sole purpose of concealing, compensating or treating the age spots, dark sun spots, moles, or freckles. They are not used to turn a black person or a yellow person white, retard. Jacko had special bleaching treatments from doctors to make his face look white since he got a bottomless bank account. In addition, Chinese do not have a “cast system”, never did and never will. Only the asian Indian people have “cast system” and they are brown race people.

  38. Future Buddha says:


    Truth offends those who are guilty.

    Stop acting like a jook sing. As for my grammer U understood everything I said. First hand, “english” is a bastard language. Hats off again for being a good little “chinese boy” & assimilating so well and mastering the language of the oppressor son son.

    Further more “there” is no “RACE”. The only people who are racing are those who are unaware that their mind and land are being taken over. The only people racing are the so called powers that be… majority “white people” & all of their students who take them on face value such as U! Uknowhuti’msayin?

    At the end of the day, U are an Original man suffering from much self hatred. I was there once too, except now I have the knowledge of myself and know my origin in this world.

    Look son, yo, do U remember 10th grade biology class? Do U remember dominant and recessive genes? Well an example of a dominant gene is dark skin (melanin). Their are darker Chinese people throughout the country and that’s a fact and they aren’t just tanned. I have family who can prove that. Further we have the ability to make darker or lighter skin offspring of ourselves. Unfortunately, white people don’t have this ability unless they add on with one of the original (1st or earliest) families of the planet (black, brown, yellow, red).
    If you think that those so called tanned Europeans who come from spain, greece or italy, are white.. well most of them already have black heritage. Or had invaded or pillaged just to get piece of that in the bloodline.
    The bottom line, you’re washed and you don’t even know it. Like a good tool. & if you don’t know in 2010 that black, brown, yellow and red are all one then your still a slave to a mental death and power.
    I’m not a hater of the white man, I just know who he is and where he comes from. His track record speaks for himself. He caused trouble amongst so much nations in the world including his own. He is a parasite living off of the labor of all people. Using all of the Earths natural resources and taxing us, making himself rich while he’s destroying the planet. He has alotta wising up to do. I don’t hate him, I just call it how I see it.
    Now you tell me who is playing god? Not being him, but just trying to portray him?

    I’d love for him, to change his ways and show and prove otherwise..
    So I am a man of peace. & I leave the way I came,

    Proper Education Always Corrects Error

  39. KahnKee says:

    There is no point in arguing about the color and creed of the people. God loves variety, hence he made us all different and loves us all the same.
    I have no hidden anger, conflict or hatred in my heart, hence I am at peace with everyone. My family and extended family are made up of people of different colors, white, yellow, brown and black. I live harmoniously and getting along with everyone just fine.
    You don’t have to like a person, but you need to learn how to get along with him on the same level. A person needs to know and accept his place in the world disregard what color he is. A wise man once said, ” A great man possesses the courage to change the things he can change, the grace to accept the things he can not change and the wisdom to know the difference”. Another quote, “Life is GOD’s novel, let HIM write it”. Why do you want to fight it ???? The ultimate change comes from God.

    • Sam says:

      I have been reading your comments for some time now, and I must admit that this is the best so far. In fact I like it when people call him GOD, not god nor even God. You know what, you and I have certain things in common that I would like to share with you. I also have all kinds of races in my family. I’m married to a Chinese lady, and we are blessed with a very beautiful and lovely daughter. Our second child is on the way, by the amazing grace of GOD-almighty. My elder sister is married to a white American man, my younger sister’s husband is English, my cousin’s wife is Chinese-Japanese…The most interesting part of it is that we are all blessed with the fruits of the womb (children). I’m ready to prove with photos, if you have any doubts. There’s another thing that I would be glad if you can explain to me. Hom come you are Chinese-American? Is any of your parents an American or you ever lived in the State? If so, can I also say I’m Ghanaian-American? This is because I’m an American citizen with an American passport, but anyway, I prefer to be called “African” or “feizhou”. Kahnkee, lastly, I still want to tell you that I disagree with you when you say blacks are at the bottom of the race game, asians are in the middle, and bla bla bla is on top. We are all equal….lol. Once again, thanks for your writeups, hope you remain a nice netizen. GOD bless The People’s Rupublic of China, GOD bless and may GOD bless us all.

      • Sam says:

        My typographical errors…..: “he” should be HE when refering to GOD, How come, not Hom come… States, not State. Thanks for reading.

  40. KahnKee says:

    A comment written by Winjun in ChinaSMACK, dated 12/24/2009, under the title, Chinese Shaolin Kung fu vs Thai Kick Boxing accurately depicts the mindset of the Canadian people as opposed to the American people. It mentioned the inability of the Canadian people to control their rage due to the limited opportunities opened to them, the slum areas of Vancouver, BC, the homeless people and the prostitutes. It is a very interesting comment.

    • Sam says:

      Kahnkeen, thanks a lot for spending your precious time explaining and telling us about yourself and your family. I would have shared with you the most shocking news I have ever come across, only if you were a racist, especially against blacks but since you are not, I better keep it away from you. I’m just trying to save you from a nightmare. I pray that our families grow more and more in good health and from grace to grace. I also wish you all the best, brother. Lastly, I want to say that I totally agree with your last comment.

      • KahnKee says:

        I have seen it all. Been there, done that per se. Even though I am a man of peace, I still would like to hear you out if you would like to share with me and the other readers. I guess curiosity gets the best of me. My anticipation is something out of control and shocking must have happened.

        • Sam says:

          Since you are brave enough, please take a look at the pictures below…………….

          • Sam says:

            Please copy & paste everything on the link…then you can see those pictures

            • KahnKee says:

              I am shocked, this is too horrified to watch. Even if the Thais used the body for scientific research, it should be done behind closed doors in a Lab on a Lab table, not in the open and videotaped like this. This is too horrible. I feel sick…I am angry and speechless…..

              • Sam says:

                You see, I believe you now realize the reason why
                I didn’t want you to see them, right? To continue
                with your list,……if for scietific research, it should
                be done behind closed doors in a lab, on a lab table
                with surgical knives, not kitchen knives, excluding
                cooking pots and bowls, to at least show some respect
                to the poor dead man. LORD have mercy!

                • KahnKee says:

                  I am not able to eat meat temporarily. Hopefully the image in my mind will become less clear after couple of weeks. I am defintely not going to look at it again. Too sick…I want it totally erased from my mind. Question, can this be a camera trick?? and can some computer geeks put things together and make it look like so? I am just wondering. It is too horrible.

                  • Sam says:

                    Meet used to be my favorite, but ever since I saw those pictures, I have never eaten meet.
                    I lived in Thailand for 4 years. I didn’t see any Thai eat human flesh, yet I believe they can.
                    The pictures you saw are all real.

              • Anthony says:

                What is it you are talking about? and I would like to see it
                let me know, looking forward

  41. KahnKee says:

    I am a half-breed, mother is white American and Father is Chinese. I had lived in the United States for a few years before came back to China to stay. My father is a professor at a very famous University in China. I was called “sheo Jar Joong”, small mixed breed a lot while attending grade school here, but I preferred to be called the descendant of the Yellow Emperor. LOL…I am now married to a Pacific Islander and we are blessed with several offsprings. My two sister in laws are married to black Americans with several kids.
    I agreed with you that all men are created equal. However, many atheists and ignorant people view it differently. Lou Jing’s case was a perfect example of how she was being looked at and discriminated against in China….I am sure there are many more unreported cases like this in China and elsewhere…..

  42. KahnKee says:

    “Father” should be “father”

  43. Richard says:

    I don’t blame the girl. This isn’t her fault. What disgust me is that damn mom and whoever that damn black guy is. And I’m not going to be “Politically Correct” about my following comments.

    So the mom was married. Then she decided to have an affair behind the husband’s back, with all people, a black guy???? And don’t tell me she didn’t know he wasn’t from Shanghai or that she thought he was going to stay. I have no sympathy or respect for her.

    Their actions is not only shameful, but where are their values and morals? How can that mom, or much less whoever or wherever that black guy is, expect to pass on values or morals or teach what is right to that kid?

    I’m from the U.S. and to hear that damn “black American” loser, who probably is the type who can’t get an American black female so he goes to a foreign country to get an easy foreign girl, gets one pregnant, and just leave is despicable. A piece of trash, no doubt.

    And here is another non “PC” statement. That girl may call herself “Shanghainese” but there is no denying that she will always be looked at as “different” and all the problems that will be associated with that. I wonder if her adulterating mom and that piece of trash “black American” ever thought of or considered that.

  44. Future Buddha says:

    Richard go to hell cuz U are a devil and what U say ain’t right. Bob Marley’s biological father was a “white englishman” and he didn’t stick around for Bob Marley’s upraising so what the funk is your point about Lou Jing’s dad being “black american”???. U racist coward. That’s y your time is up sucka! U are the trash that U.S.A. created and we are gonna clean U right up, right underneath your bloodclot nose.

  45. Richard says:

    You first buddha.

    The truth is hard to take sometimes, huh?

  46. skinny black says:

    coming to china was a mistake but by the time we realised that we had already crossed the border

  47. Wow says:

    Amazing world that we live in. I’m surprised by this, and maybe saddened.

  48. Joo Lee says:

    People are foolish , if chinese are to be no 1 then you really have to embrace all races .
    D’on’t be a bigot pig ! Don’t make the same mistake like the european colonialist ! some asian are very dark as well ! what the heck ! We all share the same ancestor i e Africans !

    • KahnKee says:

      Dark does not mean black and Yellow race does not mean Black race, GENIUS. HAHAHAHAHAHA…Your stupidity amuses me greatly.

      • Berg Wasser says:

        It’s a shade not a race. There’s only one race “THE HUMAN RACE.”

        • Hentry says:

          yes be we dont want to be black!

  49. keith walker says:

    this girl is more chinese than black because she is what her mother is. also this place you call china was originally inhabited by all nubians. sorr.y my socalled asian people. you were colinized by the hindu and then stole our martial arts from kemet tamare

    • KahnKee says:

      The girl might have inherited many characteristics of the Chinese people from her mom, but her skin is black. Disregard her inner beauty, people always look at one’s outward appearance first. In regard to your other comments, hahahahahaha……My alien friend, which planet did you come from? 1. Nubia is situated in Egypt by the red sea, which is not a close proximity to China. Geographically it is not possible for China to be inhabited by all Nubians. 2. Likewise, Hindus are northern asiatic Indian people who adhere to the teaching of Hinduism. Northern India is bordered by Tibert and China is situated on the other side of the Himalaya Mt. Geographically It was not possible for the Chinese to be colonized by the Hindus. If you want to twist the facts, at least learn your geography first. The original Chinese Martial Arts might have come from Darmo, a monk from India who taught the Chinese certain exercises to strenghthern their bodies. Many years later it was evolved and developed into the Martial Arts today. Example, Shaolin Kung Fu, Southern Tong Long (Southern Praying Mantis) and Wing Chun are a few conventional Martial Arts which become famous and popular worldwide. However, China did not steal it from Kemet Tamare.

  50. AfrocentricAsian says:

    kieth walker, you are a fool for seperating black from yellow or yellow from brown seeds. We are all one and yes all people do come from the Original man who is the Asiatic Blackman and that also includes India & China plus Saudi Arabia and many other countries. Also Asians did not steal martial arts from kemet foo! The Asian people preserved the arts and many other sciences that was lost when kemet was destroyed by the european, hiksos and several other invaders. So get your facts right and exact before you type shit emotionally.
    Stop tryin to do the devils work by causing seperation amonst people who must unite.

    ps. include your email next time people if you got balls to talk all that negativety!


    • KahnKee says:

      The original man was Adam according to the Bible. How would you know he was a asiatic blackman? We wouldn’t know for sure now would we without any kind of evidence? Some believe that the Garden of Eden was located in Africa, but again no one knows for certain.

      • Yettisa says:

        All I have heard from you is typical racist propaganda. The reason they know these things is because they are facts on record that have been discovered by researchers. Many of these scientists are not even black. Just remember, that whatever color you are you are still just an extension of some tribe of black people from Africa. It is one of those truths that many will never accept, but if one day you are able to look past color and just see the inseperable “human race” where one member is the same as any other.

        • KahnKee says:

          You stubborn dim witted idiot. I want proof. Show me the names of the reserchers and scientists and their records that even whites are an extension of
          the African black people and that the African black people are the mother of all races.

          • Berg Wasser says:

            Kahnkee I decided to post these links here so that we’ll all agree that we’re of common ancestors. From your comments I sensed your’re a racist in denial. You’ve convinced yourself that you have black relatives which I strongly doubt, So you can’t be racist. I also have relatives with different cultures all over the world but I don’t embrace one than the other. I equally embrace them.





            • KahnKee says:

              Racism as defined by the dictionary is ” discrimination or prejudice based on race”, or “a belief that a particular race is superior than others”. I don’t believe in either. I am merely here to express my point as far as race goes. A discussion and having a different opinion on race do not make one a racist.
              Race is defined as “a human population whose memebers share a greater
              degree of similarity

              • KahnKee says:

                (delete similarity from my previous post.)
                physical and genetic similarity with one another than with other human beings.” regardless where they may have originated from. The most common races are Caucasion, Negro and Mongoloid. These three types of people have different skin colors, different physical appearance and attributes. Some characteristics of Caucasion are white skin, round blue eyes, blond hair. Mongoloid have almond shaped eyes, black straight hair, smooth skin, pale (yellow) skin, shorter stature and smaller nose, mouth etc. Negro are black people who have kinky black hair, broader nose, bigger mouth and rounder eyes, more hairy body and physically stronger and bigger than Mongoloid.
                Sure they all belong to the human race, but each is a different group of the human race, which is just a general term.
                An apple is a fruit, an orange is a fruit and a banana is a fruit. They are all DIFFERENT types of fruits, yet they all belong to the fruit family.
                There are different types of monkeys (spider monkey, orangutan, chimpanzee etc) , different types of birds, different types of fishes, tell me why not human??????

                • Berg Wasser says:

                  “An apple is a fruit, an orange is a fruit and a banana is a fruit. They are all DIFFERENT types of fruits, yet they all belong to the fruit family.” Point of correction… An apple tree thats not bear oranges neither thus an orange tree bear bananas. You still denying the facts. It’s simple yet I want you to correct yourself. Caucasian, negroid, mongoloid are made up terms, words or adjectives to describe others as well as black, white, yellow, brown etc. You can call someone names like an ass but that doesn’t mean they are physically or mentally. I’ll give you one clue. Get the dictionary look for caucasian definition and then do the same with negroid and mongoloid. And the ask yourself just simple questions let’s say why is negroid and mongoloid an offensive words which describe certain people but caucasian is not?

                  • KahnKee says:

                    I never said an apple tree would bear oranges nor an orange tree would bear bananas. My point was different species of fruits do fit into the category of fruit family as well as different races of people fit into the category of human race.
                    There are negative connotations in all three racial terms, Caucasian, Negroid and Mongoloid. Mongoloid being the worse as the lower case “mongoloid” means “Characteristic of down’s symdrom.” and also the dictionary mentions about the epicanthic fold about these people’s eyes.
                    You think the term Caucasian (white people) is not offensive? Think again. White in Chinese can mean bloodless, death. Chinese wear white flowers in their hair and white dress to funerals to moan the passing of their relatives.
                    I am sure words or terms like Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid, black, white, yellow etc are made up terms, but isn’t any word in any language made up by human beings like you and I? You might come up with certain words or terms you are comfortable with, but these would be your made up terms. Regardless, we still need them to address to the different types of people.
                    Being a Christian, I have no problem accepting the notion that we all came from a common ancester (Adam and Eve). However generations have passed, we have changed or evolved into what we are today, white black, yellow, brown or Caucasian, Negroid and Mongoloid. This is an undeniable fact. Not only our skin colors are different, but our size, physical attrbutes are different, We can not look past everything and say we are all the same and there is only one race, the human race. If you do, you are living a lie, color blind and in denial. The African Americans are proud people. They are proud of their BLACK HERITAGE. They never claim that all people are the same or there is only once race. They overcome many obstacles in life and now one of theirs is the president of the United States, president Obama. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from the African Americans.
                    The Chinese professor Jin Li in your link said, “We are really not that different, all human beings are close relatives of one another.” He did not say we are carbon copies of one another.
                    There are still differences in our genetic make up which he did not go into or do research on, leaving a big hole for someone to fill. It was clearly a selective research and he found what he was looking for.
                    This year with my meager income I was able to donate $250.00 to Smile Train to help one 4 year old black African boy, Marawan Fareh at Alrahme Hospital, Djibouti to provide surgery to fix his cleft lips so he can have a life and live like a normal human being. Have you done anything yet? I guess it is easy to point your finger and say you are a racist just to turn someone away.

                    • KahnKee says:

                      “symdrom” should be “syndrome”.

                    • KahnKee says:

                      “there is only once race” should be “there is only one race”

                    • Berg Wasser says:

                      “Syndrome” look deeper. The apples, oranges and bananas metaphor you used suggest that and your reply enforces it. Caucasian is an offensive term? I’m yet to hear anyone who thinks it is. The translation of white in chinese? I thought the words in question was in english. Even though It means that I don’t think the chinese call them dead or bloodless people. Yes language is a form of expression. It is a tool of peace for the enlightened and tool of destruction for the intolerates. They probably used a different word unless the person is using it provocatively. Of course I can see pass the differences. As a bible and a christian believer, I believe behind out mortal body is an immortal soul and all these differences don’t applied to it. So who’s in denial? About carbon copy, I never said we’re twins or a shadow of each other every individual looks differently. “I should learn something from African Americans…They’re proud of their black heritage…” If I can remember you said once blacks are “uneducated, the least of the race game etc”. And now you’ve contributed to a course to help a 4yr old black boy? It seems someone have a change of heart. You also stated one of your siblings is married to a black and have children. I was wondering do you see your nieces/nephew for who they’re or you see black nieces/nephews. That was the reason I replied your comments in the first place. I was worried. But since you saying you’re not a racist, I’m not a psychic to argue with you. Oh I almost forgot. I do charities too .As christian you should know better not to boast of your good deeds, offerings etc but since you asked and everyone have their ways of supporting others. It can be monetarily, manually etc. My annual charity spending is 700-1000 depending my utility spendings. Nice talking with you though. peace

                  • Bart says:

                    Black people are the shit that grow in africa.
                    You cant mix an apple tree and an orange tree.
                    Same way we cant mix with africans.

                    We are all living beings.All humans.Yes.
                    BUT we are all not negroids with black snake skin and portuding lips and piggy noses.

  51. biggd says:

    HI every ones no matter what this world we could never be the same.our beautiful sister keep ur head up ,let me telling you that ,theres milloins of ur blacks ,whites,chines,brothers share they truth love with you,and millions of ur blacks,white chines sisters share there truth love with you,we love you,remember that you are not alon,and you wont be alon..i leave in taiwan with my beauty queen taiwanes woman.and she will soon give birth. i promised you if she bring baby girl iwill give her your diamond name.and my original from the africa the gambia one love,i proud to be a african special to be a black.i love all colours .god never give a humans more than what you can be i wish you all the best and ur wounderful mum ,every mothers good,do what you can for your mother and ur daddy.there is blacks man kill balcks man every day,there is white man kill white man every day,ther is chiness man kill chiness man every day so if because of the colours of skin ther will be no war in the east, west, north, or south,…so tell me who is the PERFECY…….peace and love to all the humans kinds
    free to hello me
    jah guard and protect and ur lovely mum
    love u sister

  52. Angel says:

    “Lou Jing and her mother showed up on the “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” program and told the viewers their story. After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sexual relation with a black man. The black man went back to the United States, leaving Lou Jing’s mother with the unborn child. ” You don’t have to worry about your father Lou Jing because you are very pretty and talented girl.

  53. don says:

    She is a Chinese girl because she is born in Shanghai. If you are ordinary person, nobody will pay attention to you of your skin color. But if you want to be a famous or popular over there, than you will receive public atttention which including races, skin color and etc..
    Chinese society, people skin color is more close to each other unlike America.

  54. MKan says:

    Chinese are generally disrespectful, ugly retarded, slant eyed chimps. far too UGLY to live amongst the rest of us in this world!

    • KahnKee says:

      An imbecile inbred person’s words reflect how he looks. He looks just like the rear end of a ninety year old Chinese man having diarrhea, spraying all over the place. You don’t believe it, look in the mirror. See? what an arse! Go find the highest building and jump down without a parachutte. That will end your problem to not wanting to live with the Chinese. By the way, I am black….haha.

  55. zare says:

    The two ugly looking Chinese citizens arrested in connection with unlawful importation of 450.4 kilogrammes of cocaine to Nigeria have begged the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to try them in Nigeria as they may face death penalty in China if deported, a source told P.M.NEWS this morning. Reacting, NDLEA Chairman, Ahmadu Giade, said this morning that the two Chinese citizens will all be prosecuted in Nigeria. The suspects include Richard Wang, 62, an importer of textiles and shopping bags and Chiusen Fong, 54, a timber merchant.

  56. MKan says:

    May we chinese worship the wrong gods and because of that we are all being punished with our “gifts” of tiny genitals, tiny tits, flat asses, ugly faces and unattractive bodies. On top of all that our yellow colour. I have always dreamed of dating a white or black girl, I find them very attractive unlike our own, many of my chinese friends feel the same only they are not bold enough to say it out.

  57. MKan says:

    May we chinese worship the wrong gods and because of that we are all being punished with our “gifts” of tiny genitals, tiny tits, flat asses, ugly faces and unattractive bodies. On top of all that our yellow colour. I have always dreamed of dating a white or black girl, I find them very attractive unlike our own, many of my chinese friends feel the same only they are not bold enough to say it out.

    • KahnKee says:

      Yes, the Chinese men find the white or black girl so attractive that they want to kick Lou Jing out of China (sarcasm)…haha..I don’t blame you. A mentally impared and partially blind idiot can’t read or comprehend too well.

    • KahnKee says:

      Your link about how ugly the Chinese was very entertaining. Only thing the first picture was a white guy, not a Chinese guy. Hahahaha, I wasn’t 100% sure that you were a partially blind idiot, but now I know you ARE legally blind. LMAO….

  58. Xiu says:

    Why ppl need black babies with these negros…look how ugly!

    Look bamas wife!


  59. firearms says:

    I observed your weblog for a while and need to tell that your content always prove to be of a high value and excellent for viewers.

  60. ItsBetterBlonde says:

    All you freaking Asians with your tiny cocks need to shut the fuck up. You think you’re better than everyone and thats BS. Most of your women have no tits and have nasty teeth and your men have the aforementioned TINY COCKS.

    But the nice asian commenters have huge cocks and big tits 🙂

    Carry on.

  61. SellingNiggers says:

    someone didnt get their food stamps today

  62. Henry says:

    I pity you Asians exspecially Chinese. You people are mocking God indirectly saying what He has created is not good enough. You people are playing with fire. Except you people repent now, tomorrow might be too late. Billions will die and go to hell fire and stay with the devil forever where fire and brimestone burns night and day. How dare you caurse what the lord has made. Lot of you are full of evil that you sleep with cats and dogs and prefer it than a fellow humans being created in the likeness of God images.Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. It is written in the Bible and God will never lie. Go and write this down you will meet God to answer querry in last day. (Death)

    If I had not posted this coment for you all to see then you would have no sin (faulth) but since you have read this and still refused to turn from your sinful and nefarious activities your blood will be on your head for all that sin will surely die thus saeth the Lord God almighty the creator and maker of heaven and earth. The choice is now yours. A word is enough for the wise.

    • Voice of China says:

      Hey Henry,

      how about not basing your argument on an belief of some gaseous invertebrate orbiting somewhere between the earth and some other dimension or for that matter any type of religious absurdity.

      We don’t need you religious fanatics here, so go bring your god and your sense of righteous indignation somewhere where its appreciated. In simple words: Fuck God!

      • Henry says:

        I degree you shall surely die in Jesus name amen. This will teach you and others a lesson you will never forget.

        • Voice of China says:

          No Henry,

          I will bring the wrath of the underworld over to your sorry ass god and bring Cerberus with me so as to ass fuck Jesus, while I receive head from the virgin Mary.

          • Kahnkee says:

            Voice of China does not represent the voice of Chinese people. Rather it is the voice of the devil who has committed blasphemy against God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The wrath is upon him. He has to answer to God for what he has said here. Henry, we are not here to judge. The only judge is our Lord Jesus Christ who will be sitting on the white throne during the second coming. Praise our almighty God. BTW, I am Chinese.

            • Voice of China says:

              God will answer to me

              I will get Satan’s lance and shove it up Jesus Christ’s ass while fucking his mom.

              Then I will judge both of their performances and see whether they are worthy of my presence.


        • Kahnkee says:

          The guy who disguise as a Chinese with the name “Voice of China” is either a Greek or some European idiot. How do I know you may want to ask. Chinese does not know or ever use the three headed demon dog with a dragon tail named Cerberus in their sentence. Cerberus, the guardian dog to the entrance of hade existed only in Greek Myth. The Chinese Buddhists do not believe there are such being in the underworld. This person is trying to make trouble for China. My discerning spirit tells me that. You can look up the word ” Cerberus” to verify.

  63. Superior Halfbreed says:

    For claiming how much racial victimization Chinese use, it is quite apparent how hypocritical they are.

    Either stop using the “Europe and Japan victimized us in the past” or stop being hypocrites.

    Shameful how Chinese look down on others when getting so upset when others look down on them (often for good reason- as much as Chinese claim their superiority as a civilization they are the most uncivilized and unsanitary people on earth willing to cut corners and kill people for their own material gain). Chinese can rip on Japanese and Europeans as much as want, but you have to admit that the Japanese and Europeans treated them like animals because they lived like backstabbling uncivilized people who don’t care about their fellow Chinese. Anyone with the capability will take from others who don’t keep their stuff together.


  64. antipoliticalcorrectness says:

    Stop forcing people of Asia with polititicaly correct ideology that “Blacks are without Sin” propaganda. It’s totally ignorant and illogical. Don’t make false assumptions that if the father had been white she’ll be praised. Most Asian societies usually do not accept biracial children that was fathered by non-asians. On the other hand biracial children fathered by asian men are more acceptable. The Carribeans have decendents of people from Chinese father/ Black mother known as afroasian and was accepted by both society because they are from legitimate marriage. The famous ones was the lead singer of Fine Young Cannibals.

  65. antipoliticalcorrectness says:

    The stupid mother of hers should have kept a low profile for her sake. What her mother did was in the past was truly deviant and unaccaptable in Chinese moral standards. Why must she make her daughter well known when clearly the public will make a moral outcry about it. Stop bitching about the skin color factor. Lou Jing will never be accepted as Chinese because she’s not fathered by chinese man. Vietnam used to have the same problem with amerisians fathered by American GI and vietnamese women. The communist government of Vietnam sent both half white and half black children to America where their fathers belong.

  66. Nazri Ghani says:

    Malaysia have lots of problems with Negroes coming in pretending to be college students. Most of them aren’t but conmens, and drug traffickers from mainly Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Botwana. Also many have cause a big public disturbance in housing areas with their uncivilized and anti-social cultures. Malay,India and Chinese girls are frequently being sexually harrassed when those african men are in groups. I’m dissapointed that malaysian-chinese are too non-confrontational. While we Malay men go amok and beat the crap out of those barbarians for misbehaving. Even black skinned Malaysian-Indians form gangs to teach african barbarians to be civilized.
    We Malaysians judge Africans by the content of their characters and found it to be bad. Now Africans are begging us to judge them by the color of their skin.

  67. tiaami says:

    well done to mother and daughter, we need my successful people in the world that has strength and courage! haters dont judge people you dont know about. treat people how you want to be treated you guys but mother and daughter keep strong!!! i will say personally if i was the mother i would have done the same thing why should she go for horrible negative people like you. everyone has a choice in life and free to do what they will. what are you negative people doing in your life? exactly get a life!!

  68. T.O. says:

    In the first picture, the girl’s middle finger is up.

    She’s saying “F-U, all you racists out there!”
    lol just kidding.

  69. Wesley Zener says:

    Wow, great article!

  70. LaughinGor says:

    Her mum is a total disgrace to our race! The black man has awful taste too! Maybe he so desperate that he’ll shag any old hag!

  71. LaughinGor says:


  72. lung tien says:

    Ok, so many replies.

    Not everyone accepts the Multiracial. You all know that, it’s everywhere. This is what the future brings. Gosh, that screen shot of her with the sad face. Talk about pitiful. So the mother was already a married woman, but got knocked up by a Black, and gave birth to her. If a cheating wife doesn’t define whore, I don’t know what is. She gets screwed over too, and backstab? And there she is on television telling her story. No shame? It’s for her daughter, for the show, fine, but I wouldn’t go that far. They just had to expose her dirty past. This makes the Black daddy look bad. Most of the majority of playas are Blacks and Whites. But that’s not the point, just consider all of us the same creatures, as in humans, with different colors living on earth. What disgust me is when a human male or female makes a baby with so many random others and don’t take responsibility for their actions. With no morals, there probably be more abortions, or babies (mixed or not) with no parents. Anyway I can see where the hate is coming from, but it shouldn’t give any of you the right to hate this Lou Jing. She is the first Black/Asian girl in my eyes, and even though it’s disturbing to see for me, at least I’m not hating her. Hey it’s not everyday we see mixed babies or foreigners speaking our language or other people’s language. There is a vast amount of people who can speak English and it’s like nothing. But when we see a foreigner speak our language, it’s surprising because we rarely see such things.

    About Africa… I have friends who live there, and they’re White. Good guys, surviving in a bad place. Africa is corrupt, and that’s all I want to say about it. Don’t ever go there. They have instant AIDES over there, and you don’t even want to know about the crime rate.

  73. cindy says:

    Lou Jing is beautiful. She needs to move out of China and go to America. She is so pretty and talented she should try American Idol.

  74. Huian says:

    I am 10 years old and you are not the only one who’s part Chinese I am too. And you are just like me expect when it comes to speaking Chinese. I had people making fun of me and my country and it hurts me so much. But I hope you are nice and that you will find your father. God bless you

  75. voiceofhomer says:

    Obama is her daddy for sure.

    Obamalama’s daddy had kids all over Afrika and in the USA too.

    She should go see Obamalama to get a passport to the USA, maybe she is related to Obama’s family in Africa.

  76. Honorary White says:

    Blacks do not accept Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and other Asians as people of Color. Infact East Asians are considered “Honorary Whites”.

  77. yellowbee25 says:

    I never knew how racist asian people are. This is the most sadest story and thing I ever heard. Plus, I thought asian people didnt like white people not black people. I’m black and I love all cultures, no matter the color of their skin, its the insides that counts not your skin. I’m so disappointed.

  78. Ogechi says:

    I feel sad for the girl. In America, people wouldn’t even dare do some shit like that.
    I saw a group of guys jump a guy on the street because he pushed her. Racial comments ….. don’t even try that shit here!

  79. Calvin says:

    This is not Lou Jing’s fault. I sympathize with her. Jing’s mom also did the right thing raising her daughter as a single mother. However, I’m not sure why so many asian girls get used and abused by American soldiers and then they leave them pregnant. Are these chinese and other asian women so weak and easily fooled by american soldiers that they would just give their bodies for sex and get pregnant while the soldiers flee back home to their wife and kids back in America?

    Asian girls need to wake up and get smart. Most american soldiers only think of one thing when they come to Asia: screw an asian girl, then they can check mark it off their list and brag about when they go back to US.

    Just embarassing. But Lou Jing is a great person and she’s chinese…her mom did a good thing to sacrifice and raise her, but her mom shouldn’t have been so dumb into having unprotected sex with a black US soldier thinking what, that he really loved her and was going to live happily ever after? Black men have sex with asian women all the time and leave them pregnant and flee back home to their other black and white wives. Stupid asians. Thought you were smarter than that.

  80. porchmonkey says:

    What the hell is Lou Jing’s mother doing onstage ? Is she trying to influence more Chinese girls to be adulterous ? Why can’t Black men set any good example when in other nations ? Do Blacks have to do something bad and blame it on skin color all the time ?

  81. Cracker says:

    That young woman is a beautiful person. She is a USA citizen. It does not matter what country she was born in, her father is a USA citizen. She could come to the USA and apply for her SSI # and live here. In fact she could have dual citizenship USA/Chinna.

    Just like most un-edumacated niggers they impregnant women and leave so they always have somewhere to go and hang out! These niggers get as many they can so they never have to work will always have someone to give them money, feed and clothe them. Yes these women all have welfare.

    Oh read the history your african brotha’s in Africa sold your great, great, grand pappy to the white men.
    So when you are giving your children african names just beware that you are praising the African slave traders.

  82. Kira says:

    Let’s face it most Chinese are racist.

  83. Singing Baboon says:

    Let’s just face the fact. Most Black People have low moral standards. Look at USA and Western Europe where their Black population causes crimes, riots, rapes and social disturbances. The highest cases of single mother family and HIV positive cases are Blacks.

  84. samuel says:

    enough with the racist crap, she’s beautiful
    if china says leave she’s welcome to come to nz .

  85. Sniper says:

    These racists still dont realize how short they are they are jealous of the african height the wish they could grow tall like us#. Let me tell u this story #. Back in ghana africa#. 8 chinese men were deported for trying to mine our gold illegally #. And they were brought ob public tv they were sent back like homeless peaple and with a sackbag like refugeees xo u seee asians leave thier country to come hustle in africa i cnt believe they have the voice to air thier ignorance plz thiz girl has fame and audience even talent than most of u racists #. Ur. Comments even make her more porpular dont u realize the more u hate her the more she get. Sympatized and famous # keep hating on her it juxt shows hoe uncivilized u guyz are#. Juxt tink of how many peaple write about ur pathetic life history buh hey she is the topic of every one#. If u disaggree check who i talking about u #. Go get a life guyz and stop beign racists # its an old skuul tin#. Hahahhahah# #. Whatsapp me on# # +233245976497# #

  86. Sniper says:

    These racists still dont realize how short they are they are jealous of the african height the wish they could grow tall like us#. Let me tell u this story #. Back in ghana africa#. 8 chinese men were deported for trying to mine our gold illegally #. And they were brought on public tv they were sent back like homeless peaple and with a sackbag like refugeees xo u seee asians leave thier country to come hustle in africa i cnt believe they have the voice to air thier ignorance plz thiz girl has fame and audience even talent than most of u racists #. Ur. Comments even make her more porpular dont u realize the more u hate her the more she get. Sympatized and famous # keep hating on her it juxt shows how u guyz are#. Juxt tink of how many peaple write about ur pathetic life history buh hey she is the topic of every one#. If u disaggree check who i talking about u #. Go get a life guyz and stop beign racists # its an old skuul tin#. Hahahhahah# #. Whatsapp me on# # +233245976497# #

  87. melvin boekhoudt says:

    Im from curacao. Here are many chines man and women with blacks. That i good for me. Tums up. For that. Curacao island

  88. claire says:

    wow…i cant believe this, all these hateful words! thats really so mean. Am an african and am proud and actually love the fact that am black skinned. its such a beautiful gift from the Almighty, but that does not mean i have a thing against the white folks. Blacks, whites, yellow? thats all rubbish. Be proud of who you are and appreciate other peoples race and culture. its all stupid to attribute moral conducts to race, its an individual thing. there are definitely nice and loving people in each race and the worst people can also be found in each race.

  89. jay says:

    That black girl is so beautiful, I would give my left rib to date her.

    If she came to America she would have to hire body guards to keep men off. Plus she probably has low self esteem because her people treat her bad.

    She would receive so much love in the states.

  90. David says:

    Frankly I found this mixed lady nice inside and outside. Regardless of anythin g she seems a lovely lady with a great personality too. Frankly much more attractive in many ways than anyone criticising her. Is she half black ~ who cares really? She is perfect whatever color she is and any whom say otherwise are stupid ans narrow minded people!

  91. UK against says:

    Really? Did blacks drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    Did blacks murder 6,000,000 Jews in Germany?
    Did blacks declare war on Vietnam?
    The men in jail in China — are they black?
    Bernie Madoff, the man who ripped off 5,000 people — is he black?
    Enron scandal, the Adelphia scandal, the worldwide financial scandals
    that drain thousands of people of their money — are they black?
    The tongs who bring opium from China to sell in the United States — are they black?
    The same tongs who force many Chinse women into prostitution in the United States — are they black?
    Just thought I’d give you a few things to think about, you stupid muthafucka’

  92. KahnKee says:

    Lou jing by all means is not to be blame for anything. She is innocent. She did not have a choice to be born of a certain parent. Accusations, discriminations, racial slurs against her are just wrong wrong wrong. Her mom’s unfaithfulness, promiscuity, and as an opportunist are topics that need to be addressed to. By the way, I am an American Chinese male and I walk the middle way.

  93. KahnKee says:

    “blame” should spelled “blamed”

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